Dragon Husband Chapter 771-775

Dragon Husband Chapter 771

Chapter 771

Wang Yiran was also a famous person in Beilin Lu’s family anyway.

Suddenly, many people recognized Wang Yiran’s face, and there were more burglars.

“The dead person turned out to be Wang Yiran, which is weird.”

“He is our old fried dough stick in Beilin City, who has such a big grudge against him?”

At this time, a cry from far to near, heart-piercing.

“My nephew! My poor nephew, you died so miserably! Uncle I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you into the Beilin Lu’s house.”

The crying person was Wang Yiran’s uncle, Lu Defu.

Lu Defu has had a very unsatisfactory life in the Lu family these days and was relegated to an ordinary domestic servant.

Earlier this morning, I heard the news of his nephew’s tragic death from others, and his whole body was not well.

Seeing him kneeling in front of Wang Yiran’s tears, everyone couldn’t help but move.

At this time, someone suddenly thought of a possibility, and couldn’t help muttering to himself: “Wang Yiran was killed by the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. I always feel that this thing, why is it so familiar?”

As soon as this was said, the scene was quiet almost instantly.

With this unintentional remark, everyone’s faces showed a touch of powerless shock.

Some people immediately took the words quietly.

“Old Madam, isn’t he the most obsessed with the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney?”

Some older domestic servants also whispered: “It seems that in the past few years, the Lu family also saw servants being killed by the wrong hand by an insane old lady. It’s just that these two years have passed. Nothing appeared.”

Some people slapped their heads and said as if they suddenly realized: “Do you remember that yesterday afternoon, on the martial arts stage, the old lady murmured a word before leaving.”

More people took it right away, “What she said was like her head hurts, she really wants to kill, what if she really wants to kill?”

At this moment, the faces of the people in the audience changed drastically.

One fact after another!

From the metamorphosis and preferences of the old prince, to the old prince’s early examination, to the mumbling of yesterday afternoon.

All the evidence points to this bloody scene on the court today, which was done by the old lady.

And this speculation happened to confirm the doubts of some people before.

Why is there a dignified murderer in Lu’s family in Beilin?

If this murderer is from the Beilin Lu family, it is even more of a big figure in the Beilin Lu family who is rampant.

Everything is explained.

Everyone was so shocked by this speculation that they couldn’t say anything.

If the old lady really lost his mind and committed a murder, then Wang Yiran would die in vain.

After a while, Wang Yiran’s death shocked the people of Beilin Lu’s family.

The old prince personally led people to Wang Yiran’s room.

First, she frowned and watched Wang Yiran’s internal organs being hollowed out, her eyes showing deep doubts.

Her head hurts.

She had no idea what she did after drinking with Wiliam last night.

Wang Yiran’s death in front of him was obviously very miserable.

This is indeed very much like the old lady’s own hands.

So, the old lady wondered, was it really the hand that he did last night?
Seeing the old lady’s face with doubts, Lu Furong next to him immediately said in a loud voice: “We will investigate this matter carefully and give you an explanation. Are you going to die?”

Lu Furong naturally guessed in an instant that it was very likely that the old lady had lost his mind and made another mistake last night and killed Wang Yiran by mistake.

If someone else was killed, Lu Furong would still feel a little uncomfortable.

But this Wang Yiran made Lu Furong feel extremely sick.

This kind of wicked person is punishable by everyone.

It’s better to die.

The old lady is walking the way for the sky.

Everyone looked at the old lady in fear, and they dispersed.

The entire Beilin Lu family was covered with a faint bloody color of terror.

Lu Furong carefully supported the old lady, and whispered: “Old lady, don’t worry, I will take care of this matter, and promise not to let things continue to ferment.”

The old lady nodded, but stopped when she passed Wiliam.

She couldn’t remember what happened after drinking with Wiliam last night.

But she remembered drinking with Wiliam.

She stared at Wiliam in a daze, and suddenly asked, “You said, was it the one I killed?”

The old lady has a strange feeling.

All the signs were like she was killing someone.

But she couldn’t feel the satisfaction that was extended by her heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

This unscientific.

And even if everyone thought it was an old lady, the old lady didn’t care.

However, she just wanted to know what Wiliam thought.

Wiliam looked at the old lady, and suddenly shook his head slightly, and said, “Yes, you didn’t kill it.”

The old lady was taken aback and asked, “Why?”

Wiliam said lightly: “You were murderous last night.”

The look in the old lady’s eyes became even more puzzled.

She was sure that 80% of it was made by herself.

When Wiliam said, she hesitated.

Was me murderous last night?

The old lady was in a trance, vaguely remembering the wine of the bright moon last night, and the sad past.

In the face of that sad past, where does the murderous spirit come from?

What this kid said makes some sense.

She nodded, then strode forward.

Wiliam originally wanted to go back, but when Lu Furong passed by Wiliam, Wiliam suddenly grabbed her.

Lu Furong frowned, as if to avoid suspicion, she threw away Wiliam’s hand, and said in disgust, “What are you doing! In broad daylight! Believe it or not, I will tell your wife and those two confidantes to go? Man? It’s the big pig’s hoof, eating from the bowl, looking at the pot, thinking about the field.”

Wiliam looked at Lu Furong with a black line, what was going on like he had eaten explosives.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “I don’t mean to offend you. You stretch out your hand to show me.”

“Damn! Holding hands? It’s not about using hands and feet!” Lu Furong took a step back and looked at Wiliam warily, “Don’t think that you are so powerful that I will not dare to resist, my voice is loud!”

Wiliam didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her, so he grabbed her wrist and checked her pulse.

Lu Furong saw that Wiliam was checking her pulse, and she suddenly looked embarrassed.

After Wiliam’s diagnosis, the doubts on his face were even worse.

Wiliam saw that Lu Furong’s face was pale, so he checked her pulse, but her body was just a little cold, and there was nothing serious about it.


Is Lu Furong pale with fright by everything in front of him?

Wiliam was thinking this way, and suddenly he heard Gu Zhiling’s voice not far away.

“Wiliam, go and see Feliicity, her body is so cold, like a popsicle, she has passed out.”

Dragon Husband Chapter 772

Wiliam frowned, and his figure flew out.

Gu Zhiling stood not far from him with an anxious expression on his face.

Wiliam passed her directly, and Gu Zhiling shouted, “Hey, wait for me, I’m lost, I don’t know how to get back!”

Lu Furong followed behind, grabbing Gu Zhiling’s arm and rushing up.

Wiliam came to Lu Furong’s room in a short while.

He opened the door and couldn’t help fighting a cold war!

The temperature in this room is actually quite a bit lower than outside!

Gu Zhiling and the others came afterwards and fought a cold war.

Wiliam only noticed that it was already summer now.

But Gu Zhiling wore two clothes.

Obviously I felt cold before, so I wore an extra one.

While Feliicity was lying motionless on the bed, Li Chunfeng stood by her bed, frowning.

Wiliam saw Li Chunfeng and said, “Chunfeng, aren’t you cold? You wear so little?”

Li Chunfeng was only wearing a thin loose T-shirt and cotton shorts on his lower body, which formed a sharp contrast with Gu Zhiling.

Li Chunfeng shook his head suspiciously, “No, I don’t feel cold, please take a look at the Feliicity.”

Wiliam walked to the bed and began to trace Feliicity’s pulse.

He sighed slightly, Feliicity’s frost throat became more and more serious.

Obviously Feliicity couldn’t control the cold strength of Frostmaw.

He Tiantian said before that the Feliicity can only last three months, but now it seems that if she can get the heart of Yanhuang in time for Feliicity, she may not survive for three days.

Wiliam used silver needles to stimulate Feliicity’s blood. It took a full morning to let Feliicity’s pulse gradually stabilize and his body temperature gradually rose.

But she did not wake up after all.

Wiliam put the quilt on her again, and a worried question came from the horse behind him, “Wiliam, how is the Feliicity? It scared us to death.”

The question was Gu Zhiling.

Wiliam looked back at Gu Zhiling, only to find that Gu Zhiling didn’t know when he had already worn another coat.

Still down jacket.

Obviously, the temperature in the room is continuing to drop.

Even Lu Furong, a martial artist, wore two of them with a blanket outside.

Only Li Chunfeng, still short-sleeved shorts, revealing lotus root-like white skin.

Wiliam couldn’t help but walk over and grab Li Chunfeng’s arm.

Li Chunfeng was caught off guard by Wiliam, exclaimed in a low voice, and looked at the Feliicity in a coma with a vacant look.

She had no idea what Wiliam was going to do.

After Wiliam grabbed Li Chunfeng, he grabbed Gu Zhiling’s hand again.

Lu Furong no longer feels unhappy, “Your brat is fat? It’s exciting to play, and my wife is still in a coma. You start to belittle Sister Chunfeng and Sister Zhiling in front of your wife. Don’t you face?”

Wiliam lightly released Gu Zhiling’s hand, and then slowly asked, “Tell me what happened just now.”

Li Chunfeng knew that Wiliam grabbed their hands for a reason, so he said: “In fact, we don’t know much. We just woke up and found Feng Xueshui had passed out in a coma, and then sister Gu went to touch her, but almost handed her. We are going to be frozen and stiff, we know that the Feliicity are sick, so we will go and look for you.

Gu Zhiling followed Li Chunfeng’s words and said anxiously: “Chunfeng is a monster with no feeling, listen to me. We went to bed late last night, and then slept until midnight, we suddenly felt that the colder and colder we slept, and what happened. I don’t know anymore. I woke up the next day and the Feliicity were like that.”

Li Chunfeng looked confused, “Last night, was it cold? I didn’t even cover the quilt, and you robbed the quilt.”

Gu Lingchao Li Chunfeng rolled his eyes.

Wiliam nodded and said, “I probably know, you three. I have discovered from just now that your bodies seem to be weaker than yesterday. It should be the snowstorm last night that caused you to catch cold, including the spring breeze. Internally, the pulse condition is disturbed to a certain extent. But there is something I don’t understand. Lu Furong and Sister Gu’s bodies have cooled to varying degrees. In such a cold environment, the body temperature remains normal under the spring breeze.”

“That’s why I said she was a monster with no feeling. I held her to sleep in the middle of the night when I was in the water last night. It was as warm as a stove and died of comfort.” Gu Zhiling added.

Li Chunfeng’s face reddened slightly, and he glared at Gu Zhiling. Why did he say these boudoirs are intimacy in front of Wiliam.

“The poison of the frost in Feliicity’s body has been suppressed by me. It is temporarily in danger of life. You will wake up after a short rest. Please help me take care of her first.” Wiliam finished speaking and compared to Lu Furong. The look in his eyes motioned to Lu Furong to go out with him.

Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling nodded quickly, “Don’t worry, we will take care of Feliicity.”

When Wiliam finished walking, Gu Zhiling suddenly showed a weird smile.

She looked at Li Chunfeng up and down, and looked at Li Chunfeng terribly.

She took a step back and asked weakly, “Why are you looking at me with squinted eyes?”

Gu Zhiling suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Li Chunfeng’s heart stubbornly, and said with satisfaction: “It’s really big enough, did you deliberately dress so cool in front of that kid? He just watched you With tender arms and long legs, the eyes are almost straight, and the drool almost flows down.”

Li Chunfeng was suddenly attacked by Gu Zhiling. Hey, he put his hands tightly over his upper body, and said with shame, “Sister Gu, what are you doing! Playing as a gangster in the street!”

Gu Zhiling smelled the hand that he had just grasped intently, and smiled evilly: “It’s not that I’ve caught it. Don’t change the subject.”

Li Chunfeng’s face was completely red, and he muttered: “Wiliam is not that kind of person. Besides, I dress like this because I’m not cold. No, it’s not cold, but a little hot. You know I just wished to hold the Feliicity, it was cool and comfortable.”

Gu Zhiling’s face turned dark, she likes to hold Li Chunfeng, Li Chunfeng likes to hold Feliicity.

Is this special, do you belong to the bottom end of the food chain?

Life is too hard.

And Li Chunfeng looked at Feliicity again, showing a distressed expression.

No one knew how sad she was.

Feliicity, Feliicity, you must not have an accident…

If something happens to you, that guy will definitely not survive.

If I could suffer these sufferings for you, that would be great…

Thinking of this, Chunfeng’s eyes were a little moist, and he couldn’t help but leaned forward.

Gently kissed Feliicity’s forehead.

And Lu Furong was dragged outside by Wiliam, annoyed, “You are now addicted to me? You have to remember, in Beilin Lu’s family, I am your leader! You should listen to me !”

Lu Yezhen paid attention to Lu Furong’s anger, but suddenly said: “Wang Yiran’s matter, the old lady should not be the murderer.”

Dragon Husband Chapter 773

Lu Furong was taken aback for a moment, she threw the anger out of the clouds on the spot, and asked in confusion, “Why? Why do you say that? Do you have any evidence?”

Wiliam shook his head and gave a wry smile, “I don’t have any evidence either.”

Lu Furong’s face stiffened, and she said annoyedly: “Are you kidding me? Is there any evidence to talk nonsense here?”

But the next second she reacted and said in amazement: “No, you and the old lady should be enemies, how can you speak for the old lady? When did you become so kind-hearted?”

Wiliam said lightly: “I’m just talking about the matter, it has nothing to do with hatred.”

“Then tell me, how do you think that the old lady is not the murderer? Now all the evidence, including the old lady’s criminal record, medical condition, etc., is pointing to the old lady, and it’s just engraved on her forehead. I am the murderer.” Lu Furong said so loudly and straightforwardly.

Wiliam said: “That’s all about the sixth sense. Besides, the previous history and condition you mentioned are just corroborating evidence, not direct evidence. Has anyone seen the old lady murder?”

Lu Furong opened her mouth, and finally closed it again.

It is true that no one has seen the old lady kill someone himself.

But she felt that if she didn’t say something, the kid would become more and more arrogant, and she said: “I have only heard of women’s sixth sense. It’s okay for you, you also have a sixth sense.”

Wiliam said, “I had a drink with the old lady last night.”

Lu Furong’s eyeballs were about to fall to the ground, and he slapped Wiliam suddenly, and almost slapped the completely defenseless Wiliam on the ground.

“You can be patient! You dare to drink with the old lady? Damn! Don’t you know that the old lady will go crazy when drunk? Are you going to die? It’s over, if you add the old lady to drink, wine After the murder, the old lady’s crime is completely settled. You must not say this.” Lu Furong said nervously.

But Wiliam shook his head and said, “The old lady was crazy and sober last night. On the contrary, she was more sober than ever. She was not murderous last night.”

Lu Furong obviously didn’t believe Wiliam’s murderous nonsense.

She asked again: “Then you are telling me, who do you think is the murderer? If according to you, someone deliberately killed Wang Yiran, then he must have a deep hatred with Wang Yiran.”

There was a slight ripple in Wiliam’s heart, and his eyes looked at a place unconsciously.

But he returned to normal immediately, and said calmly: “I don’t know who the murderer is. You can handle this matter. It’s a big thing and a small thing.”

As he said, Wiliam walked forward.

When he was walking, a scene from last night also appeared in his head.

Wiliam was so excited last night that he wanted to reveal his true identity to the old lady.

But at that time, he vaguely felt that someone was staring at them.

Even in the darkness, a black shadow flashed past.

At that time, Wiliam thought that someone above was sent to stare at the old lady.

Thinking about it now, it’s very suspicious.

Who was that dark shadow last night?

Lu Furong replied naturally behind him: “I wanted to deal with it this way. If it wasn’t for your family’s Feliicity, I would have handled it.”

With that, she also walked forward.

As she walked, she felt more and more that something was wrong.

I patted my head at the last time and pointed to the front angrily, “Damn! You bastard! I wanted to ask you for your guilt. You fooled me and completely confused what I was going to do, bastard!”

The anger in Lu Furong’s heart, this kid’s ability to play mystery is really not covered.

She has reason to believe that Wiliam was just trying to avoid her accusations, so she deliberately broke the topic and fainted her.

But when Wiliam was gone, she had no choice but to deal with this urgent matter first.

Today, everyone in Beilin Lu’s family was in panic.

Fortunately, Lu Furong did have some ability, and this matter had quietly subsided in the evening.

Nothing about this family scandal has spread outside.

The entire Beilin Lu family was calm like a pool of stagnant water.

Only a handful of people smelled a trace of anxiety in this calm.

The old prince was in a state of despair all day.

She seemed to be making an extremely difficult choice in her heart.

At night, she walked around the room, and finally breathed a sigh of relief, as if she had made a choice.

At this time, the door was knocked.

The person who came in was surprisingly Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu was holding a bowl of gruel in his hand, his face was a little haggard, and with a look of apology and guilt, he said to the old lady: “Grandma, I’m here to plead with you. I shouldn’t have said that about you yesterday, let alone I’m sorry to mention that person’s name.”

The old lady saw Lu Xiaolu with a gentle smile on her face, and said: “No matter what, the past is over. You were right yesterday. You are the most important person for me in this world. If I love you, you are right to curse. Don’t worry, I have already figured out a way to resolve your green snake. Even if I don’t rely on that kid, I have a way. Within these two days.”

Lu Xiaolu was overjoyed and put the gruel on the table with a surprised expression: “Really? Grandma, don’t you lie to me?”

The old lady smiled, “Of course it is true, how can I be willing to lie to you.”

The old lady had already made a decision, so he was frank.

Lu Xiaolu happily jumped up on the ground and cheered for two full minutes.

Then she realized that she had lost her mind. She hurriedly brought the gruel to the old lady, and handed it over respectfully, “Grandma, you don’t have anything to eat today. Eat some gruel and take a rest, otherwise , I will love you too.”

The old lady nodded, took the gruel, raised it gently with a spoon, and exclaimed, “It smells good.”

“Grandma, I boiled it myself, you drink it quickly, or it will be cold.” Lu Xiaolu smiled innocently.

The old lady also drank the bowl of porridge in one breath.

Only then did Lu Xiaolu happily put away the bowl, and when he heard good night, he left.

The old lady walked around in the room, staring at the deformed lock on a small drawer in the room, and sighed slightly.

By now, everything has been overwhelmed.

There are still two days, two days, how will the Beilin Lu family chaos the law?

What kind of chaos in Beilin City?

Her head hurts even more thinking of this.

She couldn’t help rubbing her temples, showing a look of fatigue.

She looked at the bright moon outside and couldn’t help muttering to herself.

“Tonight is so bright, but I’m going crazy, I’m too difficult.”

Dragon Husband Chapter 774

The moon shone on the earth, covering the earth with a hazy white light.

It’s not so beautiful in the world.

The old lady didn’t know how long he stayed in the room, but felt that his head became more and more chaotic, and he gave a wry smile, “Here, retribution.”

After saying this, her head bounced and she knew nothing.

And no one would have thought that Beilin City, with such a beautiful moon in the sky, was actually experiencing the most devastating tragedy under the most romantic moonlight!

The whole night passed quickly.

This night, Beilin Lu’s family was extremely calm.

Wiliam couldn’t sleep all night.

He already smelled a weird breath.

The old lady didn’t show up all night.

According to Li Banshan, the old lady would come to coax him almost every night.

Even if she didn’t lose her heart, she would come over when it was normal like last night.

However, one night, Lu Yezhen felt that the wind was loud outside, he could not hear that ugly laugh, he could not smell murderous, and he could not see the figure of the old lady.

When he got up, Beilincheng was completely noisy.

A very shocking thing was spreading throughout Beilin City.

Just last night, overnight.

More than a hundred people died in Beilincheng!

All the dead have their belly wide open, and their hearts, livers, spleen, lungs and kidneys are missing.

It was exactly the same as Wang Yiran’s death method.

And what’s strange is that all of the more than one hundred people who died were wealthy families in Beilin City!

Including the newly risen Emperor Blue Moon City.

Most of these deceased were domestic slaves of wealthy families, and some were children of aristocratic families.

But even as a domestic slave, as the saying goes, hitting a dog depends on the owner.

Ever since, the entire family of wealthy families in Beilin City were excited.

In the morning, they held an emergency meeting in a hotel in Beilin City to discuss this unprecedented tragedy in Beilin City!

There is no going to the Lu Family in Beilin.

Beilin Lu’s family was even more weirdly calm.

Even more frightening was that that afternoon, Beilin Lu’s family issued an invitation letter for Lu Xiaolu’s birthday party.

Sent to every wealthy family.

And the servants of the Beilin Lu family were all arranged for an errand.

Arrange the performance stage.

Arrange the performance stage as a reception venue.

A big red, beaming.

The white terror outside Beilin City formed a sharp contrast.

It seems that the Lu family of Beilin remains independent.

In the evening, there was finally a message that spread from Beilin Lu’s family.

The Beilin Lu family was the first to die, and that was how it died.

The wealthy families of Beilin City who knew about this were all furious.

After gathering and discussing again, they finally determined one thing.

This murderer who killed a hundred people overnight is very likely to be the Patriarch of the Beilin Lu Family, the dead marching!

Lu Lingyun!

Because many people also know that the weird old lady of the Beilin Lu family has a heart-breaking illness. Some people even know that the old lady once killed people in the Lu family because of illness in his early years.

In addition, the person who died first this time appeared in Bei Linlu’s house.

Beilin Lu’s family also issued the cruelest ban.
All the evidence points to the guilty conscience of the Beilin Lu family.

Otherwise why seal it.

After confirming this guess, those rich family members held the scarlet invitation card from the Beilin Lu family in their hands, their arms violent!

“Beilin Lu Family! Too much bullying!”

Just as everyone was burning with anger, a person covered in black suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

The voice is faint.

“This matter was done by the Beilin Lu family. Are you angry?” the man said as he walked.

“Who are you! Hide your head and show your tail!” someone shouted on the spot.

The man didn’t answer, but he said, “Beijing Lu Family, these years have become more and more arrogant. This is to be an enemy of all our families.”

Someone rushed straight up, trying to uncover the black cloth on this person’s face.

However, there was no one who could see how the man in black made the move.

The person who came up has fallen to the ground.

The whole body turned into a pool of pus!

This horrible scene caused everyone in the room to breathe in air!

What a terrible means!

What a cruel heart!

Killing in front of all the Beilin family!

“Who are you!” All these people stepped back and shouted sharply.

At this time, the man in black smiled and said, “Well, let me pick you up, form an alliance, and deal with the Beilin Lu family.”

Everyone suddenly laughed, “What are you! You are also worthy of our noble families!”

“It’s better then, let’s see who I am…”

The man in black said, slowly taking off the black cloth.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the face under the black cloth!

The man in black showed a sly smile looking at everyone’s shocked faces.

And Wiliam didn’t care about the ups and downs outside all day.

He stayed in Lu Furong’s room all day.

the reason is simple.

The poison of frost and snow broke out again.

I have been in a coma from morning till now, my whole body is colder than yesterday!

Life is hanging by a thread!

It took Wiliam a full day to hang Feliicity’s life.

The time that Feliicity couldn’t support was getting closer and closer.

Maybe it will be tomorrow.

After Wiliam gave the needles, Li Chunfeng immediately handed over a towel to wipe Wiliam’s sweat.

Wiliam glanced at Li Chunfeng, and his anxiety became even worse.

Li Chunfeng, dressed more coolly than yesterday.

A suspender vest and a pair of short shorts.

Even so, in this room close to zero, her face flushed and her forehead was still sweating.

Gu Zhiling didn’t dare to step into this room at all.

The poison of frost.

Cold body.

Hot body?


Suddenly, Wiliam’s head was agitated, and he looked at Li Chunfeng, who was winking like silky eyes in amazement!

Things are happening in a direction that Wiliam can’t imagine and can’t control!

He pulled Li Chunfeng over, and then hit all the silver needles in his body into Li Chunfeng’s body.

It took more than half an hour before Li Chunfeng gradually eased the look of Li Chunfeng’s face like a peach blossom and panic.

Li Chunfeng only felt a burst of exhaustion coming from the sky, and he fell directly beside the ice-cold Feliicity and fell asleep.

Wiliam didn’t worry that Li Chunfeng was freezing, and walked to the door to let Gu Zhiling take good care of them.

Then, he ran in one direction!

He listened to the ups and downs outside.

He now wants to make sure of one thing!

He rushed directly to the basement where Yao Nu usually worked, and directly pushed away the dark room of the old lady.

With this push away, a strong and suffocating bloody smell came out!

Wiliam covered his nose and mouth and walked towards the blood pond. At this look, his entire body was terrified!

The open blood pool on one side has long been filled with fresh hearts, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys!


Dragon Husband Chapter 775

The densely packed internal organs were constantly tossing up and down with the hot water in the blood pool.

The entire blood pool is like a purgatory on earth!

The water in the blood pool had already become extremely thick, splashing up and down.

And the heat is still rising.

Looking at the scene, Wiliam also felt an unprecedented shock and severe nausea.

He sprinted back and closed the door of this room again.

Standing outside, Wiliam felt the air fresher.

After only going in for a while, Wiliam felt uncomfortably hot all over now.

It seems to be blood poisoned.

He looked around, quietly.

No one has it.

Li Banshan, where did they go?

Wiliam looked around in this huge basement, and there was no one.

He returned to the place where Yao slaves usually lived, which was still empty and there was not a trace of popularity.

Wiliam frowned, lost in thought.

At this moment, Li Banshan, whom Wiliam was guessing, was standing on a wasteland that was a bit empty.

This is still the site of Beilin Lu’s family.

It’s just in the corner, usually few people come.

In front of him, more than 30 medicine slaves stood lazily.

Li Banshan looked at these half-dead people and sighed in his heart.

He said loudly, “You guys, don’t you really want to live?”

The loud sound seemed to be in a quagmire, and it couldn’t make any waves.

After two full minutes, one person slowly said, “Li Banshan, are you really going to do this?”

A fierce stern flashed in Li Banshan’s eyes, and he said, “If that old witch does not die, we will die. Therefore, I need your cooperation in tomorrow’s actions.”

These drug slaves looked at each other.

If Li Banshan dared to say such a rebellious thing to kill the old lady in normal times, everyone would have laughed.

They are just mere slaves of medicine, so there is no such guts to challenge the authority of the old prince.

They are different from Li Banshan.

They don’t have the strong strength of Li Banshan to back them up.

Most of them are just ordinary people.

It’s just that too many things have happened to Beilin Lu’s family and even the entire Beilin City in the past two days.

The servants of the entire Beilin Lu family are in danger.

I don’t know when, like those who died tragically, everything in their stomachs will be hollowed out.

This suppression of death is like the last straw to crush them.

The person in front hesitated for a while, and said, “But, are you really sure? If you are not sure, we will have no escape.”

Li Banshan said firmly in his eyes: “I am 70% sure, enough for us to make a bet!”

“Tomorrow’s birthday party for the little princess is just a guise. The real purpose of the old lady is the blood pool in the basement. With that thing in my hand, what are we afraid of!”

These people look at me, I look at you, and sighed deeply, “Li Banshan, are you really willing to take out your thing for us?”

There was no hesitation in Li Banshan’s eyes.

He nodded his head heavily, “What else is so big!”
After hesitating, these people nodded and acquiesced to Li Banshan’s plan.

But after Li Banshan got their consent, he immediately called a few people and acted separately.

When he was finished, a quiet and graceful moonlight had arrived on the willow on the moon.

Li Banshan returned to the room, but found that there was no Wiliam in the room.

“Li Banshan, come and have a drink at the bar.” At this moment, a voice came not far away.

Li Banshan looked in the direction of the sound, and saw a person sitting on the opposite roof.


As soon as Li Banshan staggered, he rushed up to the roof and stared at Wiliam under the moonlight.

Wiliam under the moonlight had a plain face like water, and there were already several pots of empty wine piled around him.

Wiliam looked at Li Banshan and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I won’t sleep tonight, so I brought some of your wine over and sit down together.”

Li Banshan didn’t speak, and sat down slowly.

Wiliam tonight has so much to think about.

When Li Banshan didn’t come back just now, he made a round of phone calls and gave orders one by one.

Now that there is nothing to do, he can only relieve his boredom with wine.

Yesterday, in this place too, he and the old lady had a drink for the month, and his mood was agitated.

Just a day’s time has passed, it seems like the vicissitudes of life are wrong.

Wiliam threw a pot of wine to Li Banshan, “Come on, you should be a drunk too.”

Li Banshan took the wine, but he just looked at the wine directly, and he didn’t open it.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam raised his eyebrows.

Li Banshan finally sighed, slowly put down the wine, and said regretfully: “Wine is a good thing to me. But, wine is something that can’t enter the throat of a hypocritical person. Tonight, I’m still not Drink it.”

Wiliam’s heart shook slightly.

The throat of a person who can’t get into the hypocrisy.

This sounded like a hint of helpless romance.

Li Banshan is usually carefree, and he is most addicted to alcohol.

Tonight is uncharacteristic.


Does he have any concerns?

Will it be tomorrow’s birthday party?

Wiliam looked at Li Banshan’s regretful eyes, and there was another haze in his heart.

Tomorrow, Li Banshan seems to be getting involved.

In this case, there is one more variable.

Wiliam couldn’t help laughing wryly when he thought of this.

He thought of the old lady’s mantra.

“It’s too hard for me.”

“Wiliam, although I promised you before, I won’t wrinkle my brows when you go up to the sword mountain and down to the sea of ​​fire. But there is one thing, I think we’d better say that it’s better to be in front.” Li Banshan still couldn’t hide after all The words in my heart.

He looked at the bright moon in the sky, and slowly said: “I know you will definitely have your own plans tomorrow, and you probably see that I also have my plans. Therefore, tomorrow I will not interfere with you, but I will not help. You. As long as tomorrow is past, the sun will really come out.”

Li Banshan was in a trance for a while, as if the moon in the sky turned into a scorching sun.

He had been counting the time, and he was still two nights and a day away from the record of ninety days of Yao Slave’s survival.

The sun is rising after all.

At that time, these people must still be these bars.

Wiliam looked at Li Banshan, who was worried, and nodded, and said, “Well, I don’t ask what you are going to do, and I will try not to interfere with your affairs.”

As he said, Wiliam raised his head and drank all the pot of wine in one breath.

Li Banshan stood up and jumped down suddenly, but before entering the house, he heard a very hearty word.

“I’m Li Banshan, I owe you a bar. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will toast you a glass of wine!”


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