I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 654

Chapter 654: True and False (Second)

When the back room was noisy, Ethan walked in with someone.

Seeing the mess, Ethan frowned and said, “Get out of the way. The nurse comes in and lifts the patient onto the stretcher!”

After saying this, Ethan saw tears on Lin Yan’s face, and looked at Lin Yan with a little distress, “Are you going to the hospital with me?”

Lin Yan raised her head and glanced at Ethan blankly, as if she hadn’t recovered.

Seeing that she hadn’t spoken all the time, Ethan simply stepped forward and took Lin Yan’s hand and helped her stand up.

Lin Nan, who was next to him, saw this scene and couldn’t help but show his body to see Ethan and said, “Who are you!”

Ethan turned his head and took a look. Seeing Lin Nan helping an old lady, he said, “I am her friend, is there any problem?”

Lin Nan sneered twice and said, “Friend? You are also worthy to be friends with our Lin Yan, what a joke!”

Lin Yan really couldn’t stand it anymore, so she turned her head and looked at Lin Nan fiercely and shouted, “Are you enough? You have to make trouble anytime!”

Although the old grandmother was a little dissatisfied, she was also on Lin Yan’s side this time.

“Yan’er, you just follow the doctor, no, you just follow your friend and take your grandpa to the hospital, I’ll come right away!”

Lin Yan looked at the old grandmother and nodded, then left with Ethan and walked out of the inner room.

After he walked out of the gate and got on the car, Ethan asked, “Have the patient ever been emotional before, while examining the physical condition of Old Man Lin?”

Lin Yan frowned and said, “It seems that there is something or not, I am not very clear.”

After saying this, Lin Yan couldn’t help but said, “How is it, is there any major problem with my grandpa’s body?”

Ethan put down his stethoscope and said with a headache, “This is already a big problem, how big do you want, who is the man who just yelled at me in there?

“He is my uncle.”

Lin Yan said with a sad expression: “It is what he meant to arrange the marriage and engagement for me, that is, he wants to drive me out of the Lin family.”

Ethan frowned slightly: “No wonder I think that person is so unpleasant. Feelings are not a good thing.”

Originally, Lin Yan looked at her grandpa distraught, but when she heard Ethan’s words, she almost laughed.

On the other hand, the old grandmother looked at Lin Nan a little angrily and cursed: “You know that he is not in good health, did you deliberately be so angry with him?!

Lin Nan knelt down and shouted, “Old grandmother, I’m wronged, it’s the Norman Family who wants to come up to talk today, but I am not in collusion!”

Seeing the innocent look on Lin Nan’s face, the old grandmother sighed deeply.

If it hadn’t been for Lin Yan to be a daughter and could never inherit the Lin family’s family business, she would never have supported such two prodigal sons.

Thinking of this, the old grandmother sighed deeply, and for a while, she suddenly wondered whether what she was doing was right or wrong.

After shaking her head, the old grandmother looked out the door and said, “Arrange a car for me. I am going to the hospital now.”

After Lin Nan agreed, he hurriedly went out to make arrangements, but he hadn’t waited for his grandmother to arrive at the hospital.

The things that happened to the Lin family were all known from the outside, including the Norman Family.

However, the reaction of the Norman Family after knowing the news was very beneficial to Lin Yan, because since the person in charge of the house has fallen, the marriage cannot be put on the agenda for the time being.

After the old grandmother and others arrived at the hospital, Ethan was checking the body of the old man Lin, while Lin Yan sat quietly on the side.

Upon seeing this, the old grandmother hurried up and asked, “How is the doctor, how is the patient’s condition?”

Seeing the anxious expression on the old grandmother’s face, Ethan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, there is no big problem. You should go through the hospitalization procedures first.”

Lin Nan stood behind the old grandmother and looked at Ethan angrily: “What kind of hospitalization procedures are you going to do? You can treat me as soon as possible! If there is something wrong with people…”

Before Lin Nan finished speaking, Ethan suddenly stared at him and said solemnly, “Why, if people have three long and two short, can you eat me?”

After saying this, Ethan fiercely threw his stethoscope to the ground, and then angrily said, “I tell you, don’t be shameless! If it wasn’t for Lin Yan’s face, I would still die!”

Lin Yan stood aside and heard Ethan’s words, a strange color flashed in her eyes.

The old grandmother looked at Lin Yan angrily and said, “Okay, okay, you came to embarrass me on purpose, right?”

Ethan looked at the old grandmother slightly, and he didn’t want to talk to her with a cold snort.

Lin Nan was standing behind the old grandmother and angrily said, “Grandma, let’s go. I don’t believe that our huge Beifu can’t find a better doctor than him.”

Doctor Ren, who happened to be passing by the infirmary, leaned over after hearing this, and then looked at the back room curiously for no idea what had happened.

Only after seeing the angry look on Lin Nan’s face, he thought it was someone who had met the doctor.

Thinking that Ethan is hot right now, so he smiled and walked in and said, “Don’t tell me, this gentleman, we are the first genius doctor in Beifu now that is the doctor Norman YanNorman in front of you.”

As soon as these words came out, many people looked at Ethan dumbfounded!

Although it is the number one genius doctor, which of those Chinese medicine doctors can only be branded when they are a little older?

Traditional Chinese medicine is not as capable of training for mass production as Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine can only come out slowly one step at a time.

So let alone Lin Nan and others, even Lin Yan couldn’t believe it.

To say that Ethan’s medical skills are brilliant, Lin Yan will never object, after all, her sister’s natural yin pulse Ethan can be cured.

But if he was the number one genius doctor in the North Mansion, Lin Yan felt a little drumming in her heart.

When Lin Nan heard this, he sneered and looked at Ethan disdainfully said: “Just blow you, he may not be as old as my son at this age, and he is also the first genius doctor!”

Even the look in Ethan’s eyes on the old grandmother’s face became a little contemptuous, thinking that Ethan was playing a big name in front of him.

Seeing that everyone didn’t believe it, Dr. Ren looked at Ethan and smiled and said, “Don’t believe it, you can just look at the sign on the door, it’s the Xue family’s personal note!”

So the Xue family was also a big wealthy family in the Beifu. Hearing this, Lin Nan’s face sank slightly.

Then he looked at Ethan and asked, “Are you related to the Xue family?”

Ethan smiled noncommittal at this, but Dr. Ren on the side opened his mouth and said: “Dr. Norman is a guest of the Xue family, there is nothing you can trust.”

Under Dr. Ren’s cowhide, Ethan’s identity instantly became a little plausible.


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