Dragon Husband Chapter 760

Chapter 760

Lu Xiaolu’s head bounced and his entire face was extremely pale!

In her mind, a scene from a few days ago could not help but resurfaced.

At that time, Wiliam uttered wild words in the discussion hall of the Lu family in Beilin.

Said he can solve the green snake flow.

However, no one can believe it.

What he said in exchange was full of ridicule.

And Lu Xiaolu even mocked Wiliam’s wife, Feliicity, who was dumb.

At that time, Wiliam was like a demon!

Said that sentence.

“I can’t save your life!”

It was nonsense at the time, but now it sounds cruel!

Lu Xiaolu’s heart suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness.

It turned out that he had already decided his life and death at that time.

And he was completely ignorant, and continued to ridicule this guy.

Now, it’s even more deadly.

In Lu Xiaolu’s heart, there was another incomparable regret.

In fact, she has many opportunities in exchange for Wiliam’s favor.

There are even a lot of opportunities to know that Wiliam’s medical skills are extraordinary!

When meeting Wiliam for the first time, although Wiliam’s words were harsh, he had already demonstrated his medical skills in a real way.

And even at that moment, the businessman who broke in suddenly knelt down to Wiliam, begging Wiliam to release the green snake flow from him.

If at that time, I could be a little more sober and not be overwhelmed by hatred, why would it be hard to get covered with water behind!

And it was when Wiliam participated in the recruitment of the servants of the Beilin Lu family, he had originally relieved him.

If you can take advantage of this opportunity to establish a good relationship with Wiliam, how afraid of the green snake on your body!

Every time I have a good relationship with Wiliam.

It has been shown time and time again that Wiliam is the one who can solve the green snake flow.

I turned a blind eye!

Lu Xiaolu was so upset that he just wanted to slap himself a few times!

It’s too late!

I have humiliated this kid again and again, and now I have to cut off his head on the spot.

He tortured his wife who was like a pearl again and again.

Which one is not a big hatred of life and death!

Now, is there any way to make Wiliam change his mind and save his life.

Lu Xiaolu fell into a daze.

However, Lu Xiaolu’s eyes suddenly became extremely fierce after the dullness.

Regret the wool!

I’m the little princess of the dignified Beilin Lu family!

How can you be threatened by a lowly servant in full view!

a shame!

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaolu suddenly grabbed another long knife on the martial arts stage, put it directly on Wiliam’s neck, and shouted bitterly: “Quick! Get rid of the green snake flow! Otherwise, I will kill you now. Don’t think I dare not start!”

In this scene, everyone at the scene raised their throats.

And Wiliam, with a knife on his neck like this, his expression didn’t change.

He smiled coldly, “Kill me? After killing me, what will you do? One hundred percent dead? So, when is my life so valuable in your eyes? Can it be compared with your princess’ life?”

Lu Xiaolu’s hand trembled in an instant.

She was really spit out blood by Wiliam!

Wiliam’s words deeply touched her most subconscious thoughts.

She took the knife to frighten this kid, to make him interesting.

Unexpectedly, he was even more arrogant under the blade, and how sober what he said, hitting people’s hearts directly.

In Lu Xiaolu’s heart, what is Wiliam’s fortune-telling!

The worm, how can it be compared with her golden princess life!

If it’s normal, you will kill if you kill it, and you won’t be able to make any waves.

But at this time, he has the support!


It’s so special that he was right just now.

It is not his life that is held in his own hands, but his life is held in his hands!

Now, if you want to kill, you can’t kill, but you can’t let it go!

Too frustrated.

At this time, Lu Xiaolu’s head suddenly stirred, and he asked repeatedly: “Yes! Didn’t you come to our Beilin Lu family to ask for medicine to treat your wife? What medicine do you require, as long as you can tell, I am from Beilin Lu family. Absolutely to you, as long as you help me heal the green snake on my body.”

She thought about it.

She thought with all her heart that Wiliam deliberately did so many things, and even took personal risks, not just to ask his wife for medicine.

In this case, he would definitely agree.

However, Wiliam smiled and said nothing.

He laughed so Lu Xiaolu was numb.

She glared at Wiliam angrily, “What are you laughing at! Am I wrong?”

Wiliam finally spoke, but he meant something, “What I want, you can’t afford it.”

Lu Xiaolu was taken aback, and said directly: “Could it be that you just watched you dumb…your wife is ill? You still say you love your wife?”

Wiliam couldn’t bother to talk to this idiot.

The scene is so deadlocked here.

But since the old lady knew that Wiliam’s medical skills were extraordinary, he didn’t talk any more.

Instead, he kept staring at Wiliam, as if trying to see this kid through.

Until the scene, an accident happened suddenly.

I don’t know if he was forced to desperate by Wiliam or what.

Lu Xiaolu, who had been soaring with hatred, suddenly cried out.

Then his legs softened, he knelt directly in front of Wiliam and shouted miserably: “Wiliam, I was sorry for you before. I shouldn’t look down on you and shouldn’t offend your wife. But I really am Unintentional. I don’t want to die, I’m still young, will you save me?”

This scene made everyone on the scene exclaimed.

They never saw such a weird picture.

The master kneels to the slave, it’s hard to stand!

The little princess, who had always been aloof, actually knelt down to a servant. This was an unprecedented picture.

The old lady’s face became ugly right now, and he shouted sharply: “Lulu, what are you doing! Why don’t you get me up!”

But Lu Xiaolu knelt down as if he was determined, and shouted: “I don’t! I won’t! All of you are rubbish. If you don’t have the ability to save me, it’s okay if you have the ability to save me. When will you still lie to me! Only Wiliam saves me. If I don’t kneel, who do I kneel!”

These words made the Lu Family’s complexion look bad.

This is so awkward.

Lu Xiaolu had already cried so much that his face was lost because of everyone’s surprise.

Suddenly she stretched out her hand, bowed left and right, and slapped herself severely.

“Papa!” With a loud voice, he tried his best.

It seems that only this way can she vent the sorrow and regret in her heart.

“Wiliam, I beg you, I know, you must help Lingling and Fengfeng and they are healed! Otherwise, according to their personality, they will definitely come to me again. If you can help them, why can’t you help? Me! How close is our relationship? We have known each other in Jianghuai.” Lu Xiaolu began to build a relationship.

And Wiliam showed a trace of joking on his face, “If my heart is not correct, I will die. Continue acting.”


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