I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 701

Chapter 701 Transferring Lin Dong away (second more)

On the other hand, just after returning to the villa, Sally sat on the desk and ignored the strange look of Old Black at her.

With a cold expression, he said, “I asked you to inject 3 billion into the Lin Group within 15 days. How is it going now?”

Lao Hei gave a light cough, then took a folder and said a thousand words: “Yes, this matter has been carried out to a normal level, and 1.5 billion has been injected.”

“What’s the situation in the Norman Family? Have you continued to interfere with the Lin Group’s Xichunju project?”

After saying this, Sally sat in the chair and raised her head and closed her eyes to rest.

Looking at Sally, Lao Hei replied respectfully: “Everything is normal in the Norman Family. Although Norman Qingshu, the eldest son of the Norman Family, is a little dissatisfied with you, he has already stopped.”

Upon hearing this answer, Sally sighed deeply. This haul was enough. She promised that Ethan’s request was basically completed.

Thinking of this, a faint smile appeared on Sally’s face: “In this case, the plan will remain the same, and there will be no more troubles. Just infuse all 3 billion into the Lin Group.”

Looking at Sally’s relaxed expression, Lao He hesitated slightly and then stepped forward and said, “Miss, someone from the Lin Group asked me why we should give them 3 billion.”

Having said that, he hesitated for a moment, then looked at Sally and thought: “What do you mean?”

“We should not disclose our cooperation with Norman Yan to anyone, and shut up the Lin Group. We are not allowed to disclose any information.”

I don’t know why, Sally just doesn’t want Ethan to have too much contact with Lin Yan.

Looking at the brand new set of toiletries in the bathroom last night, only she herself knew how uncomfortable she was at that time.

After a slight sigh, Sally opened her eyes, then turned on the computer and muttered for a while and said, “There is another thing. I went to a barbecue with Norman Yan last night and forgot to pay the bill. Go and settle the bill to me.”

Lao Hei nodded respectfully, and then reacted, he went to check out how to eat a barbecue?

Just as she was about to express her protest and Sally had already assumed the attitude of seeing off the guests, Lao Hei had to leave aggrieved.

At this time in the Lin Group, Lin Dong was sitting on a chair and staring at the people who came to the company to discuss cooperation.

All of them were holding very low-profit contracts, and Lin Dong couldn’t understand why these people had the courage to stand in front of him.

“You guys are just fresh graduates. Even if you are looking for investment, you should at least come up with something useful. What are these?”

One of them looked at Lin Dong and said angrily: “We heard that the Lin Group was supporting us, so we came here, but we didn’t expect that there would be someone like you!”

Seeing the other person’s angry look, Lin Dong surged in anger, then pointed at the door and cursed loudly: “If you are used to seeing it, just watch it. If you don’t like it, get out of here!”

The two parties only negotiated this way for the first meeting, let alone expecting any cooperation in the future.

After the other party left, everyone in the customer department gathered around, and then sat next to Lin Dong who had just left the responsibilities.

It’s not that they can’t do it, or that they have failed to succeed, and they tried to discredit them anyway.

Because Lin Dong’s character is that he can’t get used to seeing people he doesn’t understand!

The more you slander others in this way, the easier it will be for his subordinates to get promoted.

It is precisely because of this that the customer department of the Lin Group has basically been transferred to the subsidiary to start work.

Those who stayed in the head office were Lin Dong’s doglegs, and could do nothing except to accompany Lin Dong all day.

As the general manager who just took office, Lin Yan was very troubled by this situation, but Lin Dong was standing behind his grandmother.

So after hesitating several times, Lin Yan still endured this breath, just as if nothing had been seen, let it happen.

As long as Lin Dong does not extend her hand to the customer department, then she can tolerate what Lin Dong is doing now.

Now the Lin Group is not out of danger. Although the Norman Family no longer intervenes in the Xichunju project, the funds are still a bit tight.

Although it only stopped work for a few days, it cost Lin Yan nearly 100 million just for various consumption expenses and management.

Now that the Xichunju project has started again, Lin Yan felt relieved, and then followed the instructions of Mr. Lin with her former partners to report safety.

Let them all know that the Lin Group will not collapse so easily, and they can work with her with confidence.

After the contact was finally made, Lin Yan sat on the chair and sighed deeply. During this time, she couldn’t wait to use it as two.

I spent 24 hours a day sorting out the things at work, for fear of omissions.

When Lin Yan managed to handle these things, she was almost off work after taking a look at the time, so she got up and returned home.

Just after taking a break, she lay down on the bed and fell asleep. When she got up early the next morning, Lin Yan looked haggard in the mirror.

After ridiculing himself, Old Man Lin suddenly walked to the door, then looked at Lin Yan and smiled: “Today the company is off, and you should also take a day off. You may not be able to stand this way. “

Lin Yan smiled bitterly and shook her head while brushing her teeth, and said, “My grandfather, there is still a little work left. I will have a good rest after I finish it.”

While talking, Lin Yan brushed her teeth, then walked out of the bathroom and squatted down in front of Old Man Lin for a while.

“There is one thing I want to discuss with you, grandpa. This matter is related to our company.”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at Elder Lin with some expectation, hoping that he could give herself a chance.

Old man Lin looked at Lin Yan with a look of embarrassment on his face. After a while of silence, he lowered his head and said, “You want to talk about Lin Dong, right?”

Lin Yan sighed and smiled bitterly and said, “Since you have guessed it, then I won’t keep it from you. Grandpa, see if you can transfer Lin Dong away.”

Lin Yan had already thought about this when he decided to discuss this matter with Mr. Lin. If Mr. Lin did not agree, she would never get up from the ground.

Elder Lin looked at the expression in her eyes and shook his head slightly and said, “This matter is a bit troublesome, and that mouth is not a good person to deal with.”

Of course Lin Yan knows that grandma is not easy to deal with, otherwise why are so many people jealous.


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