I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 694

Chapter 694 Engagement Banquet (third more)

As Lin Dong gave more and more pointers to the company, the company has become more and more chaotic.

The various departments simply don’t know how to do things. It seems that Lin Dong has to intervene in everything, making it as if he is the general manager of the company.

This kind of thing has been reported to Lin Yan more than once, but considering that Lin Dong is the person arranged by the grandmother after all, she can’t say anything.

So this matter can only be put down, and Lin Yan had to put away her temper to deal with all kinds of Lin Dong’s aftermath, and she was very troubled.

Mr. Lin looked at Lin Yan during this period of time, but he was getting tired, but he didn’t say anything. He thought it was the Norman Family that hadn’t passed yet.

After Lin Yan went to work that day, Old Man Lin sat in the yard and was silent for a while, and then ordered Ethan to come over.

Ethan, who received the invitation from the Lin family, was helping Sally study the prescription. Suddenly, when he received the invitation from the Lin family, Sally took a surprised look.

Then he smiled and said, “I didn’t see it, you are quite close to the Lin family.”

Ethan smiled helplessly, then put the invitation away and said, “I have helped you so much by staying with you these days, why, don’t you find a car to send me off?”

Sally looked at Ethan with radiant eyes for a moment, and then smiled: “Okay, wait for me, I’ll change my clothes.”

Ethan watched Sally turned back to the room and couldn’t help but screamed, “No, what are you going to change when I’m going to the banquet?”

After hesitating for a while, Ethan, who felt a little uncomfortable, left Sally’s villa surreptitiously, and then directly called a car to leave.

Since Ethan was almost in the villa during this time, everyone gradually became familiar with him, and it was because of Sally.

Everyone respected Ethan very much, and when he saw Ethan leaving, no one stopped him.

After leaving the villa, Ethan sat in the car proudly and said, “Want to pester me, there is no way! I really thought Maggie had no brains!”

After changing her clothes and dressing up, Sally walked out of the room and called Norman Yan twice to see that Ethan hadn’t agreed, and couldn’t help but look around strangely.

After learning that Ethan had left directly, Sally was so angry that she gritted her teeth!

But after hesitating slightly, Sally couldn’t help looking at Beifu City at the foot of the mountain in silence for a while, and then smiled proudly: “You think I can’t catch you if you run away, hum!”

As she spends more time with Ethan, Sally can’t help but feel a strange feeling for Ethan.

He seems to be relatively silent most of the time, and he is very serious when doing things, and even forgets to eat.

Only after waiting for the things on hand last night, he will look at her with a touch of satisfaction and easily ask for a meal, as if this is the greatest satisfaction!

Sally has never seen such a person. If everything Ethan does for herself is put on others, it will probably require tens of millions of compensation.

But Ethan is different. He will only watch the results with satisfaction, and then show off to himself like a child before eating and drinking like a child.

Because of this, coupled with the first contact with Ethan, he left Sally the character that does not value money, fame and fortune.

It directly caused Sally to see Ethan as a man who is indifferent to fame and fortune and has a childish nature, and such a man seems to be the kind she has been looking for!

At this time, Ethan, who was sitting in the car and rushing to the Lin family, was holding his nostrils while thinking about the events of the past few days with dissatisfaction, and called himself to work day and night.

Finally, I didn’t even mention paying wages after finishing the job. I even had to tell myself to have a meal. I really don’t understand why such a woman can sit in her current position!

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help sighing, if it weren’t for the other person’s looks pretty, and the other party had already paid for the prescription, he really wanted to strike!

After finally escaping from the sea of ​​suffering, this dead girl wanted to pester herself, hum, playing tricks in front of him Ethan, no way!

With the thoughts of the journey, after Ethan arrived at Lin’s house, Old Man Lin was sitting in the garden quietly drinking tea.

Seeing Ethan’s arrival, he smiled and said, “Sit down. I came to you today because I wanted to discuss something with you.”

After sitting down, Ethan closed his eyes and smelled it slightly, and then said, “The tea that the old man drank is really good tea. It’s been a long time since I smelled such a pure tea fragrance.”

Old man Lin looked at Ethan’s eyes with a hint of surprise, and then a smile appeared on his face and said: “If you like it, take a few of them back to taste when you leave later.”

Ethan stretched out his teacup and looked at Old Man Lin with a chuckle, then took a sip and sighed, “Good tea! Only a few taels of good tea like this, the old man is a bit stingy.”

Old Man Lin laughed twice as he watched Ethan’s informal attitude. Because Ethan cured his illness, Mr. Lin also expressed his gratitude to Ethan.

“I invited you over today. I actually want to discuss with you the engagement banquet with Yan’er. When do you think it will be more convenient?”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help but froze. Then he looked at Old Man Lin and smiled bitterly, “Is it necessary to do this? Didn’t Norman Qingshu already know about this?”

Old man Lin shook his head and said, “He knows that he knows, but we still have to do it. Otherwise, when the people outside see that our Lin family’s words are released, but they don’t take any action, they will inevitably doubt it.”

Ethan watched the tea floating up and down in the cup in his hand, and sighed after being silent for a while: “I don’t care, I’m just worried that I’m afraid of ruining Lin Yan’s innocence.”

After saying this, Ethan raised his teacup and drank it.

Obviously he was drinking tea, but he had the effect of drinking.

Old Man Lin looked at Ethan and shook his head with a smile, a little dissatisfied: “You guys don’t get cheap and sell well.”

Ethan pulled up Old Man Lin’s wrist after hehe, then closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Okay, these are just trivial things. Let me show you your body first.”

After a brief check on Mr. Lin, Ethan nodded in satisfaction: “If you continue to recuperate slowly like this, you will be able to stand up in less than a month, and you will be alive and well!”

Hearing this, Old Man Lin smiled and shook his head, took a sip from his teacup, and suddenly discovered something!

“You brat, I told you about the engagement banquet, why did you get on me in a few words!”


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