Dragon Husband Chapter 791-795

Dragon Husband Chapter 791

Lu Xiaolu looked at Wiliam with such a look, and he didn’t know why, his heart jumped wildly.

She prides herself on being extremely clever, and her previous actions were extremely powerful, and she did not leave any negligence or omission.

But what was the other thing this kid said!

“You don’t talk nonsense here! If you have evidence, just take it out. Let’s use the evidence to speak!” Lu Xiaolu said clenuously.

Wiliam cast his eyes at the old lady again, and said with a smile: “There is another thing called a logical witness.”

Logical witness?

When the people on the scene heard the unfamiliar word, they were all confused.

What is a logical witness?

“And this logical witness is your grandma, grandma.” Wiliam said slowly.

The old lady was expressionless at first, but when he heard what Wiliam said, his face was instantly pale.

She seems to have thought of something!

She seemed to understand, Wiliam used every move before, for what purpose!

What a kid!

I thought you were just powerless to defend!

But I didn’t think that you had to endure the first two rounds for this third round!

too frightening!

The old lady thinks he has lived for most of his life, so what else can’t be seen through.

Even between Wiliam’s attack and defense just now, the old lady could vaguely guess some of his ideas.

However, Wiliam’s current move is completely beyond her imagination.

It’s completely the magical pen of Flying Fairy!

Wiliam walked in front of the old lady and Lu Xiaolu, and said with a smile: “Lu Xiaolu, Lu Xiaolu, do you really think you are smart? You think you killed so many people and then hide in these Behind people, can you watch the show leisurely, and finally reap the benefits? Hoho, isn’t it a bit naive? It can be seen that you are the murderer, besides me, there is your grandma.”

When Lu Xiaolu heard this, he looked at his grandma in disbelief.

The old lady’s rhythm was completely disrupted by Wiliam at this moment, and it was difficult to speak for a while.

In the first round just now, the old lady conceded himself.

But she lost politely and completely supported her by winning or losing the next few rounds.

Now, the situation is very different.

With this loss, she was about to lose all the games.

“Grandma, you!” Lu Xiaolu looked at the old lady blankly, not even speaking at all.

In the end, the old lady sighed slowly and said: “Let this kid finish speaking, if I didn’t say it from him personally, I really can’t believe that a person’s wisdom would have arrived like this!”

The people at the scene also became silent.

Wiliam continued: “At the scene, the old lady and I knew that Lu Xiaolu was the person behind and the murderer who killed so many people. Therefore, this formed the most basic logical basis.”

“Just now everyone saw the inexplicable conversations between me and the old lady? You must have guessed it. I and the old lady are in a secret contest.”

Everyone nodded foolishly.

Indeed, through the conversation between Wiliam and the old lady just now, everyone has a faint conjecture in their hearts, but there is no evidence after all, and everyone can’t say anything.
The corner of Wiliam’s mouth clicked and said, “So, the basis for all my contests with the old lady is based on the premise that Lu Xiaolu is a murderer and the people behind you. Without this premise, we All contests cannot continue at all, or even cannot be established.”

When Lu Xiaolu heard this, his heart violently!

The two of them actually competed from the beginning, the premise was set to be above the murderer!

And without this prerequisite, these rounds of their contests will not hold!


In other words, after they competed for several rounds, they were sending out a signal.

He is a murderer!

This is really logical evidence!

And the old lady, invisible, became the so-called logical witness of this kid!

“Ho ho, even to be a little bit polite, Lu Xiaolu, you are just being smart. All the strategies of the old lady and I today are based on your foundation. We are all using your identity. , But you don’t know anything until now.” Wiliam’s eyes looked at Lu Xiaolu, full of coldness.

Next, he explained in detail the several contests between him and the old lady just now.

In the first round, it was actually Lu Xiaolu who took the lead, and the contradiction focused on the old lady.

Then several people used Lu Furong to bring the focus of the contradiction to Wiliam.

It is because Lu Xiaolu, Lao Taijun and Wiliam all know that neither Lao Taijun nor Wiliam are murderers.

Their grandchildren, under the deliberate guidance of the old lady, were nothing but disgusting Wiliam.

The same was true for the second round, and the focus of the contradiction was again on Feliicity.

This time, Lu Xiaolu asked people to provide evidence and wanted to humiliate Wiliam and Feliicity.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by Wiliam again.

Because they couldn’t think of it, Wiliam turned out to be the master behind Lanyue Emperor City.

The reason why Wiliam has been defensive in the first two rounds is actually to continuously form a whirlpool in secret.

No one can see through this vortex.

Until the third round, Wiliam directly fought back, brightening the whirlpool.

By the time the old ladies and the others reacted, it was too late and too late.

Through the accumulated struggles of the previous two rounds, Wiliam relaxed and dragged the old lady into the water to form this logical witness.

And in the presence, no one is qualified and has the confidence to be this logical witness.

Except for the old lady.

Now once this logical witness is formed, with the correction of the old lady, Lu Xiaolu will not be able to withdraw even if he wants to retreat.

The whirlpool has wrapped her tightly.

After listening to Wiliam’s analysis, everyone took a breath!

Really terrible!

If he hadn’t said it in person, everyone would have no idea that in the seemingly peaceful situation just now, there have been several battles like swords and shadows!

They were even more shocked that the young boy in front of them had even counted the old lady!

And the old lady didn’t notice it at all.

This is terrifying!

If all this kid said were true, the old lady would be the most advantageous witness.

Without the premise that Lu Xiaolu is a murderer, she doesn’t need to have so many contests with Wiliam!

From this point of view, Lu Xiaolu was really charged with the crime!

And the old lady on the side, after listening to Wiliam’s words, was out of anger, an impulse was uncontrollable in her heart!

so amazing!

She had the urge to go off the court in person and add Wiliam’s so-called logical evidence to perfection before she was willing!

Dragon Husband Chapter 792

People outside didn’t know the old lady’s mood at this moment.

When she saw Wiliam’s remarks, every word pointed to people’s hearts.

There was an urge to compete with Wiliam to decide the outcome!

She was indeed calculated by Wiliam.

However, she definitely has more things than Wiliam!

For example, two days ago, she discovered that the lock of a small drawer in her room had been moved.

In that drawer, there is a copy of Forbidden Martial Arts that the old lady brought out from Beiluolu’s furniture!

This forbidden military can use extremely malicious means to directly absorb the internal strength of others and turn it into one’s own use in a short time.

But the cost is also very high.

If you are not careful, the internal force drawn from others will explode because of incompatibility!

The old lady at the time immediately guessed that the book should have been stolen by Lu Xiaolu.

However, the old lady did not directly approach Lu Xiaolu for accountability.

She wanted to see what exactly Lu Xiaolu would do?

So next, there was a scene of Lu Xiaolu delivering porridge to the old lady.

The old lady has superb medical skills, how can he not know that Lu Xiaolu sent her the porridge with his hands and feet inside.

Add drugs that can make people crazy.

She also guessed that Lu Xiaolu deliberately led her to go crazy in the middle of the night.

So at that time, she mumbled to herself and had to be crazy.

Next, there was a terrifying incident of killing hundreds of people in Beilin City.

The first thought of the old lady was to know that Lu Xiaolu probably did it.

After contacting the elders in the family for a short time, she found that they were all different.

She also instantly inferred that it was Lu Xiaolu’s hand.

The elders of the family were completely wary of Lu Xiaolu, so it was reasonable for Lu Xiaolu to use the forbidden military to absorb all the internal forces of these elders.

Combining so many things, the old lady inferred that Lu Xiaolu was probably going to unite outsiders to deal with the Beilin Lu family.

However, the old lady who learned of this situation not only did not stop Lu Xiaolu, but at today’s birthday party, he followed all the arrangements made by Lu Xiaolu.

The reason is very simple. What Lu Xiaolu has to do, and what the old lady has to do is the same.

Lu Xiaolu wanted to unite these people to come to Beilin Lu’s family to inquire.

And the old lady, is worried about what powerful means to gather so many people to Beilin Lu’s family to prepare for the next blood sacrifice of a hundred people.

Therefore, the old lady Jun Shun Lu Xiaolu can be regarded as using Lu Xiaolu to complete the feat of gathering the wealthy family in the Lu family of Beilin.

From the beginning, the old lady knew that he was not the murderer, and Shun Lu Xiaolu planted the charges on Wiliam and Feliicity.

I just didn’t expect that she completely underestimated Wiliam!

I thought he was just defensively, and was beaten by himself and Lu Xiaolu.

But it was totally unimaginable that Wiliam’s defense was hiding the toughest layout!

Just like now, he turned out to be the most favorable witness to his granddaughter’s murder.

Ho ho!

Good fellow, not only did Lu Xiaolu’s crimes be condemned, but it also made the two of them even more antagonistic!
Kill two birds with one stone!

Very powerful!

The veins of the old lady’s forehead were beating, provoking such a terrible young man.

I am too hard.

When Lu Xiaolu reacted, his eyes instantly became fierce!

She looked at the old lady in disbelief, and sternly shouted: “Grandma! You actually joined hands with him to testify against me! Good! Good!”

The old lady sighed when he saw Lu Xiaolu look like this.

Things are completely out of control.

The logical witness of this kid is completely formed.

Now even with a hundred mouths, it is difficult to clear Lu Xiaolu’s charge.

The people below also made a noise instantly.

The middle-aged fat man trembled with anger and landed on the deer with a single finger, “What a cruel lady! We thought you were so kind to help us! It turned out that it was a thief shouting to catch a thief! After killing so many people, he dared to appear before us. , Are you treating us as fools!”

Lu Xiaolu had torn her face completely at this time, and she let out an unpleasant laugh, “Ho ho ho, you guys are fools! You guys should die! Okay, don’t you want to know if I killed people! I will admit now , I killed people! So what!”

In a word, the situation will burst instantly!

Everyone’s spearhead was aimed at Lu Xiaolu.

This Lu Xiaolu slaughtered a hundred people and was the enemy of the wealthy family.

She even killed the elders, fornicated with foreign enemies, and completely trampled on the two iron rules of the Beilin Lu family!

She is also the enemy of Beilin Lu’s family!

One person exists, the four sides are enemies!

This is the situation Lu Xiaolu is facing now!

“Old lady, today we are going to kill Lu Xiaolu, what do you say!” The middle-aged fat man said to the old lady angrily.

The old lady looked at Lu Xiaolu with difficulty and sighed slowly, “Lulu, do you know now? How stupid are you? Grandma really wants to save you, but unfortunately, you push yourself. Entered into the land of immortality. You are not that kid’s opponent at all.”

Lu Xiaolu suddenly rose into the air, his dress fluttered, and his hair rose automatically without any wind.

She gazed at the hundreds of people below and shouted viciously: “Since I did it, I won’t regret it! Ho Ho, it’s over! Grandma, do you think I don’t know what you are going to do? You just used me. Get them together! Okay, now I’ll just help you again and kill all these people!”

“I gave you all the internal organs of those people before! It’s the same now! I’ll give you all the hearts, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys of these hundred people! How long will it be until your blood pool opens? Ho Ho Ho Ho , Let me help you! let me help you!”

As Lu Xiaolu said, the whole person suddenly went down like a ghost!

She actually killed the group of people directly, and she didn’t know when with her hands she became like an old lady!

Dark green dark green!

There are still bloody veins on it!

This is a sign of internal power bulging in the body!

“Ah!” In an instant, the screams were endless!

Lu Xiaolu absorbed the internal strength of several elders, and martial arts had reached the late stage of internal strength in a short time.

In this group of people who are generally in the early stage of inner strength, it is like a wolf into the flock!

There are no people, it is the enemy of Lu Xiaolu!

“Look! You guys don’t want to know how I murdered! That’s it! Take a good look! Hahahaha!” Lu Xiaolu’s entire face suddenly turned dark green, with only one pair of eyes covered. The scary bloodshot looks extremely disgusting.

And with Lu Xiaolu’s rampant killing, the eyes of the old lady suddenly turned red.

She is distressed.

What a good granddaughter, why has she become such a person, neither ghost nor ghost!

Blame him!

Blame him!

The old lady suddenly stared at Wiliam who was silent on the side, and her eyes became sharp.

“Let our grandchildren turn against each other! Have you ever wondered what the price will be!”

With that, the red and black clothes on the old lady suddenly split!

A piece of close-fitting golden silk armor was revealed.

She stretched out her black hand and grabbed Wiliam’s skull hard!

Dragon Husband Chapter 793

Wiliam’s figure retreated sharply, and he dodged the grasp of the old lady.

The old lady hung in the air and shouted sharply: “Ho ho, are you still reluctant to use your tricks? Then don’t blame me for being polite.”

With that, she forced her towards Wiliam again.

Wiliam still dodged blindly.

This time, he was real.

After all, Wiliam was only in the early stage of his inner strength, and he was far behind the old lady Jun Huajin.

With a few moves, the old lady’s brows frowned slightly.

Suddenly she patted her forehead, and said with a headache: “Good boy, I was fooled by you again.”

The old lady had always thought that Wiliam was also a master of Huajin.

However, after a brief fight just now, the old lady suddenly realized that he was wrong.

Wiliam wasn’t a master at all.

He is pretending to be a tiger and eating a pig!

The reason is that Wiliam now has no reason to continue hiding.

He is like this, it can only be said that he has the ability to oppose him.

But why…

Suddenly, the old lady thought of it.

The aura that Wiliam had painstakingly created before was to conceal the truth of his being the master behind the Blue Moon Emperor City.

What a kid!

The anger in the old lady’s heart burned even more.

Suddenly she felt that she hadn’t known this boy several times without knowing it.

If so, then die!

The aura on the old prince once again raged, this time he didn’t have the slightest hold on!

The scene suddenly turned into a pot of porridge!

All the people were beaten up and down!

This pair of grandchildren are crazy!

With two people alone, it was able to suppress everyone in the audience!

It’s just too deceiving.

Within a few moves, the old lady had already forced Wiliam into a corner.

Here, there is no way to hide!

The old lady shouted and stretched out his claws again!

But at this moment, Wiliam’s eyes suddenly flashed a light!

This is the time!

“Get up!” Wiliam shouted violently when the old lady rushed towards Wiliam’s figure!


No wind and waves!

No terrain!

A strong momentum suddenly soared from behind Wiliam!

This momentum instantly merged vertically and horizontally, forming a dense net of murderous intent!

The old lady’s eyes stopped!

Rao, as a master of Huajin, at this moment, she instinctively felt a monstrous killing intent, shrouding her!

She wanted to step back in an instant!

But she was shocked to discover a terrible fact!

Wiliam in front of him, it is wrong to avoid unavoidable!

But in other words, she, who is also in the corner, can’t hide!

What a kid!

He deliberately led himself to this corner.

Then I deployed this ultimate move just to wait for myself!

He was deceived again!

Between the electric light and flint, the old lady yelled violently, and his body moved abruptly in the air!

The dense murderous aura left traces on the old lady’s body in an instant!

Fortunately, the old lady was prepared for a long time, and put on a piece of golden silk soft armor.

The murderous aura just smashed the old lady away fiercely, and then disappeared instantly.

In the past ten years, the old prince has suffered such a defeat!

She is basically invincible in this world.

She bounced from the ground, staring at Wiliam in front of her with vicious eyes.

At this moment, Wiliam was no longer alone.

Behind Wiliam, I don’t know when, more than two dozen people in black had already stood.

These people, judging from the momentum, all of them are masters of inner strength!

The head is alone, with firm eyes, staring at the old lady.

The old lady grinned and smiled bitterly: “Are these the real strength behind the Blue Moon Emperor City?”

Wiliam nodded, “I made you laugh.”

These people are surprisingly Cui Shangyun and a group of unicorn envoys!

They are the thunders that Wiliam personally buried here.

To be honest, Wiliam had no intention to go shopping with the old lady.

After all, the old lady is his aunt.

These people are just Wiliam arranged here to contain the pawn of the old lady.

Wiliam had thought about it, and immediately revealed his identity to the old lady.

However, looking at the crazy old lady in front of him, Wiliam felt that even if he said it now, the old lady wouldn’t care about it.

Even the old lady would think that he was deliberately using this lie to provoke the old lady.

It will only make the old lady even more crazy.

So, now can only delay time.

Wiliam looked at the full moon in the sky.

Such a moon should be very beautiful.

But when will it turn red…

In the scene, there is always a group of people missing.

Those people, where are they now, and what are their plans.

Yes, they are all boiling time.

The old lady stared at Wiliam fiercely, “Ho ho, do you think these inner strength martial artists can deal with me?”

Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent, and he said softly: “These people, naturally, can’t deal with you as a master of Huajin. But you are still too careless. Do you really think that these people appear only by force? Don’t you forget, Wiliam, what is the biggest killer move? Or in other words, don’t you forget, what was the initial fuse of this killing tonight?”

The old lady’s face became stiff, and suddenly he quickly mobilized his internal strength and checked his body carefully.

After this inspection, the old lady’s face instantly became extremely ugly!

“You! You actually planted a green snake on my body!”

Wiliam showed a slight smile at this time, “So, at any time, I can’t underestimate my identity as a doctor.”

Wiliam arranged these people here, on the surface, he was unexpectedly trying to plot against the old lady.

This is enough to attract all the attention of the old lady.

But Wiliam’s real intention was to use the murderous aura of these subordinates to drive the green snake flow into the body of the old lady!

Moreover, this green snake flow was improved by Wiliam himself.

The poisoning time is very fast!

No chance for the old lady to resist at all!

The old lady looked at Wiliam, her eyes were red.


It’s really hateful!

I was dazzled by hatred!

Forgot for a while, the biggest horror of this kid is not his strength!

It lies in his medical skills!

A Green Snake Flowing Goat that can solve his own problems, his medical skills are far better than his martial arts.

A smart person like him will definitely make use of his strengths and avoid weaknesses and bring his medical skills to the fullest!

Once he was careless, he actually said what this kid said!

Feeling the poison that ran like a snake on her body, the old lady felt her head bounce.

A strong killing intent, wanting to come out!

“I’m too difficult, I’m too difficult!” The old lady suddenly covered her head and wailed in pain.

At this moment, there was a cry of pleading next to him, “Master Lu, I beg you, come and save us, this crazy woman is really terrible!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 794

Wiliam looked to the side, and saw Lu Xiaolu like a wolf and a tiger, invincible among the crowd.

It was Lin Zhengdao who asked Wiliam for help.

Lin Zhengdao was very embarrassed at the moment, his clothes were in tatters, and several bloodstains were faintly visible on his body.

Similarly, Gu Dahai and He Jian looked at Wiliam pleadingly.

Wiliam looked at the old lady who was still wailing in front of him, pondered, and said to Cui Shangyun: “You first hold the old lady, I will go down there.”

Cui Shangyun had been told by Wiliam before, and naturally knew that Wiliam had no intention of killing the old lady.

So he nodded immediately, and a group of people surrounded the old lady.

The current old lady, with green snakes in her body, has greatly weakened her strength.

I believe that with the strength of Cui Shangyun this group of people, it is enough to contain the old lady for a while.

After Wiliam finished speaking, he stretched his body and fell in front of Lin Zhengdao and the others.

Lin Zhengdao watched Wiliam come over and bowed immediately!

At this moment, they have completely ignored their dignity.

Lu Xiaolu in front of him, as if his eyes were red, didn’t even leave his hands.

And looking at Lu Xiaolu’s appearance, it seems that the more he kills, the more courage he is. Until now, killing is as simple as trying to get something.

Of those family members, more than twenty people have fallen to the ground.

The difference in realm is particularly obvious at this moment.

Gu Dahai and He Jian also hurriedly knelt down and said in a deep voice, “Master Lu, please save us. We are the most loyal allies of the Emperor Lanyue City!”

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “You are the most loyal allies of the Emperor Lanyue City. I know this naturally, don’t worry.”

With that said, Wiliam turned his back and guarded the three injured people behind him.

On the other side of Lu Xiaolu, as if he knew that Wiliam was coming, he stared at him fiercely.

But Wiliam stood tall and motionless.

Everyone thought that there was a deep hatred between Lu Xiaolu and Wiliam, and they would definitely pounce on Wiliam immediately.

In this way, we can greatly relieve everyone’s pressure.

But what came to mind, Lu Xiaolu, who looked like crazy, looked like a jealous Wiliam, flew up and rushed in the opposite direction of Wiliam.

This scene stunned the people at the scene again!

Isn’t it bitter and deep?

Isn’t it endless?

Lu Xiaolu, you are on it!

Instead, you rushed at that kid, ravaged him, trampled him, and took possession of him!

You rush us to dry the wool!

Lu Xiaolu didn’t realize it, and continued to kill happily.

It seemed that Wiliam’s arrival greatly angered Lu Xiaolu.

And Lu Xiaolu completely vented this anger on this group of people.

In the blink of an eye, another five or six people died tragically in Lu Xiaolu’s hands.

Now, the people at the scene were not calm.

They are like sudden selves, and their understanding explodes.

Qi Qi rushed towards Wiliam.

Because they just saw that Lin Zhengdao, who was protected by Wiliam, still had sweat on their faces.

This is so elegant!

That place is definitely the safest!

Everyone didn’t care about the situation, Qi Qi rushed towards Wiliam, ready to cause trouble, let this kid feel Lu Xiaolu’s blessings.
But Wiliam seemed to know the thoughts of this group of people, so he flew directly and kicked the few people who had caught up in the first wave.

The people at the scene stagnated.

The purpose of this kid’s footing is…

Not let them come?

Don’t protect them?

When they reacted, anger flashed on their faces.

In the face of a disaster, he should have been in the same hatred. This kid is too inhuman to do so!

“You kid, are you looking for death? Let us go!” One person screamed at Wiliam.

But after drinking, he suddenly felt that something was wrong?

Wiliam showed an indifferent smile, “Get out of here, don’t you? Do you like this place? Okay, let it to you.”

Said that Wiliam made a look at the three behind him.

The four people rose into the air and fell in the other direction, giving up the position to the group of people.

The group of people was dumbfounded on the spot.

The person who spoke before also reacted at this time!

Hemp egg!

Don’t take that to play!

They came here to seek shelter from this kid!

Rather than grab the site with this kid!

Now it’s good, the site has been grabbed.

is that useful?

Without Wiliam, Lu Xiaolu still slaughtered Wuji in all directions!

What was even more depressing was that it seemed to offend Wiliam even more.

The middle-aged fat man was so angry that his casserole-like fist fell directly on the man’s face, “You are sick! You grab a place with wool from him! Stay here if you like to stay here!”

With that said, the middle-aged fat man watched Lu Xiaolu kill him again in the blink of an eye, and he was heartbroken and rushed towards Wiliam again.

At this moment, the middle-aged fat man no longer sees his previous arrogance.

He looked at Wiliam, who was watching with folded arms in front of him, and then at the three people who were safe and sound behind Wiliam, a very complicated feeling suddenly rushed into his heart.

He still remembered how his group had offended Wiliam before.

It was not enough to even humiliate him, and to put his wife to death.

Between the two, there is already a hostile relationship.

Wiliam would be very kind if he didn’t help Lu Xiaolu kill them.

Now, they have to come to seek shelter from Wiliam.

It’s so shameless.

At this time, the middle-aged fat man started to envy the three people behind Wiliam.

He scolded these three old foxes secretly!

I don’t even say when I hooked up with the people of the Blue Moon Emperor City!

It’s too interesting!

It’s no wonder that when everyone attacked this kid just now, the three of them were just like sandbags.

Unexpectedly, this kind of short-term counseling was exchanged for the current shelter.

It’s worth it.

Life is greater than the sky, and the middle-aged fat man can only save his old face, and said to Wiliam: “Master Lu, we were blind to Mount Tai before, so we are offended to you. Please raise your hand and help us.”

But at this moment, when Lu Yezhen spoke, Gu Dahai behind him suddenly laughed.

Everyone had a wrong impression of Gu Dahai before.

He is a man who will repay him.

He has been holding a fire ever since.

Originally, Gu Dahai had never thought that things would become like this today.

All these foolish hats in front of me.

Stir the shit stick!

Frozen is to mix the situation into this.

I’m all right now, I have offended Master Lu, and have to come back brazenly and ask Master Lu for asylum.

They lost all the faces of the rich and powerful!

Of course, Gu Dahai is selfish.

He also knew nothing about Master Lu’s ability.

If you shelter too many people at once, will you care about one and the other and fail to take care of the three of them?

Did we pretend that our grandchildren are all in white?

Certainly not!

You have to pay for your attitude towards Master Lu just now!

So Gu Dahai chuckled coldly: “Help you? Fatty, you are too worthy of yourself? Is this a helping hand? If there is Lord Lu, you are just being beaten by others. You still don’t understand yet. , You are not looking for help, but Bodhisattva!”

Dragon Husband Chapter 795

The middle-aged fat man’s face was blackened with anger on the spot!

He pointed to Gu Dahai with a furious look.

He is angry!

This bastard Gu Dahai!

I was like my grandson before, but now I’m crying!

As horizontal as grandpa!

Lao Tzu is begging this kid to turn off your wool!

As for speaking so viciously!

And the middle-aged fat man wouldn’t understand that he was actually asking for Wiliam’s protection, not for Wiliam’s help.

He just couldn’t let go of his figure and dignity as the head of a wealthy family!

That’s why I speak with sullen face.

This bastard Gu Dahai relentlessly broke through his words and trampled on the dignity of the family to nothing.

They wanted to escape from Beilin Lu’s family.

But they found that they didn’t know when the town house wall of Beilin Lu’s family had been formed.

Surrounded the entire Lu family.

Now they are the dogs trapped in the Lu’s family, and they can hardly fly.

Wiliam showed a slight smile after hearing Gu Dahai’s words.

He looked at the town house wall thoughtfully.

This town house wall is actually the same as the Qilin Qiang of Lingyue Villa before.

Both serve as the last protection for the home nursing home.

It’s just that the town house wall at this moment is not used to resist foreign enemies, but to trap beasts.

When Gu Dahai saw Wiliam smiling, he felt more confident.

Who wouldn’t be angry about something like this before?

Master Lu must be angry too.

So I smashed them, right.

Behind him, the screams of several people came again.

Those who had resisted Lu Xiaolu so hard, a few more died instantly.

The middle-aged fat man’s heart was crossed, and he suddenly bent down and pleaded in a deep voice, “Master Lu, please, protect us! We swear that after this incident, we will always treat Lanyue Emperor City with respect!”

Wiliam still didn’t speak.

But Lin Zhengdao behind him spoke.

“Before, your dogs looked down on people and humiliated Master Lu and Master Lu’s lover in every possible way. This was already a capital crime. But I think Master Lu is generous, not to account for the words and deeds of you ants. Now I will kneel down and tell Master Lu. Knocking three heads to apologize!”

When Gu Dahai heard this, his face suddenly changed, and he was so angry that he asked Lin Zhengdao to speak.

But Lin Zhengdao pulled Gu Dahai’s body in a hand, and said with a stern face, “Okay, you can stop. Now everyone is a grasshopper on a rope, with cold lips and cold teeth. These people are really dead. , Can we sit back and relax? Everyone’s enemies are Lu Xiaolu and Lao Taijun, and now we should think about it and accept it when we see it.”

Wiliam naturally heard what Lin Zhengdao said.

He agrees in his heart.

Lin Zhengdao still has a bigger picture than Gu Dahai.

The middle-aged fat man’s face was uncontrollably showing a trace of sorrow!

He is also the head of the family.

Kowtowing to others!

Isn’t this stomping on his face hard?

Other people’s thoughts are actually the same as middle-aged fat people.

But in the end, the middle-aged fat man knelt down neatly, banged his head three times at Wiliam, and whispered: “Master Lao Lu.”
After kowtow, he jumped and fell directly behind Wiliam.

This time, Lu Yezhen was obstructed, as if he had acquiesced.

When the others saw it, they couldn’t care about anything anymore. A group of people knelt down together and knocked their heads towards Wiliam.

Wiliam’s body moved again.

Directly in front of these people.

When everyone saw this scene, they were overjoyed.

Even this kid is witty and convinced.

Lu Xiaolu killed all the people in front of him and found that no one could kill.

At this time, looking up, two bulging eyeballs fixed on Wiliam’s body, making a ugly laugh, “Ho ho ho ho, I wanted to save you until the last one, and tortured and murdered, I thought, you actually If you dare to come forward, it’s no wonder me.”

With that said, Lu Xiaolu slid, bringing a smelly gust of wind, and rushed towards Wiliam.

When everyone heard Lu Xiaolu’s words, their faces turned pale!

They froze.

Lu Xiaolu hadn’t killed Wiliam just now, and even avoided Wiliam.

Isn’t it because you are afraid of Wiliam?

It’s because I want to save him until the last killing!


In this case, doesn’t it mean that this kid can’t keep them?

Those three heads just smashed in vain!

Everyone stared at Wiliam intently, and they could only pray in their hearts that this kid could severely suppress Lu Xiaolu, a mad woman.

Lu Xiaolu grabbed Wiliam with a claw.

This time Wiliam didn’t dodge it!

Slam a fist!

Everyone looked happy!

This kid has the confidence to fight Lu Xiaolu hard, he must be strong!

Wiliam’s fist slammed into Lu Xiaolu’s claws!

The fourth formula of “Impermanence Medical Classics”!


The violent internal force burst out from his fist desperately!

And Lu Xiaolu’s face showed a ferocious smile.

“That’s it?”

Her figure didn’t even retreat at all!

Instead, he scratched his claws!

It was actually holding Wiliam’s fist with one hand, and grabbing his fist into the flesh!

“Boom!” A fierce momentum swayed from them around!

Wiliam’s figure stepped back fiercely.

Lu Xiaolu stood there and laughed wildly, “But so! But so! Grandma really looks at you too much!”

Everyone saw Wiliam’s right hand, a five-finger wound with deep bones appeared!

Now everyone is going to collapse.

Originally thought that this kid could hold down Lu Xiaolu, now it seems that this kid is not Lu Xiaolu’s opponent at all!


Before that was a shit!

A deep shame filled everyone’s hearts.

Everyone’s eyes also became sour.

Some whispers are slowly growing.

“That’s right, it turns out that this kid is also a silver-like pewter tip, so he can’t stand a blow.”

“The thought of kowtow to this kid just now makes me feel disgusting!”

“Before I pretended to look like a master insider, who would you show me! Now that the true shape is revealed, I was so blind that I would kowtow to him!”

When Gu Dahai heard these words, his body was shaking with anger.

“Shut up all of you guys! If you have the ability, go on your own! Who can blame everyone who is not capable and backbone?”

Although everyone temporarily shut their mouths, the harshness in their eyes became more intense.

In the blink of an eye, Wiliam had already had several punches with Lu Xiaolu.

Although Wiliam’s courage is commendable, in the eyes of everyone, his heart is refreshing.

Every pair of punches ended in Wiliam’s failure.

There were already many wounds on Wiliam’s body.

And Lu Xiaolu was unscathed!

Not only that, she seemed to be aroused, and her arrogance was even more majestic!

As if the combat effectiveness has been soaring.

“Let’s get on together, let Master Lu take a sigh of relief!” Lin Zhengdao shouted when he saw the situation was not good.


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