I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 657

Chapter 657 Golden Needle (Fifth)

Ethan looked at Lin Yan for a moment. Lin Yan was a calm and calm person in front of him, and had never seen her smoke before.

Suddenly snatching a cigarette from his own hand, Ethan said with some doubts: “Your grandpa is ill, there is nothing wrong with me. I have a way to treat it, but are you…?”

After speaking, Ethan looked at the cigarette butt in Lin Yan’s hand, slightly puzzled.

Lin Yan looked down at the cigarette in her hand and smiled: “It’s nothing. I smoke occasionally, but you didn’t see it.”

After saying this, Lin Yan took a deep breath, and then said to Ethan: “This period of time is a bit stressful.”

Ethan couldn’t help being silent while looking at the sad look on Lin Yan’s face, because he had heard about some things that the Lin family had encountered recently.

Seeing Lin Yan’s uncomfortable look, Jiang Hai was silent for a while and said, “Have you encountered a lot of trouble in the Lin family during this time?”

After saying this, Ethan regretted it. Who is Lin Yan? What qualifications does he have to ask about the Lin family in his current capacity?

However, Lin Yan felt a little warmth in her heart when she heard this. At least at such a moment, there is still one person who really cares about herself.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan shook her head and said, “It’s not too much trouble, it’s okay, it’s just that I met a few villains.”

After saying this, Lin Yan leaned on the railing of the roof and looked at the city. “Look at the high-rise buildings all over the world, how many people want to try to climb up.”

Ethan followed Lin Yan’s gaze. Indeed, how many people in this city are trying to climb upward.

They also use this method to win a piece of their own world for themselves, and they can live freely in their own world.

The Lin family has become one of the few successful families according to the truth, why did Lin Yan suddenly say this again?

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Lin Yan deeply and said, “Did something happen to you recently? Why do you always feel weird?”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan and heard what Chen Minggang had said to herself, and her eyes turned slightly red.

Ethan looked at her face and didn’t know why it hurt. After a while, he didn’t know where the courage came from.

He hugged Lin Yan into his arms and said in a deep voice, “What the hell is going on, tell me.”

Lin Yan leaned her head on Ethan’s shoulder to avoid speaking. She really didn’t want Ethan to know those things.

The family treats her as a bargaining chip at the mercy of others. As long as the price given is high enough, she must marry someone.

People outside also seem to regard her as a status symbol, and think that marrying a woman from the Lin family is a matter of honor.

She can’t tell many things to others, and she can only swallow any pains by herself.

Don’t say it was Ethan, even when she faced something, she could only self-hypnotize and forget it.

At this moment, Lin Yan listened to Ethan’s whisper in her ear, she shook her head slightly, and then she replied, “It’s okay, but I’m a bit too tired recently.”

After saying this, Lin Yan left Ethan’s embrace, and then looked at the time and said, “It’s late, I’m going home to work, take good care of my grandpa.”

Immediately, Lin Yan looked at Ethan’s chest a little wet, so she spoke with embarrassment: “You got your clothes dirty, sorry, I’m leaving.”

Ethan stood on the rooftop and looked at Lin Yan’s back. After a long silence, he couldn’t help thinking.

You may be able to hide forever, but you still have to stand up!

He couldn’t protect those friends and brothers of Buckeye. Couldn’t he help the friends he knew in Beifu?

Thinking of this, Ethan’s eyes became firm, and after smoking a cigarette, Ethan walked off the roof.

Then he came to Old Man Lin’s ward, looked at no one, Ethan locked the door.

Then he sat on the head of Old Man Lin’s bed and looked into his eyes, and was silent for a while.

Ethan asked, “If you can hear me clearly, blink your eyes.”

The old man Lin lying on the hospital bed was a little puzzled, but he still blinked.

Then he looked at Ethan suspiciously, slightly wondering what the young man was playing with him.

Ethan looked at Old Man Lin and blinked his eyes, then he said, “The Lin family has encountered a lot of trouble during this period of time since you fell.”

While saying this, Ethan slowly took out his gold needle bag, and then opened and looked at the neatly arranged gold needles.

“But you can’t get better in a short time. If you want to get better as soon as possible, you blink again.”

This time, Old Man Lin looked at Ethan but hesitated slightly, and then reluctantly blinked his eyes.

Ethan looked at him in silence for a while, then sighed, “I can cure you as quickly as possible, but you can’t tell anyone about this secret.”

After saying this, Ethan closed his eyes slightly and aroused the true energy in his body.

Since he came out of Sanliwan, after a period of recuperation, he found that he had reached the level of his father.

Although his hand was not as good as Norman Tianyang, the big battle on the rainy night that night let him know where his limits were.

Old man Lin’s condition is not usually cured, it is already very good if there is a cure, let alone recover as soon as possible.

Seeing Lin Yan, a weak woman holding up the Lin family’s lintel, Ethan felt uncomfortable, and at the same time he thought of using his qi to help Old Lin recover.

It’s just that the secret of his true anger does not want to be known by others after all, so that Norman Tianyang’s minions will find him more easily.

Thinking of this, Ethan hoped that Mr. Lin could keep him secret.

After seeing Old Man Lin confirm this, Ethan slightly closed his eyes and sat on the chair.

The gold needle bag placed on the side unexpectedly flew out of the needle bag automatically, and then suspended in the air.

Old man Lin lying on the hospital bed looked at this scene, his eyes staring out!

It is not that he has never seen some strange things, nor has he never heard of someone who can protect things with Qi.

But when such a thing happened before his eyes, he still couldn’t help feeling surprised!

Such characters can only exist in stories or legends, no matter how you look at Ethan, he doesn’t look like a man with martial arts skills in the story.

Just when he thought of this, Ethan suddenly opened his eyes.

The golden needles floating in the air automatically pierced into Old Man Lin’s body like an electric light, and then Ethan used these golden needles to slowly enter his true energy into Old Man Lin’s body.


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