I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 660

Chapter 660

Here, Lin Yan received an injection of funds from Ethan, and the project can continue again, which is regarded as a solution to the urgent need.

On the other side, Chen Minggang was sitting in the office of Jincheng Group but anxiously waiting for something.

That’s why Lin Yan didn’t come over to find herself for three days. Could it be that the other party insisted on holding on to this, and even resisted the pressure from home?

Thinking of this, Chen Minggang quickly rejected this idea of ​​his own. The Lin family’s share of the family business was created by her father after so many hardships.

Even if Lin Yan gave up on herself, she shouldn’t have given up on her family’s foundation. Chen Minggang watched the time flow slowly, and felt that something was wrong.

So after pondering for a while, he ordered people to go down and examine their cooperation projects with the Lin family to see if those projects were continuing.

The report from his subordinates was quickly passed on, and Chen Minggang looked at the report on their cooperation project, and his expression became pale.

It is clear that the Lin family is exhausted. Who gave Lin Yan the funds for the activities at the most critical moment!

I thought that I had worked hard to design all this, but I didn’t expect to fall short at the last minute!

Chen Minggang couldn’t help screaming in anger, but after venting, he still had to do what he should do.

Now that these things could not be planned by Lin Yan, after regaining his sanity, Chen Minggang dialed a call after a moment of contemplation.

Then he asked the other party to put back the funds previously taken from the Lin family, and then he called Lin Yan.

Lin Yan was sitting in the office working quietly over there, since Ethan didn’t know where to find funds for her.

At the moment, many things have become natural, and many people have stopped because of the old man’s illness.

But looking at Lin Yan, a woman forced the Lin Family’s lintel up, so they started to invest in their cooperation.

At this time, Lin Yan looked at the call on the phone, she smiled slightly and then connected the phone and said, “Hey, how are you, Shao Chen.”

Chen Minggang didn’t care at all when he heard Lin Yan’s slightly sarcasm, but chuckled twice and said, “Hey, what is good about me, how can I make you happy now?”

Hearing Chen Minggang’s words, Lin Yan’s heart was calm and refreshing!

“How should I say, this time I disappointed you Shao Chen, but unfortunately it was not as you wished.”

Chen Minggang gritted his teeth and abruptly tolerated the anger in his heart, and then mentioned to Lin Yan about the re-cooperation.

This is the case between the families, there have never been absolute enemies nor absolute allies.

They are all groups of beasts devouring benefits, as long as there is enough benefit, tearing their faces is like a joke to them.

Although Lin Yan is a woman, she is unexpectedly adapted to these things and even enjoys a little bit.

She began to understand why her father was so obsessed with business, because this feeling was indeed fascinating.

After finalizing the cooperation agreement, Chenn pondered for a moment and said, “Can I have a meal together if I have time?”

Lin Yan looked at the itinerary in her hand and sneered slightly and replied: “You should know that I am very busy right now. Let’s talk about it later.”

As the voice fell and there was still a phone call, Chenn looked at the phone that had already ended the call, and instantly became angry!

But Lin Yan was the opposite of him. She looked at the phone and was silent at first, but then the corners of her mouth slowly curled up.

As long as she sits in this position, she feels like a giant!

She gradually began to enjoy everything that this position brought, and the psychology that she had only guarded the family business in her heart also gradually changed.

For the first time there was the seed of ambition in her heart, thinking that here, Lin Yan took advantage of the opportunity of both Lin Nan and Lin Dong to hide away, and secretly planted her own hands on the Lin family.

But all this was seen in the eyes of the old grandmother, but what Lin Yan did not expect was that the old grandmother’s behavior to her was silent.

It was not until dinner that Lin Yan was allowed to eat with her. Such treatment even scared Lin Yan.

But what followed was a surprise, because I really had to count, the old grandmother had never eaten with her since she stood with her uncle.

Time slowly passed. When night came, Lin Yan walked to the door of the old grandmother’s room and knocked on the door and said, “Grandma, Yan’er is here.”

The old grandmother in the room was in a daze watching the food on the table. After hearing the sound outside the door, she nodded slightly and said, “Come in when you come. The door is unlocked.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yan tidied up her clothes, then opened the door and walked in.

“Hi, grandma, Yan’er pleased you.”

The old grandmother looked at Lin Yan in a daze, then lowered her head and chuckled twice, then pointed to the chair and said, “Sit down and say, we have not eaten together for a long time.”

After sitting down, Lin Yan looked at the old grandmother and said, “It’s been a while.”

During this period of time, Lin Yan did all these things and the old grandmother saw her. She really felt that Lin Yan was a pity.

Several times, she thought about how to hand over this family business to Lin Nan.

He might be able to hold it, but Lin Dong didn’t seem to be able to hold it.

Thinking of this, the old grandmother sighed and shouted: “You have been really hard during this time, so come and treat you.”

Having said this, Lao Zumi used chopsticks to pick up a piece of chicken for Lin Yan.

Then he simply said, “You know all these things in your home, right?”

Lin Yan paused when she heard this, then put down her hand and looked down at the desk in silence.

Although she came with the thought of eating today, there is no other emotion in her heart.

With a bitter smile, Lin Yan said truthfully, “Well, I have basically figured it out.”

Seeing Lin Yan obediently admit her mistake, the old grandmother sighed softly: “You don’t need to do this. The reason I ask you is because I think you are stronger than Lin Dong and Lin Nan.

Suddenly hearing this, Lin Yan raised her head in surprise and looked at the old grandmother, without recovering for a while.

Seeing Lin Yan’s dazed appearance, the old grandmother smiled and said, “My old lady has seen all these and things you did. She did a good job.”


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