Dragon Husband Chapter 757

Chapter 757

Wiliam’s words made people around him instantly at a loss.

What is going on right now?

Did everyone have hallucinations?

Was Lu Xiaolu tied up and stood in front of Wiliam?

It seems, isn’t it?

This kid was frightened and confused by death, what he said was so funny.

And Li Banshan also looked at Wiliam who was calm at this time in amazement, and he suddenly felt a trace of emotion in his heart.


The arrogance of this kid, he has only seen it in his life!

He thought that he was crazy enough twenty years ago.

I didn’t think this kid could be even more mad.

He is increasingly looking forward to what will happen next.

Lu Xiaolu was directly amused by Wiliam’s words and laughed, “Oh, I’m so ridiculous, are you still awake? You are tied here now, with a big sword hanging above your head. People are you too.”

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu with cold eyes, “Really? It seems, your life is coming to an end, right?”

Lu Xiaolu naturally knew what Wiliam was talking about.

But she made no secret of it, and said with a smile: “Are you talking about the green snake on my body? Yeah, my life is indeed alive soon, probably, there are still three or four days.”

As Lu Xiaolu spoke, his smile remained the same, but he felt a little dazed.

All the elders of Beilin Lu’s family, including grandma, are lying to themselves.

Do they think that they can feel better if they don’t tell them the truth?

However, the acting skills of these people are too bad, right?

Lu Xiaolu looked careless, but he was actually a very sensitive person.

This is also what she brought to her with the M attribute.

She is more sensitive to every word other people say than anyone.

If grandma has sorrow like nothing, and a soft sigh, will she notice it?

But if you don’t say it, I won’t ask.

Because Lu Xiaolu knew the true condition of his body, his temperament changed drastically, and he wanted to crazily grasp any possibility of survival.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu lightly, “So, you know it too.”

Lu Xiaolu smiled more happily, “Yes, of course I know. But, your life seems to be shorter than mine, right? So short, it seems that there are only four minutes left.”

Wiliam ticked the corner of his mouth and asked, “Really?”

Lu Xiaolu stood in front of Wiliam, looked up at Wiliam’s face that has not changed for thousands of years, and smiled slyly, “Hey, before you die, let me tell you a more irritating message, because I am good. I hope you won’t look down.”

As she said, she stood on tiptoe, attached it to Wiliam’s ear, and said softly: “Just now, we have gone to a place called Q City ( Qena City ) and caught two female stars, one called Gu Zhiling and the other Let’s call Li Chunfeng. They hold the names of people who can solve the green snake flow. So, maybe I will live a hundred years old. Have you been disappointed?”

She was whispering to Wiliam. This intimacy made the people around him stunned. What’s the situation?

Everyone knew more or less that Wiliam entered Beilin Lu’s house through Lu Xiaolu’s back door. The relationship between the two seemed a bit ambiguous.

Now that it is like this, everyone can’t help thinking, is this killing in love?

Isn’t it too bloody?

After Lu Xiaolu finished speaking, he left Wiliam’s ear and took a step back.

She wanted to stay away so that she could see Wiliam’s disappointment and even despair more clearly.

However, she was disappointed.

After Wiliam heard this, he was not only disappointed, but smiled, “Really? Thank you for telling me the good news. Now I am more sure that your life is really in my hands. It.”

Wiliam knew before that the people of Beilin Lu’s family had gone to Q City ( Qena City ) to arrest people.

He also speculated that the only person who could catch was Gu Zhiling.

After all, at the meeting between Gu Zhiling and him at the Jianghuai Qiulu Group, many people knew that Gu Zhiling’s green snake flow was dismissed.

Although Wiliam inferred, he was also a little worried.

He is too aware of Gu Zhiling’s character.

This woman looked cold and glamorous, and her character was even more stubborn.

She probably wouldn’t confess herself to the people of Beilin Lu’s family, right?

Maybe, you have to suffer from the unreasonable flesh and blood.

But now Wiliam heard that Li Chunfeng was also arrested.

He became more confident in an instant.

Li Chunfeng, ho ho this woman.

Li Chunfeng is the most indifferent among the other women.

Seeing gentleness and gentleness, I don’t fight for anything.

In fact, among these women, she is the most transparent in her mind, and she sees things clearly.

If Li Chunfeng were there, this girl would take a gamble, right?

Bet I will win?

Yes, it must be so.

However, in this way, it feels a bit wronged.

Although she has a clear mind, she is equally kind in heart.

Would she feel that she betrayed me?

Ho ho…

Silly woman.

Lu Xiaolu didn’t get angry when he heard Wiliam’s more arrogant words, and said, “Okay, then I want to see, when will your mouth be hard? It’s best to be so hard that your mouth is still hard when your head falls. That’s called ability.”

Wiliam laughed at Lu Xiaolu, he really didn’t bother to say something to Lu Xiaolu.

When I was interviewing, I was tied up by a young prisoner from Beilin Lu’s family.

Can rely on the long live red lotus in the body to collapse.

Now, I am tied to an ordinary rope.

After ten thousand steps, Li Chunfeng did not confess himself, so what?

Can this rope tie yourself?

With a butcher knife on your head, can you get it down?

Can the servant in front of you trap yourself?


The extremely ignorant but self-righteous woman.

Seeing that Wiliam was smiling, Lu Xiaolu curiously said, “You are talking, why are you not talking?”

While she was talking, she looked at the watch on her wrist and it lit up in front of Wiliam’s eyes, “There are two minutes left. If you don’t say any last words, I’m afraid there will be no chance.”

Wiliam shook his head, “It’s okay, there are opportunities.”

Lu Xiaolu was also used to Wiliam’s crazy words. She nodded, stepped aside, and started to count down leisurely.

Counting down Wiliam’s life, so as to give him a greater sense of oppression and fear.

Until the last ten seconds, Lu Xiaolu suddenly stretched out his hand, “Everyone, help me count down, the loudest, I have a great reward.”

The eyes of the people around lit up, and one by one suddenly yelled.








After Lu Xiaolu finished counting, he made a gesture of raising and lowering the knife, “Chop! Hard!”

That dazzling butcher knife, instantly, mercilessly chopped off towards Wiliam’s head!


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