Dragon Husband Chapter 753

Chapter 753

Wiliam couldn’t be more familiar with this recruitment.

However, after being used by the old lady, Wiliam’s head was messed up on the spot.

He couldn’t think of why the old lady would use “Nine Types of Impermanence”!

This is impossible!

“Nine Forms of Impermanence” is a trick recorded in the “Medical Classic of Impermanence”!

This was created by his grandfather.

Not to mention the Beilin Lu family, it is the North Lu family, it is estimated that there is no second person who can use it!

But by the way, the old lady used it!

Moreover, in the realm of the old lady, using this soldier’s water, the power and Wiliam’s use are completely different!

Wiliam couldn’t hide it at all at the first thought.

With a bang, his body slammed on a pillar behind him!

Wiliam stared at the old lady tightly.

This old lady retreated at the last moment.

It stands to reason that if Wiliam had eaten this trick, his life would be completely finished.


The old lady looked at Wiliam with a puzzled look, “When you were fighting with me, you drove off? Interesting you. It stands to reason, you were just dodge, and I didn’t even see you take action, right? Your strength should be more than that. Right here? Why not fight back?”

Wiliam thought about it in his heart, and forgot to reply to the old lady.

But the old lady couldn’t wait for Wiliam’s answer and sighed, “Forget it, even if you fight back, what about it? Ho Ho Ho, I have never used this set of tricks before, I thought. , The power is okay.”

After speaking, she looked at Lu Xiaolu who was completely bewildered behind her, and said, “Tell someone to take him away.”

Lu Xiaolu was completely frightened just now.

She marveled at Wiliam’s skill.

She knows her grandma’s realm too well.

Looking at this ordinary world, who else is her grandma’s opponent.

Although grandma has never left Lu’s home in North in recent years, there are many ignorant children who come to challenge her.

Which one was not repelled by her grandma’s move.

This kid, at such a young age, happened to be able to escape her grandma’s many attacks.

Although grandma was a little bit rid of water, it was enough to prove that Wiliam’s skill was far beyond her peers.

Was awakened by her grandma, Lu Xiaolu hurried over, with a smile on her face, “Grandma, you are really strong and stronger.”

The old lady nodded, “Hoho, his body is not as good as before. This kid is left to you, and a hairy kid wants me to do it myself. It’s too difficult for me.”

As he said, the old lady walked slowly in one direction, but he looked old.

She murmured to herself: “Hey, getting older and older, I just moved a few times, and then I panted. I have to take a good rest. It’s difficult, too difficult.”

But when she was halfway there, she suddenly turned around and said to Lu Xiaolu, “By the way, in the morning you said that you saw a businessman in Jianghuai who had a clue about the green snake, and the person I sent has asked. My man I’m also going to a place called Q City ( Qena City ) to arrest people. I believe they will be arrested in the afternoon. Ask them carefully and there should be clues.”

Lu Xiaolu was overjoyed, “Really grandma! So fast!”

The old lady showed a kind smile and said lovingly: “Of course I have to take your matter to heart. Okay, I’ll go to rest.”

However, when she turned around, her eyes fell suddenly.

She couldn’t bear to see her granddaughter cheering.

She has superb medical skills, how can she not know how powerful the green snakes are on Lu Xiaolu’s body.

It was much better than what she had seen before.

My granddaughter can only live another three or four days at most.

In this case, the old lady did not tell Lu Xiaolu that she was sad and desperate.

That’s why the old lady has no choice but to catch people who know the cure for Green Snake Liuqi.

And Lu Xiaolu, who didn’t know that his life was about to end, immediately greeted a few people and immediately tied Wiliam tightly.

She stood in front of Wiliam, her eyes suddenly became arrogant, “Ho ho ho, now you know you regret it? Dare to beat me! I let you survive today!”

And Wiliam, his eyes were a little blank, and he didn’t answer Lu Xiaolu’s words.

He was thinking about something, and he was a little confused.

On the one hand, why did the old lady use the “Nine Types of Impermanence” that only Grandpa and himself knew!

Grandpa is dead, and he hasn’t revealed anything.

Is there a third person in this world who knows “Nine Types of Impermanence”?

Who is this person?

Also, just now the old lady said that he would send someone to Q City ( Qena City ) to arrest people.

Who was caught?

There is only one person in Q City ( Qena City ) who has a relationship with Green Snake Liuzheng!

Ancient Ling!

Things are getting more and more blurred.

And Lu Xiaolu smiled happily when he saw Wiliam’s face darkened, “Hahaha, I’m afraid! But I tell you, it’s too late! Grandma handed you over to me, just let me handle it!”

“But, as for me, my heart is a little soft. If you knelt on the ground and knocked at me a hundred times, I might spare you not to die.” Lu Xiaolu overturned the previous words with his hind feet. Up.

But Wiliam remained silent, and the eager heart of Lu Xiaolu who watched was cold.

In the end, her eyes were fierce, and she said to the next person: “Bring him down! I’ll see the auspicious hour, and it’s three o’clock in the afternoon, gather all the servants, and screw his head off for me in front of everyone. I want to let all the lowly people know the fate of fighting against my Lu Xiaolu!”

The servant who grabbed Wiliam quickly nodded and said yes.

Punishing the people, this is nothing new in Beilin Lu’s family.

They pushed Wiliam down and locked it up.

And Wiliam frowned from beginning to end.

He can’t figure out some things.

But these things he felt were extremely important.

Sorting out these things may solve all the doubts.

Well, take advantage of this time and think about it.

He didn’t even care about being beheaded.

At around two o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Xiaolu was still asleep when he was called by a Lu Furong.

Lu Furong had a stiff face and said to Lu Xiaolu: “Little princess, grandma, please come over there.”

Lu Xiaolu suddenly became energetic and asked, “Did grandma arrest the man? Am I saved?”

Lu Furong nodded and said, “Well, I caught someone, but my mouth is hard…”

Lu Xiaolu frowned, “The mouth is harder? Then I have to go to the trial in person!”

With that, she lifted the quilt and went directly to the meeting hall.

When she arrived at the meeting hall, she saw people who did not belong to the Beilin Lu family at a glance.

He was tied up with five big flowers, sitting on a chair.

But she was stunned, and she was tied up in front of her.

Not alone!

But two big beauties like flowers and jade!


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