Dragon Husband Chapter 756

Chapter 756

Refining the heart of Yanhuang, the old lady has failed too many times.

There are also too many people, because of this completely incomprehensible thing, they lost their lives in the West.

After repeated failures, the old lady finally found the right prescription.

There are only two things left, she still lacks.

One is the half-moon lily. This thing is in the Beilin He family. If the old lady hadn’t been imprisoned in the Beilin Lu family, he would have killed him.

And the last thing is even more difficult to find.

Yanmai essence and blood.

Those who want to have the flame veins, extract all the essence and blood, and finally achieve it.

The old lady searched for a long time, but he couldn’t find anyone with a flame vein.

But this also makes sense.

After all, it is very rare to have a different vein.

Not to mention the rarer inflammation veins among the different veins.

This thing can only depend on luck.

The old lady Wan Wanwan thought that he had just caught the wrong person.

Unexpectedly, she delivered the real Yan Mai to her hands.

This is not what the time is!

This is not fate, it is what

It was God who was destined to repay her for so many years of hard work, and gave her inflammation veins.

The old lady stared at the woman named Li Chunfeng closely, her eyes getting more and more joyful.

Although, the flame veins on this woman seemed to be awakened.

But just because she was extremely excited just now, causing the air around her to change slightly, the old lady was 100% confident that she was the person she was looking for.

As for how to make her awaken Yanmai.

Ho ho, the big deal is a strong stimulus, which made her wake up, anyway, this life will not last sooner or later.

Everyone did not notice the weirdness of the old lady, but looked at Li Chunfeng in amazement.

Everyone can’t understand why this woman who has nothing to do with her will jump out at this time.

Didn’t you hear what Lu Xiaolu said just now?

Isn’t she afraid of catching fire and putting herself in?

Gu Zhiling looked at Li Chunfeng with shock, and shouted: “Chunfeng! Are you crazy! Are we going to betray that kid! We will kill him!”

Li Chunfeng’s body slowly returned to calm, but suddenly he felt a huge exhaustion coming out of thin air.

She sat back on the chair and smiled very reluctantly.

If she can move her hand, she wants to touch Gu Zhiling’s head so that Gu Zhiling will not be afraid.

She smiled desolately: “Sister Gu, you remember, it’s not we who betrayed the guy, but I betrayed the guy. How can I just watch you…”

Speaking of this, Dou Da’s tears fell down her cheeks.

As for the thoughts of believing in Wiliam just now, she didn’t say anything.

Why do you say it?

Ended up with the name of infatuation, ashamed of Feliicity…

At this time, Lu Xiaolu outside turned around and walked back. He stood in front of Li Chunfeng and said with an obedient expression: “Oh, sister Chunfeng loves me more. Don’t say anything if you know what to say. Okay. , Then you speak quickly.”

Li Chunfeng felt extremely weak just now, and now he was in a turbulent mood. He couldn’t breathe out, and fell into a coma on the chair.

Seeing this, Lu Xiaolu shook his head and whispered, “Sister Chunfeng, you are so disappointing. But forget it, for your cleverness, I will let you go.”

As she said, she looked at the old lady, “Grandma, I’ll leave it to you here, I’ll go there to watch a good show first.”

Now that Li Chunfeng had agreed to tell the people who could solve the green snake flow, Lu Xiaolu was completely relieved.

As for who it was, Lu Xiaolu didn’t care at all.

As long as it is in this world, the Beilin Lu Family has a way to get that person over.

That’s why she feels at ease and continues to watch good shows.

The old lady sighed softly when he saw Lu Xiaolu leaping out of the conference hall because he was happy.

In the world, can anyone really solve the green snake flow?

Lulu, aren’t you afraid that it’s just a waste of water from a bamboo basket and a joy for nothing?

The old lady also saw something wrong with Lu Xiaolu today, but she could fully understand Lu Xiaolu’s state.

On the contrary, because Lu Xiaolu was like this, the old lady felt that she was even more pitiful.

“Then, wait for her to wake up, I can wait, there is not much time, I am too difficult.” The old lady said, she sat in a chair and closed her eyes to rest, obviously waiting for Li Chunfeng to wake up. .

And Lu Xiaolu walked towards the Yanwu Platform.

There, the kid who did not regret his death will be executed.

Lu Xiaolu felt more comfortable seeing the kid die in front of her.

I wanted to torture him for a while before killing him, but now Lu Xiaolu can’t do it.

Can’t wait to strangle him personally.

When we arrived at the performance hall, many people had gathered here.

Most of them are servants of Beilin Lu’s family.

Today, the drug slaves were also on holiday, so they were also called over.

More than 30 medicine slaves gathered in a corner of the martial arts platform in their own way. Their eyes were out of focus, and they stood cowering, incompatible with the people around them.

Because of his tall body, Li Banshan stood out in the middle.

And the other servants obviously spurned this group of drug slaves who didn’t know when they were about to die, like a taboo, staying away from them.

Li Banshan didn’t put others in his eyes at all.

There was only one person in his eyes.

The Wiliam who was tied to the stage with a thoughtful look.

Obviously tied by Wuhuada, the dazzling beheading knife hung over his head.

But this kid, as if he was not aware of it at all, seemed very worried.


When death was approaching, I was also distracted.

Good boy, what are you thinking about can be more important than your life or death.

But today, it looks like you can’t escape this slash.

How can you break this deadlock? I really look forward to it.

Li Banshan was actually a little concerned about Wiliam’s life and death.

But what he cared more about was the secret of the fragrance of the jade pearl on Wiliam.

That concerns his family’s secrets.

He hoped that Wiliam would not die so easily, otherwise everything would be a pity.

At this time, someone shouted: “The little princess is here!”

Everyone looked to the side, Lu Xiaolu was coming up leaping forward, looking in a good mood.

Lu Xiaolu looked at so many people and slapped his tongue, “It turns out that there are so many servants in the Lu family in Beilin. This is the first time I have seen everyone so neat.”

While speaking, she had already come to Wiliam’s face.

Seeing Wiliam’s embarrassment when he was tied up, Lu Xiaolu felt even better.

She called to him, “Hey, do you have anything else to say before you die?”

There are only five minutes left until three o’clock.

Wiliam was awakened by her, looked up at Lu Xiaolu indifferently, and said amusedly: “Before dying? It seems that it is not my life in your hands, but your life in my hands, right?”


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