I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 665

Chapter 665 Who Is Calculating Her (Eighth)

After Ethan got out of the car, watching Mouse Qiu leave, he was slightly relieved.

Then he took out his mobile phone and called Lin Yan and said, “I have handled the matter. I will give you an accurate answer within three days. You’d better be careful during this time.”

Lin Yan lay on the bed and listened to Ethan’s words. She didn’t ask Ethan how to deal with it. She just agreed and ended the call.

As the time spent with Ethan got longer and longer, Lin Yan’s trust in him gradually increased, as if Ethan couldn’t be troubled by anything.

Waiting until the next morning, Ethan got up as usual and went to administer the injections for Mr. Lin. Now Mr. Lin’s physical condition has stabilized.

After the injection was over, Ethan sat beside Mr. Lin and said, “Last night, a group of people attacked Lin Yan. They said that a boss offered a price of five million.

When he said this, Ethan peeled the apple flatly, as if he was just talking about a trivial matter.

When Mr. Lin heard Ethan’s words, his eyes narrowed slightly and said, “The result?”

“The result is that I paid 6 million to buy the person who paid 5 million. Of course, there is another condition. If they don’t make a move, I will destroy them.”

After saying this, Ethan put the peeled apple on the bedside of the old man Lin, and the sun smiled.

But Old Man Lin looked at Ethan, and there was no sunshine in his heart.

The man’s methods and methods in front of him are simply without a bottom line.

In fact, after Ethan has experienced so many things, he has become a little bit optimistic.

Ethan smiled when he looked at Old Man Lin looking at him, “Who do you think is the one who wants to attack Lin Yan at this juncture?”

Old man Lin looked at the strange smile on Ethan’s face, and his heart sank slowly.

At this moment, on the other side, Lin Nan and Lin Dong were sitting together discussing things in a low voice.

Lin Dong looked at Lin Nan and said, “Mice Qiu went up and tried it last night, but they ran into the doctor who came to treat the old man that day.”

Lin Nan nodded and agreed, and then replied, “What’s the result?”

Lin Dong watched him lower his head and stopped talking. After all, twenty or thirty people couldn’t beat one of them, and Lin Dong really had nothing to say.

Looking at Lin Dong’s lowered head, Lin Nan sneered twice and then couldn’t help but cursed: “I said you are a trash. You still don’t believe it. Tell me about what you can do well, eat, drink, and gamble. ?”

After saying this, Lin Nan sat on the chair and patted the armrest heavily, and then said: “I didn’t agree with you to do this. I didn’t expect you to call Qiu Mouse and the group behind me.

Lin Dong looked anxious when he heard this.

“Dad, think about it, if you don’t do this, when the old man wakes up, do you think we still have a chance?”

Lin Nan directly angered after hearing this: “I’m not talking about what’s wrong with your approach, but you have found the wrong person!”

Having said this, Lin Nan pointed at him and said angrily: “What kind of stuff do you think Mouse Qiu is like? Can he do this?”

Lin Nan took a deep breath and looked at Lin Dong and shook his head and said, “You are not young anymore, can you be as thorough as possible in doing things, don’t be afraid to spend more money, and then please use some masters to use the market.

At first, Lin Dong thought that his father did not agree with him to do this, but after hearing this, he understood.

So he smirked twice and said: “Don’t worry, dad, I will go and ask a master to come out of the town. I don’t believe that Lin Yan can’t be done.”

Lin Nan nodded in relief when he heard this, and then signaled Lin Dong to go down.

After Lin Dong left, he turned around and closed his eyes and whispered, “Yan’er, don’t blame Uncle, who made you so good?”

Lin Dongyin laughed when he walked out of the room, and then set about arranging the matter.

Just when he was about to give orders, Mouse Qiu called. As soon as he opened his mouth, he wanted to discuss something with him.

Lin Dong sneered while holding his cell phone, and couldn’t help but secretly think that Mouse Qiu did this, just wanting to ask himself for some money.

I thought that after this matter was over, I would use the hired master to solve Qiu Mouse.

Then I tell myself whether these people are handed over or hidden, this matter will become a headless case.

Anyway, the money given to Mouse Qiu would be taken back by himself, so Lin Dong thought for a while and agreed to see Mouse Mouse.

The place where Qiu Mouse made an appointment was in a teahouse a little farther from the city, and Lin Dong rushed over early.

I thought Mouse Qiu was asking for money in such a hurry, but when Lin Dong arrived.

What happened was that five people knocked him out, then put him in sacks and threw him into the car.

The owner of the teahouse was already quite familiar with such a thing, but he frowned at Qiu Mouse and signaled that the other party should not do business in his own shop next time.

After greeted the boss happily, Mouse Qiu took his men and left.

On the way back to the city, he sent a message to Ethan, saying that the person had already arrived, and asked him to choose a place to hand the person to him.

Ethan was sitting in front of Old Man Lin’s bed at this time. After reading the newsletter, he smiled and nodded.

Then he opened his mouth to Old Coconut Lin: “The guy who made people attack Lin Yan last night has been caught, are you interested in having a look?”

When Mr. Lin heard this, his heart sank a bit. Although he had guessed who it was, he still didn’t believe it.

So he looked at Ethan, nodded and said, “Take me there.”

After Ethan nodded slightly, he helped Old Man Lin to sit up, and then he got his wheelchair ready to help him up.

The nurse Xiaoli was a little strange seeing Ethan’s behavior, but he was the attending physician appointed by the Lin family, so she didn’t say anything.

In this way, after Ethan took Mr. Lin out of the hospital, he took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Lin Yan, asking her to come to the hospital door.

After doing all this, Ethan smiled and said: “I just notified Lin Yan that she has the right to know who designed her behind her back.”

Elder Lin was silent for a while, and then said in a hoarse voice: “There is no need to make things worse.”

Ethan frowned when he heard this, but didn’t say anything.

After a while, Lin Yan, who hurriedly drove to the hospital, stopped at the entrance of the hospital, then looked at Ethan and hurriedly got out of the car with Mr. Lin.

“Don’t worry if you come out, why take my grandfather with you!”

Hearing this, Ethan smiled and said, “I think it’s the responsibility of Mr. Lin to see the other person, and you also have the right to know who the other person is, so you just took it all with you.”


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