Dragon Husband Chapter 754

Chapter 754

Lu Xiaolu was dumbfounded at the sight of the two tied women in front of him.

How come there are two people?

Do these two people know the clues of the green snake flow?

What makes Lu Xiaolu feel even more strange is why these two women are unique in their looks?

Moreover, she faintly felt a little familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere.

She walked up quickly and asked, “Grandma, what’s the matter with these two people?”

The old lady Jungao sat in the hall with a look of helplessness and said: “A group of wine and rice bags. Let them catch one person, and they can catch two people.”

The old lady simply said what happened, and Lu Xiaolu showed a suddenly realized expression.

It turned out that the old lady sent people to Jianghuai non-stop and found the man who had appeared in Lu Xiaolu’s hospital.

After some cross-examination, the businessman was scared and immediately said that he had heard that Gu Zhiling’s Green Snake Liuzhen had been cured.

But the people of Beilin Lu’s family quickly locked on Gu Zhiling.

They rushed to Q City ( Qena City ) again and went directly to her company.

Gu Zhiling is a star anyway, so it’s not hard to find.

But when they found Gu Zhiling and secretly wanted to catch him, they accidentally appeared.

They were run into by another woman.

As a result, the few people kept doing nothing, and simply caught the two people back together.

After listening to Lu Xiaolu, he immediately patted his forehead, “I wonder where I have seen you. It turns out that they are all stars, disrespectful and disrespectful. I can’t believe it all at once.”

One of the people tied up in front of Lu Xiaolu was Gu Zhiling, and the other was Li Chunfeng.

The two people stared sharply at the group of people in front of them, and they looked at the surrounding environment with a trace of fear in their hearts.

What is this place!

Who are these people!

It’s so lawless.

In broad daylight, arrest people directly in the street.

Lu Xiaolu stood in front of the two women with great interest, looking in awe.

She was really amazed by the faces of these two big stars.

What’s wrong recently? How many beautiful women suddenly appeared around.

And they are all at the guard level.

First, the white Feliicity.

Then there are Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling.

How fortunate for a man in the world to marry one and have no regrets in his life.

“Hello, my name is Lu Xiaolu, I am glad to meet you, you are Gu Zhiling, you are Li Chunfeng, right? I know you, I really liked you before.” Lu Xiaolu extended his hand generously , A very happy look.

But after reaching out her hand, she was stunned again.

These two big beauties in front of me are tied up by five flowers, where did they hold her hands?

Lu Xiaolu’s smile gradually froze, and then his eyes slowly became joking.

“Sorry, I really like you. However, you should also know the purpose of my arresting you today, right?” Lu Xiaolu looked like a small fan. What he said, matched her weird smile. , Makes people shudder.

Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling had been questioned long ago.
When they knew that the people here were actually asking who had solved the green snake flow in Gu Zhiling’s body, they immediately reached a tacit understanding.

This group of people behaved badly, and at first sight they were not good people.

They must be evil to Wiliam.

Therefore, they couldn’t tell them that Wiliam could solve the green snake flow.

So they just insisted on the first round of questioning.

This time, Lu Xiaolu suddenly looked at Gu Zhiling and asked with a smile: “Sister Gu Zhiling, I really like watching your previous “Big Doctor” movie. I am your number one fan. So, Tell me, who solved the Green Snake Flowing Goat on your body before?”

She was still smiling, but she couldn’t feel the warmth and kindness.

“What green snakes are fascinating, I don’t even know what you are talking about.” Gu Zhiling spoke in front of Lu Xiaolu for the first time, but his words were sonorous.

Lu Xiaolu shook his head, still smiling like a flower, “No, no, you know, sister, you can’t lie to your fans, otherwise I will be very sad.”

Gu Zhiling still denied it.

At this time, the smile on Lu Xiaolu’s face finally slowly disappeared.

Her interest, even the worship of small fans, seems to be completely pretended.

Slowly climbing on her face was a kind of hysteria and madness.

She slowly approached Gu Zhiling’s side, and suddenly stretched out a hand, gently squeezed Gu Zhiling’s face, and muttered to herself: “Tsk tusk this little face is so beautiful, I am Women are amazing. I really want to look like you. Looking at your face, I really want to do something.”

As she said, the nails on her fingers hung Gu Zhiling’s face lightly, but her words were unspeakably gloomy, “I really want to scratch your face. I don’t know if the blood that flows out will Will be more beautiful than your face.”

Gu Zhiling felt the cold sensation on his cheeks, and after hearing this, he only felt a chill rushing from the soles of his feet!

The woman named Lu Xiaolu in front of me was absolutely terrifying!

One by one, little idol fans authenticated, but they showed such a terrible smile.

It’s a complete change! state!

“Say it, Miss Sister, if I don’t say it, I really can’t help but want to hurt you.” Lu Xiaolu said slowly.

But as she talked, she herself laughed ho ho, the more she laughed, the more rapid she laughed, as if she couldn’t breathe.

Gu Zhiling was terrified at this moment, she was a little afraid to look at Lu Xiaolu in front of her.

“Pop!” An unexpected scene happened.

Lu Xiaolu smiled, raising one hand high, and directly slapped Gu Zhiling’s face.

A trace of five fingers appeared on Gu Zhiling’s fair face.

Everyone around Lu Xiaolu was dumbfounded.

Strength explains why women make trouble for women.

After Lu Xiaolu finished the fight, he looked at his palm in surprise, then gently touched Gu Zhiling’s red and swollen face, and apologized, “I’m sorry, Miss Sister, I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why. I can’t control my hand, I’m sorry, sorry.”

The distressed look made everyone around him bewildered.

Little princess, today is a bit abnormal.

How can there be such an old lady’s upper body that she loses her heart? The attitude is creepy.

And Lu Xiaolu was still touching Gu Zhiling’s face. At this time, her mobile phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that she suddenly realized, “The alarm clock is ringing, it’s almost three o’clock, I’m going to the theater.”


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