Dragon Husband Chapter 759

Chapter 759

“How to test? Okay, hurry up! If he dares to lie to me again, I must personally unscrew his head!” Lu Xiaolu said angrily.

Lu Lingyun pondered for a moment, and said, “If he was allowed to perform medical skills on the spot now, he would definitely not be so easy to perform. By the way, when he had an interview last time, I heard that he wrote a formula for the second level? “

Lu Xiaolu was taken aback and said, “Yeah, I don’t have a bottle of red face ointment, do you remember grandma? You saw the ointment at the time, didn’t you say that the ointment was a bit interesting. Then this kid didn’t know where he saw our elder The proportions written were memorized on the stage, and we were almost fooled by him. But in the end, he was clever and added a few more medicines, which revealed our feet.”

Lu Lingyun’s eyes dazzled, and he immediately said, “Show me the formula he wrote, and bring your bottle of ointment by the way.”

Although Lu Xiaolu was reluctant, he immediately let his hands go.

She glared at Wiliam and said bitterly, “Hmph, let your dog live for a few more minutes.”

After a while, the servants immediately brought the first battle paper and the bottle of red eye ointment.

Lu Lingyun first looked at the formula, then applied some ointment with his hand, and put it in front of his nose to smell it.

Smell it over and over again, and compare it to the formula Wiliam wrote.

Outsiders don’t know what she is doing.

She actually had a triple check in her mind.

Check the formula written by Wiliam to see what kind of effect it will have.

Then I personally tried the hongyan ointment and pondered its ingredient formula.

Finally, match this formula with the ointment again.

This process lasted for ten minutes.

Within these ten minutes, everyone was so frightened that they did not dare to gasp, for fear that it would disturb the old lady’s thoughts and cause the disaster.

Ten minutes later, the old lady opened his eyes again, looking at Wiliam in a little amazement, unable to say a word.

Lu Xiaolu hurriedly asked: “Grandma, how! Did he write silly!”

Lu Lingyun had already decided whether it was scribbled.

She just didn’t believe it, this kid could write right.

This requires much medical knowledge!

This kid, who is it!

There is no other boy in the world!

“Grandma, you are talking.” Lu Xiaolu shook the old lady’s arm.

Lu Lingyun said slowly: “What he wrote is the correct formula of hongyan ointment, it’s not bad!”

As soon as these words came out, Lu Xiaolu screamed, “It’s impossible! He obviously has no abilities, he just brags, and said that this red face ointment was made by him at the beginning. Isn’t this a joke?” Grandma, you were deceived by him.”

“What! You said that the ointment was made by him! He is the master who made the ointment!” Lu Lingyun was shocked at first, when he heard the information of Lu Xiaolu, his eyes widened again.

If Wiliam could smell the ointment and know the formula, that would be a talent.

But if Wiliam was able to formulate such a magical formula from the beginning, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a genius.

After all, it is possible to ask Yaozhifang with considerable experience.

But creating a prescription requires extremely high creativity and spirituality.

Just like ordinary people see a composition, they can feel that the composition is well written. This is a level.

But being able to write a good composition is another level.

“Yes, he brags, do you believe it too?” Lu Xiaolu curled his lips in disdain.

Everyone didn’t believe it, but this time, Lu Lingyun believed it.

All signs indicate that this kid is definitely not a scale in the pool!

He has great power!

“Say, how did you treat Green Snake Liuqi!” Lu Lingyun’s eyes were grim, and he shouted directly at Wiliam.

But Wiliam’s mouth twitched, not afraid of Lu Lingyun’s threat, “Do you think I can say it?”

“Aren’t you afraid, am I going to kill you now?” Lu Lingyun was intent on killing, and few people dared to threaten her.

“You want to kill me, why save me just now.” Wiliam asked back.

Lu Lingyun and Wiliam face each other.

Wiliam’s eyes instantly chilled.

Colder than ice!

Even Lu Lingyun could see the endless indifference and cruelty in Wiliam’s eyes.

“What do you want to do! You arranged this round!” Lu Lingyun asked gloomily.

“Oh? You just talk about it.” Wiliam said coldly.

“The Green Snake, you should have planted them on a few of them, so it’s no surprise that you can save them. This also explains why He Yuewen and the others had to kneel and beg you before, and even now you have no fear. I’m not afraid of beheading, it’s really funny. You said so grandiosely that you can get rid of the green snake, but we unexpectedly have no one to believe in you. Things went round and round, and in the end, it came back to you.” Lu Lingyun With that said, there was a kind of helplessness.

Obviously this kid had said that he could solve the green snake flow, but no one believed it.

But at that time, who can believe the nonsense of a brat!

I want everyone to believe that a hairy boy has better medical skills than Lu Lingyun. Isn’t this a bullshit?

The reality is to give these people a slap in the face!

After hearing this explanation, Wiliam suddenly laughed inexplicably, “I arranged the round, but I want to say, I am just a round in the round, the first round, but you first It’s under the cloth.”

When Lu Lingyun heard what Wiliam said, he suddenly felt a tingling scalp.

She looked at Wiliam’s eyes, and there was a chill in her eyes.

As if everything in my heart was completely penetrated by this kid!



He is not a god, how can he know what he thinks!

Lu Lingyun quickly got rid of these unrealistic ideas, and smiled sensibly: “Good boy, I was almost taken away by you, and I’m serious. Let’s go back to the matter itself. Tell me, how can you solve my house? The green snake on Lulu’s body stalks.”

Lu Xiaolu buzzed his head and suddenly felt dizzy.

Now, she faintly believed that what grandma said was true.

In other words, Wiliam can really solve the green snake flow.

And if you think so, then what he said before.

“Your life is in my hand.”

It turns out that’s what it means!

Lu Xiaolu felt like an ice cellar for a while.

She was going to kill this ignorant boy, but she thought that not only could not kill now, but instead fell into the hands of this boy!

This feeling of being arrogant is really disgusting.

“You, you quickly get rid of the green snake flow on my body, otherwise I’m not polite to you.” Lu Xiaolu was upset and couldn’t help shouting.

But Wiliam’s eyes were completely cold!

A few words, such as the judge’s pen, hook life and death!

“Didn’t I let you remember what I said, your life, I absolutely absolutely…”

“Not saved!”


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