Dragon Husband Chapter 762

Chapter 762

Everyone knows that the old lady is going to be real.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly seemed to freeze.

And Wiliam didn’t even retreat, but looked at the old lady jokingly.

The momentum of the old lady is still rising. She walked slowly and slowly asked, “So, I am curious, where did your confidence against me come from?”

At this time, Wiliam looked in a different direction, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

There is only one person in that direction.

No, it should be said that there are dozens of people in that direction.

There is only one person, standing out from the crowd!

The old lady also looked in the direction Wiliam was looking at, her eyes stunned slightly.

In that direction, the person who stood out from the crowd came out slowly, as if he was being carried by a knife around his neck.

Li Banshan!

Li Banshan is still wearing a killing chain.

His smile was reluctant and helpless.

As he walked, he said, “I can understand it. It turns out that your confidence is mine!”

When everyone saw that Li Banshan came out, they were all shocked.

Li Banshan is a legend in the Lu Family of Beilin.

To be precise, it is a legendary drug slave.

It’s still dead till now.

Moreover, it is said that every night, Li Banshan will have a fight with the old lady.

He stayed in the hands of the old lady for more than eighty days without incident, and he was really serious.

However, what everyone didn’t understand was why Li Banshan would stand up to defend Wiliam.

Everyone could tell that the old lady was murderous and hated Wiliam.

Li Banshan confronted the old lady head-on, which was incredible.

The old lady also watched Li Banshan come out, stopped, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Li Banshan, why do you come out to protect this kid? Give me a reason?”

Li Banshan smiled desolately, not even believing him.

I didn’t believe that when Wiliam looked at him, he couldn’t help but stand up no matter how hard his scalp was.

“This, the old witch, you can’t control it. I can only say that if this kid wants me to help, then I must do it, regardless of whether I am alive or dead.” Li Banshan said with a smile.

In the blink of an eye, Li Banshan was already standing in front of Wiliam.

He stared at Wiliam deeply, with a sense of suffocation in his heart.

But he also had a new understanding of Wiliam.

Since Wiliam performed magical medicine last night and relieved him of the shackles of the killing chains, Li Banshan felt that this kid had an unusual secret.

In other words, extraordinary strength.

Why stand up and defend this kid, even at the expense of offending the old lady?

Because this kid knew that he would definitely come out.

There is a secret in him that he wants to know.

Emerald pearl fragrance.

This kid, it’s no wonder why I asked him before and refused to tell the secret.

It turned out that it had been planned and used.

Forget it, in such an occasion, treat yourself as a talisman for him.

Seriously think carefully, take one step, count as a hundred steps!

This kid simply used the things he could use to the extreme.
Although he didn’t say it directly, the look in his eyes explained everything.

As long as he solves this circumstance for him today, then he will tell the secret of the fragrance of the jade pearl.

This is a deal that can’t be negotiated.

Thinking of this, Li Banshan was angry, and slapped Wiliam on the shoulder severely, “You kid, it’s really scary, you even played with the two masters in the palm of your hand. You are playing with fire, do you know?”

Lu Yezhen paid attention to Li Banshan, but looked at the old lady head-on, and said lightly: “So, you have seen the current situation. You know Li Banshan’s skill better than anyone. Li Banshan can be epileptic. You are mad and hold hundreds of moves in your hands, what about you in a normal state?”

This rhetorical question made the old lady laugh.

The same laughed helplessly.

A feeling that is powerful but unable to fight.

This kid simply grabbed his own weakness.

How did he see it?

Is his strength under madness several times stronger than under normal conditions?

He was really right, even now Li Banshan is still not his opponent under normal conditions.

However, to distinguish the victory or defeat, I am afraid that after hundreds of moves, right?

With these hundreds of tricks, this kid didn’t know where to escape.

Where can he be killed?

It’s really staggering.

Every step this kid takes is targeted and will not come from nowhere.

“You kid, good! Now, you are qualified to negotiate with me, let’s talk, what do you want?” The old lady smiled.

These words made everyone around him dumbfounded.

Qualified, negotiate with the old lady!

What a treat this is!

Looking at the entire Beilin City, who can enter the eyes of the old lady?

Even the patriarchs of other wealthy families, in the eyes of the old lady, they are still nothing but rats and ants.

She didn’t even think about it.

Now, to Wiliam, to the lowest-ranking subordinate of the Beilin Lu family, tell you that you are qualified to negotiate.

For Wiliam, it was a great honor!

And Wiliam didn’t even take this as an honor.

Even, he disdains.

What was Beilin Lu’s family in Wiliam’s eyes?

Wiliam Xiemei smiled and asked, “What do I want? Don’t you know?”

The old lady was taken aback, “How do I know what do you want?”

“No, you should know.” Wiliam said again.

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded.

What dumb riddle are these two people playing?

I couldn’t understand a word.

Seeing Wiliam’s joking expression, the old lady suddenly thought about it, her expression changed slightly, “So, you really came for that thing! When did you know it!”

The old prince was actually confused just now with cleverness, deliberately wondering what Wiliam meant.

Seeing Wiliam’s rhetoric, she couldn’t hold on.

It’s just that she really didn’t understand, did this kid know the heart of Yanhuang after he entered Beilin Lu’s family, or did he know it before he came?

“When did I know, you don’t have to know, I just want to ask you, are you willing?” Wiliam asked again.

The old lady hesitated immediately.

And Lu Xiaolu on the side immediately grabbed grandma’s hand and said sharply, “Grandma, he finally let go. You promise him, you can give him whatever he wants, and what else is better than your granddaughter Life is more important?”

When Wiliam heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched.

Stupid woman.

The old lady’s face became even more ugly when Lu Xiaolu said this.

Lu Xiaolu gathered all the expressions of the old lady into his eyes, a trace of haze flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

Finally, the old lady finally looked at Wiliam, sighed and said: “I can’t get what you want. It’s still two kinds of medicine.”


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