I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 693

Chapter 693 How to do it is my business (second more)

Just early in the morning the next day, Lin Dong got up early, then changed into a suit and went to the company.

After Lin Yan just went to work, he walked to the door of Lin Yan’s office proudly and knocked in.

Then he watched Lin Yan speak proudly, “Excuse me, general manager, when shall I report to the customer department?”

Lin Yan raised her head and glanced at Lin Dong. There was an unspeakable worry in her heart, but she nodded calmly on her face and said, “Wait a minute, I have some information here. You can go there after you read it.”

After saying this, Lin Yan took out the information on the desktop, then sorted it out and handed it to Lin Dong Norman and said: “These customers are all re-cooperating after Grandpa was discharged from the hospital. You should interact with each other as much as possible. .”

After receiving the information, Lin Dong glanced at it disdainfully and nodded: “Okay, there is nothing else to do. If there is none, I will go to work.”

Lin Yan sighed slightly when he saw that he didn’t care at all, she nodded helplessly and signaled Lin Dong to leave.

After Lin Dong left, the office walked in Lin Yan’s secretary. After looking at Lin Dong’s back, she said with some worry: “General Manager, are you sure that Lin Dong can really do these things?”

Lin Yan didn’t know anything about this either. He would definitely be a good hand when it comes to eating, drinking, and having fun, but he does these things.

With people calculating such tasks on paper, Lin Yan is not sure whether he can do it.

But after all, Lin Dong’s position was announced by the old grandmother, and she had to let it go even if she was unhappy.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan took a deep breath and shook her head and said, “I’m not sure, now I can only take a step and take a step. I hope he won’t cause me any trouble.”

Hearing this, the secretary also shook his head helplessly. After all, everyone in the company knew what kind of person Lin Dong was.

If it weren’t for the face of Mr. Lin, the grandmother of Lin Dong’s eccentric thunder and rain had caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the company.

A company is not only the company of the Lin family, it is also closely related to them.

Thinking of these things, Lin Yan couldn’t help feeling upset. Things had just improved, but at this moment, Lin Dong sent a Lin Dong to make trouble.

After a little hesitation, Lin Yan continued to work, but the news that Lin Dong had returned to the company soon spread.

Many people heard the news that this prodigal son could return to work in the company, and they were filled with indignation, and expressed their dissatisfaction to Lin Yan.

But upon hearing that this decision was made by the grandmother, all the people waited silently.

In order to deal with Lin Dong, the notorious prodigal, after hearing that he was in the customer department, many people sorted out the previous customers, and none of them were allowed to contact Lin Dong.

Except for the few clients that Lin Yan gave to Lin Dong, the others did not even contact Lin Dong.

Even a small clerk in the customer department did not disclose the customers to Lin Dong, which embarrassed him.

So as soon as he took office, Lin Dong fired two old employees who had five years of experience in the company. A person from the Personnel Department sent an inquiry to Lin Yanhou.

Lin Yan felt quite a headache watching this incident.

If he is not fired, Lin Dong will say that he does not respect his department manager, but if he is fired.

Many things can only be done by these veterans, and the customers they have in hand can often pull in a lot of funds in critical periods.

After being silent for a while, Lin Yan returned a message to the personnel department and transferred the person to a subsidiary company, trying not to let Lin Dong know this message.

After doing all this, Lin Yan personally apologized to the two old employees, and promised to transfer them back in the future, this time slightly alleviating their grievances against the company.

But this matter seemed to be the beginning. After many people learned of this information, for a while, everyone in the customer department became uneasy.

As soon as Lin Yan went to work the next day, many people asked to be transferred to a subsidiary, and they didn’t want to work with Lin Dong.

Looking at this situation, Lin Yan’s head became bigger again.

When Lin Dong came to the company and learned this message, he didn’t expect that he would laugh and agree with each other, and said that he just happened to see them very uncomfortable and wanted to drive them all away.

Lin Yan looked at the look on Lin Dong’s face, her heart was full of resentment!

He wanted to teach a few words, but thinking that Lin Dong would not listen, he had to do so.

This tune removed nearly 80% of the elderly in the entire customer department, and the rest were a group of guys fishing in troubled waters.

These people didn’t do anything all day long, the only thing they were thinking about was how to make Lin Dong happy.

Today this one will give away a bottle of famous overseas wine, and tomorrow that one will give away a luxurious lighter.

After only two days of coaxing Lin Dong, he didn’t know the southeast, northwest, and directly ignored the few clients Lin Yan gave him.

These people because Lin Yan said that someone would take the initiative to discuss cooperation with them, but they waited for many days and no one took the initiative to contact them.

They took the initiative to contact the company’s customer department but they heard that the customer department had changed managers. The old people who had contacted them either resigned or were transferred.

Seeing that things were about to fall short of progress, several of their customers ran to Lin Yan’s office after contacting them and sat silent.

Lin Yan looked at the several seniors who were basically hers, and she couldn’t express her apology, but Lin Dong was still eating, drinking and having fun outside.

After finally apologizing and promising to coax the other party out of anger, Lin Dong, who had finished playing, came back and wandered around Lin Yan’s office leisurely.

After looking at it as if there were no people, he said unceremoniously, “What about my customers? Didn’t you hear that the old and undead came to trouble me.”

Lin Yan sat at her desk and heard this. She coldly raised her head and looked at Lin Dong and said angrily: “The old grandmother asked you to come to the company to do things. Can you see how you do things!”

“In addition to hooking up with the gang of friends in your customer department all day long, what else did you do?”

With these words, Lin Yan looked at Lin Dong with disappointment in her eyes. She really didn’t expect Lin Dong to be so degraded!

When Lin Dong heard this, his face suddenly became uncontrollable. He looked at Lin Yan with a sneer and replied: “What do you think you can point me to! I tell you, the company will be mine sooner or later. What I do is my business!”

After saying this, Lin Dong slammed the door and left, went on to go out and fool around with a bunch of hu-peng-gou friends, ignoring Lin Yan’s dissatisfaction at all.


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