I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 655

Chapter 655

Looking at Ethan, the old grandmother couldn’t believe it, so she walked to Lin Yan and asked softly, is this true?”

To be honest, Lin Yan is not very clear about these things, but looking at the face of the old grandmother, she still nodded slightly.

After all, she knew that Ethan cured Xue’s newly promoted young lady, Linda’s illness, she heard that that person had been in a coma for half a year before Ethan was cured.

The old grandmother and Lin Nan nodded as they watched Lin Yan, so they were dumbfounded!

Although Lin Yan is a little bit tit-for-tat with them, he never makes jokes about things.

Since she nodded, it proved that what the doctor next to him said was probably true!

No matter when it is placed, people don’t like to offend doctors, because they might ask for it anytime.

Lin Nan looked at Ethan’s indifferent expression, his face was so pale that he couldn’t squeeze a word out.

The old grandmother walked forward and smiled after hesitating for a while: “Well, Doctor Norman, just now my old lady was too impatient.”

Ethan was very tired of Lin Nan, but Ethan slightly agreed with the Lin family’s grandmother.

Listening to Lin Yan’s analysis, the old grandmother in front of her was also for the good of the Lin family, but it was a pity that she was constrained by the thinking of the older generation, thinking that only men can undertake the family business.

Thinking of this, Ethan sighed, so he nodded to the old grandmother and said: “Don’t worry, the patient is in normal condition now, but some checks are still needed.”

Lin Nan hid behind the old grandmother and heard these words slightly, and said, “Check and check. You know what to check all the time. People can’t tell what the situation is.”

Ethan didn’t speak, instead, the old grandmother turned her head to look at Lin Nan with a look of disgust and said angrily, “Get out of here!”

Lin Nan looked at the old grandmother helplessly, after a slight daze, he lowered his head and went out.

Lin Yan gritted his teeth bitterly while watching his back, Ethan sighed and said directly: “It looks much more spacious without a person.”

Then Ethan looked at the old grandmother and said, “Don’t worry, I will give you an accurate time when I will recover after I finish the examination.”

Seeing Ethan’s confident attitude, the old grandmother nodded slightly and then planned to leave, but when she was leaving, she took a deep look at Lin Yan.

It’s a good thing for the old man to be saved, but Lin Yan seems to be unclear with this doctor, and doesn’t know what it is.

This matter was taken to heart by the old grandmother, and she planned to find someone to check it if she had time.

Soon the news that the Lin family’s old man was sick came out, and Chen Minggang who was eating, Chen Dashao thought for a while after learning the news.

Then he smiled and said, “Be prepared to withdraw the project funds we invested in the Lin family.”

As soon as Chen Minggang’s voice fell, a butler-like figure suddenly stood behind and said in a deep voice, “Master, if you do this, I’m afraid it will put the Lin family in a dilemma.”

Chenn snorted when he heard this: “Since their Lin family did not agree to marry Lin Yan, they have to take care of everything I do.”

After saying this, he took a sip of the red wine on the table.

At first he was a little hesitant about this matter, but he was worried that there was still an old man in the Lin family who could hold the table.

If he did this, could he threaten the Lin family to ignore it, and he would probably get in instead.

The butler behind him sighed as he looked at his young master’s face, and then bowed his head and retreated.

While Shao Chen looked at the scenery outside the window, he smiled a little smug for a while.

Because of the sudden illness of Old Man Lin, all kinds of contradictions and problems in the Lin family were exposed.

Lin Dong was arrested for gambling, and Mr. Lin also fell ill.

Chenn of Jincheng Group withdrew from the cooperation project because of Lin Dong’s arrest.

Although there was a contract, the Lin family couldn’t say anything for a while because of Lin Dong’s arrest.

Moreover, the only old man who could speak, Lin fell ill, and the Lin family fell into various problems for a while.

Lin Nan looked at the contract report in his hand all day, his face was green and almost turned into a cucumber.

The Lin family’s grandmother also had to stand up and take control of the overall situation temporarily.

It’s a pity that people are old and unable to keep up with their energy, and although Lin Nan is full of ambitions, his ability is limited.

After thinking about it, the old grandmother decided to believe in Lin Yan once and give her a chance to perform.

Soon after a phone call, Lin Yan was recalled to her home, and all the problems that Lin’s family had encountered now were thrown into her hands.

Although Lin Nan did not agree with such a thing, he still considered that he could not do well anyway.

If it was thrown to Lin Yan in this way, one could change the reputation of not fighting for power, and second, she could let her handle all these issues.

If he handles it well, it’s his knowledge. If he doesn’t handle it well, then he will have an excuse to slowly rectify Lin Yan.

When Ethan learned about Lin Yan’s plan to go back, he immediately analyzed the family’s interests to her.

But Lin Yan looked at the grandfather who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, and gritted his teeth and agreed.

Ethan looked at the firm expression on her face and sighed slightly: “You have to know that if you handle these things well, it is the credit of others. If you don’t handle them well, then it is your responsibility.”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan and smiled bitterly, “Is there any way, after all, it is my father’s painstaking effort after all. I can’t just watch it as it is destroyed.

After saying this, Lin Yan ignored Ethan’s persuasion, and returned to the Lin family abruptly to turn the tide.

The old grandmother of the Lin family watched Lin Yan come back with a firm expression and began to sort these things, and the feelings of regret in her heart became heavier for a while.

If it weren’t for Lin Yan to be a girl, how could she look after Lin Nan and his son?

The message that Lin Yan began to take charge soon came out again, and Chen Minggang sat in the company office looking at the report in hand.

After hearing this message, a strange color flashed in his eyes.

Then he looked at his housekeeper and asked, “Did Lin Yan ask about our divestment?”

The butler nodded and said, “Yes, I sent an inquiry yesterday, and we made an appointment with Miss Lin according to your instructions.”

After hearing this, Shao Chen nodded in satisfaction: “That’s good, what I am after is still mine, and no one can grab it!”

He had already thought about it, as long as Lin Yan promised to marry him, then he would be willing to help the Lin family solve the financial problem!


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