Dragon Husband Chapter 761

Chapter 761

Will Wiliam easily let Lu Xiaolu go?

Absolutely impossible!

He was never a soft-hearted person, much less a pity and jade.

This Lu Xiaolu not only attacked Wiliam over and over again, but even an innocent person like Feliicity did not let go.

He almost made Feliicity suffer.

In Wiliam’s heart, Lu Xiaolu had already been sentenced to death.

Even if she played a bitter trick again, it would be a ridiculous trick to Wiliam.

And Lu Xiaolu, who was exposed by Wiliam’s acting skills, sat on the ground in a daze.

She stared at Wiliam in a daze, her eyes gradually condensing waves.

Ho ho ho.


Wiliam, you are so good.

I abandoned all dignity, risking the shame of being ridiculed by the entire Beilin Lu family, kneeled to you and pleaded with you.

In exchange, you hate the taunt!

Why is my Lu Xiaolu!

Why should I, Lu Xiaolu!

No matter how high or low your life is, right!



Thinking of this, Lu Xiaolu suddenly stood up from the ground this time and grabbed the big knife that was left aside again.

Cut off towards Wiliam’s head without hesitation!

While cutting, she smiled.

He laughed so terribly, and looked terrifying!

“Die! Let me die! The old lady will not live anymore! It’s better to suffer your sins here!”

The people at the scene were even more frightened.

The state of this Lu Xiaolu today is astonishing.

It’s just a reduced version of the old lady.

Too moody!

He ridiculed and killed Wiliam, then knelt down to plead with tears and nose.

Now he turned his face again.

It’s absolutely amazing.

Some people closed their eyes unbearably.

Although Wiliam had just said his words and had a strong aura, don’t forget that he was still tied up.

There is no way to parry.

Not to mention that Lu Xiaolu suddenly got into trouble.

This knife is really cut, doesn’t it make people’s heads fly?

More importantly, no one can save Wiliam anymore!

Just kidding, even the old lady was watching the show.

Who can save this kid under the hands of the old lady.

Even Li Banshan, who was watching the show, couldn’t help but shout out.

“Be careful!”

But when it’s too late, it’s fast!

This time, no one saved Wiliam.

so what!

Wiliam’s body suddenly broke apart between the lightning and flint!

He directly stretched out a punch and swiped it towards Lu Xiaolu’s wrist.

Lu Xiaolu was completely unprepared for Wiliam’s direct counterattack. On the one hand, that martial arts was really not enough.

Her wrist hurt, and the knife in her hand flew directly and stuck straight to the ground.

The people at the scene were directly frightened by this scene.

What happened just now!

This kid, why would the rope suddenly break!

Even the old lady stared at Wiliam with wide eyes.

She didn’t care at all just now, so she didn’t pay attention to what Wiliam did.

When she reacted, the rope on Wiliam had already broken.

She looked at Wiliam more energetically and couldn’t help laughing.

Interesting, so interesting.

Don’t be careless about this kid.

Otherwise, it is too easy to miss the excitement.

Lu Xiaolu clutched his wrists, looked at Wiliam in amazement, and cried out: “You, how did you do it! You obviously…”

The words came to an abrupt end here.

In Lu Xiaolu’s head, what happened before could not help.

This kid, too, was tied up by the big five flowers and also broke the rope.

Even last time, it was the young prisoner cable that broke!

Not to mention this ordinary rope today.

Last time, everyone thought that Wiliam was cheating, and even found out a reason. The young prisoner was in disrepair and broke.

But this time, no one gave Wiliam a reason, no one thought of an excuse for him!


Just break!

In front of countless people, the ropes fly!

Broken into countless pieces!

Is this in disrepair?

Is this cheating on the spot?

Deceive yourself and others.

Lu Xiaolu suddenly trembled slightly when thinking of the previous scene.

She had always thought that Wiliam was a bad guy who was nothing but opportunistic.

In the previous two stages of recruitment interviews, the first stage was cheating, and the second stage was blindness and favor.

But from just now, in the second drug test, Wiliam was more emotional than grandma!

And now, Wiliam slapped Lu Xiaolu in the face again with iron facts.

That first level, he won so majestic!

As the stereotypes of the past are now being shattered one by one, Lu Xiaolu is shocked to find that he can hardly handle himself!

If he had known that he was not good for nothing, but reached the pinnacle, would it be the situation today?

“Ho ho, want to kill me, step back ten thousand steps and say, even if I can’t get rid of the green snake, can you kill me?” Wiliam moved his hands and feet and said lightly.

Lu Xiaolu was completely silent.

Kill him, but how to kill him?

She looked at Wiliam, her heart gradually weakened.

It seemed that the guy in front of him had a thousand ways to escape to heaven.

It is not that she is a weak woman who can be suppressed by her identity or by force.

But at this time, the old lady, who had been silent, suddenly burst out laughing.

She has been observing for too long, as long as the midsummer golden year, and it passed.

“Good boy, arrogant enough, I want to kill you, my Lulu is naturally not enough. But, don’t forget, where did you say this, and who did you say this to. I will I ask you, if I add one more, will it be enough to kill you!” the old lady asked lightly.

The face of the people at the scene changed!

The old lady, you have to do it yourself!

The skill of the old prince, Beilin Lu family from top to bottom, no one knows who does not know!

Does the old lady want to kill anyone who can escape these years?

There is no one at all.

If you are targeted by the old lady, you can only hope that the old lady will die soon.

To leave the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys intact is the greatest kindness of the old lady.

Although this Wiliam seemed to be arrogant and domineering, he was still far from enough in front of the old lady.

It seems that Wiliam was captured by the old lady himself before.

But at this moment, Wiliam responded with a smile, “Don’t say adding you, plus your entire Beilin Lu family, it’s not enough!”

In a word, shake the Quartet!

Everyone’s mouths are wide open, it is hard to imagine what kind of confidence it is to make this kid say such a rebellious thing!

Putting aside the old lady, this Dinghai Shenzhen will not be said.

This is Beilin Lu’s family!

Masters are like clouds, wizards come out in large numbers!

In the entire Beilin City, they are among the best in martial arts.

A mere kid, even ranting, directly provoked the entire Beilin Lu family!

Beilin Lu’s family is hard to see, what in the world can see him!

“Really? Beilin Lu Family, just don’t use it for now, then I want to see, what do you want to escape from the palm of my hand.” The old lady said, taking a step forward with a frenzied momentum!


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