Dragon Husband Chapter 752

Chapter 752

After Wang Yiran finished speaking, he deliberately patted Wiliam on the shoulder.

Seeing Wiliam’s face changed slightly, Lu Furong on the side didn’t know why, her heart beat fiercely.

She quickly rushed over, kicking Wang Yiran away with one kick, and shouted: “You are so pleased to get out of here! You want to find death here, right?”

Wang Yiran got up from the ground, licked the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then left with a big laugh.

When Lu Furong saw that Wiliam was moving, her heart was relieved.

She hurriedly said to Wiliam: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, I don’t have the courage to let him go! Don’t worry, after this incident, I will learn a lesson. I am sorry for this matter, and I will leave in the future. Take your Feliicity wherever you go, and you will never give the bad guys a chance.”

After she finished speaking, Feliicity on the side suddenly turned pale, and she fainted.

Wiliam hugged Feliicity who was about to fall to the ground, and carried her into Lu Furong’s room.

He carefully checked Feliicity’s body and found that there was nothing serious about her.

It should be too scared just now.

But her body…

Wiliam felt the disordered pulse in Feliicity’s body, and his mood was extremely complicated.

Things must speed up.

Feliicity’s body became weaker and weaker.

After saying goodbye to Lu Furong, Wiliam remembered that He Yuewen and others were still waiting for him outside the door.

He reached the door, asked them to find a quiet place, and began to administer the needle for them.

This injection has already reached noon.

The three of them were unbelievable after receiving the needle.

He Yuewen asked in a daze, “Master Lu, the green snakes on our bodies will be removed?”

Wiliam was not in a good mood, and said coldly: “It’s still not so fast, I will inform you about the follow-up injection. If there is anything else, don’t come to me.”

The green snake flowing on their bodies is different from the green snake flowing on Gu Zhiling before.

More toxic.

If Lu Yezhen helped them treat them in time, I believe they would die in less than three days.

He Yuewen hurriedly nodded, “Okay, okay, we know. By the way, you said earlier that the half-moon lily thing, I plan to give it to her at Lulu’s birthday party three days later, this is the most appropriate , Not obtrusive. What do you think?”

Wiliam frowned, “Hurry up. You can disclose the information of Half Moon Lily to Lu Xiaolu in advance.”

He Yuewen didn’t know what Wiliam was going to do, but he could only nod his head in agreement.

Wiliam didn’t even eat rice, so he hurried back to Lu’s house.

He was always worried about the Feliicity.

But as soon as I arrived at the door, I heard a cold snort, “Ho ho, I thought you had escaped in fear of your sins, and I thought, you really dare to come back.”

Wiliam looked up, and it was Lu Xiaolu standing at the door.

And behind Lu Xiaolu, there was a person standing.

The old lady.

Lu Xiaolu had a short report with the old lady before.

When the old lady heard this, he was furious.

Lu Xiaolu is the jewel in her palm, and she can’t bear even a curse.

I didn’t think of a little servant who would dare to do something to Lu Xiaolu!

She personally took Lu Xiaolu to find Wiliam on the spot.

But he rushed to the side of Wiliam’s room.

Lu Xiaolu was so angry that he just pulled the old lady to guard at the door of Lu’s house in Beilin, ready to wait and wait.

It really made them squat.

Wiliam was not surprised, and said indifferently: “Lu Xiaolu, what are you doing? I will spare you for not dying, you are still not satisfied?”

Lu Xiaolu was amused on the spot, “Hahaha, you forgive me not to die? What kind of green onion are you? You are just a little servant, what right do you have to spare me not to die?”

At this time, the old lady also slowly stood up, staring at Wiliam with a haze in her eyes.

“Little guy, I thought you were very interesting at first, but I thought you didn’t know good or bad, and Tai Sui broke the ground. Then I can’t say that I can’t keep you.” The old lady said, his body moved, her dry hand , Just take Wiliam’s neck!

“Hey, I don’t want to do something fun, nor can I see someone who is fun, it’s too difficult for me.” The old lady sighed while doing it.

When Wiliam saw her move, his figure straightened back.

But the speed of the old lady is too fast!

She and Wiliam are not at the same level at all.

He even advanced to several realms.

Wiliam responded with all his might to avoid the understatement of the old lady.

But the old lady just watched Wiliam hide under her hands, and for a while he didn’t continue to pursue him.

She was stunned.

See the truth in one stroke!

She stared at Wiliam, the light in her eyes gleamed even more, “Oh, I didn’t think you could be so good, let me think about it, at the speed you were just now, inner strength?”

Lu Xiaolu on the side was taken aback for a moment, and shouted out: “How is it possible! This kid is a guy with a mystery and nothing good, how can it be so powerful? Grandma, can you read it wrong?”

The old lady shook his head gently, “It’s okay, in our Beilin Lu family, which servant have you ever seen that can escape my blow? This kid is hidden.”

Lu Xiaolu’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.

She thought Wiliam was just a little rubbish, but she didn’t expect that he could get grandma’s approval.

“Isn’t it possible? If he is so good, why should he come to our Beilin Lu family as a servant?” Lu Xiaolu asked.

The old prince smiled ho ho ho, “the reason, aren’t you the first to know? He asked his wife for medicine.”

Lu Xiaolu choked for a while and could not speak.

“How good is your skill? I won’t know if I try again. Little Wawa, you better don’t let me down, ho ho ho.” The old lady smiled and rushed towards Wiliam again.

This time Wiliam was prepared, and his body suddenly moved.

However, he can only hide.

Facing the violent attack of the old lady, he couldn’t spare the slightest chance to fight back.

Realm suppression is too strong.

Moreover, Wiliam became more frightened as he hid.

This is just the normal state of the old lady.

Wiliam had seen the old lady in a state of despair that night.

In that state, it was ten times more terrifying than it is now!

If the old lady is in a state of madness, Wiliam can guarantee that he can’t hide from her!

Li Banshan was wrong.

People like old princes shouldn’t exist in this world at all.

It’s like throwing a giant into a pile of ants.

The old lady couldn’t hold Wiliam for a while, and stopped.

She tilted her head and frowned slightly.

“Well, it seems that without a little effort, it seems that you really can’t catch your little baby without a little effort. It seems that I am here.” The old lady said, suddenly his body jumped high.

A foot, like a whirlwind, hit Wiliam fiercely!

When Wiliam saw this trick, his head buzzed, and his whole goose bumps appeared!

This trick!

“Impermanence Nine Forms” Second Form!

Captain water!


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