Dragon Husband Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Grandpa’s Name

Everyone in the field looked at Wiliam in disbelief and took a step back!

They couldn’t believe what the old lady said, it was too shocking!

How old is Wiliam?

Has reached the state of transformation!

This is simply a peerless genius.

You should know that the powerful person in the world shouldn’t exist in this world.

Even if it exists, it is absolutely rare.

Like the old lady, he is definitely an alien.

She didn’t belong to this world, but was imprisoned in Beilin Lu’s family by relegation.

Now, another one appears, still so young!

It’s too incredible.

If ordinary people say this, everyone just laughs.

But this was said by the old lady who is also a powerful person in the transformation world, she said it, there should be no mistake.

Even Lu Xiaolu looked at Wiliam with a dull expression. He didn’t dare to imagine that the man who was originally useless had become as tall as his grandmother, and even surpassed her grandmother in the medical profession!

too frightening.

When Wiliam heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, revealing a slight smile.

He didn’t have an explanation, but with this meaningful smile, he gave everyone a huge room for imagination.

Looking at Wiliam, the old lady laughed again.

She thought that she was right.

And Wiliam was smiling on the surface, but in his heart he gave birth to a heroic control of the audience.

Yes, it was too early to say that Wiliam controls the audience.

However, since the old lady said these words, Wiliam has really taken control of the audience.

Put yourself in an extremely high position.

The old lady was self-righteous, but didn’t know that from this moment on, he was completely defeated by Wiliam.

Where is Wiliam a master of transformation?

How long has he entered the realm of inner strength?

From the beginning with confidence and disdain, to moving out of Li Banshan, Wiliam was to build momentum.

Why else?

He moved out of Li Banshan, half of it was to let Li Banshan protect him from death, but more importantly, he introduced the gimmick of Li Banshan.

In the heart of the old lady, such a subconscious was planted.

Even Li Banshan could control the land, making him willing to charge for Wiliam. Wiliam’s realm should be better than Li Banshan.

Therefore, the old lady was completely defeated and looked at Wiliam’s strength extremely high.

And the reason why Wiliam wanted the old lady to turn all her attention to his own realm was for another matter.

That is the secret hand that made the old lady think that he was paying attention to the realm, while ignoring the more important Wiliam!


That was the fifth reason why Wiliam didn’t die!

The strongest combat power you really want to hide!

Wiliam is the king behind the Blue Moon Emperor City, and even the lord of unicorns in the world!

Wiliam had exposed before the old lady that he was behind the scenes of the Blue Moon Imperial City.

But at that time, everyone, together with Lu Yeneng’s arrogant words about controlling the green snake flow, all smiled improperly.

But now it’s different. It is an indisputable fact that Wiliam can control the green snake flow.

Wiliam was afraid that the old lady would recall those two words he had said before, so that his hidden power would be discovered by the old lady.

Therefore, he climbed high to build momentum and completely attracted the attention of the old lady.

“Good boy, you have hidden deep enough. Let’s talk, how do you want to end up now?” The old lady really gave the initiative of the scene to Wiliam’s hands.

She wasn’t afraid of Wiliam, even if Wiliam was a transformative powerhouse, so what?

Wiliam looked at the old lady, and slowly said, “One condition, give me the two women you tied up, and promise not to hurt them. I will give you Half Moon Lily.”

When the old lady heard this, his eyes stunned.

Handing the two women to Wiliam was originally a trivial matter.

But now the old lady knows that the woman named Li Chunfeng is the last medicine of Yanhuang Zhixin.

This made her hesitate immediately.

But she immediately pretended to be ignorant and said, “Okay, I can promise you. But you also have to promise me that you will stay in our Lu family for three days and you will not be able to leave until the birthday party of my Lulu family is over. At the same time. In our Lu family, I guarantee your peace and safety, and no one will hurt you again.”

The old lady found that Wiliam didn’t seem to know the importance of Li Chunfeng.

So she clearly wanted Wiliam to stay in Wiliam, but in fact she wanted to keep Li Chunfeng.

As long as Li Chunfeng is in the Lu family, everything will be easy.

Wiliam glanced at the old lady deeply, and nodded, “Deal.”

The old lady only breathed a sigh of relief secretly.

Her head hurts a little.

She found that it was too nerve-wracking to negotiate terms with this guy, it was not as good as a real shot.

“Okay, let’s do it today, did you hear what I said just now? In these three days, you are not allowed to provoke this kid, or even the people around this kid, do you know?” The old lady was right Said to the people around.

Those people nodded quickly, even if the old lady didn’t say anything, they would dare to provoke Wiliam now?

That’s a transforming realm powerhouse, looking for death!

Wang Yiran in the corner suddenly felt a trembling, and felt that he was simply playing in front of the ghost gate.

It’s ridiculous, the transforming realm powerhouse, he still uttered wild words in front of him in the morning and said that the two of them would hurt each other if they were weak.

He suddenly made up his mind to never provoke this demon to kill the gods again.

It’s still important to keep a small life.

The old lady was about to leave, when she was suddenly stopped.

She turned around and found that Lu Xiaolu was holding her.

Lu Xiaolu’s face was a little weird, but he said bitterly: “Grandma, don’t you care about my life or death? Come to find this kid today, wouldn’t he let me immediately dissolve the green snake? “

Lu Xiaolu was extremely unwilling.

In terms of stepping back 10,000 steps, Wiliam has extraordinary medical skills, so what?

In front of grandma, it was not his turn to play wild.

What’s going on now?

Once the negotiation is over, this kid not only doesn’t have to die, but he is still in the wind and water of Beilin Lujiahun, and even her green snake flow is not even mentioned in the end?

Is the life of the little princess of the dignified Beilin Lu family worthless in the eyes of these two people?

And the old lady was taken aback, and said slowly: “This, don’t worry, I will find another way for you, go back first.”

These words completely caused Lu Xiaolu’s anger to endure and exploded.

Lu Xiaolu showed a trace of hideousness on his face, and suddenly shouted at the old lady: “Ho ho, grandma! Do you really care about me! Don’t think I don’t know what you are going to do now! You just want to get it. The half moon lily, did you refine the heart of Yanhuang! Aren’t you just for that Lu Lingfeng!”

He does not mean that.

Wiliam’s face suddenly showed a touch of shock!

Lu Lingfeng!

Grandpa Wiliam’s name!


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