I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 652

Chapter 652

Just when Lin Yan got in the car and returned to the Lin family, the Lin family was divided into two factions.

The people who have served Lin Yan for a long time support Lin Yan to officially become his successor, while those who stand behind the old grandmother support Lin Dong.

All of them have their own rhetoric, and of course there is the same thing, that is, the two sides are somewhat tit-for-tat to people other than their own support.

After learning the message that Old Man Lin informed Lin Yan to return, the old grandmother was the first to know.

She sat in the room with her eyes closed and meditated quietly. For her, the reason why she chose Lin Dong as the heir of the Lin family was for the good of the Lin family.

At least there is no risk that the home will fall outside and be snatched by outsiders.

What kind of person Lin Dong is. The old grandmother knew very well, so she didn’t have much hope for Lin Dong. She just wanted to give her a great-grandson after Lin Dong settled down.

For three generations of the Lin family, she didn’t believe that there could be no outstanding person, and it was because of this that she always stood by Lin Dong’s side.

The original plan was to marry Lin Yan, so that her threat was basically removed.

But Lin Dong, an unsuspecting thing, happened to cause such a thing at this time, and sighed slightly.

The old grandmother opened her eyes and looked at Lin Nan and said, “Where is Yan’er now?”

Standing below Lin Nan, he lowered his head respectfully and said, “Yan’er is almost at the door of the house. Do you want me to pick her up?”

When Lin Nan said this, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes. Anyone who dared to threaten their father and son inheriting the Lin family’s estate would be his enemy to Lin Nan.

Since Lin Yan is back, he must go up and give her a good look, let her know that he is not a member of this family after all.

How could the old grandmother not understand Lin Nan’s thoughts.

After looking at the look on Lin Nan’s face, the old grandmother snorted disdainfully, “You should accept your little tricks. The master will hate you even more after knowing it.”

After saying this, the old grandmother rubbed her head with a headache and said, “Originally, your son’s affairs are already very annoying, so don’t join in to watch the fun at this time.”

Lin Nan felt a little unwilling to hear this, but he had to endure it in front of his grandmother.

After a moment of contemplation, the old grandmother looked at Lin Nan thoughtfully and said, “How are you doing the marriage contract you arranged?”

Lin Nan nodded slightly and then said, “I am ready for the marriage. I have personally visited the Beifu family before. Their family business is very satisfied with Lin Yan.”

Upon hearing this, a touch of joy finally appeared on the face of the old grandmother.

After nodding slightly, the old grandmother couldn’t help sighing: “At last there is some good news after such a long time. If we can get along with the Norman Family, our life will be better.”

Lin Nan frowned slightly, looking at the old grandmother’s eyes with some confusion.

To him, the Norman Family in Beifu has always been very low-key, even if it is something to do with it, what can the other party give to himself.

And the old grandmother seemed to see through Lin Nan’s thoughts, smiled and shook her head, and then said: “Lin Xuechen from the three families in the Beifu, among them, our Lin family is first not because we are strong, but because we are standing under the sun.”

After saying this, the old grandmother said with a sigh: “The Xue family is walking on the gray road, so it ranked second, and finally this Norman Family.”

After Lin Nan heard this, she thought about the old grandmother a little strangely and said: “What is the difference between this Norman Family, the water is deeper than our Lin family?”

The old grandmother sneered when she heard this, how domineering the Norman Family was back then.

Although it was divided into many families later, even any branch of the Norman Family is not what ordinary people can expect.

They no longer need to be as sharp as they used to be, because of this it is even more scary and worrying.

Thinking of this, the old grandmother shook her head and said, “You don’t know about this. When the Norman Family was there, our family was in danger of being wiped out by the Norman Family even a little bit.”

“Then why is the Norman Family becoming so low-key now? Many people don’t even pay attention to the Norman Family.”

The old grandmother sneered. For the first time, she felt that her child was so stupid.

“If there are too many, I won’t talk about it. Just do what I tell you. Father, I will naturally explain to you.”

After saying this, the old grandmother turned around and said, “I’m tired, so go back and pick up Yan’er. By the way, tell Yan’er about this matter.”

Lin Nan watched the old grandmother’s back and stopped talking. After hesitating slightly, he put it down, then turned and left.

As soon as Lin Nan walked to the door, he saw Lin Yan dragging a suitcase over. Lin Nan smiled and walked forward.

Then he said softly, “Oh, isn’t this my niece, why did you come back today?”

Lin Yan gave him a cold look and didn’t bother to pay attention, but she didn’t expect Lin Nan to stand in front of her and stop her way.

“Niece, the old grandmother arranged a marriage for you. The other party is the eldest young master of the Norman Family. We have already negotiated.”

Lin Yan stopped for an instant and looked up at Lin Nan in surprise, her eyes full of shock and disbelief!

“Why don’t you ask me for such a big thing? Why don’t you ask me?”

Lin Nan smiled as she looked at her in surprise, her heart full of joy.

But in front of so many people, he couldn’t show it. Instead, he opened his mouth with a kind face: “The family is always for your own good.”

Hearing this and looking at the expression on Lin Nan’s face, Lin Yan felt a little bit chilled at this family this time.

It seems that no matter how hard she works, she is a burden to this family.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan took a deep breath, and then coldly asked, “Has Grandpa approved this matter?”

This is her last hope. If Mr. Lin also agrees, then her ending is basically doomed.

Lin Nan looked at her expressionlessly and laughed: “The old man believes that the results will come out soon. Why don’t you come with me and take a look?”

Lin Yan snorted coldly and walked towards the study. Just when she walked to the door, she heard a deep conversation coming from inside.

“Lin Yan is a pretty good child, but his temperament is a bit violent, so I think there may be some sons who are not suitable for your family.”

At this time, a strange man’s voice came from the room and said heartily: “Mr. Lin, you are polite. I think this matter is more appropriate.”

After saying this, the other party continued to speak: “Young people, after getting along with each other for a long time, they will naturally feel it.”


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