Dragon Husband Chapter 748

Chapter 748

The pace of the three men stopped at the same time.

They turned their heads in disbelief and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam stopped talking, just looked at them.

He Yuewen took the lead and ran directly to Wiliam, and said in surprise: “Master Lu, you just said that the two things you said in the discussion hall were true?”

Wiliam nodded, “That’s natural.”

At this moment, even Lin Songfeng and Gu Lingling ran over.

Their faces flushed with excitement.

“Master Lu, you mean, you can really relieve the green snake? Can you save our lives?” Gu Lingling didn’t care about the image, and grabbed Wiliam’s hand.

Lin Songfeng reacted, frowning slightly, and hesitated: “However, the old lady Jun clearly said that she is quite sure that the green snake flow is insoluble…”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, and his eyes became gaze, “Old Madam? She knows how big the world is? How can someone who is imprisoned in Beilin Lu’s house and unable to get out?”

He Yuewen’s head buzzed, and he knelt on the ground again with a plop, almost tremblingly shouting: “Lord Lu, please save us! We are willing to be a cow and a horse for you!”

The other two also knelt down together.

Since Wiliam confessed to them, he naturally had his considerations.

These three people are still useful, not to mention that the crime does not lead to death.

“You wait for me outside for a while. After I meet someone, I will find you to get rid of the green snakes on you.” Wiliam said.

The three of them were overjoyed and fell down together again.

After Wiliam finished speaking, he walked in one direction.

She was going to find Feliicity, and also to Lu Furong by the way.

After all, the Lu family still had some rules. At this moment, Wiliam didn’t want to leave without permission and let his tongue out.

When he walked to the place where Lu Furong lived, he suddenly heard a panicked shout from the front.

Wiliam frowned, and his body rushed forward like electricity!

How could Wiliam not recognize the exclamation just now!

This is the sound of Feliicity getting along day and night!

What happened to Feliicity?

Feliicity did encounter something.

In the morning, when Lu Furong became ill because of Lu Xiaolu, she went out of the room early to work.

Leave Feliicity alone in the room.

She was bored, but suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Although she couldn’t speak, she kept an eye on her and didn’t open the door.

There was a rapid knock on the door outside, which lasted for two full minutes without interruption.

Feliicity suddenly felt a little scared in her heart.

It’s a pity that she couldn’t speak, she could only shrink in the corner with a little fear.

At this time an anxious voice came from the door, “Hey! Is that Wiliam’s wife or not? Does she still need to know her husband’s message! That Wiliam was caught in the hall by the old lady and was about to be beheaded? Up.”

When Feliicity heard this, her heart shook!


Wiliam was caught by the old lady!

She was so anxious that she suddenly lost all sense.

She hurried forward and opened the door.

But as soon as she opened the door, she was stunned on the spot.

There was more than one person standing outside the door.

It’s seven or eight!

And the one who was in the lead was the one I saw in the servant recruitment contest before, Wang Yiran!

Wang Yiran looked grim at this moment, but with a slightly smirk.

After seeing Feliicity’s face, his eyes became more eager.

Feliicity’s face is rare in her life.

In fact, Wang Yiran has been thinking about this woman Feliicity for the past two days.

Having seen this woman, he felt that all the women before had become dull.

He just thought about taking this woman crazy!

This deformed possessiveness made him sleepless both nights.

Unfortunately, he has never been able to find a chance.

That Lu Furong didn’t know what was wrong, so she let Feliicity live with her.

If Feliicity lived with Wiliam, Wang Yiran wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

The big deal is to call a few people over and snatch Feliicity alive from Wiliam’s hands.

Forgive that skinny boy is not their opponent.

It’s just that Lu Furong is a housekeeper after all, Wang Yiran is a bit embarrassed.

Finally, today I finally got my chance.

Lu Furong hurriedly left her room.

Only Feliicity was left.

So Wang Yiran immediately greeted a few brothers and killed them together, ready to take care of Feliicity on the spot, venting the anger over the past few days.

Those brothers only joined the Beilin Lu family two years ago.

Before they joined the Beilin Lu family, they were also well-known doglegs of several wealthy families.

Now they are Lu Defu’s subordinates, and they are considered the old fritters in the servants of Beilin Lu’s family.

So they hit it off.

After all, Feliicity can be obtained, which is a blessing for Sansheng.

Seeing Feliicity’s face in shock when he opened the door, Wang Yiran smiled and jokingly said: “Little beauty, how many brothers are here, are you surprised or surprised?”

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and she immediately hurriedly went to shut the door.

However, it was too late.

Wang Yiran pushed the door arrogantly with one hand, but with a little force, he staggered the Feliicity for several steps and fell directly onto a chair.

Her eyes were full of panic, she knew that she was cheated.

Wang Yiran and a few people laughed happily, locked the door behind them, and gathered around Feliicity.

Feliicity yelled a few times with “yah yah”, not only was it useless, but it ignited their fire even more.

“Ouch, the little beauty called, it’s so nice, it’s so nice, let my brother listen to it hahaha.”

“The mute screams pretty funny, haha, I haven’t tried mute groaning and moaning in my life, but I’m going to taste it today. It’s still such a big beauty, really worth it.”

Wang Yiran also looked at Feliicity triumphantly, and said, “I said, I will get you sooner or later, ho ho ho, it’s today. Hey, hey, my pity, brothers, then I’m welcome One?”

The others burst into laughter and said, “Brother Wang, you are taking good care of you. Of course you go first. Let’s cheer you on the side. You can’t be too shabby hahaha.”

In the laughter of the others, Wang Yiran slowly walked towards Feliicity.

He enjoys this aggressive feeling.

Every time she took a step, the face of the big beauty on the opposite side became more panicked.

The beauty of this panic is not to mention alluring.

Finally, Wang Yiran stood in front of Feliicity who was unable to retreat, reaching out to hook Feliicity’s chin.

Feliicity finally let out a scream in extreme fear!


Sound off!

The door is broken!

A figure that was almost invisible to everyone, instantly appeared in front of them.


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