I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 666

Chapter 666

Grandpa Lin looked at Lin Yan and nodded, “Well, I am your grandfather after all. It’s impossible that my granddaughter is bullied and won’t be able to get ahead, right?”

Lin Yan watched the two of them be silent for a while, then smiled helplessly, and then took Ethan and Old Man Lin into the car.

After getting in the car, Ethan took out his cell phone and called Mouse Qiu and said, “Where are you guys now?”

Mouse Qiu took two deep breaths, looking at the person in his hand, he couldn’t help but say nervously: “This matter is a bit tangled, I put the person you want in the abandoned factory in the outskirts of the city.”

Hearing this, Ethan frowned. He had never been to this place.

Lin Yan sat in the driver’s seat and heard this before she said, “I know where this place is.”

So Ethan nodded and said, “Okay, when we confirm that someone is there, I will settle the money to you.”

Mouse Qiu was silent for a long time, and suddenly he said: “Listen to my advice, this matter is too deep.”

Elder Lin sat next to Ethan when he heard these words and snorted coldly: “I want to see how deep the water can be.”

Ethan smiled bitterly before ending the call, then frowned, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Lin Yan drove for nearly an hour, and then stopped in front of an abandoned factory building, and the guardian saw Lin Yan’s car behind.

He walked up slowly, then stretched out his hand and said, “Someone told me that I saw a car coming and wanted to get in for two hundred yuan.”

Lin Yan rolled her eyes, but still took out two hundred yuan and handed it to the old man.

The old man put away the money and opened them with a happy smile, then turned and left here.

Ethan opened his eyes and looked at the abandoned factory building and couldn’t help but smile and said, “This is a good place, it’s sparsely populated, and no one cares about it.”

Old Man Lin coughed twice and looked at the factory building with a trace of nostalgia.

“This place was once invested by a company in Beifu, but it was left unfinished due to internal corruption.

After saying this, Lin Yan stopped the car, then looked at Ethan and said, “Ask the other person where they are.”

Ethan nodded. When he was about to make a call, he suddenly walked out of the dark and two people looked at Ethan and said, “Is it here to fetch someone?”

Ethan and Lin Yan looked at each other. People are so bold now!

But the face nodded calmly and said, “Well, your boss asked us to fetch people.”

When the two heard this, they turned around and left, and said, “Just follow me.”

After Ethan and Lin Yan looked at each other, he pushed Old Man Lin and walked in, with a big sack on the floor inside.

The two pointed to the sacks and said to Ethan, “The person you want is inside.”

After saying this, one of them took out his mobile phone and handed it to Ethan: “This is the phone number our boss uses to contact the other party. There is a recording to confirm our identity, so we will leave first.”

Ethan took the phone and nodded slightly, then threw the phone to Lin Yan.

Then he stepped forward and opened the sack, and a man inside was struggling with something in his mouth.

After Ethan took out the contents of his mouth, Lin Dong screamed fiercely: “Mouse Qiu, you’re not going to die well in this life! Your bad rules!

Lin Yan’s face was pale when she heard Lin Dong’s voice.

She tremblingly dialed the phone while holding the phone, and the phone on Lin Dong rang.

Elder Lin sat in a wheelchair and looked at Lin Dong with a gloomy expression: “Yan’er, push me over.”

Ethan looked at Lin Dong who was screaming frantically, and suddenly slapped his face with his hand and said, “You kid finished playing, you know?”

Immediately he got up and stood aside, and Lin Dong was slightly taken aback when he heard Ethan’s words, when he realized that Lin Yan was pushing the old man over.

Then I really realized that I was finished.

“Lin Dong? You are good, you are really good!”

After Old Man Lin coughed violently twice, he looked at Lin Dong coldly and said, “You did this thing?”

Seeing the angry look of the old man in front of him, Lin Dong’s face turned pale and said, “Master, grandpa, it’s not me, it’s really not me!”

After saying this, he raised his head to look at Lin Yan’s cold and distant expression and hurriedly said: “Xiao Yan, you believe me, I won’t do this, it’s really not me!”

Ethan winked at Lin Yan, then shrugged and said, “Turn on the recording on the phone and see if it is correct.”

Hearing the two words in the recording, Lin Dong was struck by lightning, and instantly looked at Mr. Lin and Lin Yan in a daze.

After Lin Yan turned on the phone to record, Mouse Qiu’s voice came from inside.

“Oh, this is a rare guest, what do you want the young master to tell the younger one?”

Then another voice rang: “I want you to do something for me, five million, do you want to do it?”

“Fuck, of course I did. I, Mouser Qiu, would be the kind of person who has money but doesn’t make money. Master, what are you talking about?”

“Tie Lin Yan to me, and then secretly hand her over to me. No one is allowed to talk about this!”

“Okay, let’s settle this matter. Give me a one million deposit first, and I will do it for you beautifully.”

Speaking of this, the recording is over. The old man Lin looked at Lin Dong who was kneeling on the ground with a green face and said angrily: “Lin Dong, you are so brave!”

Ethan stood behind Lin Dong, watching Lin Yan now burst into tears.

She did not expect that outsiders did not attack herself, and her relatives hired someone to kidnap her!

“I, Lin Yan, is there any place I am sorry for you, it is worth it?”

Seeing Lin Dong’s silence, Lin Yan couldn’t help but slowly shed tears on her face.

Father Lin looked at Lin Dong and took a deep breath, “Apart from you, did your father participate in this matter?”

Lin Dong suddenly raised his head when he heard this, and then stared at the old man Lin and smiled: “I did it alone!”

After talking about this household, Lin Dong knelt on the ground and gritted his teeth and looked at Lin Yan.

“Yes, you are very good to me and you are very good to my dad, but you are just a woman! You can’t inherit the Lin family’s business!”

Lin Yan looked at the angry look on Lin Dong’s face, and her chest felt prickly.

“Since you know that I’m a woman and can’t inherit the Lin family’s business, why do you still act on me!”

“Because you fucking moved two old immortals, they are all looking at you, no one has ever seen me or my dad!”

Having said that, Lin Dong lowered his head and took a deep breath. “I am a bastard. It’s okay for me to eat, drink and gamble, but don’t you really know why I am doing this?”

Ethan looked down at Lin Dong, then suddenly slapped him on the head and said, “If you have something to tell me, who are you yelling at!”

After saying this, Ethan took a distressed look at Lin Yan and said, “I’m going out first, and talk slowly between you.”


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