I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 671

Chapter 671 Strange Eyes (Fifth)

Faced with the sudden arrival of the Norman Family, everyone in the Lin family was also pregnant.

Whether she wanted it or not, the old grandmother of the Lin family took the Norman Family and his son to the lobby.

Old man Lin looked at Norman Wennian and smiled, then he was pushed onto the wheelchair and looked at Norman Wennian and his son who were dressed in neat suits.

The old man Lin sincerely admired: “I haven’t seen you in a year, your style is still there, poor old man, I am already in a wheelchair.”

Norman Wennian laughed heartily and then looked at Old Man Lin jokingly: “I want to sit down, but I don’t want to give me a chance.”

When he stopped talking, Old Man Lin smiled and looked at Norman Qing’s calligraphy: “Well, he is a talent, the young man looks very energetic.”

At this time, Norman Wennian winked at Norman Qingshu, so he stepped forward and nodded at Old Man Lin, “Hello, my name is Norman Qingshu.”

The old grandmother stood by and watched Norman Qingshu’s decent behavior, so she couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Really a good boy.”

Norman Wennian smiled and then sat down, then looked at Mr. Lin and said, “I have two things here today. Mr. Lin, you are also my elder, so I just said it straight.”

The old man Lin glanced at each other with the old grandmother, then looked at Norman Wennian and nodded, “Say it, I’ll listen.”

Norman Wen said with a young cough, “The first is to take a look at your body, and the second is to ask about the marriage between Lin Yan and my son. When do you think it is convenient for you to get engaged?”

Seeing Norman Wennian’s unhurried appearance, Old Man Lin turned his head and glanced at his grandmother.

Then he smiled bitterly and said, “This is the first one, I thank you, and then I will talk about the second one.”

While talking, Old Man Lin tried his best to speak: “This second is a bit troublesome. The marriage contract was made by my wife behind my back, and I haven’t solicited ideas from me and my children, so.”

When talking about this, Old Man Lin stopped unconsciously.

Although the following words were not finished, Norman Wennian and Norman Qingshu’s hearts couldn’t help but sink.

Fortunately, everyone is a business man, not to the point of tearing his face apart, but the thought of the other party suddenly changed his mind and disrupted his own deployment.

So Norman Wennian frowned and said, “But haven’t we already said this before? You are thinking about breaking the contract now?”

Ordinary people who break the contract will be ruined, but the Lin family is no ordinary person, so they can’t bear the hat of breaking the contract!

So the old grandmother gritted her teeth and stood up and said: “This matter, I blame the old man. I was so frustrated and impatient that I wanted to arrange this matter so that I forgot to ask the child.”

Hearing this, Norman Qingshu frowned slightly and glanced at Norman Wennian who was sitting next to him.

After the two fathers and sons were silent for a while with big eyes and small eyes, Norman Wennian held back his anger and said, “What is said good is what is said good, Gentleman, where do you put my Norman Family in doing this?”

After saying this, Norman Wennian spoke again: “Furthermore, if the children disagree, we can get engaged first, and we can get married after the two children get along well!”

The old grandmother almost agreed when she heard this, but Lin Yan who was standing in the dark suddenly rushed out and shouted: “No!”

Seeing Lin Yan’s impulsive state, Mr. Lin hurriedly said: “Yan’er, why are you coming out? Get me in!”

It’s strange to say that Norman Qingshu, who had an indifferent idea about this marriage, was shocked when he saw Lin Yan!

In fact, Lin Yan looks good, with big eyes, thin eyebrows and a melon face, a standard beauty embryo.

At this moment, under the anger, it is even more unique, and people can’t help but feel excited.

However, as the only heir to the Norman Family, Norman Qingshu has never seen any kind of beauty, but he was fascinated by this Lin Yan.

So he quickly reached out and pinched Norman Wennian underneath, indicating that he had something to say.

After feeling this, Norman Wennian turned his head and glanced at Norman Qingshu with some suspicion, and the father and son knew each other’s nature all the year round.

Norman Wennian knew his thoughts just by looking at the look in Norman Qingshu’s eyes towards Lin Yan.

So Norman Wenyoung laughed and then put away his anger, looked at Lin Yan and smiled, “Why not?”

Lin Yan glanced at Norman Qingshu’s pig brother’s appearance, gritted her teeth and said, “No way, no way. I am now the general manager of the Lin Group. I cannot marry!”

Norman Qingshu came back to his senses when he heard this, and then looked at Lin Yan politely: “I am also the manager of the Norman Group, right now.”

Lin Yan looked at Norman Qingshu for a moment, then turned her head to look at Old Man Lin, hoping that he could help herself with a few words.

But the old grandmother said at this time: “I think it’s quite appropriate to say that, it’s really right.”

At this time, Old Man Lin couldn’t bear it anymore. He turned his head and glanced at the old grandmother in surprise. This was not the right condition before!

But Grandpa Lin didn’t know, the old grandmother fell in love with the child when she first saw Norman Qingshu.

He behaves appropriately and does not speak, and he is also polite. What is even more rare is that he was born into a Yushu Linfeng!

Although he was a bit worse than the doctor who was very close to Yan’er, he was a standard handsome guy.

And the other party is still the only heir of the Norman Family, the only heir, what a rare opportunity this is!

Just marry Lin Yan to the other party, and Lin Yan will become the mistress of the Norman Family!

When the time comes, the Lin and Norman Family will join forces. Who else in the North can stop them!

Thinking of this, the old grandmother’s heart felt a burst of excitement, and even the look in Norman Qingshu’s eyes became a little blazing.

Norman Qingshu was frightened by the look in the old grandmother’s eyes, then looked at Lin Yan and smiled: “You said yes, why not.”

Seeing Lin Yan’s embarrassment, Norman Qingshu couldn’t help but smile and said, “If you are reasonable, then I will stop this matter.”

When he said this, Norman Qingshu didn’t even care about what his father meant. Although he respected his father very much, he has slowly taken over the family affairs.

So when he was outside, what he said basically represented what Norman Wennian said.

At this moment, Norman Wennian also looked at Lin Yan with a smile. The more he looked at this daughter-in-law, the more comfortable he was, brave, decisive and bold!

These qualities are very rare in a man, let alone a woman!

If there is such a woman as his own daughter-in-law who will help Norman Qingshu well in the future, why should he worry that his son will not be able to take over the Norman Family.

Thinking of this, Norman Wennian’s eyes towards Lin Yan became more and more pleasing.

Lin Yan looked at the eyes of the young and old in front of her, she really wanted to cry without tears in her heart.

It was agreed that the marriage contract was dropped, but the more these two people looked at their eyes, the stranger they became!


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