Dragon Husband Chapter 749

Chapter 749

Feliicity was scared to the extreme.

She even closed her eyes.

But she only heard a loud noise, like the sound of a door cracking.

Then he quieted strangely around.

She didn’t seem to stretch out the hand she expected.

She opened her eyes slowly, and she didn’t know when, there was already a person in front of her.

A man who called her name millions of times in her heart.

Her tears suddenly fell down.

In this unfamiliar place, which woman is not afraid of such things.

What’s more, Feliicity couldn’t say to ask for help, so she was even more afraid.

In the end, it was her man who appeared in front of her just like a magic soldier.

She was deeply moved.

When Wiliam stood in front of Feliicity, after seeing the people headed by Wang Yiran in front of him, his brows were tightly frowned.

court death!

Wang Yiran also saw that it was Wiliam, and was startled for a while, then burst out laughing.

“Ho ho ho, the hero saves the beauty, is it really good, you?”

Wang Yiran looked at Wiliam, her eyes gradually becoming cold.

This kid, in the previous servant recruitment contest, gave him too much humiliation!

Obviously just a worthless kid!

The first level depends on cheating, the second level depends on blind break.

There was no participation in the third pass, and then by the back door, he walked to Bei Linlu’s house abruptly.

Is this kind of rubbish, worthy of having a beauty as stunning as Feliicity?

Why is he!


“Ho ho today we have revenge and resentment! We have some accounts, it’s time to calculate.” Wang Yiran said again.

Wiliam’s eyes were already indifferent.

He just turned around and glanced at Feliicity.

Feliicity was already trembling with fright.

He loves the Feliicity to his bones, how can he be so frightened by the Feliicity!

Wang Yiran in front of me is good too!

Lu Furong, who has said to protect the Feliicity, is guilty!

“Brothers, get ready to teach this guy a good lesson!” Wang Yiran shouted to the back, and then silently retreated to the back.

Those brothers, gearing up one by one, surrounded Wiliam Tuantuan.

“Ho ho, originally, in Beilin Lu’s family, infighting is forbidden. Once infighting, you will be expelled directly. However, boy, you are a man, hahaha! You let the Lu Daqin come to me in person, Let me show you some color, I don’t know if it is your luck or your sorrow!” Wang Yiran laughed again.

Wiliam had known for a long time that Lu Xiaolu had left Wang Yiran to disgust him.

Unexpectedly, this Lu Xiaolu, really damn it!

“Brothers, don’t talk nonsense with him, just go straight!” Someone greeted, and several fists around instantly fell towards Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t even move, letting their thunderous fists hit him.

Some foreign fighters, how dare to be presumptuous!


A scream came from these people’s mouths.

They held their hands one by one, looking at Wiliam in disbelief.
Was it hell just now?

They looked at their fists again, blood dripping from it!

Wang Yiran’s smile froze instantly.

He yelled, “By the way, what kind of treasure is there on this kid that can make people hurt! Don’t use your fists, copy guys!”

Those servants looked at Wang Yiran almost gritted their teeth.

Such an important message will not be said soon!

Have to wait until everyone is hurt to say it!

But one by one, they couldn’t survive at all. They took out the dagger they had prepared long ago from their pockets and waved them at Wiliam!

This time, Wiliam finally moved.

Wang Yiran looked at Wiliam avoiding, and suddenly laughed, “Look! His mysterious thing doesn’t work anymore, brothers, give me a hard blow to him! Don’t worry, this kid will only be opportunistic, he doesn’t have the slightest skill.”

But as soon as the voice fell, the scene changed dramatically!

Wiliam, who was still evasive, suddenly kicked and kicked one person directly out!

Then, the second, the third!

Until all the people fell to the ground in just one minute!

The look they looked at Wiliam changed instantly!


It’s what Wang Yiran said for nothing!

Do you have the slightest ability!


They immediately looked at Wang Yiran with angry eyes!

They are here to enjoy the blessing!

It’s not here to give Wang Yiran a substitute for the dead ghost!

Wang Yiran was also completely confused.

He had no idea that Wiliam’s skills could be so powerful!

He thought that Wiliam used to cheat and walked through the back door to enter Beilin Lu’s house, so he must have no abilities.


This guy is so capable!

In an instant, several foreign masters were beaten on the ground!

This skill is probably the same as what I have!

Wang Yiran suddenly felt a little flustered.

When he saw Wiliam walking towards him, he couldn’t help but stepped back, and said coldly, “You, don’t come over! I told you that we are about the same strength, and we will only lose both. You don’t want this, right? So today’s It’s better to just forget it.”

Wiliam looked cold, his expression changed, and he continued to walk towards Wang Yiran!

There is no victory or defeat in his eyes!

He has murder in his heart!

Wang Yiran saw that this kid was really stubborn and cursed, “I don’t know how to lift up the kid, okay! I will fight with you!”

With that said, Wang Yiran killed Wiliam.

He is a master at the later stage of Wai Jin.

Among the servants, the skills are considered very good.

He saw Wiliam fall down those servants, so he concluded that Wiliam was the same as him, a master of the late stage of external power.

But this rush came, Wiliam made a move!

He knew that he was too young!

“Bang!” Wang Yiran hit the ground fiercely and coughed up blood!

A kind of anger and embarrassment appeared on his face!

Ho ho, similar strength.

Both lose.

The fish died and the net broke.

I really value myself.

How is this kid’s skill even equal to himself!

It’s completely crushing yourself!


This does not mean that he has surpassed the latter stage of Foreign Power!

Then he is…

Thinking of this, Wang Yiran’s face became extremely ugly!

A master of internal strength can come to Beilin Lu’s family as a guest of honor!

Be willing to be a servant!

Why is this again!

I totally underestimated this kid!

He really bears it!

He was treated as cheating by the audience.

The people at the scene were really blind, and they couldn’t even see that this kid’s skill was definitely the strongest in the field at that time!


Wang Yiran watched Wiliam walking slowly again, his expression unhappy or sad.

His head buzzed, and it was difficult to suppress a picture!

A blue dragon snoring in the shallows, slowly…

Open your eyes!


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