I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 682

Chapter 682 Lost Star (third more)

While Ethan was contemplating the Norman Family in the North House, Lin Yan, who had returned to the Lin Group on the other side, ordered a meeting with an icy face.

After receiving the message, people in various departments hurriedly took the company’s latest three months of information, and then hurried to the conference room to quietly wait for Lin Yan’s arrival.

They have basically heard about Xichunju, and the reason for such a large investment in the project has to be nervous.

Especially when the people in the financial department looked at the data they were holding, one head was almost two big.

After finally waiting for Lin Yan to come, many people looked at her silently.

At this moment, Lin Yan clearly knew that she was the hope of these people, and as long as she fell, their jobs would be destroyed.

Just like Lin Nan said to herself when she left the office, she will not only be responsible for the Lin family after she sits in this position, but also the family behind the tens of thousands of people in the Lin Group!

“I won’t say much. You are all aware of the problems the company is facing, so to make a long story short, all departments will report to me the information, the personnel department.”

Hearing this, the HR manager quickly stood up: “Now the company’s personnel are relatively stable and have not been affected by this incident, but it is inevitable that everyone is a little restless.”

After hesitating for a while, the HR manager opened his mouth and said, “In addition, some people have already started digging for our company’s senior managers in private.”

Lin Yan nodded when she heard this while sitting in a chair: “The treatment remains the same, stabilize everyone’s emotions, and try to dispel the impact of this incident.”

The HR manager who received the order nodded and quickly retreated. Lin Yan then looked at the person in charge of the public relations department: “It’s yours.”

“Many outside media companies are now making appointments for interviews. It seems that this matter seems to be hyped behind.”

The manager of the personnel department is a beautiful woman. At this point, she frowned and said: “I have a friend who told me in private that someone paid 200,000 for the headlines of their newspaper.”

Lin Yan took a deep breath. Sure enough, if everything happened as she expected, Norman Qingshu was trying his best to expand the impact of this incident.

First, use the power of public opinion to suppress the company’s shares, and then let Xichunju suspend work and disconnect the Lin Group’s capital chain.

Just thinking about the consequences of this matter for a moment, Lin Yan couldn’t help feeling a little shuddering in her heart!

“Sister Wrinkle, you are an old man in the company. You must know how serious this matter is than I am. I will mobilize two million for you!”

After hearing this, the HR manager frowned and nodded to lead you: “I can’t guarantee, but I will try my best. I will calm the situation as much as possible.”

A trace of disappointment flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes when she looked at Jie Xi, but she knew in her heart that the other party was also telling the truth in order not to give herself false hope.

So Lin Yan nodded and said, “I have no choice but to do this now. Then everything is up to you, sister Wu!”

Soon the HR manager also went down with the files, and the burden on her was probably heavier than anyone present!

Next, the investment department and the risk control department submitted reports on this matter to Lin Yan.

Looking at the information on the paper, Lin Yan smiled bitterly and couldn’t help but said, “It looks like the Norman Family is going to put our Lin family to death.”

The manager of the Ministry of Finance was an old man who followed Mr. Lin and heard what Lin Yan said.

He stood up tremblingly, and then bowed deeply to Lin Yan: “Although the company’s finance department is not very capable, it must guarantee funds for this period of time!”

Lin Yan looked at him hesitated for a while, shook her head and smiled bitterly: “Forget it, Uncle Jin, I know what the company’s funds look like, and I will figure out a solution in this regard.”

Yes, Lin Yan is very clear about her current state, especially what the company’s funds look like right now.

Some time ago, due to the serious illness of Mr. Lin, the fund-raising of the partners of all parties, plus the company’s debt liquidation at the end of the year, and so on.

At the moment, the Lin Group is full of flaws, and its foundation has been greatly damaged!

After arranging the work and dismissing everyone, Lin Yan sat in the meeting room and turned and looked out the window.

The Lin family must not fall in her hands!

“Assemble board members, I need them to do something for the company. The company is not raising them for nothing!”

The members of the board of directors are a bunch of old fritters, and they only think about two things all day long.

One is when will the company’s dividends arrive, and the other is where to go and talk to someone today.

But they also knew very well that if the big tree of the Lin family fell, they wouldn’t have any good fruit.

After getting the information on the Xichunju project and the report of what happened, they all knew what difficulties the Lin family was facing now.

At the meeting, Lin Yan no longer had the humility that she had when she first met, but she said a word with a sharp edge.

“If the Lin family falls, who can uncles and uncles rely on to gain a foothold in this Northern Mansion?”

A simple sentence utters all reality.

Everyone no longer had the mentality of despising Lin Yan before, now the only way is to help Lin Yan well.

After making all these arrangements, Lin Yan soon returned to her home.

At this moment, Old Man Lin was closing his eyes and thinking indifferently. He knew very well that the Norman Family would retaliate against them.

But he didn’t expect the retaliation to be so simple and direct, and the attitude shown by the Norman Family was more than just retaliation.

They wanted to kill the Lin family in one bite, and then swallow it into their abdomen!

Lin Yan silently walked to the front of Old Man Lin and squatted down, then put her face in his arms.

“Grandpa, what should I do?”

Only in the presence of Mr. Lin, Lin Yan can put down all the defenses and show her fragile side.

Old Man Lin opened his eyes and looked at Lin Yan distressedly: “It doesn’t matter, you have done a good job now. Now let’s see what moves the Norman Family will do.”

Lin Yan laughed bitterly and then a line of tears came out in her eyes: “I blame me, grandpa, is Yan’er really a bit headstrong this time?”

Although Lin Yan did not want to admit it, she did feel a little regretful in her heart.

She is not an ordinary person, and everything she does should be considered for her family.

Although love is beautiful, it has never belonged to a family woman like her.

Father Lin looked at Lin Yan distressedly, and didn’t know what to say for a while.

At this time, the entire sky on the top of the Lin family seemed to be covered with haze from the Norman Family in Beifu, and no one knew when it was a thunderstorm.

And at this time, the old grandmother was heartbroken to find Lin Yan and cursed: “You said you are a lost star, why don’t you marry the son of the Norman Family?!”


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