I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 662

Chapter 662 A Wine Bottle Smashed Over (Fifth)

In fact, the method that Lin Dong said made Lin Nan feel excited for a while, but he couldn’t express it in front of Lin Dong.

But there is one thing he said correctly. Lin Dong has caused him a lot of trouble since entering the company.

Gambling alone is nothing more than a trivial matter. If the company’s shortfall is included, it will be enough for him to sit for seven or eight years.

Just like what he just said, he can’t handle even a little bit of trivial things, so what can he do to accomplish such a big thing?

Thinking of this, Lin Nan sighed dejectedly, and gave birth to such a son after half a lifetime.

It turned out to be as stupid as a pig, and it was not very useful at all. No wonder the old grandmother began to consider letting Lin Yan take over the Lin family.

But anyway, the matter has reached its point, and after a moment of indulging in a moment, Lin Nan took out his mobile phone and made two calls and arranged for two groups to come over.

Although Lin Dong’s idea was not very good, he thought that if he didn’t use any means, the position of Patriarch would be taken away by others.

So Lin Nan simply didn’t do anything else, and simply used a harsher method to completely erase Lin Yan.

In this way, the old grandmother has no choice but to focus on him and his son, so that the position of the Patriarch is in her own pocket.

While Lin Nan was planning this matter, Lin Yan was still happy that her grandmother finally opened her eyes to look at herself.

Since she didn’t have many friends because of family reasons, she couldn’t wait to share this matter with Ethan.

Before making the call, Lin Yan watched Ethan’s name on the phone and was silent for a long time before dialing.

Ethan, who was administering the acupuncture to the old man Lin daily, was taken aback for a moment when he felt the phone rang, then took out the phone and opened the mouth and said, “Hey, who, I am a little busy now.”

Lin Yan hesitated after hearing this, and then cautiously said, “If this is the case, should I bring you to call again?”

Ethan heard the call from Lin Yan, and then looked at the old man Lin who was lying on the hospital bed and smiled: “It’s okay, anyway, I am treating your grandfather now.”

“If it weren’t for my grandfather’s treatment, you wouldn’t answer my call?”

After saying this, Lin Yan chuckled lightly, and then looked at it to see that it was almost time for dinner.

So he pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s do it, the fire is coming at eight o’clock in the evening. I have something to tell you.”

After hearing this, Ethan nodded and agreed, then ended the call and looked at Old Man Lin with a smile: “Lin Yan called just now. It looks like things are going well. Ask me to go out for dinner later.”

Although Old Man Lin was able to speak, he smiled and nodded when he looked at Ethan, and then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After Ethan finished the injection of Old Man Lin, he changed his clothes and took a taxi to the door of Lihuo.

As soon as they entered the bar, many people noticed Ethan’s arrival. When the DJ on the dance floor saw Ethan, he shouted in excitement, “Welcome to our Unknown Champion!”

Ethan just found Lin Yan and sat down when he heard this roar, so he couldn’t help but was taken aback and looked at the DJ in embarrassment and said, “Is this a bit too exaggerated?”

Lin Yan is already a little drunk at the moment. After hearing Ethan’s words, she smiled and said, “What is this, if you continue to fight, you will be even more famous!”

When Ethan heard this, he couldn’t help but smile twice. He had just picked up the wine glass and hadn’t drunk it, and groups of people lined up to toast.

When Ethan finally walked around, he could finally rest for a while, who had a bad drinking capacity.

Lin Yan laughed loudly as he watched Ethan being toasted and breathless.

After laughing, Lin Yan pointed to the arena above the stage and said, “You know, there are many people here who want to go up every night, but they are basically carried down.”

Ethan smiled and looked at the ring and said, “So the reason why I am famous here is because I am one of the few?”

Lin Yan smiled and nodded drunkly and said: “Yes, that’s right, you and I belong to which small group of people.”

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Yan took a sip of her own wine and said, “It’s just that the two of us are good at different fields. If you have such a good medical skill, why don’t you open a drugstore?”

Hearing the words pharmacy, Ethan couldn’t help but sounded like he was bullied when he was a child.

Seeing Lin Yan smiled bitterly and shook the donkey, he said, “I have a drug store, but it’s not here. I have three years left.”

After saying this, Ethan wanted to take Lin Yan away. If she continues to let her live like this, she will most likely embark on a path of no return.

Finally, he picked up Lin Yan who was already a little sleepy, and suddenly more than a dozen strong men walked in outside.

After scanning the audience, they turned their eyes on Lin Yan who was lying on Ethan’s shoulder.

Although the dozen or so people in front of him looked very strong, Ethan was moved and disdainful.

“At any rate, it’s not a job in this area. If you just go head-to-head with people like this, you won’t be able to do it. Or I will try.”

Ethan watched the crowd retreat a bit, and then a middle-aged man with a mushroom head came out from the crowd.

“Do you know how this is played? You don’t know what a golden belt is called?”

Having said this, the other party looked at Ethan somewhat mockingly, seeming to look down on him.

Ethan snorted when he looked at Lui, and stretched out his hand, so everyone in the box left one after another. After all, a lot of things like this happened here.

Seeing how aggressive the place was, Ethan rushed up with the spirit of the wine, with a bottle of wine hitting the person’s head backhand.

Everyone on the other side was still smiling when they came over, but Ethan, relying on the temperament he smelled on them, concluded that this group of people in front of them would definitely not be a good thing!

If you get along for a long time, the smell of people will become easier.

What kind of temperament some people are in what circle they are, Ethan has seen too much about this.

Each of the people in the rivers and lakes has its own sloppy aura, and for these people in front of him, he simply glanced at the other side and touched the other person.

And the leader among them looked at Lin Yan from time to time. Although I don’t know why, I’m afraid that Lin Yan has been spotted today.

Because of this, Ethan decided to leave here with Lin Yan.


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