Dragon Husband Chapter 747

Chapter 747

The scene, deathly silence!

Everyone looked at Wiliam with surprise, time seemed to have stopped.

In their eyes, there seemed to be an illusion.

As if seeing a god and demon, just standing upright like this.

Above his head is the sky of eternity!

Under his feet, the earth pulses!

In his eyes, the sun, the moon and the stars!

He said, life and death, joy and sorrow!

Many people can’t help but rub their eyes, wanting to confirm whether the scene before them is reality or illusion.

“Presumptuous!” A loud shout made everyone wake up instantly.

A black figure flashed past, and Wiliam’s footsteps flashed aside.

A person has appeared where he stood just now.

The old lady gently lifted Lu Xiaolu on the ground and looked at Wiliam, his eyes full of cruelty.

Anyone who dares to bully her jewel is a capital crime!

Not to mention a little drug slave.

Insatiable and unrepentant!

Even now, still pretending to be there!

Why do you need to save the life of my Lulu!

Why do you save it!

What qualifications do you have to save!

“Okay, okay, Lulu is uncomfortable. You can check it out for the old lady. Let’s take this kid out first.” Gu Lingling saw that the situation was not right and immediately stood up and said.

Then, she couldn’t help but dragged Wiliam out.

The old lady only stared at Wiliam because he was concerned about Lu Xiaolu’s body, his eyes flashed with heavy violence and killing intent.

As if to dig out Wiliam’s heart, liver, spleen and lungs together!

After Wiliam was pulled out of the discussion hall, Gu Lingling kept walking, pulling Wiliam to a small pavilion with no people, and then panting and saying to Wiliam: “You are crazy, you dare to be the old lady. Jun’s face threatens Lulu? Don’t you know how much the old lady loves Lulu?”

The other two also nodded.

Lu Xiaolu is the old lady’s inverse scale.

No one can touch it.

After Gu Lingling finished speaking, she couldn’t help being annoyed when she saw Lu Yezhen’s answer. She was about to criticize Wiliam, but she looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s eyes were filled with broken pieces of coldness.

Gu Lingling’s body was shocked, only then did she remember that the one standing in front of her was not a good person!

This kid is also a demon king!


I was in a rush just now, and I actually said such rude words to this demon king.

Go and accuse him, looking for death.

No, counting from the beginning of today, the three of us killed them without saying a word, and forced this kid to explode himself. This is also a sin!

Thinking of this, Gu Lingling plopped and knelt down straight.

At this time, she didn’t care about any face.

Little life matters!

“Master Lu, sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean it just now!” Gu Lingling said sincerely.

He Yuewen also simply followed and knelt down.

Although Lin Songfeng was reluctant, but there was no way not to kneel.

Wiliam looked at the three kneeling people, and snorted, “Who asked you to find me?”

He Yuewen’s face became stiff, and he stubbornly said: “We are also hanging by a thread. As you know, we have been caught by the green snake… I’m sorry, but let you expose your identity. We deserve to die!”

When Wiliam heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched, as if disdainfully.

Expose identity?

Just rely on you three little ants?

On the contrary, Lin Songfeng, the most sober, caught Wiliam’s disdain in his eyes.

Lin Songfeng actually saw what happened just now more clearly than the two of them.

She couldn’t help looking at Wiliam weirdly, and slowly said, “No, Master Lu, he doesn’t reveal his identity. On the contrary, he is safer than before.”

He Yuewen couldn’t help frowning when he heard this, and whispered: “Fengfeng, are you crazy? Talking nonsense? Obviously we forced Master Lu to him…”

“Ho ho, Master Lu told the truth, but does anyone believe it?” Lin Songfeng asked rhetorically.

He Yuewen was taken aback for a moment, and said blankly: “It seems, humane…”

Lin Songfeng continued: “Yes, there is no one who believes. Let’s think about it the other way around, because we kneel at the door to see him, Lord Lu has been seriously suspected, no matter how low-key he said. Or explain it, it will be treated as quibbling, right?”

Gu Lingling and He Yuewen looked at each other, as if there was a little reason.

If at that time, Wiliam denied it or gave other reasons, it would really be regarded as a sophistry.

Everyone will be more accountable.

“So, between the sparks and the fire, Master Lu directly exposed his identity, but turned this truth into a joke. Not only did everyone’s attention be shifted from why we were kneeling to why he was talking nonsense, but it was also perfectly hidden. Even if I said just now, it’s more stable than before. Even if he says he is the master of the Blue Moon Emperor City in the future, others will continue to listen to it as a joke. Hoho, just this joke is really fatal Ah. If you don’t believe this joke, you will die miserably. If you believe this joke, you will die even more miserably!” Lin Songfeng said her conjecture in one breath.

After speaking, she breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a hint of smell in the eyes looking at Wiliam.

It was indeed desperate at that time.

However, this guy found out the way to crack it in an instant, and even calculated it.

Is this something people can do?

How fast is this response speed?

This kid, with one move to advance as a deteriorating danger, absolutely!

But after listening to Gu Lingling and He Yuewen, their eyes were about to fall to the ground.

Their minds were relatively straightforward, and they had no idea that Wiliam had so many ways in just a few words.

I couldn’t see it at all. There were so many invisible swords and shadows in the discussion hall just now.

In the end, there is only one winner.

That was Wiliam standing in front of them.

Wiliam glanced at Lin Songfeng. Although this little Nizi was mean, she was not stupid sometimes.

“It’s just that, Master Lu, your two words, one true and one false, make people unable to understand you, but let us deal with ourselves…” Lin Songfeng said, suddenly lowered his head.

“Hey, Master Lu is unparalleled in wisdom and wisdom, really reborn Zhuge. It’s just a pity, our little life, we are in the middle of the green snake, we have been dead soon, otherwise, I really want to wait on Master Lu again, and look forward to Master Lu every day The look of…” He Yuewen said as he said, suddenly sadness came from his heart.

Gu Lingling even thought that the old lady just now was determined that the green snake had no solution, thinking that she was still young, and this youth was not over yet, but she was about to die away. Her puffy tears fell.

“Master Lu, we took the liberty to come over today, excuse me, let’s retire first.” Gu Lingling felt a little stubborn with a tear in her eyes.

There are no diseases that cannot be cured, only those who cannot be cured are lazy!

The three of them talked to Wiliam in silence, then turned around and walked forward somewhat humbly.

“Ignorance.” A cold voice sounded behind them.

“Who told you that my two words are true and the other is false?”


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