I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 683

Chapter 683 Don’t Bother Me (Fourth)

“Where is the son of the Norman Family not worthy of you? You have to be like this, now you are happy? Satisfied?”

Having said this, the old grandmother became more and more angry and saw the tea cup on the table.

She picked it up with one hand and fell fiercely behind Lin Yan: “I just handed over the Lin Group to you, so you did it for me?!”

“Lin Yan, Lin Yan, you are a big and big person, how can I tell you to understand!”

Hearing the words of the old grandmother behind him, Lin Yan shrank into Old Man Lin’s arms and said nothing.

The distressed eyes of the old man looking at Lin Yan were fleeting, then he raised his head to look at the old grandmother and said angrily: “Did you say enough? Get out!”

“You told me to get out?” Hearing this, the old grandmother looked at Grandpa Lin incredulously!

“If it weren’t for the old lady, I took care of the Lin Family when you were sick, do you think you could have today?!”

Seeing the anger on Old Man Lin’s face, the old grandmother was aggrieved and sad for a while!

“Is there any reason for this family? Can this family stay?”

Lin Yan was lying in the arms of the old man, and she couldn’t bear it anymore. After yelling, she got up and turned her head to look at the startled grandmother.

Frozenly, he said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this matter, and I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

After saying this, Lin Yan turned and left the house. Because Lin Yan’s car was smashed, she can only use her grandfather’s car now.

It wasn’t until Lin Yan left that the old grandmother came back to her senses, and then looked at the old man Lin and said angrily: “You take a look, you take a look! This is what you are used to!”

Elder Lin looked at the grandmother in silence, his anger suppressed and he didn’t know where to vent!

“Whose girl would be like this? Don’t worry about the family at all, dare to shake my face with me! This is your good granddaughter!”

Old Man Lin really couldn’t stand it anymore, he raised his head and took a deep breath and said in a low voice: “It’s almost enough, I’m very annoying now, get out!

This is the second time Grandpa Lin has said the word “get off”, and the grandmother knows that Grandpa Lin is a unique person.

Although there was still some dissatisfaction in my heart, but he didn’t dare to cry anymore, so he had to turn around and leave.

It’s just that when she left, the old grandmother hesitated and sneered: “Look, this matter is just the beginning. I will see how you two end up at that time!”

After saying this, the old grandmother turned and left.

And the old man Lin looked at her back and fell into silence for a while, yes, how should this matter end.

On the other side, Ethan, who returned to the hospital, sat in a chair in silence and watched the news. All over it was news from Xichunju.

Seeing that this matter is getting hotter and hotter, Ethan knows that it must be difficult for Lin Yan to do it right now.

At this time Fatty Zhou came to the office again wearing a hospital gown, and then watched the news while eating an apple.

“Tsk tusk tusk, the multi-billion dollar engineering project was stopped like this, and the Lin family is going to die!”

Ethan, with a gloomy expression, glanced at Fatty Zhou, trying to suppress the urge not to put him in the trash can.

“If you bother me again, I swear I will throw you into the trash can at the back of the hospital. You know what is in it!”

Fatty Zhou shivered when he heard the words, but still looked at Ethan firmly: “You promise me, or if you have any conditions, I will definitely help you!”

Ethan snorted when he heard the words. There are some things he can’t do. What kind of ability can a person who runs a business in Zhou Fatty do it?

And Fatty Zhou looked at the disdainful look on Ethan’s face, feeling quite insulted!

“Don’t look down on me! Although Fatty Zhou is just a runner, I can’t even count the big people I have seen!”

Ethan’s heart moved when he heard the words, and then curiously said, “Oh? Have you seen Norman Tianyang?”

Hearing this, Fatty Zhou rolled round under the table, and finally got up and looked at Ethan with embarrassment.

“I’m going! You too value my old brother, the big brother of the Norman Family overseas, where am I qualified to see him!”

After saying this, Fatty Zhou sat down firmly on the table, took a bite of the apple, and said, “If the head of the Norman Family in Beifu was about the same.”

When Ethan heard the words, he said, “The Norman Family in Beifu? The Norman Family in Beifu is very close to the Norman Family overseas?”

Seeing Ethan’s excitement, Zhou Fatty smiled and looked around.

Seeing no one, he whispered: “Brother, let me tell you, there are some things you can’t just say casually.”

Immediately, he winked at Ethan, with a rather unspeakable feeling.

After rolling his eyes, Ethan lay on the table and watched the news boredly, secretly thinking of what way to help Lin Yan.

If you are using the money in your card, I am afraid it will attract some people’s attention. After all, there is no reason to have so much money in your own identity.

But if he didn’t use the money, where would he go to find money to help Lin Yan.

Thinking of these things, Ethan couldn’t help being one head or two big, just when he was annoying.

After Dr. Ren came over to play with Fatty Zhou, when he saw that Ethan was watching news about the Xichunju project, he gloated and said, “Oh, something happened to Dr. Norman’s girlfriend’s house?”

Since Ethan and Lin Yan got closer, many people in the hospital have been a little uncomfortable with Ethan, mainly envy and hatred.

That’s Tangtang Lin’s family. How many people want to eat this bowl of soft rice but can’t eat it, but Ethan is lucky!

Thinking that I was a little jealous of Ethan some time ago, I now look at the news of the Lin family’s accident.

Doctor Ren opened his mouth happily, “It’s a pity, I’m afraid that the Lin family will fall if one is not careful this time!”

Ethan turned around and glanced at Dr. Ren: “Do you believe it or not your tooth will fall to the ground?”

When he said this, Ethan clenched his fists and looked at Doctor Ren with a cold expression.

In other words, Ethan can be regarded as killing Buckeye all the way, and naturally there is a murderous in his body!

Doctor Ren was completely cold by Ethan’s stare. He couldn’t help but stepped back two steps before looking at Ethan in horror!

Fatty Zhou next to him was also shocked by Ethan’s sudden burst of momentum. At this time, he was looking at Ethan in surprise.

After being silent for a while, Doctor Ren left in embarrassment.

Fatty Zhou looked at the news curiously and asked, “Why, Miss Lin Yan is your girlfriend?”

Ethan glanced at Fatty Zhou helplessly: “I said you are not finished, it’s really impossible. You can find a place to play by yourself. Don’t bother me.”


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