I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 664

Chapter 664 Stunned (seventh)

After driving away the mouse, Ethan stood where he finished smoking, and then sneaked up.

During the period, he called Lin Yan to report that she was safe, and also told Lin Yan that she had better not call the police.

The reason for saying this is because Ethan is a little curious about this group of people. The first time he shot Lin Yan was in a restaurant, he met him that time.

The second shot against Lin Yan was here again, and I was met by myself.

If it wasn’t for the other party’s target to be Lin Yan, Ethan was really worried about whether this group could see that something was coming.

When he finished smoking, he turned around and followed the mouse, trying to see who made them come.

The mouse who walked in front and was supported by his little brother was also very depressed, why did he bump into that person every time!

The first time I received Chenn’s business and wanted to cooperate with him to come out with a hero to save the United States, but did not expect to get out of Cheng Yaojin halfway.

This time I received a business from the Lin family, as long as I tied Lin Yan to myself, I could get a full five million!

But I didn’t realize that I just gathered up people and planned to do it all at once, but I ran into this person again.

Thinking of this, the mouse couldn’t help but cursed and felt a little unlucky. He didn’t know whether it was something wrong with himself or blamed himself.

After getting in the car, the mouse took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone call and said, “Boss, this time things are a little difficult to handle. There is a person around him who is too strong. We are not opponents.”

After a long silence on the other end of the phone, a voice that made Ethan sound familiar suddenly rang: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, I want someone. I will give you money whenever you succeed.”

The mouse was slightly happy when he heard this, as long as there is a chance, this is a full five million!

“Boss, don’t worry. Give the brethren a little more time. I will definitely get this matter done.”

After saying this, Mouse still boasted and said, “I think I, Qiu Mouse, have been in this Beifu for so many years, and I haven’t seen any scenes, don’t worry!”

After hearing this, the other end of the phone only gave a faint hmm and ended the call, and Mouse Qiu looked a little embarrassed looking at the phone in his hand.

After taking two deep breaths, he cursed in a low voice, and a younger brother next to him said: “Brother, or I take two brothers to stare at, I don’t believe that the kid is following her 24 hours a day. “

Hearing these words, Qiu Mouse nodded in thought for a moment, then looked at the other person and said: “Then you can get off the car here, then go to her residence and stare a little bit. As long as she goes out alone, you can call me.”

After saying this, the car stopped, and then Qiu Mouse watched his little brother took the two of them and left.

He sighed softly in his heart. If he couldn’t get things done this time, he didn’t know how he would think about himself.

But just as he was pitying himself, someone suddenly rushed into the car and sat beside Qiu Mouse.

Mouse Qiu, who was suddenly disturbed, turned his head and cursed fiercely: “You haven’t grown…you, why are you here!”

After he saw clearly who was in the car, Mouse Qiu couldn’t help being taken aback!

“Brother, we have already listened to you, what else do you want to do after you follow?”

Ethan tightened his clothes, then looked out the car window and smiled and said, “It’s really a bit cold tonight. I thought of going to sit there, don’t you mind?”

Seeing the smile on Ethan’s face, Mouse Qiu sighed in his heart, and then helplessly said, “Brother, how on earth are you going to play, can you give me a way out?”

He had already admitted his fate, and the person in front of him couldn’t beat and beat himself, and he didn’t dare to scold him.

Ethan looked at Mouse Qiu and smiled, then leaned on the back of the chair and raised Erlang’s legs and said, “Who asked you to do this?”

Mouse Qiu frowned when he heard the words and didn’t speak. His little brother who was driving sat in the driver’s seat and glanced at Ethan from the rearview mirror.

Then he said in a deep voice, “Every business has its own rules, eldest brother, wouldn’t you break our brother’s job by doing this?”

Ethan glanced at the other person, then smiled, he didn’t expect this group to be quite particular.

So he shrugged slightly and said, “What kind of identity is Lin Yan, I must know you all already, right?”

When Mouse Qiu heard these words, his heart jumped, and his face calmly spoke: “Of course I know, what do you want to say?”

“Since you are clear, then you should think about how much movement there will be in Beifu if something goes wrong with her.”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Mouse Qiu in his spare time: “Do you think the person who hires you to do this will really give you money?”

Of course Qiu Mouse knew this, but he also had some preparations.

If the other party wants to fall back on the bill, he will directly post the other party’s identity information, and then both parties will be a rat, and no one dares to act rashly.

Thinking of this, Mouse Qiu looked at Ethan and said, “I don’t think you need to bother about this, right?”

Ethan nodded and looked at Mouse Qiu and whispered, “Isn’t it five million? I’ll add another one million to you. How about you give the other party to me?”

Ethan’s offer made Mouse Qiu’s heart moved, because he felt that this matter was a little troublesome.

“Why should I believe you, wouldn’t you be like him?”

Seeing Qiu Mouse’s suspicious look, Ethan smiled somewhat self-deprecatingly: “I didn’t expect me to have today too. Forget it, give me the card number. I will give you half the reward first.”

Upon hearing this, Mouse Qiu flashed a strange color in his eyes and did not speak.

And the little brother who was sitting in the cab and driving the car quickly took out a bank card and said, “Here, here, what you said will not regret it?”

Ethan looked at their bank and nodded, then took out his phone and sent a text message.

Soon the mobile phone text message on Mouse Qiu rang, and he took out his mobile phone and glanced at it with excitement.

I saw the card that reminded me above that three million yuan had been paid.

Ethan looked at the excitement on his face and smiled: “Since you have your own rules, then I respect your rules, do you agree to this matter?”

Mouse Qiu took a deep breath and then calmly looked at Ethan and said, “How can I contact you after I succeed?”

Ethan casually took out a palm of his business card, and then threw it to Qiu Mouse and said, “It’s my phone. I’ll give you three days. Is that enough?”

Mouse Qiu glanced at the card and picked it up, then nodded solemnly, “Enough, but you won’t play any tricks with us then?”

Ethan looked at his skeptical expression and sneered, “What tricks do I need to play with you? A joke, it’s just a little money.”

After saying this, Ethan opened the door of the car and jumped down, making Qiu Mouse look stunned!


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