I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 702

Chapter 702 What is the relationship (third more)

Lin Yan saw that Mr. Lin seemed to be a little afraid of his grandmother, and she couldn’t help but start talking, “But if you continue to let Lin Dong go on doing things like this, the company will be messed up by him!”

Elder Lin didn’t know this. Now that the Lin Group had just passed a hurdle, he was also a little worried about Lin Dong’s fooling around.

But in order to push Lin Yan up, Mr. Lin can’t care about these things with Lin Dong right now.

If Lin Yan was to be transferred from her grandmother again, it would be a problem!

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin sighed deeply, turned his head and looked at Lin Yan helplessly: “Yan’er, you know, it’s not easy for me to go up to support you.”

Lin Yan fell silent after hearing this. It seemed that this matter was already powerless.

Just when the two of them were silent, the old grandmother suddenly walked over, and then gave Lin Yan a cold look.

Then he turned his head and spoke to Old Man Lin, “I have something to discuss with you. If Yan’er is there, let’s listen together.”

The old man Lin glanced at the old grandmother with a headache. She was about to mess up the family, but she seemed to have nothing happened.

After taking a deep breath, Old Man Lin shook his head helplessly and said, “If you have anything to do, just come in and talk about it. Let all the people go out.”

After hearing what Old Man Lin said, the old grandmother sneered and replied: “Why, are you still worried about being laughed at?”

Although she said that, she waved her hand and motioned to everyone who followed her to withdraw.

Then she walked into the room and frowned before closing the door. Then she sat down and watched Lin Yan speak to Lin Yan and said, “You decide to make Yan’er be engaged to that Norman Yan. This is absolutely impossible. !”

Lin Yan clenched her hand tightly, but she didn’t dare to answer when her grandpa was here.

And Old Man Lin waved his hand impatiently: “We’ve talked about this before, and you can’t tolerate your intervention!”

When she was in the backyard that day, the old grandmother had almost offended a character, if she was allowed to continue to intervene like this.

Maybe that big man would think that the Lin family would be their enemy, and when the two fronts fought on the two fronts, it would be strange that their Lin family would not collapse!

Moreover, it seemed that the person had a very close relationship with Ethan, and I didn’t know if it was Ethan’s friend or something.

Thinking of this, the old man Lin didn’t take what the old grandmother said to his heart for a while, instead he started to think.

When the old grandmother saw that Old Man Lin had spoken directly, she rejected her idea, and she was a little bit embarrassed and said, “Then have you thought about the consequences of this matter!”

Yan’er couldn’t help it at this time. She watched the old grandmother’s silence for a while and then said: “I am not a tool in your hand, you can’t ask me to live with someone!”

Seeing that Lin Yan dared to resist herself, the old grandmother said angrily: “Do you know what you are doing? If it wasn’t for your grandfather’s face, do you think you can sit where you are now?”

Lin Yan slammed her bag to the ground, then slapped her mobile phone on the table and said, “Then what do you think I sit in this position for, for myself?”

“From childhood to adulthood, you don’t care about what I think about. The only thing you care about is throwing me into the water like a fish, and then throwing me wherever the fish is!”

“Do you know what those people outside say about me!”

Elder Lin was awakened by Lin Yan’s roar, turned his head and looked at Lin Yan, he sighed.

“You shouldn’t intervene in this matter. Trust me.”

Originally, she was expecting to get it through this time, but seeing Old Man Lin guarding Lin Yan to death, there was no better way now.

After being silent for a while, the old grandmother nodded and said unwillingly: “Okay, you will know who is right and who is wrong in this matter, and who is really for this family!”

As soon as the words were finished, the old grandmother slammed the door and left.

But Lin Yan was crying bitterly on the table!

In the company, there is Lin Dong who is engaged in three or four. Many customers who have come back to cooperate before are inspired by Lin Dong’s words and simply never cooperate with the Lin Group.

Had it not been for the fact that Xichunju’s project did not have Lin Dong’s share, I am afraid that even if Xichunju does not stop, it will be stopped by Lin Dong.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan felt a bit wronged in her heart.

Mr. Lin looked at Lin Yan distressedly, and then he pondered for a moment and said: “I want to ask you something, do you know who has injected 3 billion into the company during this time?”

Although Mr. Lin didn’t take control of the company anymore, the company account books were handed over to him regularly every month.

The main reason for this was that he was worried that Lin Dong’s nature would be difficult to change, and he wanted to use the company’s assets.

But after watching it for two days, he was somewhat astonishing to discover that some people turned to the Lin Group for 3 billion yuan without realizing it.

When Lin Yan heard this, she smiled and nodded her head and said, “I know about this. It was the lady who lived in Tianzhu Villa who gave us the money.”

Speaking of this matter, Lin Yan looked at Old Man Lin curiously and said, “Grandpa, is anyone in our family friends with that lady Tianzhu?”

Elder Lin shook his head with a wry smile and said, “That young lady doesn’t need friends at all. She is quite a bunch of people alone!”

When Lin Yan heard this, a look of wonder flashed in the eyes of Mr. Lin.

I couldn’t help but sighed in my heart: “If I could have half of her skills, maybe the Lin family would not have encountered so many troubles.”

But Old Man Lin glanced at Lin Yan lightly, thinking of what he saw that afternoon.

Elder Lin hesitated for a while and said: “There is one more thing to tell you. Norman Yan seems to be very close to that person. You’d better ask Norman Yan to see how he is related to that lady. .”

Looking at Old Man Lin’s somewhat solemn expression, Lin Yan was surprised and said in an unbelievable manner: “No, that lady has something to do with Norman Yan?”

Elder Lin nodded and briefly talked about what happened that day, and waited until he finished.

Elder Lin said helplessly: “This matter is indeed a bit troublesome right now, so it’s better to be cautious. You should take the time to check it out.””

After hearing this, Lin Yan smiled and nodded, then went to freNorman up, planning to go to Ethan’s place to talk to him later, and see if Ethan had anything to do with that lady!

Time slowly passed, and when it was almost evening, Lin Yan walked out of the company, and then took the newly repaired car and hurried to the No. 1 Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the city center.


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