I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 691

Chapter 691 Going to Find the Old Man (fourth more)

Seeing the complex expression in Sally’s eyes, Ethan smiled and shook his head and did not answer, but took a faint mouthful of cigarettes.

Then he whispered, “This is the hospital, why are you here?”

“You are a doctor in the hospital, and I am a drug dealer who sells drugs. Why can’t you come to the hospital?”

Sally smiled, then looked at Ethan and said, “You haven’t answered what I just said. This is three billion. You really throw it out so generously?”

Ethan snorted and didn’t know how to answer Sally for a while.

It is a lie to say that he doesn’t feel distressed, after all, this is not a small amount of money.

But if someone finds out the money, he might be found out.

Thinking of this, Ethan gave a wry smile, lowered his head and sighed, “Money is something that life will not bring with you, so what can’t you bear?”

God knows how much Ethan’s heart hurts when he said this, but in Sally’s eyes, Ethan at this moment has become a young but indifferent man!

Seeing money as nothing is easy to say, but how many people fight for money, sitting in her position has already seen through.

But when Ethan appeared, everything became a little different, money was nothing but a cloud of smoke to him, and even his reputation didn’t seem to be very important to him.

It’s this kind of person who treats his friends daringly, and for the sake of the woman Lin Yan, he just gave out the prescription for three billion and one cent.

Thinking of this, Sally couldn’t help but whispered in a little exclamation: “I don’t know how to be a friend with you.”

“Be friends with me? What way do I need to be friends with me, aren’t we friends now?”

Sally chuckled and nodded, then leaned on the railing and looked under the hospital building and said, “I don’t know if you are interested in being my assistant. This is the second time I have asked you.”

Sally’s status is special, and the assistant position is often easy to access many secrets, so if she changes to an ordinary person, she might still be afraid.

But I don’t know why, when she saw Ethan, she was willing to trust him, perhaps because of the other side’s attitude toward life indifferent to fame and fortune.

Sure enough, Ethan still shook his head this time and refused to say: “This matter is not for me. I just want to be a doctor and save people quietly.”

After saying this, Ethan couldn’t help but roll his eyes. If he followed you as your assistant, God knows if he will voluntarily hit Norman Tianyang’s hands.

Don’t talk about her when the time comes, you won’t necessarily be able to keep yourself when the gods come.

But Sally thought that Ethan disdain to be her assistant, so she spoke with a bit of annoyance: “You have to know that there are many people who want to be my assistant. I still don’t look down on you.”

After smoking, Ethan threw the cigarette butt to his feet and stomped it out, then smiled and looked at Sally and said, “In this case, you can choose from those people, why bother to come to me.”

After saying this, Ethan paused, and then said: “By the way, this time hasn’t caused you any trouble, right?”

“No, the Norman Family was reasonable this time, and didn’t embarrass me too much, but how did you know Norman Tianyang?”

A trace of doubt flashed in Sally’s eyes looking at Ethan.

Everyone has his own circle, and Norman Tianyang and her are the same people in the same circle, but where did he hear about such a small doctor as Ethan?

Seeing Sally’s suspicious expression, Ethan felt anxious. When he said this, he hadn’t thought about it, so he said it in a hurry.

If she doesn’t give her a reasonable explanation right now, I’m afraid the other party will miss herself.

After a moment of deep thought, Ethan gave a light cough, then covered his mouth and said, “Don’t you know that Lin Yan and I are friends? Besides, knowing his name doesn’t mean I must know him.”

Hearing Ethan’s explanation, the expression on Sally’s face eased slightly, which is correct.

But looking at Ethan’s indifferent expression, I don’t know why Sally always feels something is wrong.

But the other party didn’t seem to have any reason to hide it from him. If there is any secret, it is the other party’s business and has nothing to do with him.

Thinking of this, Sally nodded and said, “Well, in fact, when I came to see you this time, there is something I want to ask you.”

Ethan nodded and looked at Sally and said: “If you have anything, just tell me, I’ll listen.”

“Your prescription is very stable, but there is a small problem. The effect of the drug is too overbearing. Is there any way to ease it a little?”

After saying this, Sally continued to speak with a bit of confusion: “Even if we cut the dose of the drug the same, it will put the patient in a more dangerous situation.”

Ethan looked at Sally’s serious look, and after a slight silence, he took her to do some research.

On the other side, the Lin family escaped because of Sally’s capital injection, but the Lin family’s grandmother was thinking gloomily.

Lin Dong and his son stood on the sidelines, if it weren’t for the old grandmother, they would have been driven out of the Lin family.

Thanks to the old grandmother’s presence this time, both of them were kept.

After a moment of silence, the old grandmother said with a gloomy face: “No, the Lin family can’t hand their fate to a woman. Yan’er is really incomplete!”

After looking at each other, Lin Dong and his son nodded slightly, then Lin Nan stood up and said: “This time, it is dangerous and dangerous, but I think Yan’er is still okay.”

“Can she do it? I still don’t know. If she didn’t care that she had saved some losses this time, she could still stay in this family?!”

After saying this, the old grandmother closed her eyes and sat down and said, “Lin Dong, you are not young anymore. There are some things you should think about.”

When Lin Dong heard this, it seemed that the old grandmother still wanted to lead him, so she hurriedly stepped forward and said, “But with the order from her grandmother, Lin Dong has no complaints.”

The old grandmother opened her eyes and looked at Lin Dong coldly: “After all, the Lin family is your future Lin family. Don’t let the previous fury claws happen again, otherwise I can save you once, but not necessarily the second time. .”

Lin Dong’s face was slightly hot after hearing this, and he looked at the gloomy expression of the old grandmother.

Lin Dong hurriedly said, “I won’t be able to kill my grandmother this time. It was because I was designed by someone to make such a mistake, but now I can’t do it anymore!”

Hearing these words, the old grandmother felt a little peace of mind, and then nodded and said: “If this is the case, you will follow me to find the old man tomorrow.”


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