I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 699

Chapter 699

Sally glanced at Ethan with some embarrassment. “Can you?”

Ethan nodded encouragingly, but he didn’t expect that just after nodding, Sally rushed up, and put her long hair down completely with her yin legs!

Ethan stunned as Long Mao slowly lay on the ground, clutching his crotch, then turned his head and shuddered to look at Sally.

Sally also seemed to find that she was getting a little heavy, so she immediately put her hands on her back and said in embarrassment, “Am I doing too much?”

The eyes of the surrounding people were sharp, watching Sally shook her head firmly, and then all gave a thumbs up!

Only Ethan hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Sally and ran wildly. When he left, he did not forget to yell: “Boss, I will come over to checkout next time when I have time!”

After looking at the mess everywhere, the owner of the barbecue stall looked at Ethan’s back without tears.

For some reason, his right middle finger always wanted to lift up, but thinking of Ethan’s amazing skill, he had to sigh and press it down.

After Ethan took Sally into two or three streets, the two stood on the ground and breathed.

At this time, Sally really looked like a 10** year old girl, rather than a cold female president like the first time I met.

After taking a second breath, Sally looked at Ethan with joy and said, “I’m still beating someone for the first time. It’s exciting!”

Ethan looked at the girl’s eyes with glowing expressions, and slightly shuddered: This girl wouldn’t be awakened by something that shouldn’t be awakened!

But there was a wry smile on his face and shook his head. “If it is caught by the patrol uncle, it will be even more exciting. Do you want to try?”

No matter how stupid she was, Sally knew that Ethan was teasing her, so she reached out and twisted Ethan’s waist.

Immediately he snarled: “I’m not to blame you, I left me there to cause these things!”

Ethan shrugged and straightened his waist. The city of Beifu at night is a little bit cold, and it will be like winter soon, with a hint of cold in the night breeze.

He took off his jacket and put it on Sally’s body and said, “How would I know that no one is following you.”

Sally looked at Ethan blankly. This was the first time a man took off his coat and put it on her.

In the night city, under the flickering neon lights, a man and a woman stand on the side of the road. The man takes off his coat and puts it on the girl.

The scene in front of me is very much like those staged on TV, and Ethan also looks like the hero of the TV series.

With a smile on his face, he looked at himself with a little dissatisfaction in his eyes.

But feeling the temperature of this coat on her body is so considerate.

Thinking of this, Sally blushed, and looked at Ethan dumbly and said, “Are you going to kiss me next?”

Ethan stared at Sally with his eyes widened: “Huh? No, wait, why should I kiss you?”

Only then did Sally wake up from the terrible dog-blood idol drama, and then quickly lowered her head and said in embarrassment, “No, no, nothing!”

Only she herself knows that her face at this moment seems to be burnt, hot after bursts!

Seeing Sally’s weird look, Ethan shrugged and didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he asked with some doubts: “I just asked you, why didn’t you follow me?”

Seeing that Ethan didn’t seem to notice her abnormality, Sally couldn’t tell whether she was happy or disappointed.

After hearing this, he sighed helplessly, then took out his phone and said, “Because my phone automatically shuts down, they can’t track my signal.”

Ethan looked at Sally’s phone and shook his head helplessly: “Okay, what should I do now, should I send you back or do you take a taxi back?”

Sally stared at Ethan, staring at Ethan for a while, then lowered her head to be silent for a moment and replied in a faint voice, “Couldn’t I go back with you?”

After all, Ethan was considered a top expert, and he could still hear such a voice clearly.

After looking at Sally a little strangely, Ethan couldn’t help but mumbled: “How come it seems that I use my doghouse as a refuge.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ethan shook his head helplessly, reached out his hand and stopped a taxi and took Sally back to the hospital dormitory.

Alone men and widows live in the same room, Ethan took Sally into the room and took off his shirt, then lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

“The toilet is on the right, the bathroom has clean and unused toiletries, and the towels are under the sink cabinet.”

Sally blushed and nodded, then obediently went to the bathroom to wash.

When she came out after washing up, she discovered that one thing seemed to be ignored!

Why is Ethan’s room always ready for these things, and the words he said before returning!

“Why do you think I am here as a refuge!” This sentence is obviously problematic!

Thinking of this, Sally couldn’t help but feel a touch of anger in her heart!

Without saying anything, he stepped on Ethan’s back and said angrily: “Get up! Get up for me and make it clear! Get up!”

Ethan has been busy improving prescriptions at Sally these days, and he has a slight love for bed, so he didn’t have much rest!

At this moment, after finally lying down, Sally kept bothering him!

Ethan, who was really a little angry, sat up straight, then rolled his eyes to look at Sally and said, “Smelly woman, I will kick you out if you believe it or not!”

Seeing Ethan looking a little angry, Sally bit her lip, and then whispered: “Who else has been here besides me?”

Ethan was really helpless when he heard this, so he told the truth: “Lin Yan escaped to me when she was forced to marry by the Norman Family. There is no problem, I sleep without me!”

Sally shook her head and watched Ethan fall. She couldn’t help biting her lip to think of the deal Ethan made with her.

Three billion cents don’t need to be transferred to the Lin Group.

Thinking of this, Sally looked at Ethan’s eyes and couldn’t help becoming a little complicated.

Sally got up early the next morning, wearing a shirt that was turned from Ethan’s wardrobe.

Then clumsily watching the frying egg tutorial on the phone while experimenting in the kitchen.

Looking at the seven or eight eggshells in the trash can, it seems that Sally has been practicing for a while!

Ethan was woken up by bursts of green smoke. In his sleep, his room seemed to be on fire!

Just dreaming of this Ethan suddenly got up, and then smelled the burnt smell in the air!

day! Did it really catch fire? !

Following the taste, Ethan came to the kitchen and saw that Sally was damaging the eggs. He rubbed his brows with a headache!


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