I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 675

Chapter 675 Give It To Xiao Norman (Ninth)

Ethan closed his eyes and concentrated his mind, carefully flipping through Shang Dian’s Chinese Medicine chapter, hoping to find out the emergency medicine from it.

But no matter how hard he tried, Ethan couldn’t find a suitable one.

It’s not that the requirements are too high and it can’t be achieved right now, or because of the scarcity of materials.

When he was about to be powerless, he opened his eyes and saw a pot of orchids on the table.

After a moment of deep thought, Ethan closed his eyes and started looking at the Shangdian Medicine chapter in his mind. This time he carefully looked at the prescription classification for a long time.

Only then did I find a prescription, which has very low requirements and is very effective.

This prescription is generally used in conjunction with people’s rebirth and can stimulate the potential of the person’s body more thoroughly.

But this will also leave some sequelae, that is, if the potential is developed too much, it may cause irreversible damage to the human body.

But after Ethan looked at the prescription, he could adjust the amount of medicine according to the severity of the patient, so Ethan carefully wrote down the prescription.

After he took the note, Ethan opened his eyes, flying his fingers on the patient’s life extension needle, using this method to temporarily hold the patient’s breath.

After finally showing up, he quickly opened the door.

At this moment Dean Jiao was standing outside the door with Dr. Ren and nurse Xiaoli. After seeing Ethan opening the door, Dean Jiao hurriedly asked, “How is the patient’s condition?”

At this moment, Dr. Ren also abandoned the grudge with Ethan, and looked at Ethan nervously and said, “This is a manager of Xincheng Medicine, you must save it.”

Pharmaceutical companies and hospital doctors often have unexplainable relationships. Hearing this, Ethan only glanced at Doctor Ren indifferently.

Then he spoke to the dean and said, “I first used the life-renewing needle to hold his breath. There is no problem in a short time, but it will definitely not work after a long time!”

After saying this, Ethan pondered for a moment and hurriedly said: “Moreover, the cause of the patient is unknown. It is not ruled out that the emergency may be caused by an allergy to something. I need to take medicine to stabilize the condition first!”

Dean Jiao quickly nodded when he heard the words, and said, “Just tell me what medicine is needed, and I will let Xiaoli make the medicine for you now.”

Dean Jiao said that there was still a thought in his heart, Xiaoli was his daughter after all, and every prescription Ethan gave had miraculous effects.

He did this in order to steal some teachers from Ethan, so as long as he heard that Ethan was making medicine, he would only let Xiaoli go.

Normally, Ethan might not hesitate, but the effect of this prescription is too overbearing, and he feels a little worried about putting it in the hands of others.

So after frowning slightly, Ethan looked at Dean Jiao and said, “This time I will cook the medicine by myself. Doctor Ren looks at the patient at any time and informs me if there is anything abnormal.”

Dean Jiao hesitated for a while and said, “Why don’t you do this, how about let Xiaoli fight you?”

Ethan nodded when he heard the words, looked at Xiaoli and said something, and hurriedly led Xiaoli to the pharmacy to grab the medicine.

At this time, Mr. Chen saw Ethan at the pharmacy and smiled and said hello.

Before he could say a few words, Ethan rushed in directly, and then started to take medicine for himself.

Xiaoli looked at Old Man Chen who was about to get angry, and hurriedly said, “A patient has arrived in the emergency room. He is in a very serious condition. We can do it ourselves.”

If it weren’t for Xiaoli’s face, I’m afraid Ethan would be educated by Old Man Chen this time.

After finally grabbing all the medicines, Ethan looked at Xiaoli and pondered for a moment, then said, “Go and help me find some plum tree branches. This medicine is only useful if it is boiled.”

In Chinese medicine, some prescriptions need to pay attention to many places, even if it is to boil medicine, it is necessary to have a professional boil medicine.

What kind of prescription matches what time, and then choose what kind of material to burn the fire.

These things have their own particulars, and Xiaoli has been in the Chinese Medicine Hospital for so many years, so she naturally knows a little too.

So after looking at Ethan nodded, he went to find the branches of the plum tree, put the medicinal materials in the pot and slowly boiled them.

During this period, Ethan had been standing by and watching nervously, the stock of these things in the hospital was already scarce, but they couldn’t stand the toss.

Although the life extension needle is magical, it also has a certain timeliness, after that time.

If you hold the patient’s breath for a long time, it is very likely that the patient will die on the bed!

After finally waiting for the medicine to finish, Ethan picked it up and observed the color of the soup slightly. After seeing that it was as bright as amber, he ran to the emergency room excitedly.

Then remove the life-saving needle, while the patient is letting out this breath, use a syringe to eat the medicinal soup for the patient little by little.

Strangely enough, the patient’s symptoms gradually improved after the medicinal soup was entered into the abdomen.

The various blood pressure and other inspection equipment gradually returned to normal. Doctor Ren and Dean Jiao couldn’t help being surprised when they saw this scene.

Especially the eyes of Dean Jiao looking at Ethan became more intense, he knew that he had dug up treasure from Ethan again.

When everyone was happy, Ethan took a sigh of breath and looked at the patient with embarrassment.

Because he knew that drinking the medicine was only the beginning, and then he had to slowly find out the cause from the patient.

Otherwise, even if he survived this time, I’m afraid he won’t have such good luck next time.

Thinking of this, Ethan shook his head, and then used gold needles to examine the patient’s body from top to bottom one by one.

It was finally determined that the patient’s recent loss of vitality, coupled with prolonged fatigue and inappropriate diet, caused the current consequences.

Seeing that the tips of the golden needles were a little dark, Ethan smiled bitterly and muttered, “What’s wrong with people now, isn’t everyone afraid of death?”

As soon as the voice fell, the patient lying on the bed gradually opened his eyes and woke up.

He looked at the ceiling with some bewilderment in his eyes, and then he muttered in pain, “Where am I?”

Dean Jiao felt relieved after seeing this scene, then patted Doctor Ren on the shoulder and said, “Leave it to Xiao Norman here. You go back to the office first.”

Doctor Ren glanced at Ethan unwillingly, but nodded and left.

And Ethan looked at the patient sneered and unceremoniously said, “You are in heaven, have you figured out what you are going to do in your next life?”

Hearing this, the patient’s eyes cleared up for an instant, and then his eyes widened in horror and said, “What is it, heaven? Shouldn’t the little master report to the Hades Palace first!”

As soon as he finished saying this, he felt a little aftertaste, how could the dead still smell the hospital disinfectant.


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