I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 670

Chapter 670 Norman Qingshu (fourth more)

That night, the Lin family grandmother looked at the Lin Dong father and son who were kneeling in front of her and sighed, “You are all from my Lin family, why bother to do such a thing.”

Lin Dong knew that the reason why he hadn’t been kicked out was because his grandmother had spoken nice things in front of Mr. Lin.

So when he heard the old grandmother’s words, he straightened forward and slapped himself severely on the head, saying, “I am not sensible. I have done something like this, and I have also tired my father.”

The old grandmother looked at Lin Dong’s tears and shook her head and replied, “Okay, well, the matter is over. From now on, you will keep your duty at home.”

Lin Nan looked at the old grandmother and asked, “This is, are you planning to drive me and my son out of Lin’s house?”

The old grandmother smiled at Lin Nan: “That old man, it’s just a knife-mouthed tofu, it’s okay.”

After confirming the authenticity of this matter, Lin Nan and Lin Dong looked at each other, and both father and son felt ecstasy.

Immediately the two kowtow to the old grandmother and said, “I will never do anything like that again, thank you grandmother for believing in us!”

Seeing that Lin Dong and his son were so sensible, the old grandmother couldn’t help feeling a moment of relief, so when she was happy, she left Lin Dong and his son to have a meal in their room.

After Lin Yan learned this information, she felt a little sad.

I thought to myself that no matter how hard I tried, for the old grandmother, Lin Dong and his sons really belonged to her.

Old man Lin knew that Lin Yan would be sad when he knew about this, so he ordered Lin Yan to eat in his room.

Just sitting down, Grandpa Lin looked at Lin Yan unhappy and sighed, “I’m sorry, Yan’er, it’s because Grandpa didn’t take care of you.”

Lin Yan looked at Mr. Lin and quickly got up and said, “How is it possible, grandpa, don’t be like this, Yan’er can’t stand it!”

Looking at the old man’s guilty expression, Lin Yan lowered her head and bit her lip and said, “Actually, I didn’t even think about driving my uncle out of the house. It’s not bad now.”

When it came to the end, Lin Yan was already a little insincere.

Thinking of the ups and downs of Mr. Lin, Shang Hai for a long time, how can he not hear Lin Yan’s tone?

So he smiled bitterly and said, “Sit down and eat. I have already discussed with your grandmother. You will be the general manager of the company next week.”

Lin Nan had always been in the position of general manager before. At this moment, when Lin Yan heard this, she was surprised and said, “Then, what about the uncle?”

Mr. Lin put a chopsticks dish into Lin Yan’s bowl and then smiled and said, “Send him to the sales department as a manager. I have already discussed this matter with your grandmother.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan felt a faint joy in her heart, she was finally able to show what she had learned!

In order to inherit the hard work left by her father, she has studied business management and other degrees since she was studying, and she is still studying until now.

Originally thought that under the pressure of her grandma, she might not need these things in her life, but she did not expect that she would finally have the opportunity to inherit her father’s efforts.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan couldn’t help but ask with a little excitement: “Can I take office next week?”

Elder Lin looked at her and smiled and replied, “Well, your uncle still has some things that have not been delivered. After the delivery is completed this week, you will be the general manager of the company next Monday.”

Lin Yan gave a gesture of excitement and kissed Old Man Lin on the face with joy, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

While happy, Lin Yan consciously forgot about Lin Dong and his son.

As she said, she never expected to drive them out of this home from the beginning.

The old grandmother never put eggs in a basket in her work, and she knew that after she agreed to this condition.

Lin Dong and his son can be enemies with himself again, but so what.

At that time, as the general manager of the company, she won’t be able to rule two subordinates!

Excited, Lin Yan ate two more dinners, then returned to her room and told Ethan the good news.

Ethan was also happy for Lin Yan, but when it came to Ethan’s five million to catch Lin Dong, Lin Yan couldn’t help but weaken by two points.

After all, she has always lived on the company’s salary, although it is not cheap, but not enough to be able to put out five million at a time.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan asked curiously on the phone: “Norman Yan, who are you on earth, first helped me solve the 50 million fund, and then took out 5 million and caught Lin Dong!”

Speaking of this, Lin Yan said in a somewhat unbelievable way: “The way you do things like this, is it because the legendary prince is experiencing life?”

Ethan sat on the rooftop and looked at the starry sky with a sneer and replied, “If I were a prince, would you be a princess?”

Originally it was just a ridicule, but he didn’t expect the speaker to be unintentional and the listener intended, Lin Yan blushed immediately and did not speak for a long time.

And Ethan saw that the phone was silent for a long time, thinking that Lin Yan was angry, so he apologized: “Just kidding, don’t take it seriously, it’s fine now that the matter is resolved.”

Lin Yan nodded and thought so in her heart. She already felt lucky to be able to pull her uncle down this time.

If you really want to drive their father and son out of the house, then the old grandmother and his grandfather will inevitably have a stalemate.

Although Ethan hadn’t spent much time in the Lin family, he could still see these problems.

So he smiled bitterly and said, “It’s just a pity that Lin Dong and his son are two. You have to be more careful in the future.”

Lin Yan nodded slightly after listening, and then ended the call.

What happened in just two days made Lin Yan feel a little unable to cope with it. On the one hand, she was responsible for the whole family when her grandpa was seriously ill.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan felt a bit sour in her heart, but fortunately, everything passed. She firmly believed that as long as she continued to work hard, her grandmother would definitely agree with her.

Lin Yan, who fell asleep with this kind of thought, never thought that she was about to usher in a greater crisis!

Early the next morning, Norman Wennian, the head of the Norman Family, brought his son Norman Qingshu to visit the Lin family and visited Lin Hengyuan, the head of the Lin family.

After learning this message, the grandmother brought someone to the gate to pick him up, and Old Man Lin also got up early and sat in a wheelchair to the lobby to wait.

At this time, when Lin Yan learned of this, the first thought in her heart was nervousness. She had never seen the man engaged to herself.

This is second, the most important thing is that if the old grandmother does not push her marriage off today, she will marry into the Norman Family.


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