I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 681

Chapter 681 Thirty-six (second more)

Norman Wennian watched the news about the Xichunju project, frowned slightly, and ordered Norman Qingshu to be called.

Seeing Norman Qingshu sitting in front of him calmly, he frowned and said, “Did you overdo it this time?”

Xichun’s residence in Beifu is the number one project, and anyone in the upper echelons can know what he does.

Now that such a big thing has happened, it is impossible to say that others will not guess something.

Moreover, Xichunju, as their cooperation project between the Norman Family and the Lin family, had retired from the Lin family in the past two days. People who are interested will definitely do something about it.

Thinking of this, Norman Wennian couldn’t help flashing disappointment in his eyes looking at Norman Qingshu: “I still value you too much. I didn’t expect you to act so carelessly about the consequences.”

After hearing this, Norman Qingshu sneered. He was playing with a valuable jade finger and said, “Dad, rest assured, there will be no problem with this matter.”

After saying this, he raised his head to look at Norman Wennian and said, “I have cleared the people who need to be cleared, and I have cleared the people that need to be managed. Don’t worry.”

“Then what’s your purpose in doing this? We will suffer losses when the Xichunju project is suspended.”

Seeing that Norman Wennian looked a little worried, Norman Qingshu said with a confident face: “The Lin family’s capital chain has collapsed. I will start to acquire the shares in their hands when Xichunju is suspended. When that happens, hehehehe.”

Hearing this, Norman Wennian finally understood his son’s intention.

So suddenly he looked at Norman Qingshu and nodded: “Yes, your plan is very good, but don’t you worry about other people’s financial help to the Lin family?”

The answer to his question was only two simple words: “Who dares?”

Yes, the personal network that the Norman Family has accumulated in Beifu for so long is not something that can be underestimated.

Who is their Norman Family to clean up? Who dares to take action at this time?

Even if the Lin family sells the shares of the Xichunju project at a low price, it is estimated that besides his Norman Family, no one will dare to jump out and buy it, right?

Thinking of this, Norman Qingshu smiled gloomily: “What if their Lin family is a wealthy family in the North House? If you offend my Norman Family, then you have to pay a price.”

Norman Wennian looked at his son’s face with a hint of pride: “Let go and do it. Tell me if you have any trouble.”

Norman Qingshu faintly agreed and then exited the study, then he took out his mobile phone and sent a text message after a moment of thought.

The content of the newsletter is very simple: “Xichunju has been suspended for rectification.”

After editing, Norman Qingshu sent it out without hesitation, and the person who received this newsletter naturally knew what to do.

After sending the newsletter, Norman Qingshu walked out of the company with a smile, and then took a leisurely stroll in the car to the Xichunju Project Office before returning home.

When looking at Xichunju, Norman Qingshu murmured: “Lin Yan, you will pay for your pride. Not everyone is qualified to reject me Norman Qingshu.”

And when Norman Qingshu started to lay out the plan for the Lin family, Lin Yan already felt a little broken.

After receiving Norman Qingshu’s call, Lin Yan looked at the phone in her hand and muttered: “It’s the Norman Family, it’s the Norman Family. This thing must be Norman Qingshu!”

Hearing this, Ethan, who was sitting in front of Lin Yan, wondered: “Norman Family? Which Norman Family?”

“The Norman Family in Beifu is the one where I want to marry the Lin family. They must have started revenge because I refused the marriage!”

Ethan frowned tightly when he heard this: “They stop when they say they stop for such a large project. It seems that their influence in the North House is not small.”

Lin Yan felt helpless after hearing this.

The many giants in the Beifu together may not be comparable to the Norman Family, which is why the Norman Family in the Beifu is not famous, they no longer need these false names.

The reason why the old grandmother wanted to marry the Norman Family was because she thought that relying on the relationship between the Norman Family, it would not be a problem to protect the Lin family’s centuries-old glory!

But he didn’t expect things to change to the way it is now. Thinking of this, Lin Yan was lying on the table with a headache.

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s appearance and said distressedly, “Calm down first, maybe there are other ways?”

Lin Yan lay on the table and shook her head before opening the mouth: “The only hope now is to clear the senior management so that Xichunju will not stop work as much as possible, and then use all means to suppress the impact of this incident.”

After saying this, Lin Yan was silent for a while and continued: “Then use the fastest means to throw, not for profit, but for capital preservation.”

The reason why Lin Yan thinks this way is because now the Lin family’s capital chain is in danger, and a little turbulence may break.

When the time comes, the only end of the Lin family is to collapse!

Such a result is something Lin Yan would not want to see anyway. The Lin Group is the only effort left by her father.

But on the other hand, Lin Yan also knew in her heart that since Norman Qingshu had done such a thing, she would definitely not be given a chance to turn around.

Now I can only pin my hopes on those on the board!

After a moment of contemplation, Lin Yan sat up and looked at Ethan firmly, “Thank you for coming out to accompany me, but I am afraid I will be very busy during this time.”

Ethan looked at the tears on Lin Yan’s face and felt a little pain, but he nodded and said, “You can do it without worry, it’s okay.”

After receiving these words, Lin Yan looked at Ethan and nodded, then got up and left.

After Lin Yan left, Ethan sat in his seat and stirred the coffee with a wry smile. At this time, this scene was not like what he had faced in Buckeye.

Lin Yan is just a girl. Although she sits in a special position, she is only a girl after all.

To make her face such a great pressure now, Ethan couldn’t help but feel a little worried about Lin Yan.

But thinking of Lin Yan talking about the fear in the eyes of Norman Jiashi in the Beifu, Ethan couldn’t help but stop.

Does the Norman Family in the North House have anything to do with the Norman Family at the time? Will it be one of 36?

After pondering for a moment, he decided to write this down.

Norman Tianyang couldn’t deal with it in a short time, but it didn’t prevent Ethan from charging some interest first.

If it is determined that the Norman Family in the Northern Mansion is related to the murder of the Zong family, Ethan wouldn’t mind taking action to destroy them.

But if it has nothing to do with the original Zong family, then you must find a way to test with the other party to see if you are on your side.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked out the window and sighed deeply.

Lin Yan is very helpless now, but is he not?


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