Dragon Husband Chapter 755

Chapter 755: Crazy Lu Xiaolu

The people at the scene were shocked.

the student surpasses the master!

Lu Xiaolu has changed at this young age! It’s even better than the old lady!

In order to see people beheaded, an alarm clock was set!

Really disgusting hobby!

Lu Xiaolu smiled expectantly and contentedly and looked at the phone blankly.

She is indeed a bit abnormal today.

Facing the fear of unknown death from the beginning, and then being slapped with humiliation by Wiliam in the morning, her mentality completely exploded.

Before she knew it, she became so violent and perverse.

Lu Xiaolu smiled, then suddenly rushed towards Gu Zhiling, holding Gu Zhiling’s head tightly with both hands.

The two are close to Chi Chi!

With tears in his eyes, Gu Zhiling was suddenly so frightened, he looked at the Lu Xiaolu in front of him.

Gu Zhiling could see it clearly, and on the other side were bloodshot red eyes!

The eyes are full of madness!

“Ah!” Gu Zhiling was frightened and exclaimed!

She had resisted the fear, but when she cried again, she couldn’t take it anymore.

She has never been so frightened.

Someone caught him inexplicably.

Then I met such a sick woman, she was a crazy woman.

Lu Xiaolu just watched Gu Zhiling burst into tears, his eyes full of interest.

“Tsk tusk tusk, even crying is so beautiful, so enviable, I really want to see you cry every day. Sister Gu, my time is running out, I still have a good show to watch, so , You have to hurry up, let me ask you again, can you tell me?” Lu Xiaolu grabbed Gu Zhiling’s head again and slapped her severely!

Gu Zhiling’s cheeks immediately turned red.

But this time, she gradually got used to it.

But Li Chunfeng’s eyes gradually turned red.

Why all the threats and humiliation were directed at Gu Zhiling.

Obviously both of them were arrested together.

Li Chunfeng looked at Gu Zhiling crying and trembling, feeling uncomfortable in his heart.

After all, they are good girlfriends who have gone through so many storms together.

“Don’t hit her anymore! Is there something to come to me? Don’t bully her.” Li Chunfeng didn’t know where he was courageous, and only felt the heat in his heart, so he shouted out.

But Lu Xiaolu chuckled, “Miss Chunfeng, I like you too. But now I don’t have anything to do with you. Please watch the show. I really want to take you to another show later. Good show.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Gu Zhiling again, and she was immediately stunned.

Gu Zhiling, who was still crying aggrievedly, suddenly his eyes changed completely.

Weak eyes, I don’t know when they become stubborn.

Even in the stubbornness, with a little anger!

She seemed to be going with Lu Xiaolu on!

Gu Zhiling was indeed blown out of his anger.

For some reason, when she was so humiliated, she suddenly remembered a past event.

In “The Great Doctor”, the days when people were bullied.

And after that period of time, she soared into the sky.
She even thought about the conversation when she first met Wiliam after that period of time.

It was Wiliam who gave her an unforgettable experience.

After that time, what humiliation is still unbearable?

After all, I really want to thank that kid.

Gu Zhiling didn’t know why, but when he thought of this, he laughed out loud.

This smile scared everyone around.

what is it today?

One woman after another is crazy.

Look, another crazy one.

Lu Xiaolu looked at Gu Zhiling’s eyes, and suddenly a very uncomfortable feeling appeared in his heart.

It’s a violation again!

It’s a violation again!

Why do you have to fight me one by one!

I just want to ask one thing, why is it so difficult!

Lu Xiaolu grabbed his hair frantically, his hair was caught in a mess.

When she calmed down, her eyes had become extremely cold, and there was no longer the craziness and pretentiousness before.

She has had enough.

She said coldly: “I’m going to watch a good show, this woman, just throw the drug slaves to play. If you play her to death today, I will kill anyone.”

A kind of chill actually rose from everyone’s heart.

It’s too poisonous!

A good woman would have such a vicious mind.

That’s a drug slave.

The drug slaves are precarious, and no one knows when they will die.

Therefore, they are either depressed, or they are completely crazy.

If such a beautiful woman as Gu Zhiling falls into the hands of this group of people, then…

When everyone thinks about the picture, they all feel that Gu Zhiling is a bad practice from body to mind!

After Lu Xiaolu finished speaking, he strode out.

She made up her mind and didn’t want to look back.

Gu Zhiling’s stubbornness slowly dissipated.

In her eyes, a kind of mourning for death gradually appeared.

She looked around and found no one sympathized with her.

No, there is one.

She even cast her eyes on Li Chunfeng’s body, begging blankly, “Chunfeng, kill me, kill me!”

She could sense from everyone’s eyes, who the so-called drug slaves were.

Yes, it is even more crazy than Lu Xiaolu! Sleek people.

If it falls into their hands, it’s better to die now!

When Li Chunfeng was seen by Gu Zhiling like this, his psychological defense was completely broken!

She was suffocating in pain.

My good sister, will she fall to that end!

No, no, absolutely not!

Gu Zhiling must not be harmed!

Even if the victim is me!

Even the injured person is!

Thinking of this, a trace of astonishment appeared on her face!

She couldn’t help it, and the figure of a man emerged.

Even though!

The injured!

It’s him!

That’s right, instead of being here, because of the so-called helping Wiliam, I was suffering tremendously.

Not as good!

Believe him again!

Believe him, as always!

Believe that he will always come from a desperate situation!

Why not!

Sorry Wiliam!

This time, I will do the bad guys.

Right or wrong, good or bad, you decide!

Thinking of this, Li Chunfeng suddenly struggled to get up from his chair and shouted directly outside: “Stop! As long as you let Gu Zhiling go, I can tell you who can dissolve the green snake!”

While speaking, Li Chunfeng even flushed with excitement!

The surrounding air seems to have faintly increased several degrees!

And this scene happened to be seen by the old lady who opened his eyes.

The old lady was taken aback for a moment, and then a face quickly became excited, and even because of the excitement, her body was constantly shaking.

“The last medicine, it seems…”

“I found it by mistake, ho ho ho…”


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