Dragon Husband Chapter 750

Chapter 750 The Most Poisonous Woman’s Heart

Wang Yiran had no idea why there was such a terrifying illusion.

He just watched Wiliam walking towards him, and he felt a bit of cold fear.

He kept moving back on the ground, his face turned pale.

“You, don’t kill me! Can you let me go! Killing in the Lu family, you will die too!” Wang Yiran stepped back and pleaded weakly.

Looking at Wiliam’s eyes, he knew that he was intent on killing.

And Wiliam, with no reason at all, Wang Yiran continued to walk towards him.

Every step is a tyrannical deterrent!

At this moment, Wang Yiran was no longer able to retreat.

Wiliam slowly stretched out a hand towards Wang Yiran.

Take the lives of people, do nothing!

At this moment, there was a loud shout again outside the door.

“Wiliam! Don’t!”

While speaking, a figure had already rushed in, and Wiliam was caught in one hand.

Wiliam turned around to look, and the person holding him was surprisingly Lu Furong who did not know when he would be back!

With extremely nervous and worried on her face, she held Wiliam’s hand tightly, not letting him start.

“You’re crazy! In the Lu family, fighting inside is a capital crime! This guy is more than guilty, and you are not a good thing, but you think about it, your family is innocent!” Lu Furong was so nervous, his voice was a little bit Distorted.

Wiliam looked at Lu Furong and asked in a cold voice, “Have you ever said that it will protect the Feliicity?”

Lu Furong was taken aback, looked at the a little fearful Feliicity, and suddenly apologized.

She said dazedly: “Today was just an accident. Today, there is something wrong with the young lady. She told me to go to Lu’s house. Because of the emergency, I just…”

Wiliam had a stern look, “You don’t have to force yourself to do things you can’t do. Someone can do things you dare not do.”

With that, Wiliam threw her away and continued to look at Wang Yiran.

But Wang Yiran didn’t know where his strength came from, so he got up in a panic, hid behind Lu Furong, and said fearfully, “Housekeeper Lu, please help me. This guy doesn’t know what’s going on, he wants to kill me. !”

“You shut up!” Lu Furong was angry when she saw Wang Yiran.

This guy’s notoriety is well known in Beilin City.

Are there few women who have been frivolous by him?

In the present situation, I knew from my toes what Wang Yiran was here for!

It’s a scumbag!

Wang Yiran didn’t dare to speak anymore, but he hid himself close to Lu Furong behind her.

Wiliam stared at Lu Lotus, and said lightly, “Get out of the way.”

Seeing this kid’s cold look, Lu Furong stopped getting angry!

She did it all for the good of this kid!

Even said, for the sake of him and Feliicity’s future!

Today Wiliam is really going to kill Wang Yiran here, that is breaking the rules, the old lady said nothing would let him go!

Who knows this kid, kindly treats him as a donkey liver and lungs!

Don’t appreciate it at all!

Still asking the guilt.

Does my old lady owe you?

“Wiliam! Calm down!” Lu Furong’s tone also became rude.
But at this time, a joking voice came from the door again, “Lu Furong, you get out of the way, I want to see, he dare not kill people here today.”

Lu Furong’s face became stiff, and she exclaimed in a low voice, “Why did I forget the little princess.”

It turned out that she had just come here with the little princess.

Hearing the sound inside, Lu Furong hurried over to take a look.

It was Lu Xiaolu who stood outside the door.

Lu Xiaolu walked in, although his face was a little pale, his eyes were full of gloomy birds.

Wang Yiran was overjoyed when he saw Lu Xiaolu, and ran to Lu Xiaolu, whispering: “Miss, you are finally here, you have to call the shots for me!”

Lu Xiaolu glared at Wang Yiran and cursed: “Things that are not enough! Nothing can be done badly. Why do I want you.”

Wang Yiran suddenly lowered his head after being scolded.

At this time, Lu Xiaolu walked slowly in front of Wiliam, and saw Wiliam’s stern face and a tick at the corner of his mouth, “Hoho, you will be nervous, and you will worry too? Hohoho, you kill, you are Kill Wang Yiran and show me.”

Lu Furong was suffocated, but secretly stared at Wiliam madly.

Seeing Lu Yezhen’s hands, Lu Xiaolu smiled happily.

I feel happy.

Lu Xiaolu was really sick in his heart now.

She is suffering from green snake flow, and she still doesn’t know how to solve it. This fear of death at any time is lingering in her heart.

However, Wiliam, who went there together that day, didn’t have the green snakes.

Still happy and happy.

This made Lu Xiaolu completely out of balance.


A lowly man can live well, even if he is blessed by heaven several times, he can’t die.

The little princess of Lu’s family in Beilin, who owns her own grandeur, has to face the danger of death at any time!

Therefore, Lu Xiaolu hated Wiliam even more.

As long as this kid stumbles, will Lu Xiaolu feel a little comfort.

Just like now, this kid clearly wanted to kill Wang Yiran, but he hesitated.



“Why? Don’t dare to do it? Oh, look at your eyes, do you even want to kill me? Come on, my neck is cleaned, but you will kill together.” Lu Xiaolu took the initiative to show his neck, in Wiliam Smiled in front of him.

Lu Furong was stupid, she didn’t know why the little princess’s attitude towards Wiliam was getting worse every day.

It’s just making things difficult for him now.

Why bother.

Lu Xiaolu stretched her neck and waited for a while, and found that Wiliam was still moving, and a glimmer of joy flashed in his eyes, and suddenly said, “I think there is no reason for me to kill me? Or I can’t bear to do it. I dare not do it? All right, I. I will fulfill you today. I will give you a reason to kill me, OK?”

Lu Xiaolu looked at Wang Yiran behind him at this time, and said with a smile: “Do you know how he knew Feliicity was in the room alone? I sent someone to tell him ho ho. Also, you know why Lu Furong would Didn’t you even leave the Lu’s family in the room? I did. In other words, I set the game today. This reason is not enough for you to kill me personally, hahaha.”

Lu Xiaolu’s words directly shocked Lu Furong!

Lu Furong looked at Lu Xiaolu in front of him, and suddenly felt an unprecedented fear!

Still strange!

Is this the little princess I have known for many years!

My heart has become so vicious!

In order to deal with Wiliam, he deliberately arranged this round!

Didn’t she know that it was the completely innocent Feliicity who was hurt first!

This little princess’s act of sacrificing others to achieve his own evil taste unexpectedly came from the hands of the little princess!

The most poisonous woman’s heart!


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