Dragon Husband Chapter 746

Chapter 746

The Beilin Lu family at the scene looked at Wiliam like a fool.

Suddenly a few couldn’t hold back, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The laughter seemed to be contagious, and instantly flooded the whole discussion hall.

“Hahaha, ouch, what did I hear? Did this kid just say that he is the master of the Blue Moon Emperor City?”

“Our Lu family’s face is really bigger than the sky, so let the master of the Blue Moon Emperor City be a servant. I don’t know if we should be proud or blame ourselves?”

“Looking at him looking serious, if he weren’t still wearing the clothes of our Lu family servants, I would really have believed it.”

The Lu family, including the old lady, also laughed.

The old prince is naturally not as superficial as these people think.

But she would not believe that a servant would be the master of the Blue Moon Imperial City, which was completely absurd.

What she thinks more is that this kid looks normal, even smart.

But why did he suddenly say this like a lunatic?

The owner of the Blue Moon Emperor City who can sit on an equal footing with her.

It is to solve the green snake flow that she can’t solve.

No matter which thing, it shocked people.


What is the purpose of his nonsense?

What does he want from our Lu family?

And Gu Lingling and the three of them were the Lu family who looked at the scene speechlessly.

Wiliam took the initiative to blew himself up just now, but the three of them were scared to death.

They were still cautious just now, for fear that Wiliam’s identity could not be kept.

Unexpectedly, he blew himself up.

The hearts of the three people mentioned their throats.

But seeing the way the Lu family laughed together behind them, the faces of the three of them were extremely vivid.

They suddenly thought, if they didn’t know Wiliam’s true identity before, and suddenly heard these words, would they believe it or not?

I definitely don’t believe it!

They can still remember the contempt and disregard for Wiliam when they first met Wiliam.

Isn’t that the way the Lu family in front of you?

It’s just, poor, you Lu family.

People tell you the truth, you don’t believe me, ho ho…

What else can you believe?

Believe that this kid is really a commoner, willing to be a current person?

I’m afraid this is a blue sky daydream.

Family Lu, you will be like us after all, and you will be overwhelmed by despising this kid.

On the other hand, Wiliam, amidst the laughter of everyone, his face remained calm and calm.

As if he had expected such an ending long ago.

The people around saw that Wiliam was still pretending to be serious, and were amused to laugh even more.

“Okay, don’t laugh anymore.” The old lady finally said, stopping everyone’s ridicule.

Everyone gradually stopped laughing, but watched Wiliam with more interest, wanting to see what kind of performance the beam jumping clown would continue.

“Ho ho, Wiliam, right? If it weren’t for the fact that I knew the green snake flow was incomprehensible, maybe I would really believe what you said.” The old lady smiled slightly.

Indeed, the old lady felt that he couldn’t see this kid clearly, and he didn’t know whether he should believe or not believe what he said.
It wasn’t until Wiliam said he could solve the green snake flow, that the old lady suddenly realized that this kid was lying.

“Let’s talk about it, why did you say this in front of me? What is your purpose?” The old lady asked again.

Wiliam looked at the old lady and smiled without saying a word.

At this time, a cold voice came from the door, “I know what his purpose is? So I also know the reason for his rants.”

Everyone followed the prestige, but saw a pale woman standing outside the door.

It was Lu Xiaolu surprisingly.

When Lin Songfeng and the others saw Lu Xiaolu, they were happy and hurriedly greeted him.

Lu Xiaolu greeted them, and then looked at Wiliam.

His eyes were filled with endless disgust.

He became more and more sick of this man.

What happened before, Lu Xiaolu can still forget the blame.

Now, the object of this kid’s lie is actually her grandma!

It’s so rude.


“Lulu, why don’t you have a good rest?” the old lady asked with concern.

But Lu Xiaolu stared at Wiliam and sneered, “Resting? If I had a rest, how could I hear such a funny thing?”

Gu Lingling and the three of them were rude to Wiliam when they saw Lu Xiaolu open their mouths, and their expressions were all defeated.

Auntie, don’t say anything.

You can’t afford to offend this man!

You must not put all three of us in trouble.

“Grandma, I’ll tell you the truth. I actually knew this person when I was in Jianghuai. He was bluffing and deceiving in the hospital at the time, so he was so mysterious. I also know the true purpose of his coming to our Beilin Lu family. He was for giving His wife asks for medicine.” Lu Xiaolu said slowly.

The people at the scene obviously didn’t know anything about this inside story, and they asked: “What kind of medicine do you want? This person has an impure mind when he joins our Beilin Lu Family!”

Lu Xiaolu laughed coldly: “Hoho, his wife is just a mute. He came here to cure her wife’s mute disease. That’s why he deliberately created a noble identity that others could not verify temporarily, and then said he Can solve the green snake flow. So he won’t have the bargaining chip with your grandma?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up, “Damn! It turns out that’s the case! If you ask for medicine, just ask for medicine, even if you are not sincere, even if you are still planning to cheat us? It’s the opposite!”

This remark convinced the Lu family.

They really felt that Wiliam was like this, raising his identity, and then taking the opportunity to negotiate with the old lady, and finally escaped after success.

It’s just that now it’s exposed in public, isn’t it embarrassing?

Everyone looked at Wiliam, and as expected, Wiliam’s expression was no longer right.

This made them more sure of what Lu Xiaolu said just now.

As for the three of Lin Songfeng, seeing the slight change in Wiliam’s expression, they were even more frightened and sweating.

They knew why Wiliam’s expression changed.

It’s not embarrassing because the lie was exposed!

Because Wiliam’s words don’t seem to be a lie at all!

How embarrassing!

Wiliam’s expression changed because Lu Xiaolu completely annoyed him!

Lu Xiaolu once again said that Wiliam’s wife was dumb!

Last night, Gu Lingling and the others saw Wiliam’s affection for his wife. Now that Lu Xiaolu slander his wife, how can Wiliam not be angry!

Wiliam, his body moved.

He walked towards Lu Xiaolu step by step!

One step, sharp eyes!

One step, soaring momentum!

Until he stood in front of Lu Xiaolu, Lu Xiaolu suddenly felt that his body was soft, and he was scared to the ground by the look of Wiliam’s bloody eyes!

Wiliam, just looking at her condescendingly, like a dragon worm, without mercy!

“Remember what I say now.”

“I can’t save your life!”


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