Dragon Husband Chapter 776-780

Dragon Husband Chapter 776

This night, not only Wiliam and Li Banshan were sleepless.

In the old lady’s room, although the light was off, she was still lying on the bed with her eyes slightly open.

Her eyes were as clear as never before.

It seems to know everything.

In her heart, she was also counting time.

Also, about twenty hours.

That blood pool must be very brilliant and wonderful now.

After another twenty hours, the soup will be cooked.

Then put down the half-moon lily, and then put down the Yanmai essence and blood.

Then use a hundred people’s blood sacrifice gently to top it.

A beautiful heart of Yanhuang will be out of the pot.

How wonderful.


The Beilin Lu’s house outside was brightly lit.

Red and red, so unhappy.

This kind of joy continued to burn until the next night.

The martial arts field has been set up.

The red lanterns and colored silk streamers all show the extravagance of the Beilin Lu family.

The surroundings of the martial arts field were cleaned up to free up half the space of a football field.

Fifty tables were set up, which can accommodate more than 400 people.

The time for the banquet is set at eight o’clock tonight.

At the moment, it’s half past seven.

The brilliance of the moon is mixed with beautiful lights, making it more feminine.

The people of Beilin Lu’s family had already come to the martial arts stage.

They sat in the main seat on the middle stage.

Including the old lady, including Lu Xiaolu.

The old lady wore a black and red robe instead of the usual black dress.

As the heroine of today’s birthday party, Lu Xiaolu was naturally dressed in red.

An expensive red dress made her look like a fairy.

Her cheeks were reddening, and she seemed to have never worn such a grand and gorgeous dress.

Wiliam also unexpectedly received an invitation from the old lady.

Including Feliicity, Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling.

The four of them were arranged at a table beside the main table.

Feliicity looks much better today and can walk normally.

On the contrary, Li Chunfeng’s cheeks were ruddy and still seemed to feel extremely hot.

Wiliam looked at Li Chunfeng’s delicate appearance, and his heart was even more disturbed.

Yesterday he had helped Li Chunfeng suppress the fever in her body.

Unexpectedly, Feliicity is not ill today, but Li Chunfeng has a tendency to reignite the old fire.

Moreover, Wiliam had a deep feeling in his heart. He vaguely felt that Li Chunfeng’s illness this time was definitely not accidental.

Will she be the biggest variable tonight?

“Tsk tusk, there is a wife by the side, still staring at other women.” Lu Furong said sourly.

She naturally saw Wiliam staring into Li Chunfeng’s eyes.

Lu Furong also noticed that Li Chunfeng’s cheeks were flushed, but thought that he was embarrassed by the look of Wiliam’s Chi Guoguo.

When she said this, Li Chunfeng was even more embarrassed.

She didn’t know what happened to her body these past two days.

It was obvious that Wiliam had helped her treat the hot body to a seven-to-eighth degree, and in recent months, she has not had another illness.

But after coming to Beilin Lu’s house, she felt like she was back in the past.

There was a heat in the body, restless at all times.

Some shameful thoughts also came to my mind from time to time.

This made her feel sorry for Feliicity even more.

She lowered her head slightly, completely afraid to look at Wiliam.

At this time, her hands suddenly cold.

He lowered his head and looked intently, but it was a pair of cool hands that gently held her hands.

It’s Feliicity’s hand.

Li Chunfeng looked at Feliicity in surprise.

But when she saw Feliicity’s smile, she seemed to be helping Li Chunfeng relieve her shyness and embarrassment.

Li Chunfeng’s heart was immediately moved, and he gently held Feliicity’s hand.

The feeling of coldness gradually eliminated the heat in Li Chunfeng’s body by one or two points.

Lu Furong watched Feliicity treat Li Chunfeng like this, and couldn’t help but glared at Wiliam, as if he was scolding Wiliam’s pig’s hoof.

“Here is coming! The family members are coming!” There was a loud noise at the door, and someone shouted.

The people of Beilin Lu’s family remained motionless while sitting in their positions.

Their status in Beilin City is supreme, so naturally there is no need to get up to welcome people from other families.

Even though they personally sent the invitation letter, there are noble and inferior people, courtesy and inferiority, the Lu family does not feel it an honor to come from these aristocratic families.

Wiliam looked towards the door, and a large group of people filed in from the door.

Even in the end, the servant who was standing at the door greeted the guests without time to examine the invitation letter.

With this, hundreds of people came!

However, these people appeared in the Lu family, but they made the Lu family’s brows frowned.

The comer is not good!

These people, as if they were uniformly dressed, all dressed in black.

Forget it, their right arm is all tied with a piece of white gauze.

This dress, like this, doesn’t seem to be a celebration at all.

Instead, it’s going to be funeral for people!

Some elders of the Lu family were directly angry, stood up while patted the table, and shouted coldly, “What do you mean by dressing like this! Don’t you know that today is our little princess from the Lu family for her birthday!”

These more than 100 people are all from the rich family of Beilin City.

Wiliam was naturally in it, and he also saw some familiar faces.

He Jian from the He family, Lin Zhengdao from the Lin family, and Gu Dahai from the Gu family.

And these families are all the families involved in the tragic death of a hundred people yesterday.

Wiliam looked at the person on the main table lightly.

Lu Xiaolu looked panicked when seeing these people.

There was still anger on his face, and he was obviously irritated by these people’s costumes.

Today is her birthday.

Instead, the old lady remained expressionless in the main table.

It’s just that there is some doubt in his eyes.

The old lady is indeed a little confused.

She was thinking, among these wealthy families, which one is not always self-esteem.

It seems that there is such a big scene, and I hope that one after the other in the competition, who can become the spotlight of the crowd.

Today these people are uncharacteristically and come here together.

There is a lot of mystery here.

And seeing them uniformly dressed, the old lady sneered inwardly.

It seems that there is some expert behind who gathered all these wine and rice bags.

is it him?

Among these people, there is still a wave of very, very important people missing.

But no matter what.


Today’s feast opened so fast, it is unexpected.

The dishes are still not good.

“We are here today to give a birthday gift to the little princess of Beilin Lu Family!” Among the group of people in black, a middle-aged man with a big belly came out more and more, and said aggressively.

A wave of his hand!

At the door, a bunch of people appeared again!

It’s just that the gifts from these people caused the Beilin Lu family present to fight a cold war together!

A huge black wooden coffin with a length of about ten meters and a width of about five meters was carried in directly along the wide door of Beilin Lu’s family!

Dragon Husband Chapter 777

The people of Beilin Lu’s family’s eyes widened.

An elder cursed directly: “What do you mean! Do you want to rebel!”

The fat man snorted, but he said to the old lady, “This gift we gave is the corpses of a hundred people! I ask the old lady to show his face and give these tragic deaths to a hundred people to be buried in a field!”

While talking, the group of huge black wooden coffins had fallen to the ground fiercely, and the ground was smashed into dust and smoke!

Very heavy!

Inside were more than a hundred people who died tragically last night!

Moreover, after the coffin fell to the ground, blood still oozes continuously through the gap, and only the surrounding ground was dyed red.

A fishy smell permeated the scene instantly.

The old lady’s eyebrows moved slightly, and the old voice rang out in the field, “Oh? Then I have to ask, where do you want my Beilin Lu family to be buried?”

The middle-aged fat man seemed to have expected it, and said coldly: “It’s just right to take this Beilin Lu family as the cemetery of heaven and earth.”

All the Beilin Lu family members, Qi Qi was furious upon hearing this!

Extremely rude!


Who gave them the courage!

How dare you come to Beilin Lu’s family to pick something up!

Dare to think of the entire Beilin Lu family’s site as a cemetery!

The old prince’s eyelids slowly drooped, and he just said softly: “If it’s a birthday, welcome. If it’s a guilty question, there will be no return.”

This is extremely overbearing.

But the old lady’s tone was flat, which greatly weakened the domineering sense of the words.

The people at the scene laughed in unison after hearing what the old lady said.

They are actually not afraid of the old prince who has run wild!

“We came, just want to ask the old lady, what are your insights into the tragic death of hundreds of people in Beilin City? Can you give us some tips.” The middle-aged fat man asked knowingly.

The old lady hung her head, as if she was very tired and had a headache, she said slowly: “I am not very clear about this matter.”

After hearing this, the other members of Beilin Lu’s family actually felt a little guilty.

The fat man suddenly laughed and laughed, “You don’t know? Then, let me analyze it for you?”

He didn’t wait for the old lady’s consent, so he said loudly: “All of the more than one hundred people died by hollowing out their internal organs alive, and as far as I know, the person who died first seemed to come from your Beilin Lu family. Huh? Why is this so important information that your Beilin Lu family deliberately concealed it? Is there something shameful?”

After he finished speaking, Lu Furong’s face beside Wiliam changed drastically on the spot, and her body was trembling slightly.

She suddenly felt a deep annoyance.

She was the one who suppressed this matter!

Her starting point is good, she doesn’t want to let the people outside know about her family scandals.

But thinking of this, this concealed truth turned out to be the fuse in the opponent’s mouth.

If Beilin Lu’s family was attacked by a group for this reason, wouldn’t it be the original sin for yourself!

And the old lady just said indifferently: “A servant has died, do we need our Beilin Lu family to spread this kind of thing?”

The middle-aged fat man’s eyes were sullen, and he took the words and said, “Really? Then I will believe your words for the time being. But I heard that you committed such crimes in your early years, and you also took your servants Hole out your internal organs and kill. I heard that you have a heart-breaking madness, and you get mad, but you kill anyone. Also, the day before yesterday, you seemed to be in front of all the Lu family members and said that you really wanted to Killing, right?”

Obviously the middle-aged fat man came prepared.

Each piece of evidence was moved to the table by him one by one.

All the evidence points to the old lady.

The old lady opened his mouth, and finally closed it slowly.


Seeing that the old lady was silent, Lu Furong’s heart raised her throat!

Although she also had 90% guess that the old lady was ill and murdered.

But what Wiliam said was wrong.

As long as they don’t have direct evidence to see the old lady murdering, they can completely refuse to admit it like that kid.

This is the crime of killing a hundred people.

If admitted, it will definitely become the target of strangulation throughout the city.

Old Madam, do you say something?

The middle-aged fat man saw that the old lady was silent, and the corner of his mouth slightly tickled.

He knew that even if the old lady had a hundred mouths, it was hard to argue.

All the evidence is fatal to her.

The mysterious boss is wrong.

Everyone, there is no direct evidence that the old lady killed someone by himself.

However, there is no direct evidence that the old lady did not kill anyone himself.

Until now, the middle-aged fat man didn’t know that the mysterious old man was so sure that the old lady had no direct evidence that she did not kill.

It’s not difficult to find someone to prove that she was in the room the night before, right?

But since the mysterious boss said, the middle-aged fat man complied.

Now, the situation is clear.

The old lady acquiesced.

Do they need conclusive evidence to prove that the old lady killed someone?

No need at all!

Do they need to care about the death of these hundreds of people?

Not even needed, most of them are slaves.

What they really need is an opportunity.

The old prince bowed his head and became an opportunity for public criticism.

Now this opportunity has come.

“If I said that I did it, what do you want?” The old lady who was silent for a long time suddenly said.

This said, the scene was in an uproar!

The people of Beilin Lu’s family, although faintly guessed, did not expect that the old lady would admit it in front of so many people.

This was a fatal blow to the Beilin Lu Family!

“Grandma, don’t talk nonsense! Everyone, don’t listen to my grandma. My grandma is in poor health these days and has been at Lu’s house all the time.” Lu Xiaolu’s face was earthy in fright, and he stood up and faced the people around him. Keep waving his hands so that everyone does not believe what the old lady said just now.

However, it was too late.

What you say is like water poured out.

The middle-aged fat man showed a successful smile and said sternly: “Since the old lady asked us what we are going to do? Then we can only tell you apologetically. Although we are not on our own terms, we still muster the whole city. I want the Lu Family to bury these tragic deaths!”

While talking, the man behind the middle-aged fat man suddenly raised his momentum, obviously he was about to do it on the spot.

Because of guilt, Lu Furong was frightened by the situation at the scene, and he rushed out, stopped in front of those people, and shouted: “No! The old lady is definitely not a murderer! You caught it wrong! People.”

The middle-aged fat man was stunned by Cheng Yaojin, and he couldn’t help asking, “Who said that the old lady is not the murderer! She admitted it herself.”

The tense situation made Lu Furong too late to think. She only relied on instinct, pointed one finger in one direction, and said weakly: “What he said, the man named Wiliam said! You can ask him if you don’t believe it!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 778

Following Lu Furong’s finger, everyone looked at Wiliam who was sitting below.

There was a look of doubt in most people’s eyes.

Who is this guy?

Unheard of before.

But seeing that this young kid can sit at the position closest to the main table, presumably his identity is also very honorable?

The middle-aged fat man Xie asked blankly: “Who is he?”

Lu Furong’s head stiffened, and she wanted to stamp her feet in depression.

She was really anxious just now, so she blurted out that it was Wiliam.

At this moment, she was deeply regretful, and she secretly scolded herself as confused.

How can I keep in my heart what a kid who runs the train with his mouth full.

It’s alright now, how can this situation end?

Facing the middle-aged fat man’s question, Lu Furong bit the bullet and said, “He is from our Beilin Lu family.”

She didn’t dare to tell Wiliam’s identity as a medicine slave at this time.

Isn’t this embarrassing enough?

But at this moment, an elder at the main table said coldly: “He is a medicine slave of our Lu family.”

At the scene, there was silence for half a minute.

Then burst into roar of laughter.

Lu Furong’s face turned red on the spot with a smile.

My family demolished my family’s TV station. This old man is really good.

The middle-aged fat man was trembling with laughter.

Everyone showed even more disdain.

“When did your Lu family degenerate to such an extent, you actually want to believe what a small Yao slave said?”

“Since the price drop, it seems that the Lu family is exhausted.”

“A nasty kid, can you believe what he says?”

In the full laughter, there are only three people’s looks, which are incompatible with everyone.

Lin Zhengdao, He Jian and Gu Dahai.

They knew Wiliam’s identity.

The master behind the dignified Blue Moon Emperor City!

You guys, laugh, you will cry for a while.

Wiliam, who was in it, was calm, even his eyelids moved.

There is really no way for Lu Furong. She can only go one way to the dark. She weakly said, “What this kid said is somewhat credible.”

“Presumptuous! Take the lives of hundreds of people in our family to bet the weight of a medicine slave! Is your Lu family crazy! Or our family is stupid!” The middle-aged fat man smiled, suddenly furious.

He felt deeply humiliated by the Beilin Lu family.

They even used the words of a servant to prevaricate them!

You Beilin Lu Family, so look down on people!

Lu Furong was in a hurry, rushed to Wiliam’s side, gave Wiliam a little, and said eagerly: “You are talking, weren’t you very clever before? Tell everyone what you said to me before. Listen.”

The people around laughed louder.

“I’m afraid he is a kid who has never seen the world before. Now that I see so many rich and powerful people here, I’m scared to be stupid. Can I still speak?”

“Boy, if you have a kind, you can show evidence on the spot, otherwise we want you to look good!”

Amid the ridicule and disdain of everyone, Wiliam finally got up slowly.

He did not go to see these laughing people, but looked at the old lady.

Four eyes face each other.

There was a flash of playful light in the eyes of the old lady.

Wiliam understood it instantly.

Sure enough, is that so…

Wiliam understood the look in the eyes of the old lady.

It seems to be saying, now, it’s your turn…

This trick of relying on Lu Furong’s straightforward temperament to cause trouble is really serious.

At this moment, Wiliam didn’t know what the old lady was thinking.

The old lady probably knew that she herself was not the real murderer, right?

So she deliberately showed weakness, and then used Lu Furong to transfer the focus of the conflict to herself.

No, you can’t say that.

The old prince used it, not Lu Furong.

But the mysterious man.

“Boy, since you dare to stand up, then tell us well, I want to see you, what can I say.” The middle-aged fat man also stood in front of Wiliam, his expression dismissive.

Wiliam finally spoke. He said, “According to my guess, the old lady was indeed not the murderer of these people. As for the evidence, you have to ask the old lady herself. There is something about her. There is no rebuttal evidence.”

The people at the scene were taken aback.

irrefutable evidence?

Still on the old lady himself?

No, if so, the old lady can just take it out by himself.

Why did you just default?

what on earth is it?

Even Lu Furong was dumbfounded.

She was only asking Wiliam to tell his inference at the time, so she could delay some time and think about other ways.

Unexpectedly, this kid is amazing.

Even directly said there is iron proof?

What hard proof?

Everyone’s eyes turned to the old lady again.

And the old lady herself showed a faint smile, as if she was saying, okay, you kid, the skill of playing football is no less than that of my old lady.

In a word, the contradiction was thrown back in an instant.

But how could the old lady easily show this evidence?

She deliberately looked at Wiliam with a puzzled expression: “What are you talking about, my old lady can’t understand a word, what evidence can there be in me? To be honest, did I kill people? I don’t know. After all, people get old and sometimes their heads don’t work well.”

The people at the scene were directly beaten by these two Tai Chi.

The middle-aged man flew into a rage, flew a kick, and directly kicked the next table to pieces, “Are you kidding us people!”

After he finished speaking, he turned his eyes to Wiliam, “You tell me! I can’t tell, I want you to taste the power of my Hades feet!”

He really moved to kill.

Been played by a mere drug slave for so long.

He knew very well in his heart that even the mysterious boss said that there was no direct evidence to prove that the old prince murdered, and there was no direct evidence that the old prince did not murder.

What Wiliam said was completely contrary to what the mysterious boss said.

Wiliam was in the position of the target of public criticism. He didn’t panic at all. He continued to look at the old lady and said, “I am afraid that few people know why the old lady has not been out of Beilin Lu’s house all these years? Because the old lady has been imprisoned. The Beilin Lu family can’t take half a step out of the Lu family at all, so let’s ask everyone, how did she go out of the Lu family to kill other families in Beilin City?”

The expressions of the people at the scene, including many people in Beilin Lu’s family, changed in an instant.

They had never heard of what Wiliam said.

Even Lu Xiaolu showed a dazed expression.

“As for the evidence that she was imprisoned in the Lu’s house in Beilin, the old lady has to provide it by herself.” Wiliam finished speaking, smiling, “Old lady, can you tell me now?”

Dragon Husband Chapter 779

Everyone’s eyes returned to the old lady.

At this time, the old lady finally stood up, she actually clapped to Wiliam, “Ho ho, good boy, you really didn’t disappoint me, you really thought and logic, impeccable, and even caught this deadly point.”

“You don’t play mystery here! The old lady can’t take half a step out of Beilin Lu’s house, it is what you made!” The middle-aged fat man shouted sharply.

Even the mysterious boss doesn’t know about this, and he’s totally bullying.

And Lu Furong also looked at Wiliam with a look of surprise, and asked in a low voice, “How did you know? I don’t know about this. How many days have you come to us?”

Lu Furong has been in the Lu Family since she was a child, and she knows the Lu Family well.

She doesn’t even know about this.

But she thought about it carefully, it was true that for so many years, the old lady had never stepped out of the Lu family.

But everyone thought that the old lady of martial arts has rarely met opponents in this world, and he is simply too lazy to be the Lu family.

Unexpectedly, this is the reason!

If this is the case, then who can imprison the martial arts master here.

It’s so scary to think carefully!

“The old lady said it to me personally.” Wiliam answered Lu Furong’s question lightly.

Lu Furong choked, speechless.

This kid, when did you have such a good relationship with the old lady?

Are they not hostile to life and death?

Could it be that the two of them drank that night?

The old lady naturally thought that Wiliam would say it, she was just a little unhappy in her heart.

After all, someone once said that everything that night would be forgotten.

It’s not masculine to lose weight now.

“You have broken your promise.” The old lady said to Wiliam instead of listening to everyone’s questions.

Wiliam didn’t change his face, and faced each other, “I don’t break my promise.”

A simple back-and-forth dialogue stunned the old lady.

If there is no one to break his promise…

The old lady slapped his forehead and cursed himself, “I’m so confused. You and Li Banshan stay in the same room. How come you don’t know, ho ho ho, I’m too difficult, so I turned two tigers off. Together.”

If Li Banshan told Wiliam, then Wiliam would have known it a long time ago, and it would not count as telling the story of the old lady that night, and it would not be considered a breach of his promise.

“Well, I lost this round.” The old lady said to Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded slightly, saying that he had accepted.

The people at the scene looked confused.

This round?

What are they doing!

What lost?

No one can see through what the old lady and Wiliam are doing.

They are fighting wits.

The old lady used that mysterious boss and Lu Furong to throw the problem to Wiliam.

She also believed that Wiliam was a gentleman, even if she knew she could not leave the Lu family, she would not be able to say it because of her promise to herself that night.

In this case, without this deadly evidence, Wiliam couldn’t persuade everyone even if he was too busy talking.

The winning ticket was in hand.

But he didn’t expect that Wiliam would know from Li Banshan earlier that he could not leave the Lu family.

Wiliam won this round of Tai Chi.

“What the hell are you doing! Since you knew about the old lady before, why didn’t you tell me! I was so mad at me!” Seeing the old lady saying this, Lu Furong was also convinced in his heart.

But she was angry with Wiliam, this kid, she had evidence before, and she pulled a bunch of reasoning wool.

Simple and rude, how about a man!

Not overbearing at all.

But Lu Furong’s unintentional words evoked Wiliam’s heartstrings.

Wiliam sighed secretly, why didn’t he tell Lu Furong about this.

Because once it is said, the following things are completely out of control.

“Well, I admit, I really can’t take a half step out of the Lu family. Few people know about this, including some of our Lu family’s elders, and even my granddaughter.” The old lady admitted the loss. , Said slowly.

The Lu family’s face suddenly turned pale.

Including Lu Xiaolu.

“As for the evidence, it couldn’t be simpler. I was put down by someone with a square inch gu.” The old lady said directly without hiding it.

Because, she couldn’t wait to pass this link.

“Mother and child Fang Cun Gu!” When the people on the scene heard this, several people took a breath!

They have heard of this kind of Gu.

This kind of Gu is not harmful to the human body at all, and it can even prolong life.

But the biggest side effect is imprisoning people!

Rumor has it that if you take a place as the center and let people take the lower inch mother gu first, and finally nail the Fang inch child gu to death on the spot in that place, the Fang inch mother gu in the human body will not leave this place because of thoughts.

If you forcefully leave this place, the Fang Cun Mother Gu in the body will eat your heart on the spot, causing you to die in a moment!

The most important thing is that this square inch child and mother Gu is unsolvable.

Fangcun Zimu Gu is recorded in many ancient medical books, and many people know it.

Don’t mention how beautiful the faces of everyone are now.

They still can’t believe that the old lady who is rampant is just a poor person imprisoned in the Lu family.

Indeed, if it hadn’t been forced by the situation today, the old lady wouldn’t have said this at all.

As soon as this matter is said, the reputation of the Lu family will be greatly reduced.

Everyone instantly understood the reason why the old lady had painstakingly concealed this matter.

If you switch to any person, you will not expose your weakness to others.

Everyone looked at the look of the old lady, and suddenly became weird.

The old lady showed a kind of compassionate smile at these people.



You people, now that I know I can’t leave Beilin Lu’s house, aren’t you happy?

But, don’t get too excited.

Now take a look, where are you standing?

“What evidence do you have to prove that you got the Fangcun Child and Mother Gu?” The middle-aged fat man asked again, unwilling to do so.

The old lady raised her arm casually, and there was a light red blood line on her arm, extending from the wrist to the shoulder.

The key is that the blood line seems to be alive, faintly fluctuating, as if there is a bug in it wriggling constantly, wanting to break out.

There was an uproar at the scene.

Now, if you don’t believe it, you have to believe it.

The scene fell into a strange weird state.

Since the old lady proved that she could not leave the Beilin Lu family, then she could not leave the Beilin Lu family to kill so many people.

Now everyone’s biggest doubt is!

Who is the murderer who killed a hundred people!

In the silent scene, Wiliam met the gaze of the old lady.

The old lady grinned, her mouth moved, and she spoke a few words with her mouth.

“Boy, now, it’s your turn again…”

Dragon Husband Chapter 780

In the first round just now, the old lady did lose.

Lost in information asymmetry.

The price of her failure was to expose her most fatal weakness to everyone’s eyes.

However, when it comes to the price, it is not actually a price.

Because the old lady had gathered all these people in the Lu family, this weakness of her was temporarily absent.

At best, Wiliam wins in momentum.

Seeing that the old lady couldn’t hide it, she took the initiative to say it, just to wait for the next round.

In the next round, who is the real murderer?

Everyone is wondering.

However, Wiliam’s expression moved slightly, the one who should have come will always come.

He and the old lady looked at each other, and the second round officially began.

They seem to be waiting for something at the same time.

The atmosphere on the scene is getting more and more weird. The huge coffin is just laid out, but it is very crippling.

“Huh! The first dead person happened in your Lu family. This incident has nothing to do with your Lu family!” The middle-aged fat man said bitterly.

He thought that the old lady would be sophistry.

However, the old lady actually followed the middle-aged fat man’s words and nodded, “Yes, the murderer, maybe it is our Lu family, or, to put it more accurately, it’s called…”

“The people who live in our Lu family…”

Lu Furong’s expression changed on the spot as soon as the old lady said.

There sounds no difference between the people of the Lu family and the people who live in the Lu family.

But Lu Furong instantly heard the difference!

If the old lady deliberately emphasized people living in the Lu family, then she was referring to those servants who did not belong to the Lu family.

Or is it!

Wiliam and them!

Lu Furong stared at Wiliam in disbelief.

As if to confirm the words of the old lady, a person suddenly ran into the door and said anxiously: “The murderer has been found! The murderer has been found! We searched for surveillance throughout the city, and finally found the murderer on the onboard surveillance of a car. !”

As soon as the people at the scene heard it, there was noisy.

It’s time to come!

Everyone is at a loss, and what breakthrough is urgently needed.

The man hurriedly came to the middle-aged fat man, and then handed the middle-aged fat man an instrument along with a projector.

The middle-aged fat man didn’t hesitate, and immediately in front of everyone, let his subordinates switch on the instrument.

The picture was projected directly onto a pink wooden board for the birthday party.

The screen jumped out.

Dark night, bright moon.

The shooting place is the gate of a family.

At the door stood a sleepy night watch servant.

In just two minutes, a shadow suddenly fell from the sky and fell in front of the servant.

The middle-aged fat man freezes the picture in an instant.

As for the people in the picture, the people on the scene suddenly set off a big wave!

The women around Wiliam’s eyes widened, and they couldn’t believe the scene they saw!

The figure in the painting is a woman!

She has a nice face, but with three points of evil!

It turned out to be Feliicity sitting next to Wiliam!

Feliicity’s face turned pale when she saw this scene.

She waved her hands to Wiliam frantically, yelling, as if she had ten thousand grievances in her heart, saying to Wiliam that the person was not her!

People on the scene also saw that Feliicity was sitting beside Wiliam.

The few people who were closer to Wiliam took a few steps back in an instant!

Everyone can’t believe this picture they saw!

The woman in front of her looks like a flower and looks like a fairy, and she has a soft temperament that I can see.

Unexpectedly, such a harmless fairy would be a bloodthirsty demon who killed hundreds of people!

It’s simply too ruined!

Li Chunfeng stood up and said loudly, “No, it’s definitely not Feliicity! She has the most kind character, and she will never kill!”

The old lady said indifferently: “Is it her? We will know if we look at it.”

The middle-aged fat man’s hands were shaking.

He started playing the next screen again.

one second!

In the next second, everyone screamed in unison!

The white Feliicity in the picture suddenly turned to the black tiger with one hand at the drowsy servant!

A hand passed directly through the servant’s belly!


This is not iron proof, what is iron proof!

The servant was awakened instantly, and he weakly said something to Feliicity, as if begging for mercy.

But Feliicity confronted him for a few seconds, seemingly crazy.

Then he took out that hand and used both hands together, directly smashing that person!

At this point in the picture, no one dared to watch it anymore.

It’s disgusting!

The middle-aged fat man stared at Feliicity, trembling with anger, “Okay! The real murderer is sitting here! Now, what else do you have to say!”

Feliicity’s tears fell on the spot, clutching Wiliam’s hand tightly, looking at Wiliam helplessly.

Wiliam sighed, and gently touched Feliicity’s head, comforting Feliicity, “It’s okay, leave it to me.”

The people at the scene didn’t care about the three or seventy-one, and directly surrounded their table.

The evidence is solid, and there is no opportunity for sophistry this time!

The old lady separated everyone, with a weird smile on his face.

Boy, how do you break this deadlock is really exciting.

Li Chunfeng first said: “Feliicity is definitely not a murderer, this video must be fake, and she has been sleeping with us these days and nights, how can she have time to go out!”

The old lady asked Lu Furong, “Furong, you live with them, tell me, does she really have to go out? Tell me the truth, if there is a little falsehood, I will not forgive you.”

Lu Furong had a bitter face, he hesitated, and owed Wiliam slightly, as if to apologize.

Then she truly said: “Feliicity is indeed wrong to sleep with us. I can testify. But I can’t guarantee what happened after we fell asleep.”

What she said was more objective.

But it left a huge loophole.

The old lady showed a sneer, “Then have you found anything wrong these days?”

Lu Furong smiled bitterly again, “It’s one thing, except for the spring breeze, we all felt cold and weak after waking up, exhausted, a bit like…”

Speaking of this, she glanced at Wiliam with a guilty conscience, and said weakly: “It looks like someone moved their hands and feet to fall asleep.”

The scene was noisy again.

Lu Furong’s words fully proved that Feliicity has the time and possibility to commit crimes!

Now, what is there to quibble.

Li Chunfeng was so anxious that tears rolled in her eyes, she said loudly: “Impossible! Impossible! Besides, Feliicity doesn’t know martial arts at all…”

Speaking of this, she suddenly kept her eyes!

Feliicity, don’t you know martial arts…

Yes, in normal Feliicity, you can’t martial arts, but if it is…

The abnormal blizzard!


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