Dragon Husband Chapter 765

Chapter 765

Wiliam locked his gaze deeply on Lu Xiaolu who seemed crazy at the moment!

Why can I hear her grandfather’s name from her mouth!

What’s the secret here!

When the old lady heard the words Lu Lingfeng, his face instantly paled!

She suddenly slapped directly and slapped Lu Xiaolu’s face fiercely!

The sudden change of the electric light and flint made the people at the scene silent.

Lu Xiaolu clutched his flushed face, his eyes showed even stronger resentment.

She stared at her grandmother and suddenly laughed loudly, “Ho ho ho, am I right? You still can’t let him go! But you have to know! That Lu Lingfeng is dead long ago! I am. Your only granddaughter! For the sake of being a dead person, you don’t even care about the death of your own granddaughter! Are you still my grandma!”

“You shut up! I’m not allowed to mention that person! He is your uncle grandfather!” The old lady obviously moved the real fire, and stretched out her hand again, but hung in the air and couldn’t fall.

Uncle grandpa!

These three words hit Wiliam like a thunder!

Wiliam felt the sky spin.

Uncle grandpa, if you say so, your grandpa is Lu Lingyun’s brother!

In other words, the old lady in front of him is actually his aunt!

Wiliam has lived with his grandfather since he was a child, but he has never heard from his grandfather that he has an aunt and grandma alive!

Even in the Lu family in North, I have never heard of Lu Lingyun!

“Grandpa uncle? Hoho, is he worthy! Grandma, don’t forget! Back then, it was this so-called grandpa uncle who personally drove you out of that place! He also imprisoned you here! He treats his own life. My sister is cruel. For so many years, if you don’t resent him, you can speak for him everywhere! Even if he is dead, I can’t beat him in your heart!” Lu Xiaolu seemed to be completely mad. Shouted.

“You don’t understand! You don’t understand anything! I don’t want to talk to you anymore! Get out of here!” The old lady’s face showed a touch of misery uncontrollably.

Lu Xiaolu looked around, looked at the old lady, looked at Wiliam, and suddenly smiled grimly.

“Hahahaha! Okay! All of you, don’t take my life as your life! Okay! My life, I will save it myself! Don’t regret it!”

As Lu Xiaolu said, he stumbled towards a short distance.

Lu Furong wanted to chase, but was drunk by the old lady, “No need to chase, let her calm down!”

Lu Furong stammered and said, “But, I’m afraid of the little princess…”

“Fate is hers, she decides what choice she makes.” The old lady said, took a look at Wiliam, then turned and strode away.

She was rubbing her forehead as she walked.

What happened today was really a headache for her.

“Well, my head hurts, I really want to kill, what should I do if I really want to kill? I’m too hard, ho ho ho.” The old lady muttered to herself like this, staggering a bit.

When the people around heard what the old lady said, they fought a cold war together.

The old and the young are all crazy.

Is this genetic inheritance?

Wiliam stared at the leaving figure of the old lady, and fell into thought again.

Uncle grandpa…

This title lingered in his heart.

He didn’t even think that he would be here to climb relatives with someone who should have been in trouble.

And judging from the look of the old lady just now, his grandfather had a secret relationship with her.

Grandma, why was he driven out of North Lu’s house by his grandfather and imprisoned here?

At this time, his head buzzed, and suddenly he thought of a terrifying guess!

The old lady, know the “Nine Types of Impermanence”!

Wiliam had never figured this out before.

Now, Wiliam suddenly thought, could it be his grandfather to teach the old lady!

But when he thought about it carefully, he smiled wryly.

Grandpa is dead. Did Grandpa not only give the “Impermanent Medical Classics” to himself before he died, but also to the old lady?

It is unlikely.

If the old lady is pregnant with the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, how can she not dissolve the green snake flow?

This in itself is a contradiction.

Rao was Wiliam’s brilliant wisdom, and felt a little headache for a while.

Auntie, it’s really fate.

Judging from the look of the old lady just now, she has feelings for her brother.

Wiliam actually didn’t know how to face the old lady in the future.

The people on the field slowly dispersed.

Lu Furong came over and said, “Hey, the old lady, let me help you bring the two women. Where do you want to settle?”

Wiliam didn’t even think about it, and said, “Take it to your room first.”

Lu Furong was so angry that she stretched out her hand to beat Wiliam, but thinking that this girl was in the same realm as the old lady, she couldn’t make it for a while.

She glared at Wiliam angrily, “You can do it! Come over to me in a while.”

When people were almost gone, Wiliam looked at a person who was silent.

Li Banshan.

Li Banshan has been waiting there without speaking or urging.

A wordless deal he reached with Wiliam, it was time to cash out.

Wiliam walked up to him and said lightly, “Thank you for today’s matter.”

Li Banshan said, “It’s the deal. Now you can tell me, why do you have the fragrance of jade pearls?”

Wiliam asked, “Before I tell you, can you tell me how do you know this thing?”

Li Banshan frowned slightly, “You don’t need to ask more about me.”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth ticked and said, “Then I will guess, Li Banshan, you are from the Li family of Nanban.”

A trace of horror appeared on Li Banshan’s face, “How do you know!”

South forbidden Li Family, that is a family of martial arts that can be as famous as North Lu Family.

It doesn’t exist in this world at all.

Wiliam had been interested in Li Banshan’s identity before, combined with the jade pearl, it was not difficult to guess this.

As for Li Banshan who banned the Li family from the south, they would appear as medicine slaves in the small family of Lu family in Beilin. There must be a reason.

Wiliam didn’t continue to ask, but directly said, “The scent of the jade pearl on my body is because I swallowed the jade pearl.”

“What! Do you dare to devour my emerald pearl! You are looking for death!” Li Banshan’s face changed on the spot.

The jade pearl is the property of the Li family in the south!

It is one of the thirty-six soul dream jewels of Lijia Town in Nanban!

Although it is only the last one, it also represents the dignity of the Li family in Nanban!

Now it was swallowed by a kid!

What a shame!

But Wiliam, with a straight face, asked, “Dare to ask, what is the relationship between you and Li Nanfeng from the Li family in the south?”


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