Dragon Husband Chapter 786-790

Dragon Husband Chapter 786

The people from the Beilin Lu family at the scene showed deep doubts on the face of the person Wiliam asked.

Because, Lu Yewen’s person is obviously a person with no attack power.

Lu Xiaolu.

The protagonist of the birthday party tonight.

But he didn’t think of the people behind these people who were inexplicably accused by Wiliam.

Lu Xiaolu’s face also showed a trace of astonishment, and he waved his hand quickly: “What are you talking about? We had grudges before, but you can’t just wrong me in such a grand manner!”

Everyone in the Lu family became furious, “You boy, your words are getting more and more unpredictable! Don’t think that our Lu family hasn’t held you up until now, you can make a difference!”

Wiliam looked at the middle-aged fat man Xie.

The face of the middle-aged fat man is now indescribably strange.

And this weirdness just confirmed Wiliam’s conjecture.

“You! You’re bloody! I’m from the Beilin Lu family, how could I join the people outside to find trouble with our Beilin Lu family! This is totally unrealistic if I want to know this with my toes. “Yes.” Lu Xiaolu’s face flushed flushed, and continued to defend.

The people around kept echoing Lu Xiaolu’s words.

There are two major iron rules in the Beilin Lu family.

First, as I said before, infighting is not allowed.

The second is not to betray.

The group of people in front of them, if they were instigated by a mysterious bigwig, would gather together to find trouble with Beilin Lu’s family.

It is absolutely impossible for this mysterious boss to come from within the Lu family of Beilin.

Because this has committed a capital crime.

Who dares to offend the anger of the old lady directly?

The people around immediately pointed to Wiliam, thinking that Wiliam’s hand was bloody, but it was just diverting everyone’s attention.

Besides, although Lu Xiaolu is the little princess of the Lu family, this is only a kind of praise for her.

If you really want to talk about strength, how can Lu Xiaolu enter the eyes of these wealthy families?

No one knows, Lu Xiaolu’s martial arts are nothing extraordinary.

Where did her appeal to lead these wealthy families to rebel?

Therefore, no matter from which factor to analyze, Lu Xiaolu is absolutely impossible to be behind these people.

When Lu Xiaolu saw that everyone took the initiative to speak for himself, his expression gradually eased.

However, the look she looked at Wiliam became even more hateful.

She couldn’t help but said to the old lady: “Grandma, you have also seen this guy, this guy is getting too much, and now he dares to slander me! Can’t you be fair to your granddaughter?”

The old lady looked as usual. She nodded and looked at Wiliam, “Little guy, if you want to talk about others, as you just said, you have to show evidence, right? There is no proof here. Any convincing.”

Wiliam looked at the old lady amused.

You should not be called Lao Taijun, you should be called Lao Jing Jing.

You know this matter better than me, right?

Even, all your plans today are made on this basis.

It can be said that you are using this person behind the scenes.

Now he is still acting here.

“Well, when a hundred people died tragically before, did you hold the first meeting?” Wiliam asked.
Those people’s faces became stiff, and they nodded faintly.

“It’s also at that time, the people behind the scenes show up, and then use suppressive methods to make you surrender to her. No, it can’t be called surrender. At most it is a kind of cooperation. Because she values ​​the strength of your unity, and you see The middle one is her identity, right.” Wiliam said word by word.

Lu Xiaolu laughed on the spot, “I never felt that your imagination is so rich. Edit it and continue editing it for me.”

Wiliam was not angry, and continued: “When this fat brother was in a dilemma several times, his eyes were unconsciously looking in one direction, as if he was asking for help. And this direction happened to be Lu Xiaolu. Could it be a coincidence?”

Lu Xiaolu laughed more frantically, “Ho ho, when people look at me, I am the boss? Don’t you think it is funny to say it?”

“You said it is enough! From just now to now, everything you have said is your own maddening imagination, there is no evidence at all! If you do this again, believe it or not, I will immediately expel you from the Beilin Lu family! “At the end, Lu Xiaolu looked solemn, as if he was really annoyed by Wiliam.

Wiliam shook his head, sighed and said, “Originally, I wanted to give you a chance. It seems that you don’t need it at all. Evidence, of course I have it, and it’s hard evidence. Take a look. On the spot, what is missing among these wealthy families?”

The people at the scene were taken aback, what was missing?

Lu Xiaolu was even more confused by Wiliam’s question, and her eyes couldn’t recognize that the group of people on the other side was walking around.

However, Lu Xiaolu didn’t know many people in Beilin City after all.

Can she see any way out?

The people at the scene also look at me and I look at you. I don’t even know what this kid meant.

There were only three people, looking awkward, with a trace of fear.

Only the three of them knew what was missing from this group of people at the scene.

The middle-aged fat man got angry from his heart and shouted directly: “You kid, don’t play mystery here! I will kill you now!”

With that said, he was about to go up and beat the kid hard.

However, as soon as the fist was picked up, it was held from behind.

The middle-aged fat man turned around to look, and the one who held his fist was Lin Zhengdao, who had been silent from the beginning.

Lin Zhengdao’s face flushed red, and even the hand holding the middle-aged fat man’s wrist was trembling, and his veins flared.

He was terrified.

This fat man, really dare to do it?

With this action, you don’t know how you died!

You all want to die, don’t get involved with the three of us!

Before, Lin Zhengdao, Gu Dahai, and He Jian agreed with the mysterious boss to come to Beilin Lu’s family together because they wanted to bring down Beilin Lu’s family.

As for Wiliam, even though they knew that he was in the Beilin family, they also knew that today’s protagonist would never fall on Wiliam.

What a dream!

As soon as a group of people came over, the old lady said nothing, and the contradiction instantly transferred to Wiliam.

And it won’t go back for a long time.

Don’t mention how nervous the three of them are.

Especially Wiliam asked Gu Dahai if he had any opinions.

These words seemed to be asked in the hearts of He Jian and Lin Zhengdao.

The heart is about to jump out.

They feel that this can no longer go on.

“Old Lin! Why are you holding my hand!” The middle-aged fat man shouted to Lin Zhengdao.

Lin Zhengdao looked at the other side in awe, and suddenly said to the middle-aged fat man: “You really, don’t you see what is missing in our group?”

“The missing part, call it!”

“Blue Moon Emperor City!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 787

The middle-aged fat man’s heart shook!

He couldn’t help but look back at his wave of people on the scene.

Indeed, none of the people in the Blue Moon Emperor City appeared among this group of people!

His face suddenly turned pale.

A kind of anxiety in my heart emerged madly.

When the representatives of this group of people were in a meeting, there were people from the Blue Moon Imperial City.

Because the Blue Moon Emperor City also died two security guards.

It’s just that the person sent by the Blue Moon Emperor City is just a high-level person, not the one-eyed Duan Feilong.

Even when everyone gathered here today, the middle-aged fat man took a special look, and there were no people from the Blue Moon Imperial City.

At that time, he thought that the people in Lanyue Imperial City were more arrogant and wanted to make his own debut.

Unexpectedly, no one from the Blue Moon Emperor City appeared by now.


“They, maybe they feel that the two security guards are dead, insignificant, and don’t want to offend the Beilin Lu family head-on.” The middle-aged fat man said bitterly.

However, Lin Zhengdao shook his head with a serious face, “No, the recent arrogance in the Blue Moon Emperor City would be afraid of Beilin Lu’s family. They did not come, there is only one reason!”

As he said, Lin Zhengdao’s eyes fell on Wiliam, and he said in awe: “In this case, there are already people from the Blue Moon Imperial City, and this person is enough to represent the entire Blue Moon Imperial City!”

When Lin Zhengdao said so, there was an uproar at the scene!

“What! Are the people from Blue Moon Emperor City coming? Where are you!”

“Either their Duan Feilong or the recently mysterious new president who can represent the Blue Moon Emperor City. Duan Feilong must have not come, is it the new president?”

The people at the scene suddenly blow up.

“Where is the new president?” The middle-aged fat man’s hand gripped Lin Zhengdao tightly.

Lin Zhengdao shook his head with a heavy expression, and said, “The new president of the Blue Moon Emperor City is also not here, so there is no need to look for it.”

The people at the scene were stunned again, “No coming? Then you just said that they have someone here, and they can represent the Blue Moon Emperor City? Are you kidding us?”

Lin Zhengdao took a deep breath and said, “There is no new president, but this person has a higher status than the new president. He can be said to be the king behind the scenes of the Blue Moon Emperor City. !”

Now, everyone is not calm.

Even many people in Beilin Lu’s family changed their expressions in an instant.

You know, the status of this new president can already be equal to that of the old lady.

Now there is another person higher than the president.

Wouldn’t it be superior to the old lady?

Moreover, no one has heard of such a person before.

“You don’t want to betray you, I’m all messed up by you now.” The middle-aged fat man was completely anxious.

If this is what Lin Zhengdao said, then this person is definitely the biggest change tonight.

Lin Zhengdao took another look and found that his face was calm, as if he had acquiesced to what he would do next.

At this time, he slowly spoke, landing Ye with a single finger, and said: “The man from the Blue Moon Emperor City is him! Wiliam!”
“Boom!” There was a scream of coaxing.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and couldn’t believe what Lin Zhengdao said.

“How is this possible! This kid is just a lowly medicinal slave from Beilin Lu’s family, how can he become a member of the Blue Moon Emperor City again?”

“And it’s not right. If he is what you just said, isn’t he a figure above the new president and the old lady?”

“This is too scary? How old is he, how could he have such a noble status?”

No one can believe this fact.

This is the case for the wealthy family, as is the Beilin Lu family!

Even the old lady and Lu Xiaolu would not believe such nonsense.

However, Lin Zhengdao said in a deep voice: “I swear to the sky, Lord Lu is the man behind the Emperor Lanyue City. He and Gu Dahai can testify to this.”

He Jian and Gu Dahai stood up and nodded together.

At this moment, the scene fell into a sluggish state.

They were completely overwhelmed by the sudden thunder that hit them just now.

A little sparrow soared up and turned into a phoenix!

It’s just too unexpected.

However, many people at the scene also reacted.

It’s no wonder that in the face of Wiliam’s question just now, Gu Dahai, a person who must report to him, was as cowardly as his grandson, always saying that he had no opinions.

It turned out to be afraid of Wiliam’s identity.

The most shocking thing in the field was Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu always regarded this kid as a worthless bastard.

Although the previous impression has been completely subverted.

But how can you think that this kid could be even more terrifying!

He turned out to be the king behind the Blue Moon Emperor City!

This is simply too scary.

And she also thought about what happened in the Blue Moon Emperor City.

If he is the one who dominates the Emperor Lanyue City, what is the problem if he can leave safely?

By the way, before, He Yuewen and Lin Songfeng came to Wiliam to kneel and ask for medicine. Could it be that they already knew Wiliam’s identity.

Lu Xiaolu thought about this, the more he thought about it, the more possible it became.

The look she looked at Wiliam changed instantly.

From the beginning, the mouth was silly and mysterious, but now it shook in all directions!

This kid is so incredible!

And she also thought of the two things Wiliam had said before in the meeting hall.

He said he would heal the green snake flow.

He said he is the master of the Blue Moon Emperor City!

However, what he said at the time was really crazy.

No one believed him at all.

With the passage of time, it has been confirmed that this kid can heal the green snake flow.

Unexpectedly, the second sentence is actually true!

He really is the master of Blue Moon Emperor City!

For a while, Lu Xiaolu felt out of breath.

As the layers of mystery on this kid were revealed.

His image in Lu Xiaolu’s heart is getting higher and higher unattainable!

Obviously, he should be a servant who could manage life and death at will.

Now his identity has become more noble than grandma!


Just as Lu Xiaolu regretted, he suddenly felt a beam of eyes fixed on him.

She looked up, and her heart shook.

It was Wiliam.

With a hint of mockery on Wiliam’s face, he said with a smile: “So, you went to their discussion meeting in black clothes and encouraged them to join forces to bring down the Beilin Lu family. My subordinates are also on the scene, my dear. Seeing you lifted the veil. Lu Xiaolu, do you think this counts…”

“unambiguous evidence?”

Dragon Husband Chapter 788

Lu Xiaolu’s face froze on the spot.

Everyone at the scene looked at Lu Xiaolu.

If this kid is telling the truth, then his so-called evidence is conclusive, it is indeed true!

Could it be that Lu Xiaolu is really the dark man behind these people?

The faces of Beilin Lu’s family all appeared in disbelief!

“Lulu! Tell me! Tell me the truth!” There was an elder from the Lu family in Beilin, who directly shot the case.

The atmosphere of the scene is on the verge!

At this time, Lu Xiaolu, who had been shocked, suddenly sneered.

Then, this sneer became louder and louder.

In the end it turned into a wild laugh.

Lu Xiaolu slowly stood up in front of everyone.

His body was shaking with laughter.

It is said that the flowers are trembling, but there are no such terrible and vicious flowers!

Lu Xiaolu and her before, seem to have changed.

It just seemed like the white Feliicity turned black just now.

Lu Xiaolu’s face carried an incomparable viciousness and hideousness.

Her eyes fixed on Wiliam, “Good boy, I really can’t hide anything from you, okay, I admit, I am the one standing behind them, so what?”

Acknowledging this fact from Lu Xiaolu’s mouth, the scene once again caused a stir.

Especially the people from Beilin Lu’s family were shaking with anger.

Wan Wanzhen thought that the person most likely to attack the Beilin Lu family would eventually become the biggest enemy of the Beilin Lu family.

It turned out to be Lu Xiaolu!

They looked at Lu Xiaolu, even now, they couldn’t believe this fact.

The old Lu Xiaolu was such a kind girl.

There is always a gentle smile on his face, and he is polite to everyone, even the servant.

How could it become like this!

He screamed and drank to the next person, completely not thinking about their lives and deaths.

Now, he is secretly encouraging other families to try to subvert his own family.

It’s crazy.

After seeing Lu Xiaolu’s admission, Wiliam looked at the old lady instead.

He raised his brow slightly, as if he was responding to a look from the old lady before.

This time, it’s your turn again.

Between the two people, the silent wit battle continued.

Starting from the first round, the old lady threw the problem to Wiliam, who turned defeat into victory, and put the old lady together.

The old prince took the plan and followed Wiliam’s words, leading to the second round, and aimed at Feliicity next to Wiliam again.

This round came to an end with Lu Yeliang’s identity and strong suppression of Gu Dahai.

In this case, it is barely a tie.

Now, the third round begins.

Wiliam was uncharacteristically defensive.

This time, he took the initiative to attack.

All the contradictions and focal points were returned to the old lady.

How should the old lady deal with this round?

Looking at Wiliam, the old lady shook her head.

She couldn’t help smiling bitterly, “I already knew that you are not an ordinary person, and it was an eye-opener to think that you still have such an identity. Tsk tsk tsk, smart person, it is really annoying. . It’s really hard for me.”

The old lady was actually very contradictory.

On the one hand, inexplicably and involuntarily appreciate this kid.

Ho Ho, the king behind the dignified Blue Moon Emperor City.

This identity is really scary.

When I heard it just now, my scalp was numb.

The dignified king, came to my Beilin Lu family to be a lowly medicine slave for the honor of his wife.

If he had known that he was so affectionate for his wife, maybe just now, he would not deliberately divert his attention and aim the finger at his wife.

This is touching the dragon’s scales.

It’s no wonder that this kid is so furious that he is now taking the initiative to attack without mercy.

A smart person who only plays defense, or a smart person who takes the initiative to attack, which one is more troublesome?

Faced with the silence of the moment, there was another person who felt extremely uncomfortable.

She is Lu Furong.

Lu Furong couldn’t imagine how an ordinary birthday party would develop to such a terrifying level.

The boy in front of him was originally just a servant, but he didn’t expect it to be Longyou Shoal!

He has an identity that he can’t climb in his entire life!

The owner of the Blue Moon Imperial City is really scary.

It’s no wonder that this kid always looks like a high-ranking sacred person.

Before, Lu Furong thought that this kid was a lower heart than Tian Gao.

Unexpectedly, he should have been so noble!

Lu Furong also figured it out in an instant, and only if Wiliam possesses such a terrifying and mysterious identity can he have the strength to dissolve the green snake flow, and even the strength to fight the old prince.

Between these three, they are mutually complementary.

There is no one who can succeed casually.

There is no one person who can possess the ability but has no commensurate fame and wealth.

A hero has its strength, and only then can its name be retained.

Only with such a literary and martial virtue as Wiliam can you have beautiful and beautiful women like Feliicity, Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling by your side.

Before, I thought that Feliicity and others would be blind to Wiliam.

Didn’t think that this is the so-called gentry appearance?

I was blind, and only now I can see the extraordinary of this kid.

Lu Furong was more shocked and disappointed than Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu admitted publicly that she was the person behind these wealthy families.

That is to say, she ruptured with the Beilin Lu family in public and was an enemy.

The little princess who has been serving for more than ten years will turn out to look like she is today!

All of a sudden, Lu Furong had mixed feelings.

She suddenly discovered that her eyes were completely empty!

Can’t see people at all.

Can’t see Wiliam, think it’s an ant, but turns into a dragon.

Can’t see Lu Xiaolu, think it’s a lady, but turns into a demon!

What is the use of keeping such eyes!

Lu Furong’s tears fell on the spot.

She couldn’t help but rushed up, grabbed the crazy laughing Lu Xiaolu tightly with one hand, and asked silently, “Little princess, I don’t believe it! You are not such a person! Why are you doing this!”

Lu Xiaolu laughed, but suddenly kicked Lu Furong to the ground.

The hideousness on her face was even worse, one foot slammed on Lu Furong’s body, and what she said made people feel terrifying.

“Why do you want to do this? Because all of you have lost to me! You will only lie to me! All of you deserve to die! And, you should die before me!”

“I told you already, if you don’t save me, you will regret it! I will save myself!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 789

As Lu Xiaolu spoke, his eyes swept over these people at the scene, his eyes filled with endless hatred!

Disappointed, sad, angry, sad.

There are all expressions.

However, there is no expression called Survival!

You don’t have one!

All of you have this life intact!

But it was me, as the unique little princess of the Beilin Lu family, but within these two days, my life would be lost!

What qualifications do you have to blame me, hate me, and even sympathize with me!

You are not worthy!

Unless, like the more than one hundred people in the coffin, they have the right to speak to me!

You people, you usually have benevolence and morality, but when you are facing life and death, what choice will you make?

Ho ho, even if you come here today, it is not for your servants to seek justice, right!

There is only one thing in your eyes!

That is to use my Lu Xiaolu’s hand to get rid of the thorns in your eyes-Beilin Lu Family!

Then why can’t my Lu Xiaolu use your hands to achieve the goal I want!

I just want to live.

All I long for is an unprovoked life.

What you have to do is to subvert the entire Lu family, and at least hundreds of lives will be lost!

Who is a man, who is a god, and who is a devil?

I am more noble than you.

On the ground, Lu Furong couldn’t stop tears falling down the corner of her eyes.

Although she was stepped on by Lu Xiaolu, she couldn’t wait to crush her chest with this foot.

Don’t be like this, watching the little princess who has been serving for more than ten years becomes such a demon on earth!

“Little princess, why are you doing this…you are not such a person…” Lu Furong muttered to herself.

Lu Xiaolu sneered again, “You forced me.”

As Lu Xiaolu said, he looked at the old lady who was aside fiercely.

And Wiliam.

These are these two people.

A wonderful hand who can directly save his life, but has no heart.

The other one kept saying that it was his grandmother, and kept saying that he wanted to save his life.

In the end, I still play around with myself. Don’t I know what your real purpose is?

Since the old lady let go of Wiliam on the martial arts stage two days ago, Lu Xiaolu has made up his mind.

Save your own life.

She had known what the old lady was after for so many years.

Heart of Yanhuang.

Ho ho, grandma sees this thing more importantly than her life, she should be able to save her life.

Therefore, Lu Xiaolu did two things at the time.

One of the things is to go to these rich family members, and want to use their power to severely suppress the Beilin Lu family.

It can even bring down the old lady directly.

Only in this way can Yan Huang’s heart fall into her hands and save her life.

For today’s situation, Lu Xiaolu has done too much preparation.

Originally, she only wanted to hide behind the scenes, but didn’t want to turn her head against the Lu family.

Unexpectedly, all his efforts had been destroyed by the kid named Wiliam!
Now, she was forced to publicly recognize the identity of the person behind the scenes.

Lu Xiaolu had a strong murderous intent in his heart.


The same is to reveal the identity.

This kid can attract everyone’s attention and shock, and turn into a dragon.

But he was cast aside by everyone and became a despicable bug.

“Lulu, you shouldn’t do this.” The old lady who had been silent on the side finally said something.

However, Lu Xiaolu was directly interrupted severely, “You shut up! I still don’t say you!”

Lu Xiaolu looked at the old lady with a ferocious face.

“Are you still my grandma! Didn’t you say you want to save me? What’s your way? You know that my life can only survive today at best! Have you ever told me how you can save me? In the past few days, I have approached you time and time again, wanting to hear from your mouth again and again how you can save me. There is no way! You have never mentioned a word! You disappointed me too much!” Lu Xiaolu became more excited as he spoke, and his face flushed at last.

It was also the first time that the old lady saw such an excited Lu Xiaolu. When Lu Xiaolu said that, the old lady tried to open his mouth several times, but finally fell silent.

Lu Xiaolu continued to say, “Even tonight, I still have illusions about you! It’s a pity that you let me down again and again! I originally thought that you were going to attack this kid tonight and force this kid Help me! But there are none! Not only there is none, but I can even feel from the conversation you have just now that there is some kind of contact and transaction between you and this kid! It is impossible for you to start. My final fantasy is also shattered! Hohoho, this is my good grandma! It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous!”

Lu Xiaolu said, suddenly a powerful aura burst out of his body.

This momentum actually set off a storm!

The table in front of her was directly torn apart!

This scene made the people of Beilin Lu family stunned!

Everyone looked at Lu Xiaolu in disbelief.

“This! How is this possible!”

“This hand, it has the strength of the later stage of Huajin!”

“Impossible, Lu Xiaolu has no knowledge of martial arts attainments at all. If he insists on saying something, it’s good to be able to achieve external strength by just embroidering his legs.”

“But, she now…”

Everyone can’t believe it, is the Lu Xiaolu in front of him still the little princess before?

It is simply a blackened demon.

“Lulu, why can’t you trust your grandma for a while?” The old lady’s face, like a failed flower, was completely decadent.

There was deep disappointment and sadness in her eyes.

She didn’t know how much Lu Xiaolu worked hard to survive.

But how does Lu Xiaolu know how many sins an old woman of mine has to pay to save her life.

In the end, it came to this point.

Thinking of this, the old prince raised his head and looked at Wiliam, with a hint of murder in his eyes.

This kid is ruthless.

This third round is a big move.

The Lu family in Beilin was destroyed!

Even now, the grandmother and grandmother kill each other!

This hand is no better than Zhu Xin.

“Lu Xiaolu! You disappointed us too much! You unexpectedly wanted to subvert our Lu family with the people outside! You have seriously violated the Lu family’s rules! We can’t say today, we will kill you here! Elders Follow me!” a grumpy elder shouted directly.

However, the gray-haired elders remained motionless.

The elder thought it was the old lady who was moving, and everyone did not dare to move.

He immediately looked at the old lady, and wanted to hear instructions from the old lady.

The old lady also spoke.

However, the words spoken are not instructions.

It’s another, scary truth!

“Ho ho, no need, these elders died two days ago.”

Dragon Husband Chapter 791

“What!” When the people on the scene heard the old lady’s words, it was really goosebumps.

They couldn’t help taking a step back together, staring at the elders who were still standing there.

Those elders clearly still have aura and human temperature.

Why did you become a dead person?

He died two days ago.

Even Lu Xiaolu’s expression showed a trace of astonishment, and the rampant breath faded a bit.

The old lady sighed and said slowly: “These people, shouldn’t be the real elders, the real elders, two days before you decide to kill, they should have died.”

Speaking of this, the elders knelt on the ground with a thump, their bodies were completely weakened.

They kept kowtow at the old lady, as if confessing their mistakes.

Lu Xiaolu’s face showed a trace of viciousness again, and this trace of viciousness went straight to the old lady.

People at the scene, don’t mention how complicated the mood is now.

On the site of Beilin Lu’s family, it seemed to be at a ghost gate.

There are not only more than a hundred corpses who died tragically.

Now even living people don’t know if it is a human or a ghost!

Really scary.

The middle-aged fat man couldn’t help it in the end.

He shouted at Lu Xiaolu: “Lu Xiaolu, you let us join forces to help you bring down the Beilin Lu family, but you also promised us to help us find the real murderer! Now we do not want to find the real murderer in your family. No matter what, you tell us who is the real murderer!”

Lu Xiaolu did promise everyone to help everyone find the murderer.

However, Lu Xiaolu just gave them a video surveillance, saying that the murderer was a woman.

Now it has been confirmed that this woman was not the murderer of a hundred people, but only two people.

Then naturally there is another murderer.

This group of them felt that they didn’t want to stay in this ghost place like Lu Family for half a minute.

So I just want to leave after this matter is over.

However, Lu Xiaolu’s eyes became fierce again, “A group of incompetent people! No climate!”

“What are you talking about! Alright! After using us, you want to kick us away, right?” The middle-aged fat man’s face also became ugly.

At this time, a voice came in, and it seemed so unpredictable.

“Until now, don’t you see who the real murderer is?”

It was Wiliam who followed the prestige.

The middle-aged fat man’s eyes flashed, and suddenly he thought of something.

Before they had to question Wiliam’s real murderer.

It was just that Wiliam avoided him.

And Wiliam’s excuse for hiding was that he had to confirm one thing before exposing the murderer.

Then he discovered the truth that Lu Xiaolu was the man behind.

By now, he should also tell the real murderer, right?

However, the middle-aged fat man just changed his mind and suddenly his face changed drastically!

If, according to this kid’s logic.

Why didn’t he just mention the murderer directly, but to rescue Lu Xiaolu first?

What is the purpose of this?

Could it be that!

The eyes of the middle-aged fat man stared at Lu Xiaolu for an instant, “You! You are the real murderer of these people, right?”

At this time, Wiliam finally laughed, “You fat guy, aren’t you stupid.”

Everyone at the scene was in an uproar!

Lu Xiaolu is the real murderer!

Another incredible truth!

Lu Xiaolu snorted and looked at Wiliam, “Ho ho, you said I was a murderer, I am? What about the evidence?”

Lu Xiaolu is confident.

People, it was her mistake to kill.

But she did it very cleanly!

There are no clues left!

Forgive this kid for breaking the sky, as long as there is no evidence, it is bullshit.

Coincidentally, Lu Xiaolu had never thought of killing so many people before.

It was totally unintentional.

That day, she was staring at the old lady and Wiliam in secret, and saw that they were drinking and chatting.

The anger in Lu Xiaolu’s heart suddenly appeared.

At that time, she felt that Wiliam and grandma were in collusion and would not care about her life or death at all.

So Lu Xiaolu became more determined to save himself.

She wanted to go back, but once again encountered a more terrifying thing on the way.

She watched Feliicity come out of the room like a walking dead.

Then he went to Wang Yiran and killed Wang Yiran directly.

At that time, seeing this scene, Lu Xiaolu himself was very frightened.

It is totally unimaginable that Feliicity, who has always been weak, has such a vicious method!

But after the shock, Lu Xiaolu started to think badly.

He wanted to use his tactics and enlarge Feliicity’s murder infinitely.

On the one hand, it can make Wiliam and Feliicity suffer the crime, on the other hand, it can inflame the anger of the whole city to inquire the Beilin Lu family.

Therefore, Lu Xiaolu waited again for Feliicity to come out the next night.

It’s just that Feliicity just killed a person outside this time, as if he couldn’t stand it, and he fell into a coma.

For the sake of the overall situation, Lu Xiaolu personally sent the unconscious Feliicity back to Lu’s house in Beilin.

It was also at that time that Lu Xiaolu attacked the sleeping Gu Zhiling and others, tapped their acupoints, and made them sleep more deadly.

This is why they always feel that their bodies have been moved.

After doing this, Lu Xiaolu kept doing nothing, went straight out, and slaughtered the audience wantonly.

Everything is imitating Feliicity’s previous killing methods.

It is extremely cruel to hollow out people’s internal organs!

Lu Xiaolu killed a hundred people overnight, but he was not half scared, but he had a deep joy!

Someone, die with her!

What an honor you people should be.

On the second day after the murder, Lu Xiaolu found the wealthy families and gathered them all together.

Lu Xiaolu did everything cleanly, leaving no clues.

So she was extremely convinced that even if Wiliam said nothing at this time, as long as there was no evidence, she still couldn’t ask her own sin.

This feeling of powerlessness is helpless, ho ho.

Lu Xiaolu felt more comfortable in her heart.

However, Wiliam smiled slightly and stood up.

He and Lu Xiaolu looked at each other.

One has clear eyes, but one is extremely vicious.

Wiliam slowly said: “Evidence, I naturally don’t have it, and if you say so firmly, there must be no evidence against you in this world, right?”

Lu Xiaolu hooked his mouth and nodded grandiosely.

However, as soon as he finished nodding his head, Wiliam’s eyes suddenly became fierce.

“But in this world, there are some things, even if there is no evidence, but with another thing, the same…”

“Can convict you of death!”


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