Dragon Husband Chapter 763

Chapter 763

“Isn’t it? It seems, it’s just a medicine, right?” Wiliam retorted the old lady’s words on the spot.

The old lady’s eyes flashed with surprise, looked at Wiliam, and asked sharply, “What do you mean by this!”

Wiliam looked at her, but smiled without saying a word.

In the end, there was a trace of shame on the old lady’s face. She found that this young man was much more terrifying than she had imagined!

Indeed, when the old lady saw Wiliam for the first time before, she was already wary of Wiliam.

There has never been a medicine slave who can understate the blood pool facing the underground like Wiliam.

The blood is churning in the pool, but the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

This kid didn’t even frown.

From that moment on, the old lady faintly felt that something was wrong with this kid.

At least, not an ordinary drug slave.

So the old lady was very interested in the reason why Wiliam came to the Lu family in Beilin.

When Wiliam was about to leave the cave of the old lady, the old lady pretended to be muttering to himself, saying that he was still missing a half-moon lily.

In fact, it was deliberately told to Wiliam.

This is also a kind of temptation.

The old lady thought that she had done enough concealment.

Unexpectedly, this kid said these words now, indicating that he has understood the thoughts of the old lady at that time.

“It turns out that you heard it a long time ago.” There was a vicious look in the eyes of the old lady.

This kid, the smarter he behaves, the more the old lady wants to kill him on the spot.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “No, you were wrong. At that time, I really didn’t hear it. I really thought it was you who missed it. Only just now I had time to think about these issues carefully. Analysis, in fact, is full of loopholes, and it is not difficult to guess it.”

The old lady sighed. She doesn’t know now, whether the temptation was right or wrong.

The old lady couldn’t be sure of how things had evolved into an unknown destination.

Wiliam suddenly said in a cold voice, “So, the half-moon lily you want is now in my hands. Are you surprised, or are you feeling as you wish?”

The old lady stared, and shouted out: “What! Half-moon lily, it’s in your hands! Impossible! How is it possible! How could the old man of the He family easily put half-moon lily…”

At this point, the old lady stopped abruptly.

She gave a wry smile and shook her head a little helplessly.

She finally knew that things were completely beyond her control!

It must be this kid who took advantage of the green snake flow to check and balance He Yuewen, so in order to save He Yuewen, the He family would cut the flesh and usually give out half-moon lilies to this kid.

Originally, the old lady deliberately revealed Half Moon Lily to Wiliam, just to see what this kid would do.

If he knew nothing and didn’t move, the old lady would be able to conclude that this kid was not directed at Yan Huang’s heart.

And if this kid deliberately got half-moon lily, the old lady could also have a hundred ways to get it from this kid.

What a dream, things will become like this!

After this kid got the half-moon lily, he didn’t even give any room for buffer.

Showdown directly to Beilin Lu’s family!
Turning the old lady’s conspiracy into one’s own hands, it became this kid’s conspiracy!

He just wanted to be grandiose, holding the half-moon lily to threaten the old lady!

At this moment, the old lady has the feeling of shooting himself in the foot. She is one head and two big ones.

Never seen such a decisive and decisive kid.

No chance at all.

“Well, you are half-moon lily, right? It’s a pity, now half-moon lily is in my hand. Having said so much, let me summarize it for you?” Wiliam smiled and stretched out his first finger.

“One, I hold Lu Xiaolu’s life! I have the final say on her life and death!”

He stretched out another finger, “Second, the half-moon lily that you deliberately wanted to get is in my hand.”

The third finger!

“Finally, beside me, there is Li Banshan’s help. Even if you are now angry and want to kill me, how do you kill me?”

These three fingers were so horizontally in front of the old lady.

Rao is an old lady in his seventies, and he feels dizzy when he hears Wiliam’s arrogant words!

For the first time in the past few years, she showed an expression of helplessness through gritted teeth.

She understood that today’s game was completely dominated by this kid.

He is the winner of this game!

Whether it is from containing himself or knowing his granddaughter, to the end, the possibility of breaking the net is all taken into account by him.

No dead ends in all directions.

He has a hundred and a thousand reasons, and he can’t die.

Lu Family, there is no way to deal with him!

Wiliam saw the grimace of the old lady, a light flashed in his eyes.

In fact, Wiliam couldn’t be as godly as the old lady thought.

He is now taking advantage of it.

With Li Banshan’s prestige, let yourself be immortal.

Then one by one defeated the old lady’s heart defense.

Pretend to be a tiger and eat a pig.

Like the half-moon lily, Wiliam didn’t know that the old lady had told him on purpose.

So Wiliam also planned to let He Yuewen find an opportunity to give the half-moon lily to Lu Xiaolu.

Then through Lu Xiaolu’s hand, it passed to the old lady, and indirectly helped the old lady collect medicinal materials.

But after some thoughts before, he wanted to understand the mystery of Xie Zhong, and immediately decided to change his mind.

Holding the half-moon lily tightly in his hand, it once again became his death-free gold medal.

It seems that things worked.

The old lady shouldn’t kill anyone.

At any rate, the old lady lived more than seventy years old, and after a brief consternation and helplessness, he showed a hint of relief and a cheerful smile.

She looked at the impressive young man in front of her, and the more she looked, the more interesting she became.

In the end, he applauded Wiliam in front of everyone, “Ho ho ho, it’s interesting, boy, the three reasons you mentioned are really enough. I don’t have any reason to kill you. But. , I still want to say, you should say more than these three points? In fact, there is another point, which is the most important point. You are deliberately concealing this point. Why?”

As the old lady said, he actually extended a fourth finger for Wiliam!

Then, there was a gloomy laugh.

“Four! It’s your own strength! Before you played against me, you didn’t use your ability from the beginning to the end, and even deliberately showed weakness, right? It is also based on this point that you have been cutting today from the beginning. The head penalty is dismissive! Because there is no one at the scene who can kill you! Including me! Li Banshan, it’s just a puppet that you put out to cover people! So, this is the most important point you want to hide , Isn’t it!” The old lady’s voice was getting higher and higher, and in the end he was shocked!

She pointed directly at Wiliam, like a stream of light in her eyes!

“What kind of realm you are! If my guess is wrong! You are also a strong transforming realm!”

The old lady was shocked by a word!


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