Dragon Husband Chapter 766-770

Dragon Husband Chapter 766

Chapter 766

“What! Have you seen Li Nanfeng! Where is he! Also, how is his grandma!” Li Banshan’s face flushed with excitement, and he grasped Wiliam’s shoulder tightly.

Because of Wiliam’s problem, Li Banshan ignored the Southern Forbidden Li Family in Wiliam’s mouth.

Seeing that Li Banshan was so excited, Wiliam seemed to understand.

He said lightly: “Li Nanfeng is okay now, so can his grandmother, Mrs. He.”

Li Banshan’s eyes instantly turned red.

If Wiliam can say the three words Li Nanfeng, Li Banshan still feels nothing.

But now Wiliam actually said the four words for Mrs. He!

This really means that Wiliam has met Li Jia’s nurse and grandson.

Because Li Banshan knows the old lady’s temper too well, if she didn’t say it in person, no one would know her surname!

However, he immediately reacted and asked in confusion: “But, shouldn’t, she didn’t hit Otsuki Ryuu, body…”

Speaking of this, he suddenly saw a confident smile on Wiliam’s mouth.

He slapped his head, and his whole body trembled, “I’m confused! I’m confused! Wiliam, you can solve the green snake, why can’t you solve the yimu flow! So, did you save the old lady?”

Wiliam nodded, “I think so.”

At this moment, Li Banshan’s huge body suddenly knelt down fiercely.

A hot-blooded man who relied on his abilities in the first half of his life to keep the world in the eyes of the people, actually kneeled to a fledgling boy.

If this picture was seen by outsiders, it would be extremely shocking.

Li Banshan’s eight-foot man, with tears in his eyes, kowtowed his head deeply, “I don’t know how to thank you. From now on, what do you say, Li Banshan has nothing to say, it is a reward for your help. Yep!”

After speaking, he tightly covered his eyes with one hand.

Tears flowed down his fingers.

He muttered to himself: “Brother, now, you can stare. They are all alive.”

Wiliam pulled up Li Banshan lightly and said, “That was between me and Li Nanfeng. You don’t have to do anything to me, let alone promise me. You said before that between us is just a fairness. That’s it.”

Li Banshan nodded, but looked at Wiliam deeply.

He couldn’t understand this kid more and more.

Li Banshan knew Wiliam’s skill.

He also knew that Wiliam definitely hadn’t reached the realm of transformation.

Now that he made a heavy oath to protect this kid, he unexpectedly refused.

Who is he!

At this time, he thought about the jade pearl again, and his heart was very different from what he had thought before.

Since Mrs. He is in good health, these must be promised or even arranged by Mrs. He.

Is Li Banshan still qualified to say anything?

“Li Banshan, how did you come here?” Wiliam asked casually.

Li Banshan loosened a big burden in his heart, and said lightly: “Originally, my brother and I went out to find Li Nanfeng and Granny He a few years ago, but after passing through this place, I missed the old witch’s tricks and was imprisoned by her. Now. Forget it, these are things from the past, let’s not talk about it. Now my brother can stare, I just think about the next, with the group of walking dead brothers, escape here.”
Wiliam naturally thought of the group of drug slaves who had lost their will to survive in the basement.

He sighed inwardly.


But Wiliam didn’t say anything after all, everyone has their own ambitions.

Li Banshan also has his own persistence and obsession.

Let him go.

After bidding farewell to Li Banshan, Wiliam went directly to Lu Furong’s room.

Lu Furong didn’t even bring Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling here.

Feliicity was alone, lying quietly on the bed.

When Wiliam walked over, Feliicity’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he got up with a grunt, holding Wiliam’s hand tightly and refused to let it go.

Wiliam looked at the white Feliicity like this little bird, and felt even more guilty.

Since Feliicity Shuangmao couldn’t speak, the two came to Beilin Lu’s house.

Wiliam has been running around for the Feliicity, and sometimes does ignore the feeling of the Feliicity.

She should stay with her more. She is not familiar with her life here, so who else can talk.

I’m a little bit careless.

Wiliam checked Feliicity’s body carefully, his brows frowned slightly.

Feliicity’s body is getting worse.

Especially when she was frightened in the morning, she was still pale and cold all over.

The condition is getting worse.

Hurry up.

Is it three days?

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps at the door.

Wiliam walked to the door and saw Lu Furong approaching with Gu Zhiling with an unhappy expression and Li Chunfeng with an expressionless face.

“Where are you going to take us! I tell you, you are not allowed to do anything to us, otherwise someone will avenge us! That person is very powerful!” Gu Zhiling was in a bad mood and left. After going around for so long, my temper suddenly grew at the door.

Lu Furong was also suffocated because she was called by Wiliam to be like a dog, her face sank, and she said coldly, “You love to walk or not!”

At this time, Wiliam opened the door and walked out with a smile, and said to Gu Zhiling, “Sister Gu, that very powerful and very powerful person, isn’t you talking about me?”

Gu Zhiling and Li Chunfeng were taken aback. After seeing that the person who was speaking turned out to be Wiliam, their faces suddenly showed ecstatic expressions.

They abandoned Lu Furong directly, and ran all the way to Wiliam. They were very pleasantly surprised: “Wiliam, is it really you? Why are you here? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

The two of them couldn’t believe that they could see the little bastard who was thinking day and night in this Longtan Tiger Lair.

“Of course it’s me. I won’t come out again. I’m afraid I’m not good enough and I will lose your face.” Wiliam said playfully.

Gu Zhiling’s face turned red immediately, she lowered her head and said proudly: “Don’t be self-righteous, the person I’m talking about is not you, it’s not so stinky.”

Wiliam didn’t refute, but looked at Gu Zhiling with interest.

It’s really strange that this big elder sister would show the look of such a young daughter’s family.

On the contrary, Li Chunfeng took the lead to calm down and asked, “Wiliam, did the Lu family do anything to you? Are you okay? I think those people are very fierce. We just scared us to death.”

Wiliam Lu answered directly, saying, “Let’s go in and talk first, by the way, you can live here tonight, and be a company with Feliicity.”

What did Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling say, Lu Furong exploded first.

She jumped in front of Wiliam with one step, her finger was about to poke Wiliam’s nose.

“You bastard! Did Lu Furong dig your ancestor’s grave or stabbed your woman’s den! Every woman was sent to my house! Do you treat my old lady as your harem!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 767

Lu Furong really felt that her small universe was burning.

She is almost thirty years old and has never seen such a brazen person!

Before Feliicity lived with her, it was fine. She believed that she was soft-hearted and could not see a weak girl like Feliicity being bullied.

But the kid is not grateful, and he blames her for protecting her from the Feliicity.

Just now, I asked her to bring these two women to her room, and it was natural and ruthless.

As if he should listen to him.

It’s better now!

Arrange these two women to live in their own rooms!

Have you agreed with me? Just call the shots without permission!

Is my old mother’s room yours!

Before that, Wiliam was a legendary master of transforming energy, so Lu Furong resisted anger.

Now she was angry and she couldn’t help it anymore.

What about the master of Huajin!

Isn’t that a little bastard to be shameless!

However, Gu Zhiling and Li Chunfeng had originally disliked this stinky woman.

But after Lu Furong scolded these words, the two of them were quite in agreement, and they laughed straight out.

This scene is too familiar.

The two can’t help but think of their previous days in Q City ( Qena City ).

A few good girlfriends, which one is helpless without being so angry with the little bastard.

Lu Furong’s sentence of digging your family’s ancestral grave is simply too vivid.

It was also this sentence that instantly maxed out Lu Furong’s favorability in the hearts of the two.

This kid is really amazing, no matter where he is in Q City ( Qena City ), his irritating ability is not weakened at all.

“Okay, okay, sister, don’t be familiar with this little bastard. His mouth is so stinky, it can’t be changed. Let’s go first and talk about our ugliness.” Li Chunfeng took the initiative to take a step forward and pulled Furong’s. Hand said with a smile.

However, Lu Furong didn’t react for a while, seeing Li Chunfeng’s face like a spring breeze, his face was dazed.

She was just in the mist, and was brought into the room by two women laughing and laughing. From the beginning to the end, she didn’t know if the two women had taken the wrong medicine, but suddenly her attitude became so good.

Several people entered the room, and Feliicity also got up from the bed. As soon as he saw Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling, his eyes lit up and he rushed towards them.

She plunged one head into Li Chunfeng’s arms and almost knocked Li Chunfeng down on the ground.

Fortunately, Li Chunfeng was in good shape and had enough frontal cushioning power. After taking two steps back, he hugged Feliicity tightly.

The three women hugged each other suddenly, and their faces were excited.

Wiliam watched this scene amusedly. This was the deep friendship of girlfriends that had been established in the “Zaozu Tomb Team”.

And Lu Furong was just silly.

She was also very good at observing words and expressions. Judging from the expressions of the two women towards Wiliam just now, she could more or less tell that the two women had a good impression of Wiliam.

It’s just that she didn’t know what the relationship between Wiliam and these two women was.

Seeing the three women holding each other in excitement now, she suddenly felt suspicious of life.

Is the current harem so harmonious…

This is not scientific.

How can this kid He De!

Being able to marry Feliicity is already a smoke from the ancestral grave.

There are even two women whose looks are as good as the Feliicity.

What a winner in life.

“Let me introduce you. This is Lu Furong, the housekeeper of Beilin Lu’s family. She is not bad, you can treat her better. As for these three, you know Lu Furong.” Wiliam Said lightly on the side.

When Lu Furong heard this, her eyes turned to the sky.

The old mother worked so hard and worked hard, but she said that she was OK!

are you human!

Don’t donate your eyeballs, please!

Fortunately, Li Chunfeng saw the unhappiness in Lu Furong’s heart, and quickly went up and took Lu Furong’s hand and said: “Sister Lu, we misunderstood you just now. I’m really sorry. Don’t pay attention to this kid, he has a cheeky mouth. The more you pay attention to him, the more energy he gets.”

Gu Zhiling also made a knife behind him, “People are also cheap.”

These two sentences instantly formed a united front between the four women.

Lu Furong’s face looked better, and she glared at Wiliam angrily. “The dog can’t spit out ivory.”

“You live here at night. My room is big enough to sleep. But this kid can’t live here. If you have needs, I can open another room for you alone, with a big bed.” Lu Furong thought for a while and said. .

But when these words came out, the faces of several women flushed.

Wiliam had a black thread, and he was full of thoughts.

But Lu Furong said with an expression that I understand: “Why are you shy? I am at home. If you have anything, just tell me you are welcome. If you meet again after a long time, I’m afraid I can’t make arrangements to make you laugh. .”

Li Chunfeng hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no, you have misunderstood. Sister Gu and I are innocent with this kid and have nothing to do with him.”

Gu Zhiling also rolled his eyes, and said proudly: “Just this little bastard is also worthy of a beautiful beauty like ours. I want to be beautiful. Chunfeng and I are women he can’t get in his life. . It’s just that my family is silly and stupid, that’s why I followed his way.”

As she said, she deliberately raised her chest and showed off her perfect figure to show her disdain for Wiliam.

Lu Furong was taken aback for a moment, with a suspicious look on her face.

The fleeting affection between these two people for Wiliam just now cannot be faked.

Lu Furong was in a wealthy family, and she also saw more of these three wives and four concubines, so she was not surprised before.

Now, she doesn’t care whether it is true or not, it is also a good thing to have someone help her stun this kid.

“Okay, let’s talk first, I’ll go out and get you some fruit.” Lu Furong is still very knowledgeable, knowing that their deceased will meet again, there must be a lot to say, she is not convenient here.

After she was gone, the three women gathered around again, chattering with emotions.

Gu Zhiling said excitedly: “Feliicity, we really didn’t know you were here. When you left before, you didn’t tell us where you were going. We were scared to death just now.”

“Feliicity, I really miss you, you don’t know, after you left, our group is just as dead, and there is no more vitality before.” Li Chunfeng also said with a smile.

Feliicity is the most emotional.

She waved her hands, her mouth was trying to say something, but because she couldn’t speak, her face flushed with anxiety.

Li Chunfeng’s eyes suddenly flashed, and he said happily: “Let’s enter the group and talk, tonight we are going to make the whole group restless again, and rebirth from Nirvana!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 768

Feliicity was taken aback, and quickly nodded in agreement.

She lives in the Lu family very depressed.

Without a friend, Wiliam couldn’t always be with her.

But she knew that Wiliam had something to do.

So she didn’t blame Wiliam.

Now it’s alright, two good girlfriends suddenly appeared, she really has a stomach of grievances and misses to say.

I only hate that I can’t speak.

Li Chunfeng’s proposal couldn’t be better. When typing and speaking in the group, Feliicity’s hand speed is definitely as fast as six!

Wiliam listened to the words of the spring breeze, which happened to face the spring breeze.

He smiled and nodded to Chunfeng to express his gratitude.

Li Chunfeng’s eyebrows were bent, and he smiled softly, but immediately lowered his head and picked up the phone.

The three women chatted in the group immediately.

As for what to talk about, Wiliam didn’t care about it.

Wiliam felt a kind of heartfelt warmth and gratitude towards Li Chunfeng in his heart.

Such a careful woman.

Li Chunfeng gave Wiliam the feeling that he was actually the best woman apart from Feliicity.

Her personality is kind and pure, her temperament is gentle and pleasant, and she speaks softly and softly.

No matter how excited the emotions were, it would only show up lightly, as if there were no waves.

But Wiliam knew that Li Chunfeng was the smartest among these women.

Many times, she can see things that others can’t.

Just like now, Li Chunfeng found out that Feliicity wanted to talk but couldn’t speak, and his expression was depressed.

So she stayed quiet and asked everyone to type and chat in the group.

Not only left the dignity to Feliicity, but also naturally led other sisters.

Really Bingxue is smart and exquisite.

Even though Li Chunfeng is so smart, he is still the least one among a group of people.

Even Wiliam faintly sensed that Feliicity had a little affection for him.

But Feliicity never said anything, keeping a good distance from Wiliam.

This made Wiliam feel extremely comfortable.

I just hope that the sky will live up to this gentle spring breeze and give her a happy ending.

Thinking about it, Wiliam stepped aside and let the three of them chat to their hearts’ content.

After chatting for a while, Wiliam felt that his shoulder was lightly tapped. He looked up and found that it was Li Chunfeng.

With a gentle smile, Li Chunfeng sat next to Wiliam, and whispered: “They are still chatting in the group. The Feliicity are like chicken blood, and they are stubborn to death. For a while, you suffocated her. Got it.”

Wiliam showed a guilty look, and said, “Sometimes I feel sorry for her when I lose sight of this.”

The two looked at each other and were silent for a while.

Li Chunfeng suddenly said, “Wiliam, there is something I must confess to you. I was interrogated by Sister Gu at Lu’s house before. Those people would be against Sister Gu, so I confessed you, although now Nothing happened, but I betrayed you after all.”

As she spoke, her cheeks were slightly red and she lowered her head.

Wiliam smiled, “I thought what you said, don’t worry, all this is in my expectation, I also want to thank you for confessing me, otherwise I don’t know how to proceed. You help I am very busy.”
Li Chunfeng was taken aback, but he was relieved immediately.

Yes, before confessing to this kid, isn’t it just holding the trust that this kid can fight back.

Isn’t that the case now?

Everything in front of me is the best arrangement.

“Thank you for your understanding. Do you have to know Feliicity well?” Li Chunfeng said, he got up again and walked towards the good sister.

She came here, just to talk about this, otherwise she would still feel the response in her heart.

I don’t want her and Wiliam to have unprovoked misunderstandings because they didn’t say anything.

Wiliam appreciates Li Chunfeng very much at this point, so he can just say anything.

Like him and Feliicity, several times they had misunderstandings because they refused to talk to each other.

“By the way, how long do we need to stay here? Do you have any arrangements?” Feliicity suddenly turned around and asked Lu Yedao.

She is very smart.

Knowing that even Wiliam arranged for her to confess to Wiliam, then he must have other arrangements.

She followed Wiliam and didn’t destroy Wiliam’s plan.

Wiliam pondered and said, “Three days.”

Three days is enough.

Three days later, Lu Xiaolu’s birthday party was probably a bloody storm at that time.

Li Chunfeng nodded, and left with only a good reply.

Wiliam’s affection for this woman rose again.

He suddenly had a ridiculous thought.

If it hadn’t been for the Feliicity earlier, maybe I would really like a woman like Li Chunfeng.

Wiliam looked at the three women suddenly laughing and playing, his heart softened.

The tranquility before the storm is always so beautiful.

The three of them talked until midnight, when Wiliam saw that it was almost time, so he left first.

He returned to Li Banshan’s room and found that Li Banshan had fallen asleep in the bed.

He was about to meditate when he frowned.

The wind is blowing again outside!

Same as last night.

Is the old lady getting nervous again?

Wiliam was about to talk, saying like Li Banshan who was in a dream, “There is murderous outside, and there is alcohol, so just ignore her.”

Wiliam thought for a while, after all, he took a step toward the door.

He always had a grudge about the old lady being his aunt.

If you have a chance, it’s okay to hit the side.

Outside, the wind has ceased.

The bright moon hangs high.

Wiliam saw a person sitting on the roof opposite the room.

The old lady.

Wiliam leaped for life, jumped onto the roof, and stood in front of the old lady.

The old lady turned his head and mumbled, “It’s you.”

In the moonlight, the old lady’s face was very old, and in just a few hours, she seemed to be a few years old.

At this moment, the old lady is sober, not the crazy woman who is usually late at night.

Such she is a drowsy old man in the family.

“Hey, it’s too hard for me. The big Beilin Lu family can’t find a place to sit quietly for a while, and there is no one who can say something to their heart. I only come here every night. It’s not worrying. Since you are here, let’s sit together, do you know how to drink?” The old lady seemed to mumble to herself, and finally raised her head to ask Wiliam.

Lu Yezhen answered, and sat down slowly opposite the old lady.

The old prince threw a pot of wine to Wiliam casually, but he was lying on the roof tiles without an image in front of Lu Yeman.

Two people who were supposed to be enemies just stayed together peacefully, achieving a kind of subtle harmony.

There is no hatred here tonight, only the moon and wine.

I don’t know how long it took before Wiliam drank a pot of wine, but suddenly heard the old lady asking vicissitudes of life: “You want Yanhuang Zhixin to treat your wife’s frost throat, right?”

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Wiliam was not surprised that the old lady knew this.

He also didn’t evade, and nodded directly: “Yes.”

The old lady suddenly let out a terrible laugh, and then said: “If so, you are really overkill. No, it should be said that the violent thing is.”

If there is no need to explain, the old lady did not say to Wiliam.

The heart of Yanhuang, Wiliam may know its effects, but absolutely don’t know its full effects.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so easy, just use Yanhuang’s heart to treat his wife’s Frost Maw.

The greatest effect of Yanhuang Zhixin is to regulate the meridians and flow, especially for people who have awakened from abnormal veins. The main thing is that this person can be completely saved if he does not die.

The second effect is to cure madness, dementia and other diseases.

The third effect is to enhance the state of martial arts.

The last effect is to suppress Baidu, known as Baidu Nemesis.

And the Frostmaw that Wiliam was thinking about was nothing more than a sequelae after the awakening of the abnormal vein.

It is not worthy of healing with the rare heart of Yanhuang.

To put it bluntly, one tenth of a heart of Yanhuang is enough to treat Frostthroat.

But Wiliam took a sip of wine and touched his mouth, and said naturally: “As long as it can cure my family’s Feliicity, the fairy jade will not be considered a violent thing.”

What the old lady is thinking about is the disease of Feliicity.

Wiliam was thinking of Feliicity’s life.

The life of the Feliicity is more precious than thousands of hearts.

Wiliam said this unintentionally.

But it was like a thunder that hit the heart of the old lady.

She looked at Wiliam in amazement, her eyes turned muddy in the end, and she muttered to herself: “Is there really someone better than everything in the world?”

Seeing that the old lady seemed to be touched by the past, Wiliam said with a thought, “You should have it too, the Lu Lingfeng that Lu Xiaolu said during the day.”

Hearing the three words Lu Lingfeng, the expression in the old lady’s eyes changed, as if he was about to get angry, but also seemed to be running away.

But in the end, she sighed and said, “Tonight, maybe you have drunk too much. Little guy, do you drink too much?”

Wiliam understood it, and nodded, “If I drink too much, I won’t remember it when I wake up tomorrow.”

The old lady looked at Wiliam with satisfaction, and exclaimed: “Like you Qiqiao Linglongxin, if it is my good friend, that would be great, but it is a pity that we are enemies.”

Lu Yezhe answered the conversation, but his heart gradually trembled.

Because he knows vaguely that what he wants to hear next is the old things from grandpa.

Sure enough, the old lady took a sip of wine and said: “These words of mine have been held in my heart all these years. It is too difficult for me. Let me talk about it with Jiujin.”

Her eyes gradually blurred, as if thinking of the tender time of the early years.

“You may know that I have a quirk. I am greedy for the heart, liver, spleen, and lungs of my lover. Thirty years ago, in my family, I was mad and killed a lot of my compatriots by mistake. capital offense.”

“My eldest brother, that is, you heard that Lu Lingfeng, he rushed before the family sanctioned me. He kicked me out of the Lu family and was imprisoned here, forcing me to swear that I will never leave here forever.”

Speaking of this, the old lady smiled bitterly, “Ho ho, maybe it’s young and vigorous. At that time, I didn’t realize that my family had already murdered me. I thought it was my elder brother who was jealous of my talents and wanted Drive me out of the Lu family. Therefore, I have resented my elder brother for 20 years!”

“In the past twenty years, my elder brother has written countless letters to me, and I just can’t get a reply. Because I hate him. And because I hate him, I have to be stubborn, and I will love my heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. To the extreme, I deliberately wanted to show him some results.”

The old lady Jun became more excited as she spoke, and finally got up from the ground, her eyes flushed, and she looked remorseful.

“In the next ten years, as my experience in the arena gradually increased, I gradually understood the painstaking efforts of my elder brother when he drove me out. He was protecting me. I have survived all these years and it was my elder brother who was supporting me. Pressure. I’m sorry for him!”

“With such a sense of guilt in my heart, I even dare not reply to my eldest brother. Until one day, I was like tonight. After drinking too much alcohol, I had the courage to write to my elder brother to express my guilt and gratitude over the years. Tell my elder brother together.”


Speaking of this, the eyes of the old lady were already full of tears, and her body was trembling slightly.

“That night, I wrote a full fifty-plus pages of letters, all night long, thinking that I could tell my eldest brother the feelings of many years. The letter was still not sent, but I received another letter.

“It’s not from the eldest brother, but from the family, saying that my elder brother is dead…”

The old lady was so excited that she actually caused the surrounding wind to make her beard fluttering.

“I hate myself! I hate myself! I can’t wake up one day earlier and understand my elder brother’s painstaking efforts. I feel sorry for my elder brother even more, who has endured my grievances for so many years. In the end, I even apologized. When I waited, I let go.” The old lady cried heartbreakingly.

Wiliam’s eyes were already red.

As an outsider, empathy is enough to resonate, sympathize with the old lady, and sympathize with the old lady’s brother.

Not to mention that Wiliam is the middleman.

He heard that his grandfather and grandma had such a sad misunderstanding, and he felt as uncomfortable as being stabbed by a needle.

Grandpa Bodhisattva’s heart-hearted, not only protected Lu Lingyun back then, but also used similar means to protect himself.

It’s a pity that Tian is jealous of such a good person.

Let grandpa die with hatred!

Wiliam’s eyes gradually became fierce, and his hatred for North Lu’s family became more unforgettable!

“Pity my letter, there will never be a day when it will be sent. If you have mercy on me, my eldest brother can’t remember anymore.” The old lady started crying again as if opening the conversation box.

Wiliam just watched the old lady cry so badly, and his heart was like a knife.

This sentiment is profound, and it is definitely not a pretense.

At least the old lady in a normal state still has a heart for good luck.

The old lady cried for more than ten minutes before it gradually subsided.

Wiliam was about to speak for comfort, but he heard the old lady continue to say: “Do you know what I want to do most now?”

Wiliam hesitated for a while, and slowly said, “Refining Yanhuang Heart?”

The old prince smiled bitterly: “What is Yanhuang’s heart in front of that incident!”

She slowly stood up, looking ahead, the world was full of bright moonlight.

“The one thing I want to do the most is to find my elder brother’s grandson, which is my grandnephew!”

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Wiliam’s heart was shocked, his eyes changed drastically, but he quickly changed back.

In his heart, there was a stormy sea.

Grandpa’s grandson, grandma’s nephew, isn’t that what he is talking about!

The old lady hadn’t noticed the changes in Wiliam, still looking ahead, but there was a little more kindness in her words.

“I remember it was more than 20 years ago. My elder brother wrote to me saying that he had an extra grandson. From then on, every letter will mention this little grandson.”

“I heard my elder brother talk about this little grandson’s tone, full of spoiling. My elder brother loves him deeply and is very strict with him. Every time he makes the little grandson cry, although he does not seem to be acting He was moved, but he would always write to tell me how much he felt sorry for this little grandson.”

“I witnessed the growth experience of this little grandson between the lines of my elder brother.”

“Until eleven years ago, probably, my elder brother wrote a letter and suddenly said that he had driven the little grandson out of the Lu family again. At that time, I was very happy to see this, thinking it was the elder brother’s retribution.”

“From then on, my elder brother wrote to me and told me how much he missed this little grandson, day and night, the kind of heartbroken.”

“I still remember that in his last letter, the little grandson mentioned the most. I gradually understood that in the last letter of my eldest brother, there was actually a kind of euphemistic suggestion. He wanted me to find it. This little grandson.”

“It’s a pity, my eldest brother is so confused, he asked me to find this little grandson, but he didn’t tell me where he is and what his name is!”

When the old lady said this, he laughed weakly.

She suddenly turned around, but she was facing Wiliam’s eyes.

Wiliam’s face was full, already tears of pain!

He heard these words for the first time.

He confirmed this love for the first time!

Over the years, how could Wiliam resent his grandfather in his heart like the old lady.

Grandpa is cruel, and it takes ten years to drive him away!

In the meantime, I didn’t care, as if the world had evaporated.

Had it not been for Wiliam to take over Qilin Shi from Harper, Wiliam would never know how much his grandfather had done for him.

It is also a pity that when Wiliam wakes up, he has no chance to fulfill his filial piety.

Wiliam suddenly found out how similar he was to the old lady in front of him, and felt sorry for the same illness!

“Boy, why are you crying?” The old lady wiped a tear and looked at Wiliam suspiciously.

She said this and she didn’t expect others to listen.

Don’t expect someone to empathize.

Now this kid, a big man crying, his eyes are red, what’s the matter?

While Wiliam slammed his heart under the gaze of the old lady, he almost blurted out, saying that I am your grandnephew and Lu Lingfeng is my grandfather!

It took him a lot of energy to press down this impulse.

Now, it’s not the time to show off with the old lady.

Wiliam’s expression gradually turned cold, and said lightly: “I have never been careful and delicate.”

The old lady nodded in confusion, “You are still a qualified listener.”

She took out another pot of wine on the roof, and her mood gradually calmed down.

She has completely become an old woman, chattering.

“Ho ho, think about it, I’m exactly the same as my grand-nephew I’ve never met before. It’s just that he is more bitter than me. He was driven out of the house by his grandfather at a young age, and he wandered on the rivers and lakes alone. I know where I am suffering now. Without his grandfather, I am his last relative in the world. I want to find it, but there are so many people, where should I find my poor grand-nephew…”

Speaking of this, the old lady once again shed a string of tears.

It seems to be distressed for this poor grand nephew.

Wiliam’s heart hurts hard to breathe.

He has completely accepted the aunt in front of him.

Unfortunately, the timing is wrong!

Wiliam’s gaze suddenly passed through the night, as if staring somewhere.

A silent black shadow flashed away in the dark.

In the dark night, there are always too many eyes looking at the old lady.

“It’s nothing, I really drank too much. Drink this today! Think about waking up tomorrow and fighting against a slicker like you, my head hurts, I’m too difficult.” They were all swaying, as if they were drinking too much.

She stepped forward and fell directly off the roof.


She smashed her body to the ground, but staggered and stood up again, staggering forward.

There is a moon tonight, no murder.

Wiliam watched the disappearing figure of the old lady, his eyes reddened again.

The old lady is the last relative he recognizes in this world!

Wiliam slept unsteadily this night.

He had a lot of dreams.

It was not until a scream cut across the sky that Wiliam was awakened.

“Dead! Dead! What a miserable death!”

This scream completely awakened the sleeping Beilin Lu family.

Wiliam opened his eyes and found that Li Banshan was no longer in the room.

He walked towards a crowded place and found that that place was the house where the servants of Beilin Lu’s family lived.

Many people gathered around a room and kept whispering.

Several people squeezed out of the room abruptly, but they spit out neatly in front of everyone.

Wiliam stepped forward, before walking into the room, he smelled a strong smell of blood.

He looked inside, and his pupils suddenly shrank!

There was a man inside, already lying on the ground.

The things in the room are neat and tidy, with no trace of fighting.

On the ground, there was a big pool of blood, so much blood that it soaked the thick carpet completely.

Wiliam looked at this person’s body again, and suddenly took a breath of cold air.

This person’s belly is completely open!

It is not the clothes that are open, but the belly is open!

The belly is empty!

The heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and bones that should have existed are all missing!

The internal organs were directly hollowed out by the most cruel means!

Everyone also saw this scene clearly, and their scalp was numb with fright.

“Damn! This death is too miserable! What kind of hatred does the person who started the attack have with the deceased!”

“It’s disgusting, run away, I can’t help but throw up.”

“Dignified Lu Family, how could a murderer come in and out, is there something strange in it?”

Wiliam gradually shifted his eyes towards the face of the deceased. At this look, his brows wrinkled tighter.

The deceased was full of anger, as if he was extremely shocked and unbelievable at the imminent death or the murderer he saw before him.

Don’t die!

Wiliam knew this deceased.

This morning, he was still alive and provoking Wiliam!

Wang Yiran!


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