I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 677

Chapter 677 I will take care of it (first more)

When Lin Yan returned home, thinking of the promise she made with Ethan, a blush appeared on her face.

This was naturally noticed by Mr. Lin, who had watched her grow up since childhood, so he chuckled and shook his head, thinking secretly in his heart.

If you can just give Lin Yan a piece of happiness, it’s not a bad idea, I just hope that the Norman Family will not retaliate.

Imagination is beautiful, but reality is cruel.

For the Norman Family, who was going to marry the Lin family before, Lin Yan not only fell in love with other men, but even became pregnant with a child!

Such a thing is simply a shame for Norman Qingshu!

More importantly, their Norman Family had already said it when the Lin family’s old grandmother mentioned marriage to them.

They even prepared wedding invitations and other things, but now the bride has become someone else’s bride, and their dignified Norman’s family has been retired!

Such insults, neither Norman Qingshu nor Norman Wennian could bear it!

Thinking of this, Norman Wennian sat in a chair and looked at a file on the desktop with a gloomy expression.

The above is exactly the business cooperation plan he prepared with the Lin family, but it is no longer needed.

Norman Qingshu looked at the gloomy look on his own Lao Tzu’s face, and withheld his anger and asked, “Dad, what are you going to do with this matter?”

Norman Wennian looked at Norman Qingshu who was sitting next to him, then frowned and said in a low voice, “What do you think?”

“I think we should start sanctions against the Lin family from all aspects, otherwise, after the Xue family and others know about this matter, we will treat the Norman Family as toothless tigers, anyone can step on it!”

Hearing this, Norman Wennian nodded, gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, my son has grown up now and knows to protect the dignity of our Norman Family!”

After saying this, Norman Wennian looked at Norman Qing’s calligraphy and said, “In what way do you plan to sanction?”

Norman Qingshu pondered for a moment, thinking about the last time Lin Jialin fell ill.

All parties have worked together to find a way to withdraw from the Lin family’s capital chain, for fear of being affected by this incident.

So now the Lin family’s capital chain should be very fragile, as long as a little bit of work is done on this, he will not worry about getting the Lin family.

Thinking of this, Norman Qingshu said with a gloomy face: “Suddenly I don’t want to sanction the Lin family, I want to swallow the Lin family in one bite!”

After saying this, he looked at Norman Wennian with a surprised look and said, “Dad, the biggest cooperation project we have with the Lin family is the Xichunju project, right?”

After hearing this, Norman Wennian nodded and said, “Well, yes, this project is worth 3 billion yuan in total, and we each voted fifteen.”

Speaking of this, Norman Wennian paused, and then somewhat self-deprecatingly said: “At the beginning, we thought the marriage would be successful, so we also made certain concessions on the shares. They occupy 59% of the shares.”

After hearing this, Norman Qingshu nodded slightly, and then looked at Norman Wennian and said, “Give me the project of Xishanju, I will definitely swallow the Lin family!”

Seeing Norman Qingshu’s self-confidence, Norman Wennian finally agreed after he indulged for a while.

At this time, Lin Yan, who was dreaming about marrying Ethan, had not even noticed that the Norman Family had begun to retaliate against her.

Still immersed in the joy that Ethan agreed to this matter, until the old man couldn’t stand it, he said, “Should you wake up?”

Lin Yan was shocked when he heard this when sitting in the room, then turned her head and looked outside the door but saw that it was Old Man Lin at the door.

So shyly said, “Grandpa, you are here.”

Old Man Lin smiled, then looked at her and said, “Come with me to the back garden. I have something to tell you.”

So Lin Yan got up and pushed Mr. Lin to the back garden. As Lin Yan walked, she said, “I have something to say, Grandpa.”

Old man Lin looked at the red flowers in the courtyard and said thoughtfully, “Although father and son Lin Dong didn’t go out, the position of the company’s general manager is already yours, so I want to tell you something.”

Having said this, the old man Lin looked worried and said: “The reason why our Lin family can’t spend much money during this period is because there was a cooperation project with the Norman Family before. Do you know this?”

Lin Yan nodded and said, “Xichunju, I know, plans to invest 3 billion yuan. Now our family seems to have invested 1.5 billion yuan?”

After hearing this, Old Man Lin smiled bitterly and nodded and said: “Yes, but because we have 59% of the shares here, we have invested another 500 million in it on the original basis.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan looked at the old man in surprise: “How can this be? It is time to shrink funds at the end of the year. How can you do such a big thing without telling your family!”

At this time, Old Man Lin shook his head, and smiled bitterly inside.

This incident was not essentially caused by him, but the old grandmother had been contacting the Norman Family over there, saying that he would build the best community in the whole North Province!

If the two of them are taking the lead, the Norman Family will be responsible for handling all kinds of paperwork, and the local ruffians.

They are responsible for liaising with the engineering teams of all parties and supervising the construction.

The investment of funds is the mutual obligation of both parties, and for this matter, the old grandmother even promised Lin Yan to the Norman Family.

Otherwise, why did Norman Jiaping marry the Lin family for no reason? It’s not because of this project.

The plan said it was 3 billion, but now that the construction is halfway through, 3 billion has already been spent, so the funds will definitely not be enough!

Now that the Lin family has experienced their own serious illness, many previous partners have withdrawn their capital because of fear of loss.

They are also dragged down by this incident so hard to tell!

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin sighed deeply and said, “I support you in pursuing your own happiness. You have also seen my attitude, but the Norman Family has to guard against it.”

Lin Yan stood behind the old man, her face was so gloomy that it was difficult to approach when she heard this.

If you say how happy Lin Yan was just now, how cold her heart is now.

It seems that no matter how she gets along with the old grandmother, no matter how she shows kindness to the old grandmother, she is just a bargaining chip to the old grandmother.

Old man Lin saw that Lin Yan hadn’t pushed her wheelchair away, but stopped.

So he lowered his head and looked complicated and said, “It’s okay, you can do what you want to do with ease, and I will find a way to solve this.”

Lin Yan shook her head when she heard this, and said calmly, “No, since I am already the general manager of the Lin Group, I will take care of this matter.”


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