Dragon Husband Chapter 758

Chapter 758

Everyone’s eyes widened.

The shimmering broad knife was swung down, and it seemed that the sound of breaking wind could be heard, showing the strength.

Under this strength, even the bronze-headed iron arm, might have to be cut completely.

Li Banshan let out a soft sigh, the miracle he was looking forward to seeing was ultimately nothing.

Did you look at the wrong person?

With the knife, Lu Xiaolu let out a string of silver bells of laughter, and the laughter seemed so strange in such a cruel picture.

But at this moment, a more violent breaking wind suddenly hit!

“Bang!” Between the electric light and flint, the falling broad knife was directly shattered by the sound of the breaking wind.

The shattered blade flew around, frightening everyone screaming.

Lu Xiaolu’s laughter stopped abruptly!

Her face became very ugly, and she shouted, “Who is it! Dare to stop me from killing! Do you want to kill me!”

However, a voice of vicissitudes came from far and near.

“Lulu, keep people under the sword. This little baby can’t be killed.”

Everyone followed the prestige.

I saw a black figure flying at an extremely fast speed.

In the blink of an eye, this person has fallen on the martial arts stage.

Everyone saw this person clearly and knelt down immediately.

Not the old lady Lu Lingyun, who would it be!

The old lady landed on the martial arts stage with an indescribable expression.

There seem to be a thousand kinds of unwillingness.

Lu Xiaolu was already angry when she saw someone trying to prevent her from killing Wiliam.

Seeing that it was his grandmother who had acted to prevent him from killing, he was stunned.

“Grandma, why are you? Didn’t you say to leave this kid to me? Why now?” Lu Xiaolu asked unwillingly.

Lu Lingyun didn’t look at Lu Xiaolu, but he had never left the stage with closed eyes, but Wiliam with a faint smile.

Is this kid confident?

And Wiliam didn’t open his eyes when the knife fell.

But at this moment he slowly opened his eyes and smiled faintly, “Finally, is it here?”

Lu Lingyun looked at Wiliam, suddenly grinned, and smiled ugly, “It seems that it is really you. The old woman has been shrewd for a lifetime, but she has been stunned all the time. It’s interesting. Things are getting more and more interesting.”

“Grandma, what are you talking about! Why can’t this kid be killed! He has bullied me so much, do you want to let him live?” Lu Xiaolu’s temper grew in the mist.

At this time, the old lady looked at Lu Xiaolu and smiled helplessly, “Lulu, I prevent you from killing, naturally there is a reason. Hey, don’t say he bullied you, as long as he didn’t bully you to death, you I really can’t kill him.”

“Why! Tell me why! Don’t you hurt me anymore?” Lu Xiaolu burst into tears in an instant.

The old lady said: “You know, did I hear anything from the woman named Li Chunfeng just now?”

“What did you hear? She shouldn’t tell you, in this world, is there any capable person and stranger who can solve the green snake flow in my body?” Lu Xiaolu couldn’t react for a while.

The old lady looked back at Wiliam again, spit out a few words with difficulty.

“The name of the person who can solve the green snake flow is Wiliam.”

When the old lady said this, he didn’t believe it.

She still remembered that when she first heard the name, she looked shocked.

Lu Lingyun was originally in the chamber, half-dreaming and waiting for Li Chunfeng to wake up.

Fortunately, Li Chunfeng only fainted slightly, and soon woke up soon.

The old lady questioned Li Chunfeng again.

This time, Li Chunfeng spoke out very simply.

“The person who can solve the green snake flow is called Wiliam. The green snake flow on the old sister Gu was solved by him. If you have the ability, go to him.” Li Chunfeng said.

Suddenly hearing Wiliam’s name, the old lady could hardly believe her ears.

She couldn’t help asking again: “You said, what is that person’s name!”

“Wiliam, the land of the land, the leaves of the leaves.” Li Chunfeng repeated.

The eyes of the old lady went wide in an instant.



In the world, there really is such a coincidence!

Could this Wiliam be the medicine slave Wiliam of our Beilin Lu Family?

There was a big wave in the heart of the old lady.

She had long felt that the kid named Wiliam was very unusual.

Unexpectedly, he has a mysterious body!

He can get rid of green snakes!

He can solve the green snake flow that I can’t solve!

This huge shock hit Lu Lingyun’s body instantly.

It’s because she has lived for most of her life, and she can’t recover for a while.

At this moment, not far from the door, suddenly remembered the shaking count!

Lu Lingyun’s complexion changed drastically at the moment, he yelled badly, and rushed out!

That Wiliam is being executed by Lu Xiaolu!

If Li Chunfeng was telling the truth, that Wiliam would definitely not die!

Lu Lingyun didn’t care about verifying the authenticity of Li Chunfeng’s words, so he would save people first.

Therefore, she appeared on the martial arts stage at the very moment of her death, and saved Wiliam.

When Lu Lingyun spit out the word Wiliam from his mouth, Lu Xiaolu’s reaction was very much like Lu Lingyun before.

Her mouth widened and it was difficult to channel her: “Grandma, you mean, the one who can solve the green snake is the kid in front of you!”

Lu Lingyun nodded helplessly, “Is it true or not, I still don’t have to verify it. But this name is indeed from Li Chunfeng’s mouth.”

“Impossible! How is it possible! This kid is just a fame and slander, how could he be able to get rid of the green snake that even grandma can’t know how to do! If you say this, isn’t his medical skills better than you! This is not at all Maybe!” Lu Xiaolu cried out in silence.

And this remark immediately caused an uproar in the court.

In Li Banshan’s eyes, there was a flash of light!

He stared at Wiliam tightly, almost laughing on the spot!

What a kid!

It turns out that you have no fear, here!

The gentleman has a weapon, wait for it to move!

Li Banshan had seen Wiliam’s medical skills last night.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam’s medical skills had already reached the pinnacle, even surpassing Lu Lingyun!

Be a real hero!

And Lu Lingyun didn’t even bother to compare medical skills with a kid, she just thought in her heart, it must be that this kid has something to do with the sidelines.

However, she was still more cautious and said, “Li Chunfeng didn’t even know that Wiliam was in our house, let alone that he was being executed. So she said Wiliam’s name not to save Wiliam, but it’s a bit of a shame. letter.”

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Lu Xiaolu covered his ears, extremely hard to accept such a fact.

A cold light flashed in Lu Lingyun’s eyes, and he said gloomily: “You have to know if his medical skills are good or not, once you get it, you won’t know…”


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