I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 669

Chapter 669 Marriage (third more)

After Lin Yan and Ethan looked at each other, he pushed Mr. Lin away. Before leaving, Mr. Lin gave Ethan a deep look.

There was a complicated look in his eyes, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Ethan touched his nose and saw Lin Dong and his son being held down. He felt boring in his heart, so he left.

After Ethan left Lin’s house, Old Man Lin sat in a wheelchair and sighed while looking at the red flowers in the courtyard.

“Yan’er, did you say I did this right or did it wrong?”

Lin Yan squatted at the feet of Old Man Lin and shook her head slightly and replied: “Yan’er doesn’t know, in fact I don’t know what to do.”

Old Man Lin squinted his eyes when he heard this: “I don’t know, is it right or wrong to do this?”

As soon as the voice fell, the old grandmother suddenly walked over with a stick, and then glanced at Lin Yan faintly.

Then he said, “Yan’er, go down first. I have something to talk about with your grandpa.”

Lin Yan looked up at the old grandmother with a complicated expression, but still stepped back obediently and helped the old man tidy up the blanket on his knees before leaving.

After Lin Yan left, the old grandmother sat beside him and said, “Are you really going to drive Lin Dong and his son out?”

Old man Lin smiled bitterly without looking back: “I knew you would come to measure the coconuts for them and intercede, but can you just see what they are doing before you speak?

Suddenly, the old grandmother opened her mouth sadly: “The two of them are the only males in our Lin family. Are you really so cruel about this family’s incense?”

Elder Lin looked at the old grandmother, and wanted to teach a few words, but looked at the other’s old face.

Thinking of the other party staying with me for most of my life, after all, I still can’t let it down.

“Pursuing outsiders to harm our own family members, if we let them stay, what kind of thing is my Patriarch?”

After saying this, Old Man Lin continued to speak: “Furthermore, what’s wrong with Yan’er, why don’t you look down on her like this?”

The old grandmother shook her head, wiped the wet corners of her eyes and said, “Yan’er is a good child, but she is a girl after all, and she can’t bear this family business.”

At this point, the old grandmother coughed slightly, and then looked at the old man Lin and begged: “It’s because of my face. Give them another chance.”

Old man Lin’s heart was twisted, turning his head to look at the old grandmother: “Give them another chance, how can I explain to Yan’er? Is her heart hurt at least?”

Hearing this, the old grandmother did not hesitate to speak back: “I will arrange Yan’er to hold important positions at the company, and will not give Lin Dong the opportunity to embezzle. You believe me.”

The Lin family has been precarious until now, it is not easy to say that it is all on him and Lin Yan’s father to get through.

As a result, Lin Yan’s father left, leaving only himself struggling, and Lin Dong and his sons were not able to help. Instead, they dragged themselves behind him.

Thinking of this, Mr. Lin sighed deeply and looked at the old grandmother and said quietly: “I really don’t understand what is good about their father and son. It’s worth your efforts to protect them both.”

The old grandmother looked at Old Man Lin without saying a word, but the look of pleading in her eyes grew stronger.

After all, Old Man Lin’s heart is not iron-struck, he shook his head when he looked at his wife who had been with him for dozens of years.

“If you want them to stay, you can let Lin Nan surrender the power in his hand, and let Lin Dong demote and stop giving him a chance to embezzle.”

After saying this, Grandpa Lin took a deep look at the old grandmother and said, “This is the first and the last time. I will never give them a second chance for father and son.”

The old grandmother looked at Mr. Lin and suddenly smiled, and then got up and pushed the wheelchair to speak: “That’s enough. I just ask them to pass on the incense of our Lin family.”

The old grandmother was in charge of all the affairs of the family and gave Grandpa Lin a stable rear.

The old couple are both outside and inside, and this has been the case for decades, so the Lin family’s genealogy is also placed on the old grandmother.

Looking at the red flowers in the garden, the old grandmother smiled helplessly and said: “Our Lin family has a single seedling in this generation, and she gave birth to a girl. Since I am the Lin family’s grandmother, I must guarantee the Lin family’s inheritance.”

On the one hand, this sentence is to explain what I did, and on the other hand, it is to tell Old Man Lin that my own is not easy.

When Old Man Lin heard this, he sighed and stretched out his hand to gently pat the back of his hand on his shoulder.

“After so many years, I have worked hard for you. I hope Lin Dong and his son can be more sensible!”

After saying this, Mr. Lin said in silence for a while: “You can think of a way to push Yan’er’s marriage. Although I won’t drive Lin Dong and his son out, I have already spoken, so I still have to act.”

The old grandmother said in embarrassment, “I have promised the Norman Family about this marriage. You were sick before and the Norman Family stopped this matter. Now that you are well, how can I push it?”

Old Man Lin gave a wry smile, looked at the garden and whispered, “Since you agreed to this matter, you will naturally handle it, and I will cooperate with you.”

Just as the old man of the Lin family was discussing with the old grandmother about Lin Yan’s marriage, the Norman Family of Beifu was also discussing about the Lin family.

Norman Wennian, the head of the Norman Family in Beifu, sat in a chair and looked at the information calmly, listening to reports on business matters from time to time.

After the other party had finished talking, he put down the file in his hand and said, “By the way, how is Lin Hengyuan, the head of the Lin family, is doing well. If it’s better, tell the other party about the marriage.”

Norman Wennian’s son, Norman Qingshu, sat down, and when he heard his father’s words, he whispered: “Lin Hengyuan has been discharged from the hospital. He is in a wheelchair. It still looks a bit bad.”

After learning this news, Norman Wenyou smiled: “In this case, you prepare a little gift, I will go and check his illness myself.”

Norman Qingshu said with a faint smile: “Dad, I don’t think it is necessary. The Lin family asked us to come to our house for this marriage. Should we be in a hurry?”

After Norman Wennian shook his head, he picked up the file on the desktop and looked at it carefully: “You are still young, and there are many things you don’t understand. You will understand when you become more sensible in the future.”

After some ditching and approval, Mr. Lin agreed to Lin Dong and his sons to stay, but the condition was that they were not allowed to hold important positions in the company.

The other thing is to put off Lin Yan’s marriage, and he doesn’t care about it by any means, anyway, the old grandmother will see it by herself.


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