I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 705

Chapter 705 Climbing Up (Second)

The reason why Chen Minggang asked Norman Qingshu to come out this time was to discuss with him about continuing to suppress the Lin family.

But this time the two were torn apart, and Chen Minggang naturally didn’t bother to work with Norman Qingshu again.

But thinking of the good things he planned in his heart, he was silent for a while and then suddenly said, “By the way, I want to introduce you to someone.”

Norman Qingshu was eating indifferently. He raised his head and glanced at Chen Minggang. Then he wiped his mouth and said, “Suppose someone, let’s talk about it.”

“Lin Dong of the Lin family, I think you should have heard of this person. Now he is the manager of the customer department of the Lin Group.”

Hearing Lin Dong’s name, a strange smile appeared on Norman Qingshu’s face. After a while of silence, he nodded and said, “This person seems to be useful. Maybe I can meet him.”

Seeing a strange color flashing in Norman Qingshu’s eyes, Chen Minggang nodded in satisfaction and then looked down at the time.

Seeing that Lin Dong was almost here, he coughed slightly and got up and said to Norman Qing, “If this is the case, you can wait here for a while, I think he should be here soon.”

Norman Qingshu saw that Chen Minggang was about to leave, so he looked at him with a little puzzled opening and said, “Why, won’t you stay and meet with me?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Minggang only smiled faintly and did not answer.

Although Lin Dong is just a second-generation ancestor, he has always been brave because of the Lin family’s old grandmother’s backing, but he is not so stupid that he does not know who designed to murder him.

It is enough to hand the person to Norman Qingshu, and Norman Qingshu will naturally know how to deal with the next thing, without him being a conspicuous light bulb on the side.

Thinking of this, Chen Ming just smiled and turned and left, while Norman Qingshu looked at his back and did not ask to stay.

Chen Ming just left in front, and Lin Dong rushed over from behind, then stood at the door and looked around, called a waiter, and took it to Norman Qing’s writing.

Looking at Norman Qingshu, the eldest son of the Norman Family, Lin Dong looked at the other person with some doubts and said, “Why are you here?”

Norman Qingshu looked at Lin Dong and smiled, and casually replied: “Since you are here, just sit down. Someone arranged for me to meet you and get to know you.”

Having said this, Norman Qingshu looked up and down at Lin Dong, and it seemed that he was not a particularly smart person.

There are only a few wealthy families in the Beifu family. Whose next generation has outstanding people is a must-learn for almost every child.

And this Lin Dong didn’t even know who he was, which shows that he is not a smart person.

When Norman Qingshu treats such people, he often has great tolerance, because such people are best to use control.

After Lin Dong sat down, Norman Qingshu looked at Lin Dong and smiled and said, “Would you like to eat something, this steak tastes quite good, try it?”

Lin Dong Norman Qing shook his head and said, “Forget it, it looks like you have already eaten it.”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked around, and then said with some confusion: “Who arranged for the two of us to meet, and why do you want to know me.”

Norman Qingshu looked at Lin Dong with a confused look on his face and a little anger in his tone.

So he chuckled and said, “I am Norman Qingshu. I should marry Lin Yan from your family. Do you remember?”

Hearing that the other party turned out to be Norman Qingshu, Lin Dong couldn’t help but looked up and down Norman Qingshu and said, “I didn’t expect to see you here!”

Excited, Lin Dong also let go of his anger towards Chen Minggang, and even a little grateful that Chen Minggang arranged for such a big man to meet him!

The Lin family doesn’t need the Norman Family to stand firm in Beifu for such a long time. Their Lin family may count in front of the Norman Family like Chen Minggang’s Xincheng Group is insignificant to the Lin family!

“I didn’t expect it. Although I knew that my family Yan’er had a marriage contract with Master Norman, I never had the opportunity to see Master Norman.

Between words, Lin Dong was already a little flattering towards Norman Qingshu.

Norman Qingshu looked at Lin Dong and nodded in satisfaction: “It seems that Young Master Lin is also a smart person. In that case, I have a business here and I want to talk to Young Master Lin.”

Lin Dong nodded after hesitating for a while and said, “Master Norman, if there is anything I can help, you can just say hello!”

Although the Norman Family was about to destroy the Lin family, it made Lin Dong want to hug Norman Qingshu’s thighs.

Just ask such a character, there are so many people who want to follow him just by moving their hands and feet, not to mention that there is a Norman Family as his back, why is the Lin family fighting against others.

“It’s not a matter of great importance. I just want to ask Young Master Lin, has he ever thought of climbing up?”

Seeing Lin Dong’s surprised expression upon hearing this, Norman Qingshu chuckled twice and slowly said: “Lin Yan is a woman after all, do you really plan to put the whole family on Lin Yan?”

After the two sat together in silence for a while, Lin Dong looked at Norman Qingshu with some difficulty and said, “But, what does it mean to climb up?”

“Master Lin has the old grandmother of the Lin family behind him. Many people know about this. If Lin Yan is missing, who do you think will belong to the Lin family in the future?”

Lin Dong just thought for a moment, then looked at Norman Qingshu with bright eyes and said, “Norman Gongzi is serious about this?”

Norman Qingshu smiled and nodded: “Naturally, it’s serious. If it’s not true, I have any reason to let people introduce me to you.”

Lin Dong happily looked at Norman Qingshu and asked, “Then if I get lucky, Lord Norman won’t do anything to the Lin family again?”

Norman Qingshu just smiled and shook his head when he heard this: “This is not necessarily true. If we can achieve cooperation in the future, shouldn’t I come to Master Lin?”

At this point, both of them laughed loudly, but Lin Dong was considered smart after all, and waited until he had finished dealing with Norman Qingshu and sent the person away.

He sat in the dining room silent for a while, this matter was still a bit risky.

But for Lin Dong, the two words of upper position are too tempting. He has done so many things so hard for him to be a higher position!

Right now such a good opportunity is in front of him. As long as he grasps the opportunity well, is Lin Dong doing worse than Lin Yan?

No, this is simply impossible!

Just thinking about this matter, Lin Dong got a little excited!


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