I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 672

Chapter 672 Be Her Fiance (sixth)

Thinking of this, the old grandmother is about to agree to this marriage if I don’t say anything!

Lin Yan quickly said, “I already have someone I like, and I have his children!”

Hearing this, the whole house was shocked and tender!

Elder Lin looked at Lin Yan fiercely and said angrily: “Who is it! Which bastard did a good thing!”

The old grandmother also looked at Lin Yan with horror: “You! How can you do this kind of thing, how dare you!”

After saying this, Lin Yan herself was taken aback, what did she say!

However, the expressions of the father and son of the Norman Family sank. Norman Wennian looked at Lin Yan and then at Old Man Lin, silently.

How much Norman Qingshu liked Lin Yan before, but now he looks at Lin Yan with how angry he is. He already regards Lin Yan as his own!

Suddenly hearing Lin Yan say such a thing right now, how could he not be angry in his heart.

After taking two deep breaths, Old Man Lin forced his anger and said, “Who is it, tell me, who did the good thing!”

Lin Yan looked at Old Man Lin and looked at everyone’s expressions, then bit the bullet and said, “It’s Norman Yan!”

After saying this, she really couldn’t stand it anymore, so she turned around and hurriedly escaped.

Norman Wennian watched Lin Yan leave, and then looked at Old Man Lin with cold eyes and said, “Old Lin, the reason I respect you so much is because you are an elder, but you should not think that you are an elder to fool me like this!”

At this time, Norman Qingshu also looked at Old Man Lin and Old Grandmother with an angry look, but he didn’t say anything because he was not qualified to interrupt such a thing yet.

After taking two deep breaths, the old grandmother avoided Norman Wennian’s eyes, lowered her head and said, “This, this, this, we didn’t expect this, who could have expected such a thing to happen!”

Elder Lin looked at Norman Wennian with no fear and said, “If I said that I didn’t know this until today, would you believe it?”

Norman Wennian sneered twice and then slapped the table, then stood up and said angrily: “It seems that there is nothing to say today, Qing Shu, let’s go!”

After saying this, Norman Wennian took Norman Qingshu and left. When he walked to the door, Norman Wennian turned and looked at the Lin family.

Then he spoke to Norman Qingshu, “You like her very much, don’t you?”

Norman Qingshu nodded silently, then looked angrily at the gate of Lin’s house.

“In this case, I will delegate the power to you, whatever you want to do as you like!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Norman Wennian turned around and got into a luxury car and left, leaving Norman Qingshu alone at the door of Lin’s house.

After standing in silence at the door for a long time, Norman Qingshu took out his mobile phone and called Lin Yan slowly and said, “Actually, I always have your phone number, but I don’t want to call it.”

Lin Yan was silent on the phone for a long time, and then said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry.”

Norman Qingshu sneered and looked up at the Lin Family’s cold reply: “Don’t worry, I will make you change your mind about today’s affairs. I’m going to fix you!”

After saying this, Norman Qingshu slammed the phone to the ground, then turned and left.

At this time, the Lin family was in trouble, and the old man blamed the old grandmother for not speaking at the critical moment, and even encouraged Lin Yan to marry him!

The matter of Lin Yan sitting also made the old man angry. After leaving the lobby, the first thing that old man Lin did when he returned to his study was to call Lin Yan over.

He looked at Lin Yan who was standing below, and said with an annoyance: “It’s fine if you don’t agree with this marriage. Why do you want to say that?!”

Lin Yan was afraid to look up at Old Man Lin, so she had to whisper: “I’m not worried yet. Even if you know that I have someone I like, you won’t care about my feelings.”

After saying this, Lin Yan shed two tears and said, “Since childhood, when did you and grandma care about my feelings?”

Hearing these words, Old Man Lin couldn’t help being silent for a while.

Lin Yan is right, she has never cared much about her feelings since she was a child, and she has grown up in recent years.

That’s why he gradually began to notice Lin Yan, otherwise things would get worse.

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin sighed and said, “But you can’t say that anyway. I ask you, are you pregnant with someone else’s Norman Yan’s child?”

Lin Yan hesitated for a while when she heard this, then gritted her teeth and nodded and said, “Yes, I am pregnant with his child. I have always liked him!”

Lin Yan was serious about these last words. She raised her head and looked into the eyes of Old Man Lin and said, “I like Norman Yan!”

Seeing that Lin Yan didn’t hit the south wall and didn’t turn her head back, Old Man Lin smiled helplessly: “I spent money to treat a sickness without saying anything, and even got my granddaughter in?”

After shook his head slightly, the old man Lin said with a sigh, “It’s fine, that’s okay. Although Norman Yan’s identity is a bit suspicious, he doesn’t mean anything to our Lin family.”

Having said this, Old Man Lin sighed deeply: “Whether you are pregnant with Norman Yan’s child or not, use him to deal with the Norman Family temporarily.”

Lin Yan, who thought that Mr. Lin would be very angry, couldn’t help but look at Mr. Lin unexpectedly after hearing this.

“Aren’t you going to let someone throw him into an oil drum, pour cement, and then sink into the sea, why suddenly, that’s it?”

Old Man Lin looked at Lin Yan and shook his head, and then helplessly said, “You have already made things like this. Now besides this solution, what else can you think of?”

After shook his head slightly, Mr. Lin motioned to Lin Yan to quit, then took out the phone and looked at Ethan’s phone number for a while hesitated.

“I think Lin Hengyuan has been in the business world for decades. I haven’t encountered anything before, but this is the first time I have dealt with such a thing!”

After hesitating for a while, Old Man Lin still made the call.

Without mentioning how Elder Lin told Ethan, Lin Yan pushed out of Elder Lin’s study in a daze.

Then the pillar leaning against the door was silent for a while, only then recovered and accepted this fact.

That is, Mr. Lin agreed to let Ethan be her boyfriend, no, be her fiance!

Thinking of this, Lin Yan shouted in her heart: God, I haven’t confessed to Norman Yan yet, why did things become like this!

After viciously hitting the pillar with her hand, the severe pain caused Lin Yan to sink back, and then squatted on the ground with her hands in her hands.

She felt like she had no face anymore to stand in front of Ethan, why would she do such a shameful thing, carrying Norman Yan on her back and saying that she was pregnant with his child!


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