Dragon Husband Chapter 751

Chapter 751

And Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu, who was no longer savage, and his heart gradually became cold.

He looked at Lu Xiaolu as if he were looking at a corpse.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and stuck it directly on Lu Xiaolu’s neck!

“Ah! Wiliam don’t want it!” The situation suddenly changed, and Lu Furong was the first to shout out!

She could feel that Wiliam was agitated by Lu Xiaolu.

And Wiliam obviously worked hard.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Xiaolu had already pinched the blue veins on his face, which was terrifying.

Lu Furong desperately pulled Wiliam’s hand, trying to pull him away.

But she was shocked to find that she was in the late stage of Wai Jin, she couldn’t hold Wiliam’s hand at all.

Wiliam’s hand, like steel, was extremely tough.

Lu Furong’s eyes on Wiliam changed on the spot, “You, you…”

In her heart, can she be surprised!

Like everyone else, she thought that Wiliam had just entered the interview after fishing in troubled waters and opening the back door.

I thought that Wiliam had nothing to do!

Even just now, because of the critical situation, she didn’t even think about why there were so many people in the house, but Wiliam was intact and even wanted to kill Wang Yiran.

Now she suddenly discovered that Wiliam’s skill was unfathomable!

At least, it is definitely not something she can beat!

This kid!

However, she didn’t dare to say these words, because she was afraid that it would cause a greater killing to Wiliam.

And Lu Furong was choked by Wiliam, and she couldn’t breathe completely.

Her head is even blank.

A desperate sense of suffocation made her feel light and fluttering.

Her morbid trembling M attribute seemed to have been inspired by Wiliam again.

The more Wiliam treated her like this, the more she felt a sense of comfort.

As if death is another eternal bliss.

“Ho ho ho, go on!” Lu Xiaolu squeezed out a few words from his throat, but no one could understand them.

The voice changed completely.

Lu Furong reacted, suddenly heartbroken.

She desperately pulled the blank Feliicity, and pushed her to Wiliam.

Because Wiliam was afraid of being injured by the Feliicity, he let go of Lu Xiaolu.

“Cough cough cough!” Lu Xiaolu coughed frantically.

And Wiliam hugged Feliicity tightly.

After coughing, Lu Xiaolu’s eyes were even more crazy, even a bit like her crazy grandma.

“Ho ho, why didn’t you kill me? It was a little too close, what a shame. Afraid? Ho ho ho, Wiliam, Wiliam, isn’t your purpose of coming to the Lu family to ask your wife for medicine? So, have you thought about the consequences of killing me? Hahaha, do you regret it?” Lu Xiaolu continued to smile frantically.

But at this moment, Wiliam suddenly laughed inexplicably.

Lu Xiaolu’s laughter stopped abruptly, “You, what are you laughing at!”

“I am laughing at you! You seem to have turned the cart before the horse, right?” Lu Yesong let go of the Feliicity, and took a step towards Lu Xiaolu.

The two were close at hand, facing each other.

Eyes ruthless!

“Since you know that my purpose in coming to the Lu family is to save Feliicity. Then why are you so stupid to use Feliicity’s life and death to coerce me? If something happens to Feliicity, who should I ask for medicine? You said that? So? Ah…” Wiliam said with a grin.

He raised his hand high and threw it straight out!

Lu Xiaolu didn’t catch a single one, but was slapped by Wiliam and flew out!

Wiliam slowly spit out the last half sentence.

“You are going to die, that is, for nothing!”

Lu Xiaolu, who fell on the ground, felt the hot pain on his face, and felt as if he was being cut by a knife in his heart. It was extremely uncomfortable!

She looked at Wiliam in amazement, with mixed feelings in her heart.

She suddenly felt that she had miscalculated.

She was indeed as stupid as Wiliam said.

Knowing that Wiliam’s weakness is the Feliicity, he has been making a fuss about it.

If something happens to the Feliicity, this kid will blow up.

Turn the cart before the horse.

However, there is another kind of helplessness and aggrieved in her heart!

Wiliam’s words just now had another meaning, she understood.

What he meant was that if there is anything in the future, even if it is directed at him.

And if you go to Feliicity, things are not so wonderful.

All, obviously, he is threatening this kid.

Now, it turned out to be counter threatened by this kid!

If you want to keep this kid in the Lu family, you have to treat Feliicity well.

What a special thing!

Who is threatening whom!

At this time, because there was too much noise here, there was already a round of discussion around, “Is there something wrong over there? Go and have a look.”

Lu Furong’s heart trembled, and she walked over, and quickly helped Lu Xiaolu on the ground to help her tidy up her clothes.

In the next second, seven or eight people appeared around, obviously coming over to take a look at the movement.

There was a very obvious slap mark on Lu Xiaolu’s face. Her head was lowered deeply and she did not dare to raise her head.

But Lu Furong said coldly to those people: “What are you doing! Is there anything to do? Don’t get out of here!”

Those people were scolded by Lu Furong, and even if they had any doubts in their minds, they didn’t dare to ask, so they quickly dispersed as birds and animals.

No one could see that the moment Lu Xiaolu lowered his head, there was an extremely complicated look in his eyes.

Not only was humiliated heartily, but also felt a kind of incomparable shame and resentment!

“Okay, okay! Wiliam, you’re enough! If you really want the Feliicity to get better, just stop it!” Lu Furong said directly to Wiliam.

She had no idea what to say to this kid.

It is a great sin in itself to be the master.

He is still just like Wu Shierren, he really doesn’t know how a heart grows!

“Feliicity, you should also persuade your man, don’t lose big because of small things.” Lu Furong turned around to look at Feliicity when she saw Lu Yezhen talking.

And Feliicity still looked dumbfounded, as if she was shocked by Wang Yiran just now.

In the end, Lu Xiaolu glared at Wiliam bitterly, and said coldly: “I remember this slap. Sooner or later, you will kneel at my feet! I’m going to find grandma.”

After speaking, she strode away.

However, just after taking two steps, she suddenly turned around and said fiercely: “Also, if you dare to do something with Wang Yiran, ho ho, I guarantee you will not see the sun tomorrow!”

She found that keeping Wang Yiran really had many magical effects.

After Wang Yiran heard this, he was immediately ecstatic.

In a word, the little princess gave him a gold medal for avoiding death!

After Lu Xiaolu left, Wang Yiran looked at the Feliicity in front of him, and his eyes became sinister.

He deliberately walked towards Wiliam, patted Wiliam on the shoulder, and smiled viciously: “I’m sorry, it seems I can’t die yet hahaha.”

After saying this aloud, he suddenly attached to Wiliam’s ear, and whispered: “Today, lucky for your wife. Hoho, but when you are away…not every time, All are as lucky as today, come on. This time the eagle catches the chick, it is very interesting!”


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